Marzgurl is tired of your bullshit

Marzgurl 2019I don’t know if Marzgurl’s Go fund me campaign to obtain help with legal fees to go after the people defaming her and made her the target for harassment on a daily basis is a good idea or not. Then again, I made that decision when it was only around $300 of it’s intended $1500 goal… and now it is at $3,275… with one of the big dollar donations being Movie Bob himself, Bob Chipman.

I really hope that this doesn’t blow up in her face, and this doesn’t further exacerbate things, and paint a target on her back for herself to say… be sued by the voice actor who is suing Funimation and a few of Funimations voice actors.

Kaylyn, my friend, I wish you so much good luck on this endeavor.

The Moon Kiss

sailor-moon-animeToday is the first day of poetry month, and I of course thought I’d start things off with one of my first poems, The Moon Kiss. It’s um… about Sailor Moon? *sigh* I wrote it over 15 years ago in 10th grade so… *sigh* it’s terrible. Enjoy?

The Moon Kiss –

Coming from a palace on the moon,
she is waiting for her love to come soon.
He is her romance,
and makes her want to dance,
he is hopefully coming soon.

He leaves to greet his great love,
for she is as beautiful as a dove.
With lips red like cherries,
and as innocent as the fairies,
he is off to meet his love.

The prince beholds his beautiful princess,
she in a lovely white dress,
they meet in the garden,
and their love starts to harden,
their undying love they do confess.