Shadow People

I have been awake for a long time now,
and thus my mind makes midnight magic
of sadistically streaking shadows.
I close my eyes but sleep doesn’t come.

I see him from across the room.
Watching, waiting, and wondering when.
The darkest and deepest eyes peer, penetrate, and paralyze.
I keep praying it’s just my active imagination.

He keeps coming closer to my bed.
Inside my covers I forever fight my ferocious fears.
Soon the sun shall slaughter my silent assailant.
I just pray that I can make it to the dawn.

( 2008 )

I find Shadow people so fascinating, and terrifying. I first learned about them via Art Bell’s radio program, Coast to Coast AM… and yeah. So I have three friends who both seem trustworthy, yet claim that they have seen shadow people before. *sigh*