Another Day

yuuki sgvy WIPToday is Sunday, and it’s another useless day… unless you are like me, who is about to go to work. Chick-fil-a is closed, and *sigh* there are no more episodes of Steven Universe right now… so what can we do!

CATCH UP ON WEB COMICS! But wait… we have already done that. Well… maybe make some fan art of some web comics then? I’ve been working on this one on the left since last night from, and I think it’s all right.

the_legend_of_zelda_by_netsenshiSo you do not like web comics? Huh. Well… what about your favorite video game series? I drew this picture a long time ago from The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Majora’s Mask Time?

See, art can be fun! Or hey! What about watching some youtube videos about your favorite game!

Or hey… maybe watch stuff that is closely related to video games, but with music?

God, I feel like that was trully terrible. Like… how is this about Chun-Li? It’s more similar to Mortal Kombat… this is just all weird, and I don’t like the song. Why King Kong and not Donkey Kong? And King Kong is not Chinese. Is that appropriation or appreciation? I’m pretty sure it’s the former, but whatever… this isn’t smart, and that’s a largest problem. Fuck. I guess we all can’t be Childish Gambino.

*sigh* Donald Glover is argued at being less talented as a singer because he’s one of those rappers that is also a writter, but I disagree. I look at the entire package, especially when there is a music video, and I take it all in. Is it as catchy, no? But hey… Lil Dickey’s Pillow Talk is also awesome.

Earth goes hard! I’ve gotten lost from the message. Art. maybe today is the day to start making a comic? Just make sure to start with a script or outline… unlike when I tried.

I should start doing comics again. I did one called Con-Men, and one of the re-occurring characters was Bob, a crossplayer. I think his arch is funny.

Anyways, to reiterate… Sunday is useless, do art, watch music videos, and… crossplay? Brain gotta poop.

Oh SHIT! It’s Father’s Day!


How is Steve Trevor back???

Wonder Woman 1984 pictures have been coming out, and Steve Trevor has been seen standing next to Princess Diana… and people are just wondering how and why?


Greek Mythology is my head canon. We have seen in shows such as Hercules and Xena where the hero goes to Tarturus and sees their fallen beloved… well… Wonder Woman is in that universe as well. Steve Trevor did die because of The God of War‘s shenanigans…

I think it would be romantic as hell for Princess Diana of Themyscira to go to Hell and back for her fallen comrad. Or hey… maybe Steve was granted a 24-hour pass… who knows.

Today is Sunday, and you know what that means, right? Useless day, so let’s use it as an extended flashback Friday, right? Here’s a webcomic idea I had once? More information on The Mirror can be found in a 2014 blog post.


Or hey, Bridges used to be a thing. Awesome webcomic I discovered in 2002 that had a couple revamps that has now disappeared, possibly for forever?


Well, I have to go to work, or I would suggest more things to pre-occupy your time with. Seriously though, it’s pride month.. go to the wayback machine and read Bridges.

NetSenshi is still jail bait

The name for this blog started out as a terrible web comic for a terrible website about Sailor Moon. Well, that was all done for Easter April Fool’s Day. Now, 17 year’s later… and well… *sigh*

Web comics, Animated Music Videos, panels at anime conventions, youtube channel, this blog, I’ve done a lot of things with this name. Great thing about Sailor Moon? I keep getting older, but the senshi stay the same age. All right all right all right!

So… how about some random images from the blog to celebrate?

Everything above was either drawn, photographed, or at least edited by me at one point in the last 17 years.

Happy Easter Everyone. Expect a mer-monday post tomorrow.

I’m not mad Jessie, just disappointed.

JessicaJonesS2_Horizontal-Bathroom_RGB-2000x812I felt like every episode of Jessica Jones took 3 times as long as they were. While things certainly happened, I just felt like it could have been much much shorter. Season One was so good, and season two just feels really flat. A lot of things happened in the show, and maybe it is all a stepping stone for whatever happens in season 3, but gah… I wont re-watch this season. On the plus side, the show was still better than Defenders and Iron Fist… that’s something, right?

patsy walkerI think season 3 will be much better. Part of me wants season 3 to just be called Hell Cat though, because Patsy Walker was a character/hero in Marvel way before Jessica Jones was. Things are sort of like if Nightwing got a movie before Batman, ya know?

That would have been amazing.