Subtle Sexuality – “Girl Next Door”

Until right now, I had never seen this music video before… and wow, this is so weird! These actors are all kind of playing against type, ya know? Anyways… The Office was/is Awesome. Anyways, Here is Subtle Sexuality – “Girl Next Door” (ft. Ryan Howard) [Official Music Video] Dunder Miffilin Records

So since I’m reminiscing about The Office, here is Creed Bratton singing about the office to the theme song. Just for fun.

The Gaijin Chronicles – Half Priced Books

I collect Japanese games, typically for the Super Famicom. I recently stumbled on some interesting stuff at a local book store, and purchased three games for my Japanese PS2.

Let’s start at the beginning of my journey. I was excited to see a bunch of US Final Fantasy PSX games.


I was then interested, of course, in the PS2 games. I’m not sure what Michigan is, but that D is Initial D!

ps2 initial d.png

Sadly, after attempting to play this game… it refused to load once I selected stuff at the title screen. It’s a silver backed disc, not a blue backed one… I have no clue why it wont play, as it’s really clean. :/

IMG_20200105_152538The other two games that I bought were Battle Stadium D.O.N (バトルスタジアムDON) and Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Meteor.

Battle Stadium D.O.N is a 4 player fighter similar to Smash Bros. starring Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto. It’s eh… okay? The other one is Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi… and well… that one’s going back as well.

So what else did I discover?  Something called Rule of Rose… for $100 O_O what the hell? Also, here are some VHS tapes. Legends of Crystania? A bunch of Power Rangers vhs tapes… apparently owned by an Air Conditioner. Weird.

After everything, all I did was obtain a fighter for $10 that will eventually need a multitap. Eh… not bad I suppose.



Anita Sarkeesian update

Anita_SarkeesianPolygon had Anita Sarkeesian reminisce about her time in the great geek culture war known as Gamer Gate… and… eh? I don’t know what to say?

There were at least 5 sides to Gamer Gate.

  1. People who were using the argument about ethics in games journalism as an excuse to get away with attacking/threatening women
  2. The women who were attacked
  3. The gamers who actually cared about ethics in games journalism
  4. Journalists
  5. The Game Industry

The third group was dooped by the first group to help attack the second, fourth, and fifth group. That’s clear. What people tend to forget though, is that the fifth group is well… an amoral group that will side with communist China to make a buck, so the idea that they would actively chastise the first and third group for going after just the second and fourth group is just kind of a stretch?

zeldapeachanitafem“You! The people who give us money! Stop attacking the people who want to give us money one day if we made our games differently!”

Phil Fish, Indie game creator of Fez, defended Zoe Quinn and he and his company Polytron were hacked, and important documents were leaked, and he ended up trying to sell Polytron and getting completely out of gaming… yet she argues that the gaming industry didn’t speak out during all of this.

I’m not much of a fan of youtuber Matt Jarbo, formerly known as Mundane Matt, but he was a Gamer Gater, and has experiences with Anita, and has tracked her career for 8 years.

Anita’s continued involvement in Gamer Gate is a political and financial one. Negative backlash while probably terrible for her mental health, makes her projects a lot of money typically, and she’s leaving this decade not as important as she was at the beginning of it, so if she stir’s the chamber pot and has people talking a little bit about her and Gamer Gate again, she will raise some money for her endeavors.

anita-sarkeesian*sigh* I’m only upset because she could literally be crowdfunding to raise money for scholarships for women who want to get into the game industry, or to help build an indie studio or something that would change the game industry for the  better, instead of trying to build her importance.

Sorry for the lack of updates.


I’ve been really stressed out lately what with KickVic, my car getting hit, a forced promotion making work stressful, and the holidays in general. Also, being an American, I have no idea what the hell they are doing in DC. I’m upset too much when I see a Make America Great Again / Keep America Great hats, yet too afraid to wear a Andrew Yang’s MATH hat. Oh, the times we live in.

Seriously though, if you haven’t googled Andrew Yang yet, check him out. He’s running for President, and has some interesting ideas.

To make it up to everyone, how about I show people random photos from the history of the blog?

It’s been a crazy decade.