I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired.

she-ra-netflix-catra-adoraThis has been a long and terrible week. Oh, happy D-Day, everyone? Also, it’s Pride Month, you beautiful people! I’ve been playing Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics, finally watching She-Ra and The Princesses of Power [Don’t tell Clownfish TV], and lastly… freaking out over anime convention San Japan accidentally revealing the secret reason they don’t have guests who are POC. Apparently, cause despite some people asking for them, they don’t sell tickets? Weird that they are a they and that San Japan’s bald leader considers them a they instead of as individuals. Whatever though. Oh… yeah… btw:

Black Lives Matter


I’ve slowed down posting on this blog. I should really try and………………………… uh……………………. *sigh*

F*$% it. I’m tired.

WTF Happened to May?

LastUnicornRedrawIt’s been hard to focus on anything dorky, especially online in this, The Age of Corona, especially post the death of George Floyd, the man who was murdered by a pro MAGA Police Officer who had his knee of Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, resulting in George Floyd’s death.

SMredrawThen the protesting. Then the looting. Then the rioting. Right before the world continued to go %^&*ing crazy, I did the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge… but it wasn’t that awesome. I then did a redraw just for fun from The Last Unicorn, and yeah… I don’t love it, but I drew it! That’s… uh… something!

marzgurl soup OLD PICA friend of mine, Marzgurl, did a video for GameXplain on the new Shantae game! And… is being attacked thanks to people who are upset that she caused Covid-19 as an extra layer between them and Vic Mangina’s… uh… Man-gina?

US Astronauts launched back into space for the first time from an American space craft, created by Americans, thanks to South African born richy rich smart guy Elon Musk & Space X! Suck it Space Force… that is also now a Netflix show starring Steve Carell!

There was MerMay, which I sadly did not participate in very much. I bought some art both physically in the recently re-opened mall, as well as from Kittyhawk of Flounder… but sadly not as a mermaid. Boo!

manspider-sixarmsuniverseCovid-19 has really effected me on an emotional level. How it’s been handled, how my job asked me not to mention having it, customers refusing to social distance, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped down from a supervisory role at my job, and hopefully the gray hair I’ve gained over more than half a year will regain it’s base form Goku luster. Probably not though.

Mangaka Hiroshi Aro did some new Futaba-kun Change art that someone commissioned him to do. I wish I knew how to  commission him.

Currently Police officers are beating/shooting/arresting journalists, senators, shoppers. Meanwhile, they have been joined by the National Guard, and they have shot white home owners standing in front of their own yard.

she-ra-reboot750x422Oh, and She-Ra kissed a girl and liked it, continuing the trend of homosexuality in the last episode/season of a major character because they knew that that that’s too late to get them in trouble.  Legend of Korra says hi. Sailor Moon wonders… what took you so long?

OH! On the same day, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy swapped spit on her show? But that’s to be expected?

wtf ranmaI just want to play Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics already. That game comes out this week. I also bought a capture card that’s coming in the mail soon-ish… so maybe I will make some video game videos or stream? I dunno. Expect some art this month too, as I continue to get used to drawing on a Surface Book.

Material Girl

On this Waifu Wednesday, I present to you Madonna’s Material Girl… 13 times. Why 13? One is a lip sync with Star Wars women… which is certainly a statement on the franchise currently… I guess… but the other 12? Are they there simply to prove that Material Girls are actually a dime a dozen? Uh… no? Anyways… here they are!


Hikaru Nishida – Material Girl ( Cover / 和訳付き)

Sally Yeh – “Material Girl (200 Du)” (200度)

Tori Rossi

Paula Marquezini


Ska Tune Network ft. Carly Comando

The Monotones

PostmodernJukebox (featuring Gunhild Carling)

Hilary and Haylie Duff

X-Factor – Jasmine Abela – Material World

The Oddibles

Star Wars – Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam, Aurra (lip sync)

My problem with the “photo of me at 20” meme

2005 spring fling edit

I’m a huge weirdo… I’ve made that no secret or mystery. When I was 20 years old, I was well into my first year going to anime conventions, I was attending college, and I eventually even started cosplaying. It was an amazingly awesome time for me, but it was 2005.

This photo on the left from the Spring fling, as we promoted the Anime Club, has me holding the Ranma 1/2 OVA collection… like a gosh darn otaku.

Everyone was still taking photos with Kodak disposable cameras, as the iPhone was still 2 years away.

I was working at GameStop at the time, and I do have one photo of all of us at Christmas, but once again… photos during this time were shitty.

Gamestop Crew 2005 holiday.jpg

poison mushroom beta 1Most of the photos in my life, via disposable cameras, were taken BY myself. The ones taken for cosplay, were horrible because my face was either A) painted or B) wearing a mask. It sucks!

100_0371I did mention how weird I am, right? I’m assuming that this photo might have been taken via a webcam during this time period, but I shaved my head because well… it was joked about so much at work, I guess? So I actually did it.

Bottom line is that age 19 and age 21 and 22 there are a bunch of photos!

This picture below was taken almost exactly one month from the day that I turned 20. It was done at Ushi-Con. Even it is a bit too weird.


The image below was the start of my problems. I believe it was in 2005 right as I was finishing up my Poison Mushroom hat while I was at school? The one to the right of that one would be close to normal, except I was right next to two otaku women (fujoshi?) who thought the picture needed to have Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru plushies in it as well. FML!


Okay, one more. From A-kon 2005… a screen grab from a video taken by Marzgurl from an event that I and some friends were holding.

A-kon 16 Pose off Sean

20 was a really weird age for me man. HAPPY THROWBACK THURSDAY?!




Seal – Kiss From a Rose

I can’t believe that the official music video for Kiss From A Rose was made to the Val Kilmer Batman movie. How is this song not more associated with this movie? I guess the Batman-less music video version is the more popular version. Apparently, Joel Schumacher called Seal to request the song be put into the movie… so at least the song wasn’t written for Batman Forever? That’s… something?

Subtle Sexuality – “Girl Next Door”

Until right now, I had never seen this music video before… and wow, this is so weird! These actors are all kind of playing against type, ya know? Anyways… The Office was/is Awesome. Anyways, Here is Subtle Sexuality – “Girl Next Door” (ft. Ryan Howard) [Official Music Video] Dunder Miffilin Records

So since I’m reminiscing about The Office, here is Creed Bratton singing about the office to the theme song. Just for fun.