Mermaid Flounder’s origin

Is it so bad that I really just want Mermaid Flounder to be a thing? Something that I can randomly go through some art and go “Oh hey, Mermaid Flounder!” Below is the colorized version of Flounder from The Little Mermaid, gazing at the promises in Ursula’s lair.
mermaid flounder origin COLORIZED.png
I think I did a pretty good job… but the thing needs bubbles! *sigh* How did I forget to add bubbles?mermaid flounder origin

I might colorize a couple more of my pics. I’m leaning towards coloring the NES inspired one but away from the Mermaid flounder one due to kind of hating it. I hate Ursula’s face as well as the rim on Flounder’s tale.

What do you think about my colorized version of Flounder’s origin? Should I colorize Ariel and Flounder? What about the one I dislike? Is that one still worth touching up?

Anyways, who knows what lies in the future for Mermaid Flounder. What is her story? Did he steal Ariel’s mermaid feminine charms using Ursula’s necklace? Is she tricking Flounder into seducing Ariel away from King Triton’s planned path for Atlantica? Who knows.

Seriously… who knows! I had a concept but not a fan fiction… but the more art that happens the more it’s kind of turning into a timeline with a couple of conflicts, lol.


Allfreda The Mermaid

I’ve been drawing a little more and streaming on Twitch as I do so. Since I was up last night, I drew my own mermaid as well as Ariel. Anyways… umm… enjoy?

Viva la Mer-Monday!

What’s up with unicorns lately?

20180323_210326I went most of a day without knowing that right next to my work station was a blessing of unicorns. Apparently, according to one co-worker, unicorns are really big this year amongst themes for girl’s birthday parties.

I, as a fan of The Last Unicorn, am publically offended by this blessing of unicorns. Below is more pictures of the unicorn display that continued to grow at my work, as well as another grocery store of the same franchise.

You were aware that a group of Unicorns is called a blessing, right? Just making sure that you do not think I am some weirdo who worships horned horses. I mean, I am one of those, but that’s not related to the issue at hand.

My Favorite Martian

Marzgurl, formerly a producer from Channel Awesome, was fan-art-ed last night/today by myself. See?
Currently, Channel Awesome is seeing some… um…. controversy? Formerly internal, external strife? Things were run poorly, people were mistreated, and accounts were reported from people inside. Channel Awesome responded with a #SorryNotSorry non-apology. I believe this covers most of it in a way that really does it a disservice while being slightly informative. So wait, haven’t I drawn this producer, Kaylyn Saucedo before?

Old doodle, web-comic, TGWTG original version, acrylic painting of her high school avatar vs. her roommate, a rule 63 of the group from our Japan trip, and a drawing of Marz from 2009 done in watercolor pencils.

poisonmushroom_Kamikazecon2005_Marzgurlvideoprt3So yeah… this is where I admit that I’m not that big of a fan of her videos? We met at anime conventions in Texas when I first cosplayed as The Poison Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2, when she was an independent anime convention videographer.

Honestly, I loved her convention videos. For what they were, for when they were filmed, and what else was out there, they were awesome.

Today we have entire panels, cosplay contests, slow motion videos of cosplay, etc. all uploaded on YouTube. Back then, this idea was rare because… well… there was no YouTube, for starters!

Now-a-days, Marzgurl does some request reviews from people who donate to her on her Patreon, a podcast called Behind The Black Rims, playing games on Twitch, and several other writing and video projects.  She currently lives with her husband on the west coast, and I think that you should definitely check out her videos.

This pot sort of ended up being like a mini bio than me just showing off my fan-art of her for… I guess the feminine Friday post I sometimes do. Huh. Watch an old video of her, myself, and my former roommate fail at eating a spicy hamburger?

Drawing some schtuff?

I found some old pictures, some of them inked, some of them partially inked, and one that HAD to be inked in order to save it as graphite had been smeared over it by the cover to the sketchbook. I then decided to do two more drawings over on twitch… one of Velma which I am proud of, and Pichu… which kind of sucks.

Seriously… Velma is a cutie who is only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD… same as Sailor Moon… which is weird. Anyways, art. Did some. I feel better now.

My contribution to Mermaid Flounder

I know, I know. “Shut up about your weird Rule 63 Mermaid-ified Flounder!” So instead of gushing over my commissions from the past, I instead decided to draw her… origin story?
mermaid flounder origin.png

Originally drawn using a mechanical pencil and then drawn using a Pigma Micron 02 0.30 line width pen. I hope to do and commission more drawings at a later date.

Below are the other drawings, illustrations, and colorings of MY Little Mermaid. They were done by Kittyhawk, Cluedog, and Kimbawest. I am currently attempting to color my sketch, but… *sigh* I’m not that good at drawing, but I’m even worse at coloring. Let’s see what happens?