Superb Owl Party

FOOTBALL?!?!?!?! I’m not a fan, unfortunately. What else is there to do today… besides wake up in a few hours and go to work, for me, at least.

Animal Planet is doing their 14th annual Puppy Bowl, and this year I hear that there is a kitty half time show. Comedy Central is doing a Chapelle show marathon. Also, if you want to still watch sports to spite he NFL, The Golf channel  and CBS will be showing the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open from 1-2:45 p.m.; CBS, 3-6 p.m.

Another thing to do, and this is a throwback to 2001 when I was a kid… Bugs. vs. Daffy!

That one is great for everyone who is a big fan of Cartoon Cartoon characters as well.

Well… even if you do watch ‘The Big Game’ tomorrow, I hope everyone enjoys themselves on this useless Sunday.


Taco Bell’s Nacho fries

Today my roommate who was supposed to have no money, had money, and asked if we could go to Taco Bell. Surprised, I agreed and we went on what would become one of my most cheesiest adventures yet.

I ordered the $5 cravings deal as it’s the only way to get The Cheesy Gordita ($3.19 crunch and a medium drink ($1.89) economically… and hey, cinnamon twists ($1) plus a taco and a beefy buritto whatever that I do not care about. Well, the woman behind the counter asked me if, for free, I wanted some fries… which I of course said yes. BEHOLD!


They are a little spicy, come with queso, and would have cost… according to the receipt… $2.49! My roommate thinks that they should have cost maybe a dollar… but queso! Come on! Let’s take another look…

20180124_123634Oh yeah… are you thinking what I am thinking? This does not look nearly as good as the Loaded Fries Supreme they were trying out in 2016 that the receipt indicated they would be. Instead… they are just, I assume, seasoned fries. For a pic of the loaded fries see below, as well as a video review from Peep THIS Out!, go here:
loaded fries supreme

Now, Taco Bell did this exact same thing in the 1990’s but I do not remember how those tasted. The seasoned fries that I ate at Taco Bell? Eh… they were too lightly seasoned. I could see eating them on the $1 menu, and if we get the loaded fries as well? Sure. I’d pay $2.50 for that. All that being said, I think I would rather just have some chili cheese fries at say… the bowling alley or something, but maybe that is just me?

flixable.pngSomeone made a website that makes browsing what is actually on Netflix somewhat easy? AWESOME! The site is and not only can it help you see what is there, but it can also show you when things are leaving!

This way you can figure out that Netflix only has 37 movies under anime but has 59 tv shows under anime! That’s so… much… anime? Right?

Boarder SecurityThe important thing, though, is knowing that the 8 seasons of Family Guy goes away on February 14! More importantly, Border Security: Canada’s Front Line goes away February 17, and I only just this second learned about it! *sigh*

How did we live before Answer? Confused and terrified.


Draw My life

I watched a Draw My Life on Rebecca Parham a moment ago, and it’s pretty good. I’ve watched a few of these, and this one was great. I watched one quite a while back on youtuber Boogie2988, and yeah… pretty good stuff.

One day I hope I can make one of these.


cold conOne week ago I went into the blistering cold and risked my health to go to MAGFEST in MD… or what I’m dubbing cold con. Not because of the frigid temperature thanks to the huge winter storm that happened right around the same time, but because it felt like they left many of us out in the cold, hotel wise. After getting a badge ASAP online, and making my roommate get the room while I was at work ASAP, I ended up 19 miles away. I spent over $60 in Lyft expenses over the weekend. I would have done better in not trusting MAGFest, and getting a hotel room on my own months before. Their system needs work, because I want to do this convention correctly… but it seems like it wont unless the venue changes. but on to the actual convention it self.


Thursday? I skipped. Apparently there was a sick party up on one level of the floor, but my flight was in mid afternoon, and I was just sort of exhausted. If I had had a room at the Gaylord… I’m just saying… I’d have been there, easy.

The rest of MAGFEST was a blast. Like previous ones, there were signs and maps everywhere which is great considering that The Gaylord can feel a bit like a maze. The only location that ever seemed to really ‘disappear’ was The Arena. The Arena was the space where my roommate went for a circus training class, and he being a juggler… well it was right up his alley. I learned a clowning routine, reluctantly, and that was kind of awesome. For pictures of that, see the gallery below.

P1160324The cosplay was pretty top notch this year, which is what you would expect from a convention at The Gaylord. I believe Katsucon, which is an anime convention that happens in February at the same venue, might have more, but there was some great old school game costumes, such as the one to the left, which is from Skies of Arcadia: Legends. You might think that she is a Garudo from Breath of The Wild… like I did. But she is clearly Bellena. She won a bet when she asked me who she was cosplaying as, and I guessed a Garudo LIKE A FOOL! In my defense, the game costs $160 on Gamecube. Come on Sega! Still though, really cute, and a great cosplay.

P1160342So what else was there? Enough video games to choke a donkey… to death… and anyone who witnessed the event. From my time at 2016, The arcade room and the console room swapped places. Indie-cade is between both of them. The arcade might have been a little smaller this year due to weather preventing some items being shipped to the convention, but not 100% sure.

P1160440It’s hard to really judge this convention. I had a blast, but I do not know if I want to go again the next year. Improvements at this point are just not plausible. More hotel rooms? Let us order them at least before getting our badges? I guess I can stay 4 miles away down the road at a cheaper hotel on Oxen Hill… in an area my  previous years bus driver and uber driver both explained was not safe for a white guy to walk around at night but on the plus side that red roof in has a lot of prostitutes staying there? *sigh*

For more cosplay photos, visit my flickr album here, and here are some of the highlights from the convention below!



Flashback Friday: Rule 34

Hello! I’m away at a convention, and I kind of threw-back Thursday talking about MAGFest, so I thought that instead of a Feminist Friday, I would instead do a Flashback one instead. My 19th, 20th, and 21st video were all shot by my now roommate of me trying to do a fake game I had made up surrounding the internet rule#34. Here are all 3 videos, which the first one is still my best one at 7,716 views at the time of me writing this.

I still think these videos, done on one of those flip cameras, still hold up all right comedy wise.