What if ?! Disney gets The X-Men.

It looks like Disney might be buying Fox sometime soon, and that means a lot of things will happen. One of those things, is that Disney will own the rights for Fox’s Marvel properties… i.e. The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Below I’m going to take a look at how I think Marvel  could quickly incorporate The X-Men into one of the next phases.

Giant-Size_X-Men_Vol_1_1The Avengers fight a Krakoa like monster that was seen in Giant Size X-Men #1 and rescue the X-Men. Krakoa’s biology has somehow kept the mutants in cryogenic sleep for a few decades. Apparently this had happened while they were fighting Magneto and his brotherhood in space on Asteroid M… thus the reason we do not know about mutants is because the major players were just M.I.A.

250px-Mystique11Jean Gray had apparently died, but will later come back as The Phoenix. Wolverine had fought with the team briefly but will team up and join The X-Men, once he learns that they are back. Also, Mystique is allowed to be as old as she wants, so have her still on Earth doing spy stuff… maybe a connection to both WWII Cap, Bucky, and for more recent and controversial reasons… Mystique had a relationship with Black Widow but as a man?

200px-Classic-X-Men-008-backFirst movie, Avengers rescue and team up with The X-Men against Krakoa and The Brother Hood. This gives fans the much needed “I want to see them fight and fight against each other.” Throw Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, and Morph on The Brotherhood. They all end up having to race the clock to get outside of an exploding Krakoa-thing to wherever… maybe Brotherhood goes to the abandoned Asteroid M, while X-Men and Avengers head back to Earth.

Second movie, Wolverine drives to X-Mansion now that he knows that The X-Men are back. Visits Jeans grave… BAM! Phoenix happens because the psychic presence of The X-men and Charles are back on Earth and she resurrects Jean as her way back into things. Is it a little sloppy? Maybe, but whatever. You can have them fight whatever you want… Maybe a dark version of Xavier, because the third movie?

getmystiqueShiar are introduced, Maybe The Star Jammers, definitely connect them to Guardians of The Galaxy and/or Captain Marvel, but certainly make sure that by the end of things Xavier has to go to The Shiar home world for medical treatment. Now during this time, I have no doubt that there will have been one off movies where Wolverine had a spin off, maybe a Classic X-Men story before Krakoa.

Maybe Mystique and Black Widow have a spin off movie with each other or even do a trilogy about Mystique that ends with the story line where Wolverine has to hunt her? He could hunt her for all 3 movies, people would watch that. Also, throw Captain Marvel vs. Rogue in somewhere along the line.

AVphoenixI do not know where they should throw Dark Phoenix into any of this. That might be it’s own phase, honestly.

Also, distance Deadpool. Let him be just a side story. He’s awesome, but he’s more of a commentary on this whole thing at this point… but who knows what Deadpool 2 is going to do, right?


One of the commissioned photos from Cluedog for a recent Mer-Monday was recently colored by Kimbawest Let’s take a look at this surprise, almost Halloween, treat.
Kimbawest colored flounder Cluedog

It looks good! For some reason though, I never realized how terrible fish mermaid’s color scheme would be! Even if he had a red fin where flounder’s blue fin would be, it’s bad. Then again, I never expected the stripes that Cluedog gave him… anyways, both incarnations of this pic are really interesting takes!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Mer-Monday!

Let’s give mermaid Flounder a Smooch.

floundermermaidSmooch1Yesterday I received a surprise over on my deviantart… some of my commissions from Zoe Crocket! I commissioned Zoe to further illustrate an idea that I had previously another artist… rule 63 mermaid version of Flounder from The Little Mermaid!

I showed Zoe the previous one that I commissioned from artist Kittyhawk, and suggested the loose idea of some reaction shots of Ariel as a fish might be cool. What I got was really cool, with backgrounds and even more characters.


The first one was awesome enough, however, I love the daggers that Ariel is starring at her former best friend. Did he steal her body, get a head to tail dye job, and strut her stolen stuff to get her man? Anyways, whatever type of fish Ariel is now, she… he(?) is extra salty.

The last picture needs to be seen in all of it’s glory. While the mermaid part of the picture is at a minimum, you have an awesome shot of Prince Eric and his bros, bro-ing out as they do, throwing out nets, catching fish if not ladies, and totally having Flounder swooning over him.



Okay… we know that Ursala’s shell necklace can give under water folk female anatomy. Things will… you know… probably work out… probably.

For more of Zoe Crockette’s art, you can go to her gallery on her Deviant Art, but be warned that it is NSFW.

The Little Mermaid

10599607_10154788756015526_7460381869714355450_nOld news that I forgot to cover, but ABC is making a live action musical-movie hybrid thing sometime this year. Supposedly it will use pieces from the animated movie as well as celebrities singing the original roles, and yeah… not sure what this is.

What I hope this is, is some weird Fantasia-esq thing that shows genuine love for the almost 28 year old property… okay, that’s not true. What I really want is a televised version of The Broadway Musical, but I don’t think that this is that… but hey, who knows, right?

Gargoyles commercials

I miss Gargoyles. A Lot. Apparently one of the reasons it was canceled is because of… toy sales? Wow. Super lame. They didn’t have a lot of great toys though. I thought it would be cool on Throwback Thursday to look at some of the commercials.

Talking about toy sales, here is a guy who reviewed how crappy the toy selection for this series was.

Some more toys, this time from Burger King. I had some of these!

There were more toys than that guy gave credit for

Apparently, there was a Robot Chicken short with two of the toys… *sigh*

Maybe Disney can sell Gargoyles to Marvel or something? Pretty Please? Anyways, Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!