Louisianime 2017


Like usual, full disclaimer: I worked as a volunteer at Louisianime, I’m good friends with 1/2 of the owners of said convention, and since I was given a badge, hotel room, and gas money, I can not fairly review this convention. 

Now that that is out of the way, let’s discuss Louisianime 2017!

… … … It was fun and a lot of the stuff went off rather smoothly? Like I said, I worked there and I can’t tell you even if it was fun, as I was working.

They raffled off a Nintendo Switch, The table top gaming room had Pathfinder, Cards Against Humanity, and several board and card games that my roommate provided for the convention. The Library Bards were our musical guest, and the crowd really seemed to like them, so go check them out.

Below is the cosplay contest:

Here are some of the pictures that I took of the convention

Here is the link to all of my photos from the convention: Louisianime 2017


But it’s my birthday!

P1150979Once again, I survived another full year since I’ve been born! Suck it fate! Seeing as it’s my birthday,  and a useless Sunday, I figured that I might as well post random stuff today… because I can.

I mean… it’s my BIRTHDAY… right?


See?! There was no reason to post this very old image of The Pose Off from back in the old days. Do you know why I did it though? Because I could.

Daryl Hannah and Tom HanksWhen we get older, I think it is common to use the anniversary of our birth’s to remember days gone by. First times, last times, and more importantly… special times.

I just got back from a trip to Rhode Island to visit an online friend. this was a first time for me and that was special too. Today at lunch I ate a pickle in a hamburger that my mother couldn’t finish. That’s hopefully the last time I’ve been given the pickle.


See? I’m just randomly plucking out photos from past articles with no context of why I posted them in the first place. Below are a few more of my favorites for no particular reason.

We all have a lot of regrets in life. One of the biggest ones is typically not doing something. I feel like we owe it to ourselves to fill the short time that we have with as many wild and crazy things/experiences as possible. Go hug an online friend, cosplay for the first time, embrace some weird interest that you are passionate about.

We were born and we will die. Make the best of your time everyone. Be good to everyone, while we are here. See you on Mer-Monday tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peak!


Up way too late Saturday Morning anime!

I have been watching a lot of Dragon Ball Super, and now that new episodes will be coming to Crunchy Roll, I could watch it there legally now. Awesome! I recently bought an awesome figure from Dragon Ball a few months back and got it on Thursday. Here’s an unboxing of it down below!

Unboxing: Megahouse Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Ball Gals: Bulma PVC Figure (Bunny Girl Version)


A few days ago, Tokyo Comic-Con canceled it’s ban on crossdressing. Awesome, but now they will be issuing different colored badges depending on what your ‘true’ gender. Hah hah hah, and the controversy gets… worse? *sigh*

In August it was revealed that Viz is going to re-release the OVA’s and 2 movies of Ranma 1/2 in 2017, so yeah… I’ve already seen these, but hey… that’s pretty cool. Will they release the OVA from Rumeric Theater that happened 7 or more years ago though? Probably not, so watch the one for Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, InuYasha, and surprisingly not Maison Ikoku on… I want to say Youtube? Here is a video they made about Rumeric Theater that is awesome.

Besides watching some Sailor Moon S via Crunchy Roll, I haven’t been watching a lot of anime, hence the lack of Saturday Morning Anime on my blog. Sorry. What’s some good anime that I should watch?


I’m officially boycotting Tokyo Comic-Con

You heard it hear first! NetSenshi Productions will never cover any content from Tokyo Comic-Con. Weird, when I never have, I know, but the reason is because they now have a ban on men dressing as women at their convention.

trick_or_treat_by_netsenshi-d31gtimCharacters who crossdress is a rampant trope in Japanese media, if not society. While crossplay is huge among women in Japan, and isn’t being banned at this show, men dressing up as women has. Let’s set aside gender nonconformity, people who are trans, etc. for a moment, and remind ourselves of some Japanese content that makes this ban really weird.

71kiwwkwqrs-_sl1500_Where does Bridget from Guilty Gear come into play? A male character dressed in women’s clothing but in all reality is still a male character? Not Japan enough? Okay.

pink-ranger-girls-of-power-rangers-22611440-500-375Power Rangers… err… Super Sentai… err… Tokusatsu in general, uses a lot of male stunt doubles for their shows. If you have one of them as a guest, and they are in their ranger uniforms, then guess what? You hypocritically have a guest advertising the very same lifestyle that you are directly objecting, all because you are afraid of there being ‘too many’ guys dressed as women. Awesome.

5c2d54990a8233506450b0555f41eeb9What about fans of JRock, or Japanese Rock music to those who are unfamiliar with the term. All of a sudden, fans can’t dress up as their favorite crossdresser from Dir En Grey and strut their stuff? Everyone knows that Shinya is a man, but now NUH UH, not happening. Guess they will have to use some extreme vetting on both actors and musicians for the foreseeable future. Well, as long as there is nothing else that promotes a lifestyle that the people running the convention apparently hates… oh wait… this is Japan.

fisheye-hands-cropAnime and Manga. I know that my references are really dated here. My main point though, hopefully, wont be lost.

So males cannot dress up as male characters who dress up as women, which really isn’t even crossplay but just normal cosplay. Awesome.

29228719f3510ce44f67569f85d9264dAnthropologists even have problems distinguishing between Asian skeletons. Under all of the wigs, makeup, masks, and frills… how are they really going to be able to enforce this? Westerners, wanting to ironically see Stan Lee, a WWII veteran in Japan, sure. That’s easier… but unless they are willing to role the dice and pull out people who might legitimately be women who look a little man-ish and thus make international headlines, I can’t really see this as enforceable on a large scale.


P1150754I saw this cutie on the arm of another cutie while attending Louisianime 2016 in beautiful Baton Rouge, LA earlier last month. I wonder, how would I go about gathering people with awesome tattoos together so I could take pictures of their awesome ink? Huh… I will think about this and see if I can figure something out.

mertartThere was one more mermaid sighting during that convention weekend, and that was on a box of Kellogg’s Pop. Tarts. BTW: if you google search Mertart, you are getting porn. Search for the #pastryofthesea unless you are just trying to get porn. Apparently Metart is a porn sight, as is Mertart and gah… I just wanted popped pasty’s and not popped… umm… never mind.

Free Photo Shoot at IKKiCON 2015

IP1140823 did this first at Oni-Con 2015, and if I have my way, I am going to do this at every convention that I go to.

What I do, obviously, is walk around with dry erase board advertising Free Photo Shoots. Cosplayers then can stop me, and I take as many photos in as many different locations as I can with them until we have a decent amount of pictures that they like. Yes, I show them every single one before I’m done with them, just to make sure that I do not accidentally get an unflattering angle.

P1140981I used to do this at Louisianime with a poster board on a monopod, but the dry erase board works so much better. Also, making sure you write “FREE” is important, as some people will assume that you charge, and not want to talk to you.

I then attempt to get every single person I do a photoshoot with to write down whatever name that they go by online to pose with the board. Sometimes they give me an e-mail address, and I snap a picture of it for myself so I can personally e-mail them the notification of where to find it. This also helps people associate a name to the face, as many people will only credit the photographer and not the cosplayer.

P1140844You might notice that I also include the web address. Do I do this for self promotion? Of course I do. I also do this so the cosplayer can take out their smartphone, and snap a picture of the board to remind themselves that the shoot happened and they can find me in case I fail to notify them.

Yes, despite how careful I attempt to be, I can still fail to get in touch with the cosplayer. Shocking, I know.

P1140829Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, MySpaceLivejournal, and the internet is a huge place, and sometimes people have the same name on one of those but it belongs to someone completely different.

Oh, and sometimes I fail to have my board when the photo shoot actually happens, or forget to have them sign it. To date, this has only happened… twice?

So… why do I do this? Well… I’ve had costumes that have been unnoticed that I was proud of. Maybe it gets one or two pictures, but ultimately… I’ve had nothing to show for all of my hard work. It’s terrible, and I hate it happening to others. This was my solution, and I still think it’s a pretty good one.

Anyways, for more photos from this ‘Free Photoshoot’ from Ikkicon, please go here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/netsenshi/albums/72157660859395393


Happy Flashback Friday!

Every Friday, I’m going to try and post video or photos I’ve taken, in honor of this momentously nostalgic fake holiday. If I don’t post something of mine, then I’ll try and post SOMETHING, such as old commercials, maybe an old Marzgurl convention video, something.

Here was my first convention video that I took from Ikki-con back in I believe 2009! Enjoy!

Ikki-con 1