Less Proud about Card Captor Sakura?

Cardcaptor SakuraFor PRIDE Month, I chose two shows to watch in order to celebrate: Dreamwork’s She-Ra and Clamp’s Card Captor Sakura. This review is about Card Captor Sakura.

Card Captor is a little slow at times, and not nearly as action paced as the original dub’s opening mislead everyone to believe. I started the series in Japanese, but switched to English so I could do other things while it was on. The English voice acting is not great. Many of the actors sound unnatural. They also have the problem of sounding like adult voices coming out of children’s mouths, or like adults attempting to sound like little kids.

In the early 2000’s, Card Captor Sakura was described as having a gray reputation for supposedly having ‘the most gay, or presumed gay characters,’ ever. This is why I chose Card Captor Sakura. I would have been fine with little girls who seemed strangely attracted to one another, or male best friends who were maybe more. What I was not okay with was all of the ‘inappropriate’ grooming-esq shenanigans.

Sakura’s mother has passed, but her dad was her mother’s teacher when they met and eventually married. She was only 16. There are other, much more inappropriately aged relationships in this show about 10 year old girls.

tuxedo mask mars sailor moonNow, these things happen. Initial D, for example, has a character with an inappropriate relationship with an adult, but… high school kid vs. 4th grader. Sailor Moon has a 14 year old girl dating an older high school guy (college age in original anime). Card Captor Sakura has a relationship in it between someone who appears to be an 11 year old boy and an adult female teacher who is somewhere in her 20’s. I have not gotten that far yet though.

That’s fucking disgusting. I’m sorry. I know, cultural differences, whatever you want to say to excuse pedophilia… I don’t care. This isn’t “mature teenager and young teacher,” BS… it’s just pedophilia and grooming for the sake of it. Shotacon and Lolicon are the terms used by anime fans so they don’t have to face facts.

EVEN IN JAPAN, where the legal age of consent is 13, and in some places no sexual activity is allowed until 18, this is MESSED UP!

Card Captor Sakura is 70 episodes long and has a recent sequel series that happens when she is a little older.

Card Captor Sakura is a classic anime that’s reputation proceeds it. I’m ony 15 episodes in as of this, and maybe I’m being overly harsh on something that only deserves me being kind of harsh about it? Older anime is often weird in the sense that you have to go, “If you can look past THE INCEST, it’s a great anime” such as in the show Ceres and such stuff. Looking past this though? gah…

Also, the art is weird at times, and the show is actually a little dull. How was this show such a huge success? I’ll watch more so I can properly review this show… I just… chose the wrong show for PRIDE month.

Funimation – The Real Folk Blues

Cowboy Bebop is a show that many hold dear, but the opening theme possibly has more fans than the show does. It’s so classy… who would have thought that jazz would be great for a space western?

The song was originally called Tank! But Funimation had this cover made and there are some great inclusions to make it stand out from other versions!

I had posted the version that the original band Seatbelts had done in quarantine previously.

Len – Kids in America

Kids in America loved a badly slopped together Digimon Movie. At this point, this is just a fact. This music video, stands as a historical document of this fact. I still feel like this song’s inclusion into the anime movie was a bit too on the nose, as the 2nd gen Digi Destined became literally just that… Kids in America… but whatever. It’s an enjoyable enough song?

Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World

Music by the woman who helped Square Enix make sure that we kept things Simple and Clean for over a decade, Utada Hikaru  made this music video in 2018. It was directed by Tsurumaki Kazuya, and is set to… I want to say the newer Neon Genesis Evangelion movies? I mean… I guess the animation could be brand new for 2018, but I honestly wouldn’t know. I just kind of like Utada Hikaru, so thought I’d look for something interesting from her. I;m not really sure that this is considered interesting or not though, as given that it’s set to Eva… it’s kind of tame. Weird.

We can’t all stay live action anime girls forever?

apollosmile2Apollo Smile is a woman who has gone by a few names. The one she was born with, the one she went to conventions with in pursuits of being a somebody in the anime/comic/gaming/music/ industry, and the one that she currently has.

Apollo Smile’s wikipidea article talks about the first two, but not the one that she currently has.

I learned from someone on twitter that Smile was in fact alive, and performing in a much smaller capacity. After learning that information last October, I decided to sit on the news of her real name… and possibly her exact address, because… you know what? She’s kind of proof that the internet is sort-of capable of forgetting someone.

Sega attempted to find Apollo Smile so that she could once again be Ulala in Space Channel 5, but sadly for SEGA, they failed.

Apollo Smile is now going by a different name and performing with who I presume is her husband? I kind of do not want to post her new name online directly as that could be bad for her if it comes up in a quick google search. I will list the name of the band that she plays in: Wingbeat. Here is a sampler that they have on youtube:

I’m happy that she is performing still, and judging by her videos… she’s helping people with her music? That’s awesome. It’s a more modest life than kicking butt in spandex, or being in a rhythm game with Space Michael.


TWRP – Starlight Brigade (feat. Dan Avidan)

This music video reminds me of my youth. Watching anime during the 90’s and 00’s. Seeing Moltar and eventually Tom on Toonami. There was a special night on Toonami where they showed the anime Daft Punk music videos, as well as Gorillaz music videos, and that was pretty awesome.

It also reminds me of watching random VHS tapes that I either bought or rented from Blockbuster that were… you know… missing huge chunks of the story. Also Apollo Smile introducing such movies as Galaxy Express 999, and Urusei Yatsura.

Anyways, enough of a man in his 30’s missing his teenage years… here’s a music video that has one of the guys from Game Grumps singing.

The Gaijin Chronicles – Half Priced Books

I collect Japanese games, typically for the Super Famicom. I recently stumbled on some interesting stuff at a local book store, and purchased three games for my Japanese PS2.

Let’s start at the beginning of my journey. I was excited to see a bunch of US Final Fantasy PSX games.


I was then interested, of course, in the PS2 games. I’m not sure what Michigan is, but that D is Initial D!

ps2 initial d.png

Sadly, after attempting to play this game… it refused to load once I selected stuff at the title screen. It’s a silver backed disc, not a blue backed one… I have no clue why it wont play, as it’s really clean. :/

IMG_20200105_152538The other two games that I bought were Battle Stadium D.O.N (バトルスタジアムDON) and Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Meteor.

Battle Stadium D.O.N is a 4 player fighter similar to Smash Bros. starring Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. It’s eh… okay? The other one is Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi… and well… that one’s going back as well.

So what else did I discover?  Something called Rule of Rose… for $100 O_O what the hell? Also, here are some VHS tapes. Legends of Crystania? A bunch of Power Rangers vhs tapes… apparently owned by an Air Conditioner. Weird.

After everything, all I did was obtain a fighter for $10 that will eventually need a multitap. Eh… not bad I suppose.



Surviving Vig?

SURVIVING VIGI’ve made it no secret that I, as an anime convention attendee and sometimes volunteer since 2004, am on the side of the alleged victims of Vic Mignogna. I am also a friend of Marzgurl who started the #Kickvic hashtag. I have also been at conventions that Vic Mignogna has been at, as well as even volunteering at one that was run by a friend of mine that had Vic once, that was mispronounced/mentioned in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. I believe in ethics in um… uh… Anime Industry… News? Propoganda? Whatever.

surviving vig2My friend, Marzgurl, mentioned that watching the Lifetime show “Surviving R. Kelly” season 2 episode 1 reminded her of #KickVic, and how victims who speak up are often harassed.

Because of this, I have spoofed three images that were used to promote Surviving R. Kelly, with Vic Mignogna. I’ve mispelled his name as Vig in them, to help show that they are in parody, but also to make fun of a convention that misspelled his name in an advertisement.


When #KickVic started, a friend of mine noted that one of the pictures used in an article looked like it had been photo-shopped to make him look like one of the bad husbands/boyfriends from one of those cliche Lifetime movies. That also might have played into wanting to make these parodies, I suppose?

Anyways, I hope someone gets a kick out of these. Anyways, these were done in parody based on a tweet. That’s all.