Those… Obnoxious… Mermaids?

Happy Mer-Monday! Here is an illustration from the 16th music album from Urusei Yatsura!



Please bring back Urusei Yatsura

uruseiyatsura beautiful dreamersWith Rumiko Takahashi winning an Eisner Award recently, ViZ has decided to re-license her first critically acclaimed manga, Urusei Yatsura and that will be out in 2019. That’s… not enough for me. How about a new, fully dubbed, re-release instead?

Unlike Ranma and Inuyasha, Urusei Yatsura received no full dub. I believe there were some movies and maybe a couple episodes even dubbed, but it was not popular enough in North America. Well.. slap an Eisner sticker on the cover, and PLEASE re-release the anime! I’m begging you!

Below is part 1 and 2 of the first episodes original North American Dub, as well as the same episode dubbed in English by… The BBC?! Cool!

Youtuber Japanophile explains in an editorial they did from 2015 “What made Urusei Yatsura so good?”

There is also a Did You Know Anime on this show that was done in 2017.

Throw this show onto Adult Swim’s Toonami block, and I just feel like this show could finally find an audience in The United States.

Urusei Yatsura: Radical Dreamers, is the only thing from Urusei Yatsura that is still in print. It can be purchased at Amazon here:


Jump a train to Nerima, Tokyo, Japan!

Sean Ranma sketchWhile on vacation, I met a man who quite possibly has the largest collection of merchandise from popular 1989-1992 anime Ranma 1/2, or らんま 1/2 if you are from Nippon.

When he told me that he needed help fulfilling the bucket list entry visit a real life location from the aquatic gender bender comedy, as a fellow fan, I had to help.

So what location in Nerima was this? Furinkan High? The Tendo Dojo? Shakuji-Koen Park? Hah! No. We went to the famous fence alongside the river that was used in many episodes, especially when walking to or from school!

Ranma Fence

While most of the photos were taken with his camera, here are some of the results that I captured from this trip to the real fence seen in Nerima!

River walk in Nerima.jpgOne path on each side, one lane street in between. Not much to see, or too much? Who knows. This was an interesting place for a cosplay photo shoot.
Nerima with Ryouga.jpg

This area is west of Oizumi-gakuen station along the Seibu Ikebukuro line. While to many, this may not seem like a worthwhile excursion, I actually had a lot of fun going along!

Wait… why was Urusei Yatsura’s Lum in one of those pictures?! The Oizumi Gakuen station is the closest station to Toei, known for shows like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon, so naturally this is known as the birthplace of anime!

Oizumi Anime Gate

They have statues out front from Astro Boy, Tomorrow’s Joe, Galaxy Express 999,  and even one of that obnoxious alien from Urusei Yatsura!

Urusei Yatsura Lum statue

Astro Boy

Tomorrow's Joe

Galaxy Express 999Also, I got to see the Galaxy Express 999 train! Or rather… a train promoting this 1977-1981 Manga and Anime!

Galaxy Express 999 trainEven if the photo shoot would have been a bust, which it was not, the station alone made the trip completely worth it!

MerMonday was late?

I really thought that I could finish coloring this piece before midnight after I got home at 10pm. I ended up finishing around 12:20 or so, which while not bad… is still post deadline… thus not inside of Mer-Monday.


So I got some burritos from Taco Bell on taco Tuesday so I could ruin that sacred day as well.

Should I cross Mermaid Flounder with any other show/Disney… thing? Who knows what’s next, right?

Goosebumps vs. Sailor Moon?

Oriental Cinema 11I recently tweeted about how I came across a bunch of fanzines at my local Half Priced Books… well, I thought it would be fun to dig into some of them. Oriental Cinema #11, edited and created by Damon Foster, layout by Hugh Gallagher, from Draculina Publishing in Illinois is… interesting.

First off, Oriental? Gah… such a dated term for Asians. To see Sailor Moon next to Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and John Woo is crazy.

Sadly, I’m not big into Asian cinema, but they talk about John Woo’s amazing film, Broken Arrow, starring John Travolta and Samantha Mathis. The impressive full color glossy photos of The Killer were sadly lost on me.

The reason I bought this fanzine did not disappoint. The part where they mentioned Sailor Moon featured this nugget right here:

Sailor moon vs Goosebumps

Looking back, this is kind of hilarious. Sailor Moon, a has-been? True, until recently… the anime about astrologically based super heroes in Junior High saw some very dark times in the 1990’s, but her and Power Rangers is still kind of huge, all things considered.

This fanzine came out in 1996, and that was when Sailor Moon Super S was just wrapping up in Japan. Sailor Moon really hit it’s stride in America on Toonami, which aired it in June 1, 1998. Power Rangers was going through that rough transition from their whole Alien Ranger mini series to Power Rangers Zeo so I can understand why he might have thought that the series was winding down, especially after the Power Ranger’s movie was the year before.

Goosebumps mind you was one of the best running horror book series aimed at the exact same demographic, so probably should not get the hate that this adult man is giving it.

SuperSentaiKakurangerAll that said, it must have been really bad to be a fan of Sentai and Tokusatsu back then. He complains about the US adaptations of Beetle Fighter (Big Bad Beetleborgs). Now-a-days, we at least have been given some of Toei’s Super Sentai shows onto DVD thanks to Right Stuff.

Sadly, we  would have to put up with shows such as UIltraman Tiga which were not faithfully translated, and no Kamen Rider has ever been translated properly, despite Kamen Rider Dragon Knight winning a daytime emmy.

This fanzine goes on to talk about Mechanical Violator: Hakaider and other shows and movies such as The American made Sudden Death, but let’s talk about the letters page.

Damon Foster seems to put people off with his writting, especially about Sailor Moon in a previous issue of his fanzine? Apparently he has poked fun of the gay community, sports, and religion.

Foster asks one of his readers “Do you masturbate in church as you pay homage to your hollow god!?  ” 

The letters page was hard to read, but it was informative and very inflammatory both ways. One of the things I also want to point out is that there is a little bit of T&A on the back covers, so this magazine is NSFW. Also, they have a picture from Ranma 1/2  in one section, but sadly no real connection in this issue, and that was sad.

I think Oriental Cinema is an interesting time capsule, and while I’m not sure if I personally would recommend it to people due to some of the language used, I’m glad that I flipped through the pages at least.

Oh, and I really hope someone hooked this guy up with the entire 84-part series Himitsu Sentai ‘Gorenga.’