A Friends Love

On a sweet Spring night,
When flowers beam from the moons light.
I saw you sitting there waiting for him.
He who has made you cry and weep when you think of him,
Yet he still has a foothold on your warm heart,
Where I wish I could be, but he stands in that part.

I watched for an entire hour and he never showed,
So you once again wept from your face to the road.
I took a chance and came with you.

But when I saw your face, I couldn’t confess to you,
Because I was afraid of your reply,
But silenced again, I just hug you and die,
Because I am too afraid to live without you.

something in… Suede

Suede the blue hourA friend of mine, and now a former co-worker, recently introduced me to the British band The London Suede. Suede [helped] form what became known as Britpop. They were part of the big four: BlurOasisSuede and Pulp… and it pains me to say that the only one of those four that I was aware of before her, was Oasis.

I’ve heard a lot of Suede’s songs, watched their documentary, Suede – The Insatiable Ones, and yeah… I have to say that I like them a lot.

Everything Will Flow as well as Beautiful Ones are currently my favorites, but that will change as I continue to listen to them on my own!