One of the commissioned photos from Cluedog for a recent Mer-Monday was recently colored by Kimbawest Let’s take a look at this surprise, almost Halloween, treat.
Kimbawest colored flounder Cluedog

It looks good! For some reason though, I never realized how terrible fish mermaid’s color scheme would be! Even if he had a red fin where flounder’s blue fin would be, it’s bad. Then again, I never expected the stripes that Cluedog gave him… anyways, both incarnations of this pic are really interesting takes!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Mer-Monday!


Evelyn The Mermaid



Evelyn here is a mermaid that is my last commission from artist ClueDog. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, which is surprising as it is based off of another piece that ClueDog did that can be seen to the right.

I assume since there are two pictures, one as a human and one as a mermaid, that it could be argued that there should be a story behind it, maybe something similar to The Little Mermaid? *shrugs*

floundermermaidSmooch1Evelyn joins the other three mermaid pictures that the artist did for me of Flounder as a mermaid.

Anyways, what I think I’m trying to get at, is that with my latest commissions, I’m wishing everyone a Happy Mer-Monday!

Let’s give mermaid Flounder a Smooch.

floundermermaidSmooch1Yesterday I received a surprise over on my deviantart… some of my commissions from Zoe Crocket! I commissioned Zoe to further illustrate an idea that I had previously another artist… rule 63 mermaid version of Flounder from The Little Mermaid!

I showed Zoe the previous one that I commissioned from artist Kittyhawk, and suggested the loose idea of some reaction shots of Ariel as a fish might be cool. What I got was really cool, with backgrounds and even more characters.


The first one was awesome enough, however, I love the daggers that Ariel is starring at her former best friend. Did he steal her body, get a head to tail dye job, and strut her stolen stuff to get her man? Anyways, whatever type of fish Ariel is now, she… he(?) is extra salty.

The last picture needs to be seen in all of it’s glory. While the mermaid part of the picture is at a minimum, you have an awesome shot of Prince Eric and his bros, bro-ing out as they do, throwing out nets, catching fish if not ladies, and totally having Flounder swooning over him.



Okay… we know that Ursala’s shell necklace can give under water folk female anatomy. Things will… you know… probably work out… probably.

For more of Zoe Crockette’s art, you can go to her gallery on her Deviant Art, but be warned that it is NSFW.

My Little Pony – The Movie: Review

mylittleponyposterLast night, I watched The My Little Pony The Movie at my local theater. Before I went, I made the mistake of trying to find a Brony shirt from the following stores: Hot Topic, Media Magic, Spencer’s, Think Geek, and Wal-Mart. None of those stores had anything MLP related in the men’s or even the women’s section, except for Wal-Mart having a G1 shirt. I wanted to mention this, due to the fact that it’s worrisome when a movie such as this comes out without a merchandise blitz. It’s honestly enough to make you question if the fandom is dying, and I really hope that I am wrong to be worried.

mlpmoviereviewNow, I went into this movie 30 minutes before worried, because I was the only one in there. 15 minutes before, one other guy showed up, then a couple of families. Then, I met someone who saw my Fiesta Equestria 2015 shirt and sat next to me. My shirt was a mistake.

This brony was very polite, asked to sit next to me, and despite him being a senior in high school, I agreed because the show is supposed to bring fans of all ages together. The kid was a little odd, and was most likely somewhere on the spectrum, but hey I have a touch of the deficit when it comes to paying attention, so who am I to judge. I had to eventually sit a seat away from him, as he kept rocking back and forth and laughing to himself… I was just uncomfortable, honestly. He wanted to be twitter or facebook friends,but I declined as the last thing a 32 year old needs is more 17 year old friends…

Hanazuki Full of TreasuresThe Movie started with an unexpected splash card explaining that there was going to be a short cartoon before it called Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, which I was unaware of. It was ok… but I personally think that if they were going to go with a girl in space, why did they not go with Lauren Faust’s Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls, but whatever. It was cute, and unoffensive, and short. I would have proffered an Equestria Girls short, but whatever. MOVIE TIME!

I am going to spoil The Movie, just a heads up. If I was to score this movie, as a Brony, I would say that it was a 7-7.5 being generous. As a movie goer, I would argue that this movie is a 5, at best. The reason for my low score, is due to the fact that we have seen most of what The Movie does before in The Show, and honestly… The Show did most of it better and with a faster pace.

Trailer_promo_shot_of_the_Storm_King_MLPTMI said that The Show did things better than what The Movie did, and if you want my examples for it, watch the two part finally from Season 4, against Lord Tirek. He was a better fleshed out character, and the journey to the final encounter is certainly better, and heck the fight scene is better against Tirek than The Storm King, who honestly is the weakest main villain to date. Liev Schreiber gave a decent enough performance, and was sort of William Dafoe like, but  since we focus so much on Tempest Shadow, we never really get a feel for him other than his base personality.

I mention Tirek and Storm King because The Movie was first announced October 20, 2014, and Tirek was the season 4 villain on May 10, 2014 so they were both most likely conceptualized around the same time.

S4Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Twilight Sparkle, King Sombra, Tirek, and Starlight Glimmer were all better villains with better motivations. Hell, even Sunset Shimmer from The Equestria Girls movie was better or even Trixie who was just in a couple random episodes.

All right, well… maybe the plot was not that great, but how was everything else? The animation change from Flash to Toon Boom is a bit jarring. Thankfully, this movie does it better than when Digimon made a movie and changed it’s art style up. The colors are vivid, the animation is fluid, but everything seems a little off considering how things normally look.

eye eyeFor me, the most jarring thing was not the use of 3D for air ships, or how the mouths look animated… it’s their eyes. In comparison, here is Sailor Moon’s eye vs. Twilight Sparkle’s. The highlights and reflections put Sailor Moon’s to shame when you consider all of that shine and tiny sparkles inside of them make up MOST OF THE FACE for the characters, and they are HUGE on the big screen. Seriously, they look like doll eyes… which, to me is a little unsettling.

Perhaps eye I have gotten a little off topic. I gave this movie a 5-7.5 because ultimately, it’s a little ho hum. It does a lot without really doing much at all. It has celebrities but the characters they made for them are not used all that much and probably wont be used later on The Show.

songbirdThey have Sia who plays the performer Songbird Serenade, does an original song and, but the song is only all right and may not match the tone of The Movie/The Show, while Lena Hall’s TV show character Countess Coloratura did and her character played a major part in the plot of that episode. Sia’s character is just there, and I guess she’s there because she’s Sia? Weird Al’s character Cheese Sandwich has a cameo but has no speaking lines.

tempestEmily Blunt’s character Tempest Shadow is a Starlight Glimmer type of character, Taye Diggs’ character is a somewhat roguish anthropomorphic cat in a world with pets that are cats, Zoe Saldana is a cool parrot pirate who is there for a little bit so Rainbow Dash can sing another song about being awesome, and Michael Peña is there as the stupid henchman similar to the kind found in Disney’s Hercules or the Gargoyles from Disney’s Hunchback movie.

Kristin_Chenoweth_as_Princess_SkystarThose celebrity characters are just fine… but that’s the problem. They are just fine, but we never get enough time with them to develop them, so what was the point in spending the money and time on them? Kristin Chenoweth’s character Princess Skystar has probably the most screen time of the celebrity actors, and while she and her home are important to The Movie, the Mcguffin there is pointless and is never explained how it could exactly help, so she’s ultimately not that important outside of a friendship kind of way… which is a shame because I liked her character the most, possibly due to her interesting voice and the fact that she is a Broadway actress who is a great singer. Uzo Aduba, who played Skystar’s mother Queen Novo also did a fine job, and I wish I had more to say about her and her Mcguffin.

Oh, and all of The Show voice actresses are in The Movie, and they do pretty well, even if I do not love all of their songs. I wish I could talk about them more, but they did their jobs, and they did it well like the professionals they were. Fluttershy yay?
Sadly, their names do not appear on their movie poster, which I think is rather upsetting, and it may make some people think that Taye Diggs plays Pinkie Pie, and that Michael Peña plays Apple Jack.

Apparently Ninjago did not have their TV actors reprise their characters for their movie? Which I actually know nothing about. The Jetsons movie, reaching way back for this one, replaced Judy Jetson, so the fact that we have everyone, including Spike The Dragon, playing their actors is definitely a plus for this movie.

sunsetIf it feels like I am bagging on this movie, I’m sorry. I feel that if you are a fan of The Show, it is worth seeing, however it might be one of the lesser movies in the series, as I would put possibly the first Equestria Girls movie above this, and you never want to lose to your direct-to-dvd counterpart.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still better than some of the later movies though. I just have a ‘go big or go home’ mentality for Tv shows turned movie, as I remember when these used to come out all of the time and it actually was not always a good thing.

To wrap things up, I would like to say that I have faith in this series still, and I hope it has more movies. My experience is my experience, and unfortunately the circumstances in which I watched it, complete with a baby crying, makes me really weary seeing future My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movies in theater, as an adult with no kids… which maybe is for the best???

transformers_animated…. ….

Unless The Transformers show up. That would be incredibly insane, and I would respect the hell out of it… just because it was a bold choice.

My opinion of Mount Rushmore

0821172042bMount Rusmore, in beautiful South Dakota, is a controversial landmark. Supposedly, this mountain that had some of the greatest men who will ever live in The United States, was made from a sacred Native American mountain. I suppose I should feel bad about this. I guess I should, but their answer to this landmark is Crazy Horse, which… just look at this thing…


Two wrongs should never make a right, and Crazy Horse is just going to be ridiculous if it is ever finished in my lifetime! The founding father’s… well… let’s see how big they are on their mountain…


I mean… Rusmore is kind of big, I suppose… but Crazy Horse Memorial is sheesh… the entire mountain. Maybe that mountain is not as sacred? I dunno. Some extreme liberals in our country want to blow Rushmore up, but probably have never even driven to it. If they had, they would definitely see Crazy Horse and feel conflicted. Also, I would like to note that there are some pro-Native American crafts inside of the gift shop… but the one I saw was actually from Indonesia. *sigh*

Okay, but so the statue is racist because it has some slave owners on it? All right… and the person who ABOLISHED SLAVERY. You could quite literally see the statue as a left to right timeline of where we had been, a President who reluctantly took the slaves he was given, mostly from his marriage, to the President who freed them, so that argument doesn’t hold up.

Stone Mountain GeorgiaNow if you want to get rid of a statue that Gutzon Borglum, creator of Mount Rushmore, made, get rid of Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA. It has 4 confederate generals carved into it, it was commissioned and paid for by members of The KKK, which Borglum had both been associated with, and was at least a former member of, and was at one time supposed to also have a KKK alter on. Mind you, Borglum later left the project because he and the people providing the money for it ::cough:: THE KKK ::cough:: stopped seeing eye to eye, and it was finished by Henry Augustus Lukeman.

thomas paineLook, Boglum was a member of The KKK, sure. Wasn’t at the end but he was sympathetic a bit towards the new version of them, sure. This guy though, he even made a statue of Thomas Paine, who wanted to end slavery. You can not say Borglum made statues of people who hated black people for people who hated black people because he hated black people.

Look, even Hitler, and yes mentioning Hitler invalidates my previous arguments, but even Hitler did Disney fan art, and I would not wish that his terrible art be destroyed. Heck, even the art of Charles Manson should not be destroyed.

In other words, leave Mount Rushmore alone. It is literally the only thing that South Dakota has going for it. The people who love the statue… they still have to live in South Dakota or even visit there, and isn’t that punishment enough?

Spider-Man is an adult.

"Spiderman: Homecoming" New York First Responders' ScreeningTom Holland plays the latest Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming, and it’s great. Spider-Man is back and in high school, and that’s really cool. I keep hearing from old school fans that they love that, and I think I understand why, even though I’m indifferent about it. Let me put it like this: Spider-Man, for my millennial generation, is and always has been an adult who typically is in college and is sometimes married to Mary Jane Watson.

Spiderman-the-1995-animated-series-dvd-season-three-900d0Fox Kid’s Spider-Man, was a young college kid. Toby Maguire Spider-Man starts out in High School and he is hurried on to being an adult in college. I’ve never known a world where MJ was not Spider-Man’s girlfriend. I never saw Gwen Stacey as a possible romantic interest because her body was long since cold. Fox Kid’s Spider-Man is my Spider-Man, hands down. Even if you were into Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981-1983) it was re-aired later in the 80’s and it still featured Peter Parker as a college student living in a dorm.

If you grew up in the 60’s, you knew a Peter Parker in High School… for about 28 or so issues. In fact, Peter Parker had not even met Gwen Stacey alongside Harry Osborn until issue 31, The Green Goblin issue 32, or even MJ until issue 42!

Usm100But yeah, back to High School. Sure.

We had The Ultimate Spider-Man comic that featured Peter in High School, and they made it clear that that kid was never going to leave High School from 2000 until 2011. Ultimate Spider-Man was amazing, and I love it to death, but it was in fact… you know, an alternate Spider-Man. Not Universe 616 Spider-Man.

Spider-Girl_Vol_1_73Talking about Alternate Spider-Men, we’ve had a few recently that focused on a teenage Peter Parker, such as the cartoons Spectacular Spider-Man as well as Ultimate Spider-Man which is… different from the other Ultimate one. Those were… all right I suppose, but I love it when we do not have to worry about a Peter Parker who has a curfew.

There was the comic Spider-Girl, and Tom Defalco had her stories in high school for her entire career and that worked more than the two previously mentioned ones. I only mention her now because I always try to bring her up.

1861474-black_cat_usmSpider-Man and his friends are allowed to be older than 18. Marvel often tries to prevent things from aging Peter Parker, such as him having kids or being married for too long. Eventually It’s going to feel really wrong if we have an under 18 year old black cat in a skin tight body suit… unless they do… what they did… in The Ultimate Universe.

Never mind. Keep Spider-man young and have him interact with the adult heroes. That might be funny, especially when he meets female heroes like Black Widow. People will be serving this ‘man’ drinks, women will throw themselves at him, etc… and only a few people will know the inside joke.

Happy Bunny Girl day everyone!

inababunnyshinobuToday for people of the many Christian faith is Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus Christ was apparently resurrected from the dead after dying 3 days prior due to crucifixion. Crucifixion was a terrible fate under the Roman empire for many people. There were two theifs that happened to also be crucified alongside Jesus btw. Their names were Dismas and Gestas, not that that really matters.

sgvy kittyhawk bunny girl
Web comic artist Kittyhawk’s Easter contribution from her online sketchbook

Why doesn’t any of that matter? Because Easter is about rabbits hiding candy eggs for children to find, that’s why. Instead of continuing my ongoing struggle to obtain diabetes, I have instead decided to devote this day to going back to work after a week long vacation.

That… and Bunny Girls!

You see, Bunny Girls started out, to my knowledge, in the year 1960 when gentleman’s magazine Playboy created a club where their waitresses all dressed up in the now infamous playboy bunny outfit that was based on their mascot. Their mascot was a rabbit wearing a tuxedo.

50-years-playboy-bunny-5IF you are okay with some nudity, I highly recommend the book 50 years of the Playboy Bunny. It has photos of famous bunnies throughout the years, as well as some behind the scenes stuff as well. I would probably classify this as a ‘coffee table book,’ but since there are some topless photos, umm… you really shouldn’t?

BulmabunnyThis outfit has been pretty popular in anime. Bulma from the original Dragon Ball comes to mind, as well as Lum and most of the immediate cast from Urusei Yatsura in the OAV Inaba The Dream Maker.

ranma403Strangely, Ranma Saotome, from Ranma 1/2 also has gotten in on the action despite the fact that he is originally male.

Speaking of anime, there was an anime called Daicon in Japan. Daicon 3 had a little anime opening for it starring a school girl. Daicon 4 featured the same girl all grown up as a bad ass bunny girl. Below is the video from both.

flcl bunny girl

The people that made these animations later went on to be Studio Gainax. Gainax later went on to make the animem FLCL, where they once again had a character become a bunny girl, this time flying on a guitar instead of a sword.

Usagi from Sailor Moon

Now, bunny girls are great, but one of the problems you run into is the question: Are bunny girls sexist? Maybe? Women seem to love them though too… so maybe not?

Naoko Takeuchi would often draw her main character Usagi (Bunny) with rabbit ears, and to the left is a picture of her as a Playboy bunny girl… but that isn’t too sexual, right? I mean, it’s from… the… waist… up…

“Fourteen year old girls” – Nostalgia Critic

Takeuchi dressed all of the inner senshi as playboy bunny girls. Awesome. Well… at least there isn’t anything more scandalous than…

f9f729a83a8dbbbd328cc0cb1993744cWell… at least she isn’t dressed up like an angel in underwear with… *sigh* Happy Easter Naoko Takeuchi. *gah*

To close this out early, because I certainly could keep going… for example:

baka and test bunny

bunny robotSo year… to close it all out, like I’ve already said, Bunny girls are awesome.