I think I’m about done.

Sean Halo broCOLORThe happiest days in my life was when I worked at a GameStop with my friends, saw movies with them, and played Halo with them on the weekend… when there wasn’t a D&D campaign going on, of course. People got married, had kids, joined the military, moved, moved back, had another kid, etc… and eventually they all just drifted apart from me it seems.

mvc2sortofrosterMost of us quit GameStop when Halo 3 came out, and man… that felt like the height of Halo, huh?

Around that time or maybe just before it, I was also in college, playing my PS2… mostly fighting games with friends who I would go to anime conventions with, and *sigh*

Link Captain NAll of this is to say… I think I’m mostly done with collecting video games, and video game stuff. I have Steam, I have my X-Box One which has games digitally… and yeah. I think I’m getting rid of most of my physical games tomorrow. At least from Gamecube on up except for a couple here and there.

I dunno. I’m going through… something I guess?