If I had to cast a gender bent Ghostbusters remake

ghostbusters crossing over comicDid I just fix the 2016 remake to Ghiostbusters? I think I did? Not listed below, I would NOT have Paul Feig or Amy Pascal anywhere near this film. Okay… maybe this is a terrible list?

Egon – Tig Nataro
Venkman – Kelly Kapoor
Ray – Ellie Kemper
Winston – Randall Park. Play up his lack of knowledge in Science.
Janine – John Mulaney
Louis Tully – Pete Davidson. I know it’s not a gender bend! But you could have a romantic /bromance between Mulaney and Davidson!!!
Walter Peck – Sarah Silverman
Mayor – Megan Mullally
Dana Barrett – Henry Cavill
Stay Puff – generic My Little Pony-like character.