Good Friday, 2019!

After failing at mediation, Tarrant County State District Judge John Chupp dismissed what claims were left from Vic Mignogna’s case against voice actresses and anime company Funimation. Below is the tweet from Dallas News columnist 

For transparency, I have a personal connection to this case as I am friends with the creator of the hashtag movement that helped start all of this, as well as someone who has worked anime conventions for years, including one that even had Vic Mignogna at it and was brought up in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. Also, I have proudly traveled twitter on the good ship known as the USS Threadnaught, under north Carolina’s T. Greg Doucette Esq.

Vic_MignognaYou can read the Judges order to dismiss here:

Fuck Vic Mignogna… Fuck Ty Beard… but most of all? Fuck Minnesota lawyer and wannabe jounalist Nick Rekieta for helping tear a huge divide between the anime going community, by convincing Vic bo-tox Chad Mignogna that this LOLsuit was a great MILLION DOLLAR idea. I really hope that the Minnesota schock jock faux lawsplainer chokes on all of the ad revenue he’s made off of Vic’s case.

So here’s to all of the appeals that Nick and Ty are going to try and convince Vic’s fans are a shoe-in for them to win over the next 6, 12, or 24 months?

Whatever… this is a good Friday for us to celebrate.