Bulma was the hero we needed

bulma_wallpaper_jclpa-800x600Just imagine where everyone would be if Bulma had not found Goku’s 4 star Dragon ball using her Dragon Radar and going on a world changing adventure. The Red Ribbon Army would have probably conquered the world, most likely beating the would be savior Krillin who did not have Goku there to train with when he trained with Roshi.

Then of course Raditz comes along, destroys farmer Goku and The Red Ribbon Army and yeah… ultimately the world… until I guess Gero’s androids come online maybe?

I accidentally came across this video from Treesicle, and he points out how awesome Bulma actually is.

20180126123211_1When I booted up Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bulma was the first character that greeted me. Chi Chi? Goku? Heck even Piccolo would have not been a surprise, but Bulma? I was shocked to see her, especially after her voice actress had passed. It was bitter sweet and shows how important she was. *sigh*

I miss you Bulma.


How to enjoy Maison Ikkoku in North America

maison ikkokuIn 2013 and 2014, Maison Ikkoku was re-released in Japan on Blu-Ray on 2 box sets… but not in North America. I feel like Maison Ikkoku is not as well known as some of the other Rumiko Takahashi series, such as Urusei Yatsura that came before it, and Ranma 1/2 that came after.

For the Manga, you might want to go through Viz’s website for the Manga, as they help track things down from different retailers. RightStuf only has volumes 7, and 10-15. Barnes & Noble is a little bit more impressive, as they have both the manga and the anime. Anime is the old 2003 DVD box sets for $46 or so. Amazon sells the anime for $119.99 new and $57.86 used.

Now… I have heard that you could watch this show online via youtube or dailymotion, but I have not yet, nor have I found a legal way to stream these shows online.


Is Urusei Yatsura licensed again?

uruseiyatsura beautiful dreamersWhile I was struggling to do more than a clip show for the first day of Rumiko Takahashi week, I remembered the first thing that got me into her work… Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. It was a really weird movie from Urusei Yatsura that I saw on Sci-Fi a really long time again. I googled it to talk about it… when I saw that it was… on Blu-Ray? WTF?! Apparently on Amazon, you can pre-order it for around $20 and it comes out Feb 27, 2018. Um… what?

Apparently it is just this film, from the company Discotek, with the original Japanese as well as the English dub.

Here is an old English trailer for this one… Maybe it becomes popular enough to bring the rest of Urusei Yatsura back to North America. I doubt it though… as this movie felt slow and just… weird.