Men In Black: International

p16357164_p_v12_aaI saw Men in Black: International, and… it was fun? Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Men in Black is a Sony made movie using a property owned by Marvel comics thanks to their 1990’s acquisition of Malibu comics… kind of.

The first two movies were pretty straight forward. Great movie, lesser okay sequel, and then the third movie involved time travel so that was the best of all three original Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith movie.

Men in Black: International is a return to form for the franchise. Sony took two big Marvel comics stars, Thor Hemsworth and Valkyrie Thompson and threw in the amazing Liam Neeson to boot!

mibTessa Thompson sounds different here than she did in Thor Ragnarok, so that made judging her acting a bit odd because that was a little jarring and made her sound a little weaker/quieter than she should have? Hemsworth was fine for the most part. Bottom line, the two main leads come off quite charming, but they seem to be missing a lot of the comedic aspects of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Thankfully a sidekick alien character is thrown in, which is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani who had some of the best moments in the movie.

Before watching the movie, my group made some predictions, and some of them came true, and here some of the less spoilery ones. They do not romantically pair either main character together, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are never prominently mentioned/featured, and they never play ‘Here comes The Men in Black.’ from the first movie. Also, there is no after credits… at least as of the early showing that I caught on Tuesday evening.

Pawny Kumail Nanjiani MIBI can easily see The Men In Black continuing on after this one, as it’s pretty good… definitely better than the last 3rd party Marvel movie that came out this month that stars a woman while having feminist undertones. Men In Black: International is certainly above average and I can definitely understand this being someones favorite of the franchise!