Predictions for the Pokemon 1/9 Direct

Predictions for the Pokemon 1/9 Direct
  1. DLC for Sword and Shield.
  2. 3rd version of Sword and Shield. Lance? Possibly including some stuff with Elite 4’s Lance?
  3. A reminder of all of the games on Switch currently out.
  4. Update to the Pokemon Go app.
  5. New Pokemon toys coming to either a Pokemon Center or a Build-a-Bear.
  6. DETECTIVE PIKACHU 2 (The Game… for the new movie) for The Switch!
  7. DETECTIVE PIKACHU 2 (The Movie) Starring Ryan Reynolds in narration.
  8. Pokemon Snap 2 (Set in Sword/Shield and Let’s go environments, plus a couple from other games).
  9. New Pokemon Movie or anime series announced.
  10. Pokemon Switch bundle.