My dorky haiku continue

AVphoenixThe Phoenix –
The woman died in flames
And from them she some how rose
Death soon followed her

Death of Bromance
Why must we part ways?
We were all the best of friends.
Now, we are strangers.

My life is so blue
Why can’t it be Green or Gold?
It’s blue but not sad.

Un-wasted funds
Saving up all of your cash-
Why Anime Conventions?
Instead of your life?

#Kickvic≤Anime Gate

ushicon4SeanPeople have been clamoring that there is an Anime Gate going on, and that taking down the popular voice actor, Vic… Mig…nawn… Vic. Taking down Vic was a huge part of this. My argument is Anime Gate is much older than #KickVic, and is much broader. Let’s start at the beginning.

Signs at conventions asking for hugs/kisses, people taking pictures with cosplayers with their hand on their boob/butt, hyped up youngsters running at people full speed for a glomp, etc… Anime Convention goers have always been debaucherous, and there has always been this awkward excited energy to anime conventions… and a lot of us finally grew up and it became more okay to say ‘This! This! I don’t like THIS!’

momokun 021519

2014’s Cosplay is Not Consent is where Anime Gate really started from. Then we have the whole Momokun situation where a cosplay guest was being all handsy and gropish with other attendees. People complained and conventions restricted her appearances but lately it’s as if people forgot about her.

In between, we’ve had the whole Anime Matsuri situation, where John Leigh of Anime Matsuri had lolita guests claiming that he had harassed them both online and in-person.

Vic Mignogna has had allegations whispered at conventions since I’ve been going to them in 2004 that I have personally heard of. Women claiming that Vic is creepy, that conventions were going to stop having him as a guest, etc.

Vic_MignognaThere is a spreadsheet going around of accused abusers from anime conventions. Right around this time, #KickVic started. Something like #KickVic was almost destined to come up in this post #Metoo world. The allegations against Vic Mignogna aren’t that bad even, for the most part. Too huggy and kissy on women/girls of questionable ages for way too long of a time. That sums up this whole Vic thing, in a nut shell.

‘This! This! I don’t like THIS!’

While convention behavior between guest and attendee, cosplayer and attendee, and even guest and convention volunteers once you factor in Vic’s alleged behavior towards staff when he doesn’t get his way, is only half of what could be considered an Anime Gate.

teen-titans-goYou then have Westerners trying to re-make anime in their own image, what with Crunchy Roll allegedly misappropriating funds to make High Guardian Spice, Steven Universes nods to video games and anime, Crunchy Roll ignoring the popular Goblin Slayer for it’s yearly awards because it’s content is problematic, Netflix’s She-Ra, and the countless ‘Ameria-manga’ cartoon and comic art styles that have come before all of this.

chibimoonThe real Anime Gate might just be the fact that a lot of the 2nd generation of Anime fans who were 90’s kids finally grew up and took off the rose tented glasses, and said enough was enough on social media… where they were finally heard.

But hey… that’s just a theory… an Anime Gate theory!

Cosplay does not make you special

DSCN0023.JPGLast Saturday, I went to Oni-Con in Galveston, Tx! While I took a lot of pictures that day at and around  said conventions, there was something that I wanted to say before I tackle that. If you are at a convention, you might end up having your picture taken, or there might be video of you. Is it a little rude? Yeah! Is it wrong? Maybe not? Let me explain the story that happened to me at Oni.

I was in the smoking patio they had on the second floor chatting with some friends from out of state.

All of a sudden, a girl gets on a pillar that is attached to the railing, and poses for a picture. This is unsafe behavior, in the evening where light is low, and is posing in heels on something that is maybe 18inx18in

dscn0035.jpgI snapped a picture of her from behind with my camera, as it was just faster than using my cell phone. A minute or two later, the friend of hers who took the cell phone picture complains that if you want to take her photo, you can just like… ask.

I go “I was taking the photo because what she was doing was dangerous. She could have fallen and hurt herself.’

“Still though, you can just ask”

I would never have asked. What I was doing, was contemplating showing the photo to the hotel staff which would probably get Oni-Con in trouble because their guests were violating basic safety precautions, but you know… whatever.

DSCN0117I get that Cosplay is not Consent, but cosplay doesn’t make you ‘special.’ The rules still apply to you even if you are dressed as a witch, angel, or virtual idol.

If I want to take a photo of someone who is doing something stupid? Be glad that I didn’t take video… which is something I could have done just as easily.


Expect some photos tomorrow from my Saturday at Oni-Con. Maybe I will do one tomorrow on the Bowsettes of Oni-Con? I might just do an over all one… but expect a couple updates soon.

A-kon 29 was Terribly Awesome.

DSCN1996 - 1I want to start out with an explanation, so you know that we are not starting strong here. A-kon was Awesome… but everything that would have made it that was in a terrible way?

This year’s A-Kon was 4 days, but it was Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I had to request 3 days off in one week and one in the other, so I lost money from work. But 4 Days! Except that registration was not the noon time the e-mail said, and it opened maybe a couple hours late… but count it… 4 DAYS! I was in line for 5 hours, and we ended up not being able to actually do anything that day. What do I mean?

DSCN0155Well, V.I.P.’s had their own line, unlike people who pre-registered, and since I actually went down into the line at 5pm wanting to wait for things to die down a little, I ended up obtaining one at 10pm.   We could have gone to the masquerade which was going on for another hour or two, but we would have to go back to our hotel across the street and get ready, and we would have to leave early to re-pay for parking at our respective spots. So we got food instead.

dscn0447.jpgDealers room/Artist Alley was no open on Thursday at all.Neither was The Game Room. We kept coming back to this weird ‘Why did we pay to be here today?’ conclusion, and when we did… there would be people arguing for A-Kon saying that today was Day-0 of the convention.

No, Today was a paid for day that was advertised that I missed work for, woke up early to get to from Houston to get there when they said registration was going to be, and yeah… A-Kon straight up lied to us.

MAGFest is also a 4 day convention, and guess what? THE FIRST DAY IS THE FIRST EFFING DAY! I’ve been to both of these conventions in years past a day early, Wednesday for Mag 2016, and Thursday for A-Kon 16, and you don’t charge people extra just to be able to pick up their God damn badge because it’s more convenient for you.

On the plus side… we got to watch Dragon Ball’s Funimation Dub that night in one of the 2 hotels that are also connected to the convention center [but not physically] … that’s something, right?

One cosplayer explained to me that people do not go to A-Kon for the panels, but are there for the awesome cosplay. There is a lot around the convention center, and in that aspect, this entire area is a cosplayers and a photographers dream come true!

These are all, technically, different locations all within close proximity to each other. They are so close that you can be in one spot, zoom your camera and snap a great photo from a different one, like I constantly was.DSCN0247 - 1.JPG

DSCN1275Awesome, right? Well… this technique, sniping, can be cool… but I felt bad as I was constantly doing it. Also, there were groups fighting for spots no matter how well it was organized ahead of time. Speaking about time, sometimes one location was too dark by the time the shoot rolled around so a location change was needed.

Also, I feel like I need to emphasize that all of this is free. You could just go to the convention every day, not even stay at A-Kon’s hotels or even over flow hotels, and not give them a penny for it all. That’s… terribly awesome and it happens at other conventions.

Hopefully no one ever discovers this truth in mass. I spent a lot of money to be at this 3-Day 4-Day convention. It is sad though, as A-Kon probably put on a really great show.

The dealers room was huge and had tons of dealers, which might have been detrimental over all. I wonder if that helped Artist Alley sales? I did see two panels while I was there, one on Japan’s role during WWII put into context which was quite informative, as well as a Japanese tea ceremony on Sunday. There were people in them, but it wasn’t full… which given the population of A-kon… I guess they were taking pictures of cosplay?

20180610_005431_Burst01An outside rave is an amazing thing, but one with a noise ordinance? How about a different rave that is easy to get into with girls making out and posing like they are ready to get it on? That’s pretty awesome, but what if I said that this all ages rave was one of the most brightly lit raves I’ve ever been to, so if anyone is under 18 and can see that… well, that’s pretty damn awesome.

The game room was 100% fighting games on consoles, while the arcade games were… lackluster? at least two of these machines where multiple arcade machines that were… you know… technically illegal… but on the plus side, I did get to play a Japanese only puzzle game with a mermaid in it?

DSCN2013Video gaming and table top were in the Omni, which was the hotel that I was in, while a viewing room and some panels were in The Sheraton, and there was a places in The Convention Center that I was only discovering by Saturday night when I was traversing the bottom left of the convention center to try and get to the top right of to get to the rave. There is just too much of the convention that is too hard to care enough about to find casually because it is just too spread out.

In short, A-Kon 29 is hard to review on a 1-10 scale… so I’m just going to leave my originally short description: A-kon 29: Terribly Awesome.

Expect an update with cosplay photos this week.

Louisianime 2018

DSCN0380Louisianime 2018! AHhh Baton Rouge LA! My home away from home! The land of uh… Louisiana! And a Raising Canes that is within walking distance! I… okay… so I’m missing a chunk of useful information about the city of Baton Rouge, but you know what? Louisianime is the only convention that I’ve been to 9 years in a row… OUT OF 10! I was there when it was being dreamed up by a couple of my friends, and then bought by two of my besties and than the dark times came… but they got better than worse and finally AMAZING.

Now that I’ve sold you on Louisianime, here are some links to my photos from the convention:



Okay… so here are some videos then?

I hope everyone enjoys them?

Louisianime 2018, the non-review

In order to get a selfie from the very front of the audience of the cosplay contest, sometimes you have to sit at a door for hours before, and agree to take pictures during.


Still, full disclosure, this is not an un-biased review of the 10th year of Louisianime.

I’ve been to 9 years of this 10 year convention, and I will do some sort of tribute to that, but I wanted to do something that was more a tribute to this year and not the over all of this convention.

20180512_151102This convention ran pretty smoothly from what I could tell with truly no major figurative fires having to be put out, which is awesome. Once again though, reviewing any convention where your major view point is this… is pretty hard to do, especially because being from Texas means that I got there a little later than I wanted, and left a little earlier than I wanted. I need to arrive on Thursday and be okay with having to get home at around midnight instead of around 6pm… Which I haven’t been doing that in the last few years.

DSCN0428I’ve been going to conventions since 2004, and like I said… this is my 9th year of the 10th year convention, so should I rinse and repeat my excitement for a convention that I actually hold so near and dear to my heart? Nah…

I hope next year, for it’s 11th year, that they do some things really differently, and I will just leave it at that… until then… can I just say one thing?

This sure is a sexy banner. Can’t wait to see it for the next 10 years! Expect a post in the next few hours that has youtube videos and a cosplay pictures… but come on… today is Sunday… which is typically a useless day! You thought that this post was an anime convention review, but secretly it was Dio a Sunday post all along!


….Chick-fil-a is still closed.

Down with The Sickness

When you go to a convention, there is a chance that you might get sick afterwords. I went to MAGFest, and I fell victim to it this time around. This phenomenon goes by many names such as con plague, con flu, PAX Pox, etc… and I did a comic about it a long time ago.

Upping your immune system and taking allergy meds can only get you so far. I missed work because I was bumping shoulders with a small city basically in winter during terribly cold conditions.

Also my roomies got a chest cold right before, so my flu-like symptoms make sense. Headache, slight fever, chest congestion, etc. I felt like I was going to faint at the airport as I wore 2 coats and I missed a day of work. FUN!

But hey… that’s the risk we take, right?