Lady Boi

IMG_20160120_174828477I get a type of sick satisfaction from The Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that a lot of people wont understand. Let me explain, The original Japanese team only had one female character, The Pink Ranger. Yellow one was the male character Boi. Yes, they gender bent a boy character named Boi! It’s hilarious, right?

I love the fact that this stylized toy version from the movie is very much a woman. It should be noted that Trini, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was swapped out for Aiesha by the time the first MMPR movie had come out, and that the toy to the left is from that.

I just love this geeky fact. I’m sorry! I was going through some pictures on my phone and I just had to share!

Thoughtlessly Geeky

Thoughtlessly Geeky

Harley1Harley Quinn is sexy, and sells a lot of merchandise. These facts are not subtle at all in 2016. At my new/local Think Geek, they have a standee of Harley Quinn next to some merchandise of the character. While this might be partially due to the ‘success’ of the new Suicide movie, I do want to point out that this is not that incarnation of the character. This is in fact the one that started in Batman Arkham City.

When I first saw this display, I had to make sure that it wasn’t a real doll that was dresed in her clothing that might be sold there or at Hot Topic. Why would I have to do that? Well… because she sort looks like one at certain angles!


My feelings towards Harley are, weird. I hate her over sexualization since Batman The Animated series, however I do love how far the characters come since then in the sense that she is in a better mental state since then. I do have one gripe about her costumes, which this is much more of one than the Suicide Squad incarnation. Please, please, please! Stop putting this acrobatic character in corsets! It really is unrealistic and mean!

For more on Harley Quinn, please watch this awesome video I found from YouTuber Lockstin / Gnoggin

Happy Birthday Kittyhawk

There’s two things that make me sad. Okay, there are probably a lot more than two, but one of them is when I discover something mermaid related on a Tuesday, and the other is when I learn that it is someone’s birthday the day after it happens. Well, I believe that I still have a few hours of Kittyhawk’s birthday… it’s hard to tell though, since she lives in the future continent called Australia right now, but damn it anyways…


sgvy-e1Kittyhawk is the creator of one of my favorite webcomics in the world, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, and apparently she did a webcomic before that called the Jar, which sadly the only thing I can find of it is the ability to buy it on a USB with SGVY over at her store.


I do not know Kittyhawk well, although from the small interactions I’ve had with her while she made this mermaid fanart for me, she has seemed to be a nice, intelligent, and funny lady. Also, she draws some really sexy boys that have been turned into girls.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Kittyhawk!

TG vs TS

I try to post things on Fridays that are about women in some sort of way, or rather… I have been failing to do that for the most part. I decided to post this video I discovered today that detailed the differences between the terms Transgender vs. Transexual. I think it is informative/interesting.

Autumn Asphodel – Difference Between Transgender & Transsexual

Gender, in general, is a hot button topic, and things are well… confusing. Below is a chart that I found off of pinterest, so sadly I do not know who originally created it, that shows… I’m going to go with almost all of the differences in umm… gender? I guess?


Like I said, life is confusing.


Whiskey-Tango-FoxtrotWTF indeed. I finally watched a movie with Tina Fey in it, and seeing as it’s Waifu Wednesday, I thought that I would talk about the movie a little bit, seeing as I am also coming off of re-watching every single episode of 30 Rock as well.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’s poster might make you think that it’s a comedy, especially seeing as it stars Tina Fey, the poster is brightly lit, and produced by Lorne Michaels, but it is not.

I feel like watching this movie right around July 4th was the right decision, as it takes place mostly during the war in Afghanistan. It follows Kim Barker, the real world reporter that Fey portrays in the movie, as she becomes a foreign news correspondent during the period when The United States public/media shifted their focus to the war in Iraq.

At times I was worried that I was watching Lost in Translation as WTF feels a little slow paced, but seeing as it is based on real events that Kim Barker turned into her book, The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that is to be expected.

I recommend watching this movie at least once. At the very least, it will remind you of the freedoms we so often take for granted, and possibly remind you of the danger that reporters put themselves in on a daily basis.

+Women in gaming.

I’ve mentioned Anita Sarkeesian a few too many times on my blog and a common opinion that she and other women have is that there are not enough positive female characters in video game. I decided to take to youtube, and find some positive gaming girls.

Asalieri2 – Female Characters in Videogames… debunking a mythAsalieri2Asalieri2

IWALVG – A Salute To Great Women In Video Games

The Tree’s Apprentice – Top 10 Favorite Female Characters in Video Games – Top 10 Female Protagonists in Video Games

JACk’m (Yakem) Top 10 Nintendo Female Characters that broke the mold

TheZonegamer – Top 10 Sega Girls

My interview with Zoe Crockett

I recently got the opportunity to interview Zoe Crockett, a phenomenal artist who’s work I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. Below is said interview, with some of her art that can be found on her deviant art. I’ve mixed in a taste of her work into the interview to spice things up. Everything below is SFW but her deviant art is most certainly NSFW. Enjoy?

Opey the Warhead
(page 1)

Sean: Are there any projects that you are either currently working on or have completed that you would like to talk about?

Zoe: I’m currently working on a number of projects.  Besides commissions and sketches, I’m working on the second (and final volume) of my comic “Opey the Warhead”, a comic with Josh Eiserike (who I worked with on “Anyone but Virginia”), “The Quacking Dead”, and a comic called “Destiny” for TGComics.  Whew.  That’s a lot.

Sean:You do a series of drawings called the Quacking Dead, which is a parody of The Walking Dead but featuring ducks. Besides an obvious liking of the series, what inspired you to draw these?

Zoe: Depression.  I was feeling very down at the time I started up the comic and needed something to keep me amused drawing everyday.  I came up with “The Quacking Dead” as a means of therapy, but also a tip of the hat to a show I love.  The main source of inspiration for “The Quacking Dead” stylistically was Carl Barks, whose Duck comics I adored as a kid (and still do).

Quacking Dead: Heaven Sent

Sean: What is your favorite art medium to use, and what is your favorite to view?

Zoe: My favorite medium is pen and ink.  I love using a knib and an ink bottle to create artwork.  Mechanical pencils come in as a close second.  However, my favorite medium to view is digital art.  I’m astonished by the colors, effects, and realism they can put into art that’s difficult in my medium.

Sean: What artists have inspired and/or influenced you over the years?

Zoe: Mostly cartoonists like Carl Barks, Sergio Aragones, Milton Kaniff and Wil Eisner, as they generally employ a unique style into their own works that is fascinating.  This uniqueness is what I inspire towards.

Sean: Who are some of your favorite cartoon characters or comic book characters, and why?

Zoe: I think my favorite cartoon and comic character is Scrooge McDuck.  He’s one tough cookie and I like the idea of a rich, elderly duck going on crazy adventures.  It’s very imaginative.

Portrait of an Immortal

Sean: You tend to draw a lot of sexy women, so it begs the obvious question: Who do you think is the sexiest cartoon character of all time?

Zoe: First of all, thank you for the compliment.  Drawing women is a joy for me, the curvier the better.  Accordingly, I thought the sexiest cartoon character of all time was April O’ Neil from the first cartoon version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.   The character is a bit out there, though, as no one in the media would hire a woman with large boobs as a reporter.  I kid.  I kid.

Sean: You have done a lot of transformation sequences in the past, such as people turning into mermaids or people changing their genders. Is there any one particular sequence that you are particularly proud of?

Zoe: I think the sequence “A Probing Dilemma” is the one I’m most proud of.  It was entirely of my own creation and featured an alien abducting a hick and, inadvertently, changing the captive’s sex.  The sequence allowed me to draw a beautiful woman and do a lot of cartooning.

Sean: As a regular contributor of TGcomics, would you say that as far as your work goes, that pieces involving gender change are your favorite ones to create?

Zoe: Absolutely.  The slower and more detailed the better.  I think it’s fun to see the character’s reaction to each curve that slowly slopes onto his body.

Blow The Man Down

Sean: Has anyone ever asked you to draw anything that you were uncomfortable with, and if so, what was it?

Zoe: Yes. One person tried to commission me to draw a story of a young girl watching her older sister have sex.  I don’t like drawing things that put kids in sexual situations.  I also don’t like depicting rape.

Sean: You worked with indie film creator Mako on her movie “Paradox Alice”, doing illustrations and story boards. What was that like, and have you ever done something similar before that project?

Zoe: It was a lot of fun to draw a pivotal scene in “Paradox Alice”.  It wasn’t something I’ve ever done.

Sean: Would you want to work on similar projects in the future?

Zoe: Absolutely.  I deeply enjoy storytelling, whether it’s other people’s stories or my own.

Sean: What was the best part about working on Paradox Alice?

Zoe: Drawing the lead actress of the film in a portrait.  Lord, what a beauty.


Sean: You have drawn Capcom fighting game character Morrigan from the cult classic title Darkstalkers before. I personally love this series, and was wondering if you enjoyed it, as well as other fighting games? If so, what are some of your favorite ones, as well as which characters are your favorites from them?

Zoe: I did enjoy drawing Morrigan, as she is one beautiful lady.  I’ve always wanted an excuse to draw Chun-Li but the occasion has never arisen, alas.  Same with Cammy, who is one of my personal favorites.

Sean: Do you currently take commissions, and if so, what is the best way to contact you for them? Also, what are your going rates for commissions?

Zoe: I’m not currently taking any commissions, but the best way to contact me for one is by sending a request to my email, or noting me on my “Cluedog” profile on Deviantart.  I usually charge about $10 per single drawing and $50 for comic pages.

I hope everyone enjoyed my interview with Zoe Crockett. Please check out her art on her deviant art, and if you would like more interesting interviews in the future, please let me know!