I switched?

Switch_SuperSmashBrosUltimate_illustration_02I’ve had the newer model of The Nintendo Switch for less than a month, and have 2.2 GB left, and that depresses me. I own: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it’s fighter pass, Super Mario Maker 2, Blazblue’s demo, Crypt of The Necrodancer, Garou: Mark of The Wolves, The King of Fighters 2000, Revenge of The Bird King, and Youtube.

Switch_ACANEOGEO-TheKingOfFighters2001_03Some of the games that I own were because they were as cheap as a penny, others I discovered when I learned that buying games got me coins that I could use to buy more games, and another just a sale this week. It’s depressing how small the storage space is of The Switch.

Getting rid of photos and Blazblue makes me have 4.9 GB. I thought getting an 8bitdo pro+ controller would be great for games, but I returned it in under a week because the left analog stick was messed up, which is a common complaint. I learned it though… playing Dead Rising on PC.

n64The Switches buttons on the Joycon controller is bad. The ▲▼◄► / YXBA buttons are too small. I didn’t like using the C-Buttons on the 64 for Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and I don’t like using their modern equivalent to do Ryu’s hadoken move in Smash.  The offset analog sticks guarantee that I pick up the system upside down… since The Switch it self is just a small black tablet. The joycons cramp my hand because they are too thin. In other words… I really wish that the 8bitdo controller had worked out. Playing the Switch for extended time hurts my hands, and while I’m playing a game, I often feel clumsy on it’s buttons compared to older consoles.

I tried to get a new controller today, but I don’t think I’ll like a $70 Pro controllers D-Pad, and I hear they have problems on PC, which is important to me given how small the storage space on The Switch is. Cheaper controller options lack features… so one day I will get to a point where I need X feature, and I wont have it. I basically have to either plan around what game I want to play today, or take the hit in case my next favorite game requires HD rumble, gyro controls, or Amiibo support. I feel bad for parents who are confused why their daughter’s new Pikachu controller isn’t good enough for whatever game they also just bought.

Breath of the wild expansion

Getting The Switch late might have been a problem. I know I can get an SD card… but a 1 TB Micro SD card costs $430 on Best Buy right now vs. a 5 TB external HDD for $110. I guess I’ll keep Breath of The Wild on my Wii U for the time being? 32GB internal HDD isn’t a lot of space.

All of the games are still kind of expensive… which is what is to be expected on a Nintendo platform. If I bought a game on a cartridge, most of the game probably wont even be on the cart though. *sigh*

I should have waited until next year to buy The Switch pro, which we all know is certainly going to be a thing… eventually? Right?