What does Death mean in The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

On May 4th Avengers Infinity War becomes a reality, and for at least 10 years, we have been focusing on those damn infinity gems. Where are they, which one is which, and who currently has them? Also, how prepared will Earth be? Will we see S.W.O.R.D.? How hard core will Thanos be?

Thanos and Death MARVELMy question after Black Panther, however, is not on Thanos or the infinity gems so much, but more on what all of this was about to begin with, for Thanos at least. His number one motivation in the comic? To impress a woman… The Woman. Death herself.

Will the story start off with Thanos killing a bunch of people with the Infinity Gauntlet only for Death to not be impressed? Will Thanos then have to fight for her affection his self? And since this is the woman who basically has the mantle most commonly refereed to as The Grimm Reaper… will that come into play at all?

Red Skull Cosmic CubeI’m sorry. I’m beating around the bush. Red Skull is either dead or just M.I.A. since Captain America: The First Avenger.  In Avengers, Agent Coulson dies but comes back in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. resurrected. Will either of these characters play a role?

quicksilver age of ultronQuicksilver was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron after he gets spoilers heroically while spoilers spoilers out of the way of the spoilers. I had thought that he was going to return during Thor Ragnarok in Valhalla, but maybe he comes back during this movie, possibly as a bad guy zombie character or something.

Ronan The AccuserRonan The Accuser from Guardians of The Galaxy? Who cares. I would literally rather see Luke Cage’s wife come back to life than Ronan The Accuser. The Purple Man? More interesting of a character than Ronan… but let’s get real… outside of some cameos here and there… none of the TV characters are showing up…

Peggy_Carter…unless it’s Agent Peggy Carter. They made it a point to have Peggy pass away during Captain America: Civil War, but before that, Peggy appeared in a vision to Captain America thanks to Scarlet Witch’s… hex… powers? Seriously… I have no idea what Scarlet Witch can do in this universe. Telekinesis and telepathy? Anyways, that happened in Age of Ultron when everyone was having plot points revealed to them as hallucinations.

Maybe Hella will come back. She is the goddess of death, while not death herself, right?

In that next big movie, Civil War, Tony Stark had to deal with the fact that Bucky, as The Winter Soldier, murderd Tony’s mother and father on the side of the road.

Black panther movieWill Cap see a vision of Peggy? Scarlet Witch see her brother Quicksilver? Tony see his mother and father? Will Bucky be haunted by them and his other victims from his Winter Soldier days? Will Drax see his wife again? Star Lord his mother? Most importantly though, will T’challa see his spoilers again? Will he have to fight spoilers all over again?

For a movie universe that supposedly doesn’t kill a lot of people, there certainly has been a little bit of a toll recently.. and…

oh my god!


*gasps for air*

death and thanosOr, you know… whatever.

I just hope that Marvel does not just push aside Death. She is a strong independent woman who needs no Thanos and she deserves to be seen, felt, and above all else… feared.


Throwback to Futaba-kun Change!

Futaba-kun_ChangeThere is still an hour left of Throwback Thursday… so let’s throw back to the sexier more realistic alternative to Ranma 1/2, Futaba-kun change, shall we?

Rumiko Takahashi did not create the idea of a martial artist magically turning into a woman, and neither did Hiroshi Aro. Unfortunately, 1990-1997 manga about a high school wrestler who’s entire family starts to change their sexes whenever they get excited after puberty, was not nearly as successful as Ranma 1/2, and never received an anime.

Sadly, Futaba-kun change was also the most popular of Hiroshi Aro’s work, and if you go to his Wikipedia page, it is the only one that has it’s own page.

futaba kun change who wears the pantsI discovered Futaba-kun Change through an old Wizard Magazine when I was roughly in 11th grade. I remember going into my senior year and having to mail order for some of the graphic novels, and receiving them in front of my mom, who jokingly over reacted because of their covers were a little… scandalous.


Unlike Ranma, Futaba-kun change was one of the few manga back then that I started and finished, largely because unlike Rumiko Takahashi, Hiroshi Aro can… get this… FINISH A GOD DAMN STORY!

I’m sorry, but there is no major closure in Ranma! Futaba-kun change is NOT like that at all! I would argue that everyone should read it, start to finish, but sadly it is out of print. Oh, also Studio Iron Cat who translated it is out of print no more.

Well… That sucks. Below is a bunch of cool covers from it?

Apparently one youtuber animated Futaba-kun changing back in 2016:

Anyways, maybe there will be another post sometime about Futaba-kun change sometime soon. Or not. probably not… but who knows?

Stan Lee rushed to hospital

Stan The Man LeeThe 95 year old co-creator of Spider-Man was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday night. He apparently was suffering from shortness of breath, and an irregular heartbeat. According to TMZ, Lee’s condition currently is stable.

Stan Lee’s wife, Joan Lee died last year at 95 after suffering a stroke put her in the hospital.

I know our time with Stan Lee on this Earth is growing shorter with each day, week, and year… Expect Next February to be Comic Book month in honor of this great man, with a lot of it of course leaning towards Marvel and Mr. Lee himself.

New Mermaid comic in 2018

Surfacing-Depth-Perceptions-1When is 2018 going to get boring for mermaid related content? There is apparently a mermaid comic, for the mature reader, called Surface: Depth Perceptions. The comic is done by writer B. Alex Thompson and artist Nenad Cviticanin. It seems like this comic is about mermaids in modern day society, as well as the connections some historical societies have with each other… possibly due to mermaids?

Whatever… this comic looks… interesting. You will find a better run down and some more images at Graphic Policy.

Teen Titans GO Movie



Did X-Men The Animated Series get a movie? Gargoyles? BATMAN?! Okay… maybe that last one… several times of different levels of quality… let me backtrack…

Apparently Cartoon Network has chosen now to release a movie for their super popular show Teen Titans Go, which makes sense because it is has been dominating their schedule lately while main stays like Steven Universe, Adventure time, etc… are barely ever shown. So yay Teen Titans movie?

I’d be excited if it was for literally any other show almost. Ed Edd & Eddy reunion movie? SURE! World of Gumball? Haven’t seen much of it, but why not? Power Puff Girls? No…. you had one already too… when you were a good property.

I just wish that The Original Teen Titans show would come back as a movie, ya know? I mean, they have the voice actors… obviously… and DC loves making direct to DVD movies… but sure. Teen Titans Go… Theatrical Movie. Maybe it’s satirical and will be the next Lego Batman movie?

Fuck 2018.