Casey Bats AGAIN?!?!

I, like most people [I hope] know of the poem and the classic 1946 Walt Disney animation known as Cast at The Bat. That video is below… you should see it and be impressed by classic animation that is from one year after the end of World War II.

Now, since everyone should know and have experienced all of that… what if I told you that in 1954… 8 years after that first animation, they continued what I’m dubbing The Bat-universe… no wait… that’s stupid… The Casey universe…. with a sequel.

Casey Bats again… is sort of a feminist short that showcases how toxic-ly masculine Casey is, as life doesn’t just give him what he wants. He ultimately makes lemonade out of lemons though.

While some of the interactions in Casey Bats Again could be seen as sexist in 2019, I believe that in 1954, this short would be rather progressive. Hell… is still could be seen that way today.

I hope the characters from this short somehow appear in Kingdom Hearts: The Next One… featuring Kari. That would be pretty nifty.

Men In Black: International

p16357164_p_v12_aaI saw Men in Black: International, and… it was fun? Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Men in Black is a Sony made movie using a property owned by Marvel comics thanks to their 1990’s acquisition of Malibu comics… kind of.

The first two movies were pretty straight forward. Great movie, lesser okay sequel, and then the third movie involved time travel so that was the best of all three original Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith movie.

Men in Black: International is a return to form for the franchise. Sony took two big Marvel comics stars, Thor Hemsworth and Valkyrie Thompson and threw in the amazing Liam Neeson to boot!

mibTessa Thompson sounds different here than she did in Thor Ragnarok, so that made judging her acting a bit odd because that was a little jarring and made her sound a little weaker/quieter than she should have? Hemsworth was fine for the most part. Bottom line, the two main leads come off quite charming, but they seem to be missing a lot of the comedic aspects of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Thankfully a sidekick alien character is thrown in, which is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani who had some of the best moments in the movie.

Before watching the movie, my group made some predictions, and some of them came true, and here some of the less spoilery ones. They do not romantically pair either main character together, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are never prominently mentioned/featured, and they never play ‘Here comes The Men in Black.’ from the first movie. Also, there is no after credits… at least as of the early showing that I caught on Tuesday evening.

Pawny Kumail Nanjiani MIBI can easily see The Men In Black continuing on after this one, as it’s pretty good… definitely better than the last 3rd party Marvel movie that came out this month that stars a woman while having feminist undertones. Men In Black: International is certainly above average and I can definitely understand this being someones favorite of the franchise!

My roommate wants me to take my cat out for walks?

juno instagramI just… ugh… My cat is an inside cat that still has claws… and my roommate thinks that she would be happier if I walked her. I saw her literally jonesing for a bird that was on the fence outside yesterday. Like… her bottom lip quivering as she made this weird low meow.

A couple of days ago, we literally had a pit bull come up behind us, and walk with us for half a block, and he wants me to walk my baby!

I can’t even get half a block on my own street without seeing another cat… one that I’m pretty sure just gave birth to kittens so would be territorial. *sigh*


I don’t want to physically loose her, ya know? I mean this in several ways. She could run away, as she hasn’t really been outside in a year when I found her… but also… she could get hurt in a fight with another cat/dog… ya know? I’m afraid.


Sonson-big-mvc2Sunday is often used as my excuse for a ‘throw away day.’ Sometimes I will make suggestions like… play this game … Marvel vs. Capcom 2, or watch this movie: Anything but X-men: Dark Phoenix, and sometimes I will even suggest a physical activity that one can possibly do: ride a bike. Well… today is the first day that I have to do anything in a week, because… well? I’ve been on vacation!

fatI have been living the life of excess, going to expensive theme parks in far off towns, buying meals in the double digits, and even watching a movie or two. Maybe I will blog about what I did during this down time, as it was not nearly as… deviant as I originally planned.

Okay… I went to see a screener of X-men, which was so bad I do not even want to write a review of it, I went to six flags only for it to rain immediately after the first ride, and I celebrated my landlord’s birthday. Also… I went to a waterpark that had too many people so we left, and later watched the interesting movie Rambo, as well as the second movie that lost the entire point of the first movie… Rambo II: Electric Boogaloo.

arielSo now I waste my time until 4:15pm to work at a job that I hate at an hour I hate. I regret not going to a video game convention, and it sucks that I wasn’t able to stream on twitch last night with my new headset due to technical reasons.

You know what… for everyone who has today as a week end, and not a weak start…  stream a classic game on twitch? Yeah… do that. Sorry for wasting your time!

Mini’s & Me

NES-Classic-Edition-banner-696x447Like many people, I missed out of the NES Classic when it originally came out, which I was all right with… but then the SNES Classic came out and I quickly reserved it, despite being on vacation to see THE MOON Blought out THE SUN! Scalpers tried to do what scalpers always do… but they failed as Nintendo was ready this time… and the SNES was plentiful… and then Nintendo laughed at everyone who paid outrageous prices on Ebay for the NES classic… and re-released that… which I have that one as well.

Eh??? They are all right? I do not play them as often as I should though, sadly, so I let my nieces borrow them. They enjoyed them for a bit, but they misplaced at least one of the Nintendo branded USB chargers… awesome. Controllers use Wii Classic controller ports, are compatible with those, and outside of short NES cable cords… it’s all right?
People have been modding these two miniature consoles for a while now… but I just… never jumped onto that train? I had problems playing the SNES classic on a hotel’s tv because the timing was off, and it did not let me put it on the gaming channel for it. Awesome.

BAM! Then the Commodore 64 mini was announced and I didn’t care! Then Bam! Playstation Classic came out with the original original playstation controller that has no analog sticks! That sucks… but hey, I later bought it for $40 at Best buy 3 weeks ago or so? Mr. Driller, Rayman, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo! Not interested in most of the other games, and a ton of them play bad because they are European which ran slightly slower than the NTSC counterpart! Abe’s Oddesy already played slow when jumping, and now… *sigh* But hey, I can mod this thing easily… sort of!

I broke down when The Commodre 64 mini went on for cheap! California Games! Chip’s Challenge! YEAH!!!! And hey… Jump Man 1 and 2, and… Impossible Mission? *PLAY VOICE CLIP* O_O wtf?! Okay…

C64miniSNESZELDAEMUAnd fittingly… it broke. Froze, stopped turning on, blah blah. C64 was always something that I… never played much of? My brother’s friend or my dad’s co-worker’s older son had one, and I saw Frogger on it, and Mario Bros and Donkey Kong? Being a kid in the late 80’s, early 90’s was weird… because you never knew what the hell kind of gaming systems you saw/played/were exposed to when you try and look back into your memories. Those games are.. not on this mini, of course… which I no longer own, because it was broken. The USB controller was kind of too stiff, and did not play well. Chip’s Challenge kind of looks terrible compaired to the Windows port… which apparently is different from the version on Steam. Bummer.

I loved that weird controller though, and I really shouldn’t have returned my broken console, as the price of the USB controller is comperable to what I bought the system for originally. It was fun to play Zelda on an emulator to test out this weird controller. *sigh*
Going back to the Playstation Classic… I’m going to say something that might be a little controversial. Playstation Games are bad versions of a lot of my favorite games. Loading is terrible, so why mod it and play say… Tomb Raider when you can play it on Steam which probably loads and looks better in 2019?!

Seriously… FFVII is great, but no Tactics? I can mod the system to play fighting games… but MVC 1 doesn’t allow switching out your characters, sprites were dropped for speed, Capcom vs. SNK 1, eh… Darkstalkers 3 has more characters than the arcade counter part… and this version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy only really exists on Playstation… but *BLEEP* I bought too good of a USB 2 drive and so I kept having it corrupt Auto Bleem or something? And *sigh* I kept having it pausing during a fighting game over and over and yeah… super lame! I guess I will buy a worse USB drive eventually.

So… there was not an N64 classic to compete with the Playstation classic. Sega and Atari have made some previous attempts to cash in on plug and play systems… but eh? I just pre-ordered the latest classic, The Sega Genesis Classic, because it has a great line up of games, the emulation looks better than what was done by At Games by leaps and bounds, and hey! Tetris! It comes with two 3 button controller, which is lame… but you can buy some Sega approved 6 button ones made by a 3rd party that also works on your pc via USB!

DSCN0058-cropI should mention that there is a Neo Geo miniature classic thing, that is just bad… even in the hands of Athena Asamiya

But where’s a Master System classic? Oh well I guess.
Overall miniature retro game systems can be great fun that you could share with the next generation or a romantic partner… but will probably just keep on a shelf most of the time because they look adorable? Oh, Darius on the Genesis classic is a BRAND NEW GAME! And hey… Tetris?!

I bought and somehow broke my C64 Mini in under 24hrs.

C64miniI bought The Commodore 64 mini on sale for $29.99 via Best Buy’s actual retail store… kind of. I went there, showed them the item on my phone that they didn’t carry, and they had me pay for it at the counter, and for free it was shipped to my house… which is awesome!

Awesome, that is, until it broke. Now, the only games that I really knew on this system were California Games and Chip’s Challenge. I took a look at Basic, and said Hello World! and just as I was bragging to my brother about the system to my brother on the phone… it broke!

C64miniSNESZELDAEMUMy system broke when I started up one of the games, and it froze after the title screen on a black screen. I could not power it down without unplugging it from the back… and then when I plugged it back in? Nothing. It sucked!

So, I try and contact their support, then reddit, then twitter, and a day and a half later? No real response, and so I returned it to the store expecting an exchange, only now it’s sold out! Well dang it.

The worst part was, it had a nifty little USB controller that could be used on PC! Dang… now I can’t play Link to The Past on this absurd controller!