Flounder the Human?!

netsenshi_flounder_dress_smallDoesn’t every girl deserve a sexy black dress? Kittyhawk thought so in my latest commission from her.

Maybe you are new here, and are unfamiliar with the blue haired Mohawk woman I like to refer to as Flounder?

The Little Mermaid’s Flounder has been a character that I have often commissioned and even drawn myself. I like to draw/ have him drawn as a female mermaid, after discovering an article that had a bunch of gender bent Disney princesses created by sakimichan, and only seeing a happy Flounder with longer lashes and a flour in Flounder’s… well… it looked like hair? Go check it out, as the art is awesome!

smallerflounderAfter seeing the pieces, it made me search for a mermaid version of Flounder and a fish version of Ariel, as certainly that role reversal just HAD to be a thing… right? Not… really? So I did a mock up in gimp with many different photos stitched together, and that… that wasn’t enough really, so I then tapped one of my favorite web comic artists, Kittyhawk.

Her original piece can be found to the right. It’s simple, and nice… but the crazy thing about having something commissioned is that it’s a bit addictive. I’ve since had many pieces commissioned of Flounder by a few different artists including more from Kittyhawk, Cluedog, GroundNovaSukesha-Ray, and Frog50.

But this isn’t about the MERMAID Flounder, but her human bits. Eww… that sounded dirty. Anyways, I was this first to draw human Flounder in the image below. Next to it was GroundNova’s take of Flounder in a traditional Princess dress. The most recent image, of course.

So, Flounder as a Human. Hmm… not a good way to start off MerMay, but oh well.

Material Girl

On this Waifu Wednesday, I present to you Madonna’s Material Girl… 13 times. Why 13? One is a lip sync with Star Wars women… which is certainly a statement on the franchise currently… I guess… but the other 12? Are they there simply to prove that Material Girls are actually a dime a dozen? Uh… no? Anyways… here they are!


Hikaru Nishida – Material Girl ( Cover / 和訳付き)

Sally Yeh – “Material Girl (200 Du)” (200度)

Tori Rossi

Paula Marquezini


Ska Tune Network ft. Carly Comando

The Monotones

PostmodernJukebox (featuring Gunhild Carling)

Hilary and Haylie Duff

X-Factor – Jasmine Abela – Material World

The Oddibles

Star Wars – Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam, Aurra (lip sync)

Jojo Rabbit?

What the fuh… Taika Waititi… What did you do? Disney is releasing a movie with Hitler in it? Huh?! Fox Searchlight’s Twitter description for this movie reads as follows:

JOJO RABBIT, a World War II satire that follows a lonely German boy (Roman Griffin Davis as JoJo) whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic. Aided only by his idiotic imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi), Jojo must confront his blind nationalism.

So yeah… this looks maybe awesome? I shouldn’t have watched this a week after Inglorious Bastards as well as the episode I watched today of Glow where they mention genocide… but yay! Fun imaginary Hitler friend!

*sigh* Here is hoping that this movie goes over well? I think it could be amazing?

Casey Bats AGAIN?!?!

I, like most people [I hope] know of the poem and the classic 1946 Walt Disney animation known as Cast at The Bat. That video is below… you should see it and be impressed by classic animation that is from one year after the end of World War II.

Now, since everyone should know and have experienced all of that… what if I told you that in 1954… 8 years after that first animation, they continued what I’m dubbing The Bat-universe… no wait… that’s stupid… The Casey universe…. with a sequel.

Casey Bats again… is sort of a feminist short that showcases how toxic-ly masculine Casey is, as life doesn’t just give him what he wants. He ultimately makes lemonade out of lemons though.

While some of the interactions in Casey Bats Again could be seen as sexist in 2019, I believe that in 1954, this short would be rather progressive. Hell… is still could be seen that way today.

I hope the characters from this short somehow appear in Kingdom Hearts: The Next One… featuring Kari. That would be pretty nifty.

Wreck it Ralph 3 predictions

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNETWreck it Ralph 2 had Sugar Rush’s Vanellope von Schweetz joining the online game Slaughter Race on a permanent basis… basically going turbo which was a big no no in the first game.

Slaughter Race was supposed to be getting an update in their world’s January… and I have a theory that Vanellope is going to get updated into appearing older.

Premiere Of Broad Green Pictures' "I Smile Back" - ArrivalsRalph will spend a good portion of the movie feeling awkward with the older Vanellope. Since her departure from her game, Sugar Rush has started to become less fun without her. Because of this, Mr. Litwak is debating selling the arcade game online… since the character on the side of the game seemingly can not be unlocked.

Vanellope will have to ultimately decide between her old childish life/body and her new more adult life/body.

But hey, that’s just a theory that I have.