Next month will be poetry month!

Some friends and I had an impromptus poetry hour last night where we dramatically read some of our favorite poetry as well as some of our own, and it was a lot of fun… so expect next month to be largely devoted to poetry! Some of it will be good, some wont be… but I hope it will be fun?

Leo and Diane Dillon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s weird that I have yet to gush over the illustrations created by the husband and wife team Leo and Diane Dillon before this. One reason might be due to the fact that I only became aware of them a year or two ago after randomly discovering the book The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Nancy Willard.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a completely re-imagined and slightly gender bent version of the popular public domain book by the same name. The story written by Willard is great but the illustrations… oh my goodness… the illustrations are fantastic!

img_3165What I love is that not only is every other page illustrated with an amazing piece by Leo and Diane Dillon, but every single page has a detailed  illustration in the corner as well!

These smaller illustrations really help flush out the world Nancy Willard created, sometimes even showing what happens immediately after what Leo and Diane created in the larger illustration on the page! Simply amazing!

I am still discovering their art,and below are some of the really awesome book and album covers that I discovered from this blog:

Oh My God! The Half Price Books sent me back in time!

BSB2000.pngI went around time town today looking for some discounted Wonder Woman stuff… but honestly, it was hard to find much of anything Wonder Woman related. I went to my local comic store hoping to find some buy 1 get 1 graphic novels, and nothing. Looked for some regular ones, still nothing. In desperation, I went to Half Priced Books… and what I found was terrifying.

Apparently, I was trapped in the early 2000’s, as I was starring directly at a Back Street Boys ‘Into The Millennium Tour!

Panicking, I looked around to get my barrings, andIMG_0353.JPG then this! Pokemon but more importantly Sailor Moon S and Super S VHS Tapes? Why God! Why would you make me relive one of the worst eras of humanity! Despite surviving Y2K, We were still disillusioned from the lack of flying cars we were promised!

VHSsmFearing for the time space continuum, I listened for The Tardis, the roar of a Delorean, or even the archaic ringing of a pay phone.


I flipped over the VHS Sailor Moon tapes, knowing full well that if I even found a VCR to watch these ancient tomes on, the monstrous machine could devour my childhood, if not my soul.

$2.00? For Anime? I take a sigh in disbelief. I remember back to my high school days paying $40 for less than 5 episodes of a show on DVD. Everything might be okay.

Then, I remember the creepy old man who used to run The Pawn Shop that I used to buy old Ranma 1/2 tapes for cheap. I know right then that I had to get out of there.

Wait a second though: Sailor Pluto’s calm and knowing look was all I needed to see. I stood up, turned around, and slowly walked away… just in case something immortal was following me.

As the door closed, I realized that it was NOT the year 2000. I looked back, half expecting for there not to even be a store there.


To my disbelief, the store was still there, and past the register there were relics from an even further time I took one more glimpse into this time anomaly, and I see something from even further into the past… Records.

What’s The Main Event? A movie from 1979 where Barbara Streisand manages a reluctant boxer? Nifty I think, until I stumble upon a record that was some sort of… podcast?

IMG_0349Apparently, there were horrible motivational ones with religious undertones such as Evangelist Jay Snell’s Alternative to Divorce. I knew right then that making this second quantum leap was a terrible decision.

I tried to run towards the door, but was disoriented. My body jerked an aisle or two over, where I saw this!

IMG_0356[1]A Book? Something from either further back? How far was I going to be thrown back this Thursday? This book though… it looked familiar. Piers Anthony’s Yon Ill Wind, one of the last Xanth novels that I could actually read? I’m almost back! I then see what I originally set out to find: Wonder Woman!

Nestled into a cranny between Last Year’s smash hit Deadpool, and 1970’s 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s hit space opera Star Wars.

Puzzles, clocks, and coffee mugs: If I had a use for even one of those things… maybe I would have given into my capitalistic tendencies right then and there.

Sadly, not one comic book though. This was, however, enough to remind me that Wonder Woman was coming out tonight. A movie, based on a book, based on a weird man’s obsession with the truth.

I meandered away from this building, caring not about the dinosaurs, mercenaries, or time lords that crossed my path. I had a movie to go see, damn it. One about a woman who might finally do what Supergirl, Vampirella, Elektra, and even Catwoman could not do; be wonderful!

Happy Birthday Douglas Knudsen!

One of my personal favorite poet’s birthdays is today! Below is one of his haiku’s from his Haiku series that was published online via The Blue Route

Greeting card: Hello.
Snow and cinnamon. I miss
your cologne, wrists, neck.

The link above has some more of his Haiku’s, and the video below is from The University of Houston, where Knudsen was an English major.

In all honesty, Knudsen, err… Doug, is one of the best friends that I’ve ever had, and I’m not just sucking up because I scheduled Naoko Takeuchi and Sakura’s birthdays to auto post but had to rely upon Facebook to remember his. YEP.

My timing is poor

I am stuck between Mer-Monday and Waifu-Wednesday and find THIS?! Also, not Cat-urday either, but hey… Peter S. Beagle book called A Dance for Emilia.

picture078I was afraid that the trench coat, which I also picked up at Good Will, was hiding how excited I was, but thankfully the poster portrays how I feel quite well.

Psst: Some of you know what I’m talking about, and some do not.

Piers Anthony’s Mercycle

ImageMermaids? Good. Bicycles? Good. This is actually a really great book, that almost never was. Piers Anthony had to re-submit after some changes before this book could be published. It’s about a group of people who explore the ocean floor with common everyday bicycles all while slightly out of phase with our reality.

I read this book when I was a Freshman in High School, so my memory about it is a little fuzzy. I just remember the real world information from the book helping me in my 10th grade history class as we discussed an ancient civilization.

Some might claim that this book has no real literary value, but you know what? It was just fun. I really enjoyed it, and I love the weird looks that I get when I tell people that I like Mercycle.

Oh, P.S. There’s a Mermaid in this book.

How to waste a Sunday

Sailor Moon’s Yaten is handling the press and fans like apro!

I watched a documentary on the Paparazzi photographer Ron Galella called Smash His Camera. That was my Sunday afternoon. It was… interesting. I’m not sure if that’s the best thing to do with one’s Sunday, but there are surely worse things to watch. So, besides hearing about an old man in his 70’s tell about how he used to sneak into places in order to photograph Jackie O, how else can you make such a worthless day expire?

You can ride a bike… unless you are famous. You can have a nice day out on a boat… unless you are famous. See a movie… unless you are famous. Really… paparazzi are terrible people, who will unfortunately go to heaven, just because they are able to get into areas others should be allowed to enter. It’s sad really.

PSN and Xbox Live – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will soon be leaving their digital stores, as well as all DLC come the 17th for Playstation 3, and the 26th for Xbox 360 owners. People might want to download this, as Gamestop and ebay will probably soon up the price of the physically released discs, which wont have the additional characters or costumes.

THE INTERNET is a great site to waste a day.. or month… or whatever. has some awesome bundles and sales, including some stuff from Atlus in their latest weekly bundle.  Oh, and don’t forget to check Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, folks!

Penny-Arcade – Two words. A conjoined word? Whatever. It’s Dickerdoodle time! NSFW link time GO!

ImageBooks to read before you die: Here is a list of 100 books to read before you die! Umm… I think I have something that I need to get started on.

I’d tell you more things to waste time with, but I’m sure we will all mange somehow. Next Sunday, I will be breaking format and updating about something of more relevance, as it will be the last Sunday of the year.

The Sunday Recap

Dear Princess Twilight: Please make Sunday less boring.

Saturday was too awesome. Sunday shall surely suck. Maybe we should just watch Saturday TV again through the sheer awesomeness of DVR?

Wait… no DVR? Oh, so you recorded Ponies, and Day of The Doctor using a VCR. How very Timey-wimey of you?

Wait… not even that? Well, thank goodness. Just think of how spacey wacey that would be. Well I’m sure that with the vast awesomeness of ‘The Internets’ that you will find a way.

Before you watch The 50th:

This mini episode features a rare look at the 8th Doctor, who had only previously been seen in one movie.

Before you watch MLP Season 4 ep 1: I would strongly suggest that you watch the first two episodes of Season 1, first two of Season 2, episode 10 of Season 3 as well as the last episode of Season 3. Oh, and for the hell of it, The Equestria Girls movie.

But What if I DON’T care about constantly regernating lords, and colorful quadrupeds:  Get The @^DU OUT! no, kidding. It’s cool. The little Clyde robots came back in a new Toonami bump. That’s pretty nifty.

ImageOkay… Still don’t care: Well aren’t you an awesome person, bringing everyone down just because you don’t love what they are constantly messaging about until doomsday. Good for you? Well, here’s some tips for cooking your turkey next week. There is also Kotaku’s Moneysaver in case you were worried about Black Friday. The Humble Bundle if you want to play some great games on your mobile device for cheap, while you wait in line to shop on Thursday night… Still here? I dream of Jeannie is on crackle, but their first episode is season 2 episode 1.

None of that information helped me: THEN WATCH SOME SOUTH PARK! Full episodes, streaming. There! If that’s not enough? Read a book? Take a walk? Whatever.

Malibu Comics


Never heard of Malibu comics? Really? they were quite Popular in the 1990’s, and at one time they were ranked #2 in the industry, outranking even DC comics. They had many licensed properties such as Star Trek and Mortal Kombat, Project A-ko, Robotech, etc.

Okay, well maybe you remember some shows and movies based on their lines? The most famous was probably Ultraforce. This cartoon was based on their popular super hero stories, and their universe was known as ‘The Ultraverse.’ How about Night Man? That was a live action show that was about a super hero who was also a musician.

Still not ringing any bells? Okay. The Men in Black. There. Happy?

ImageMalibu comics is now a defunct brand that is owned by Marvel comics. The artists who worked at Malibu owned a part of their creative work, and if Marvel were to use the characters and their worlds they would have to pay the creators a percentage based on the original contracts they inherited from Malibu.

Before the characters were locked away, Marvel tried relaunching many of the books in their own style, as well as having them crossover with major Marvel characters. Most of the books suffered in one way or another, so it might be a good thing that Marvel can not use the Malibu characters presently.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement, Marvel is on egg shells when it comes to talking about the exact reasons they can not use the Malibu characters. Since Malibu Comics seems to have never released any Trade Paperbacks, the only way to read their comics is by purchasing the single issues on websites like, Amazon, or by perusing bargain bins in old comic stores. Because of this, I, a 28-year old man, barely even know these characters who look so amazing.

The two characters I remember the best, were Mantra and Prime.


Mantra was a male soldier who, while being ressurected quite a few times prior, was resurrected into the body of a woman in order to learn Magic. She was the bad girl type, and since she was possessing the body of an adult woman who had had kids, you had that whole extra awkward aspect as she dealt with that.

The Avengers meeting Ultraverse characters

Prime, on the other hand, was a kid who, similarly to DC comic’s character Captain Marvel, could transform into an adult superhero. I loved his first story where he tries to impress a girl from his school that he likes. The girl naturally believes that Prime is creepy, due to the fact that he’s an adult and she is under age.

Since once again, Marvel seems unable to even re-print these stories, I felt that their past existence should be honored in some way.

R.I.P. Malibu comics: 1986 – 1997