Throwing back to Yesterday

I love the Beatles song and really enjoyed the movie of the same name. For this Throwback Thursday, I felt like sharing Himesh Patel’s cover of Yesterday from the film Yesterday… even though… you know… Throwback Thursday is… you know… today. Enjoy?

Why don’t we go out for a Sunday?

Today, is Sunday. A day without chicken sandwiches, but unlike most Sundays… it’s Popeye’s fault instead of just Chick-fil-a’s. How do you run out of sandwiches? Anyways, so what should we do today, on this useless day?

Continue the globe spanning search for the original voice actress and Live Action Anime Girl Apollo Smile.

Seriously… no one knows where the original voice actress for Space Channel 5’s Ulala is! Sega never found her for her new VR game, and well… what are anime fans supposed to do without her live action butt kicks?

Sega Genesis Mini
sega genesis mini
This just came out and you can play great games like Sonic The Hedgehog and Echo The Dolphin, as well as terrible games such as Tetris.

Steven Universe: The Movie
Steven Universe movie
Happily Ever after there they are. This takes place after the current season of the TV show, so make sure to watch that before the movie.

Fright Fest?
Six Flags Fright Fest. Nuff said.

Make a collage of your convention, cosplay, or just how your years been going!2015 Delta H.jpgThere is no better way to remind yourself what you have been through, who you have met, and who you have met has been arrested since that convention for keeping a woman as a prostitute.

One Piece World Seeker – Where Justice Lies
One Piece World Seeker
2nd DLC for this game just came out, so if you play this game… then hey, there you go!

My Little Pony

The show will be coming to and end next month in October. Maybe it’s finally time to catch back up so you can celebrate with all of the other Bronies?

Last year’s Sailor Moon art?

My 2018 tour of Japan had an elaborate dinner set up with people from Toei… and an open bar. I had shared a post about that previously, but here is the collage I made of that event… just for fun!

Toei Supper

Now what this post is going to be about, is sharing the videos of Ikuko Itoh and Hisashi Kagawa drawing Chibi-Usa and Sailor Jupiter respectively.

I decided to go ahead and share these videos despite my reservations not to… because I have once again abandoned an attempt to make a video from my 2018 trip. *sigh* Anyways, I hope you enjoy?

Judge Chupp is tired of #ISTANDWITHVIC’s bullshit.

Vic Mignogna’s fans might have, at one time, been his best asset. They would beg conventions to let Vic come back whenever there was even a hint that he could be banned from a con, and hey… his fans would then go to the convention.

In fact, he’d even whip them into a frenzy and have them post good encounters with the VA. So people who complained about his inappropriate behavior, and fans would then find the tweet or whatever and go “Vic can’t be bad! He’s a Christian who used to be a cop and he told us how he got stabbed by someone!”

Well… with this whole lawsuit against voice actresses, a husband, and Funimation has reached a new level of wtf. Journalist Sharon Grigsby shared this on twitter:

Apparently fans attacking and threatening a judge online does nothing for your defamation case. Now the case has been ordered into mediation, and if there is no settlement by October 3rd, Judge Chupp will rule that very next day. In short… #ISTANDWITHVIC Nick Rekie… Ricka… err… Screech.  Judge Chupp is tired of your bullshit.

What the hell was the Hero Club?

HeroClub logoI have a used Sailor Moon R VHS tape that I bought for 10 yen back in 2010 from what I believe was a rental shop. It has this logo on for something that is known as the Hero Club. I assume that this is just a line of VHS tapes to introduce newcomers to a new anime series by having like the first episode or two on them, possibly with some exclusive narration on it? I haven’t watched the tape since 2010 though, and even then… I don’t speak Japanese? Anyways, I think my Sailor Moon R tape looks cool, even if it’s not very functional. I just wish I knew more about The Hero Club.

<Update> So, I found out more about the Hero Club! Here’s a copy and waste from the wiki article on Tokupedia!

Hero Club (ヒーロークラブ Hīrō Kurabu, HERO CLUB) is aseries of Toei Video releases, on VHS from 1988 to 2004 before beginning on DVD from 2003, featuring children’s tokusatsu superhero works of Toei. The recording time is 30 minutes per volume.

In the VHS era, Toei Animation also dealt with animated works produced, but after the transition to DVD it is only composed of tokusatsu

Below are some pictures that I found around the web, mostly from, of Hero Club titles!