Game STOP!!! seriously… just Stop.

GameStopGameStop is not doing great at all, and when people complain about their past employees, they take it personally and go after them at their current places of business. While their stock continues to fall to new low low prices, GameStop thinks up new old ways to re-brand themselves in an ever-changing world where physical video games are becoming more and more cumbersome. So… what should GameStop do in this case?

FuncoLandStop being GameStop. Bring back the old company names and logos that you purchased, such as FuncoLand, Software Etc., EB Games, and possibly even Babbages.

j5Stranger Things season 3 featured a lot of defunct 80’s brands and stores, and the nostalgia for those things that can never be again was HUGE. They should tap into that, especially considering they want to sell retro video games in stores. Team up with console creators new and old, and re-release the mini and flashback consoles alongside other novelties. This might help GameStop survive as company for a few years longer than it will.

I assume GameStop wont do this out of ignorant pride. Maybe I’m wrong?