About being a former Amazonian

Amazon1I worked at an Amazon Fulfillment center roughly 4-5 years ago for the holidays making $10/hr for 3-5 hours a day. I remember them explaining how co-workers complaining about this or that, and one of the things was the pay. $10 an hour was better than I was making at a grocery store after 3 or 4 years of service at the time, so I was baffled.

On a regular day, you go in through a metal detector before your shift, making sure that you do not have you cell phone on you and that you aren’t stealing, and then after clocking in via Kronos and checking what you are doing that day, you head over for your scanners as well as announcements/stretching.

One of the positions is grabbing boxes off of a conveyor belt, scan the box, find the pallet it goes on, scan the floor where the pallet is, place it on it, and repeat. Supervisors would watch you, and if you were going slow, they would tell you that they had been watching you, and that you need to speed up. That sucks. I would pray to not have to do a job that uses a scanner.

In the all concrete building, with high security, constantly being monitored, having to take your break at a certain time, etc. It kind of felt like how I could imagine jail would feel… although, if you worked hard enough during Christmas time you might end up winning a free TV!

While all of that sucks… I’ve been treated similarly. I work at a grocery store. I’ve had managers call me on my phone on my register, and say ‘You’re in the red. Why are you not scanning more items in a minute? You need to speed things up, as you shouldn’t have that many people in your line.’ We have a heat sensor that tells how many people are in a line, btw.

A different job I held  in 2010 was over the phone tech support for AT&T U-verse. Phone calls were supposed to only last so many minutes, and you would be reprimanded for habitually going over. Also, there would be times when you would immediately go from one call to the next. Also, you had to dial a number into your phone to go to the bathroom, and dial back in… only have so many minutes per day for bathroom breaks.

The Young Turks talk about an Amazon employee talking about their working conditions, and yeah… it sucks? But… I mean… this isn’t new?

*sigh* I don’t know what to say. Does it suck? Yeah? …. …. that’s why I only worked there for the holiday?