Fighting games and Women part 2?

Ivy-Isabella-Valentine-Soul-Calibur-fI never got the achievement for Lollipop Chainsaw for looking up Juliet’s skirt. I didn’t give Bayonetta a chance because a sexy librarian who gets more naked the stronger she is just seemed sexist to people like Anita Sarkeesian, so yeah… And yet when I was in the rated T for Teen target audience, I loved Fatal Fury’s Mai Shiranui and Soulcalibur’s Ivy. As sexy as these characters were, well… at least it’s not Dead or Alive that let’s you up the jiggle physics by saying you are very old. Maybe this was a tongue and cheek way of making fun of their player base?

Super vgI’ve tried to get my nieces to play fighting games before. I thought maybe an all girl fighter on the Super Famicom might be the way to go, Super V.G. which is a game about… waitresses fighting in a tournament or something? Hey, it’s not Pretty Fighter and there are characters who basically have the move sets of Ryu and Blanka in the game. It’s really not ecchi, okay? Also it apparently has an anime that I have never watched. My eldest teenage niece asked me the question: Is this game appropriate? Which flabbergasted me. They were more interested in Super Mario games when I let them borrow my Super Fami-clone, so I wasn’t too upset with them not trying the game out.

brawlI’ve tried a couple of different games in the past, but there is a huge problem: I am incredibly decent at fighting games, and playing someone who has difficulty throwing a fireball is just… yeah… not okay. They enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but mainly as a platformer that we could play cooperatively thanks to the Subspace Emissary. Thanks for taking that out Nintendo.

In my quest to get my nieces to get into one of my favorite genre of all time, I brought over a relatively new game on my. Okay, I lugged my PC over, and that is quite the feet as I do not have a real laptop but a tower with two displays and… *sigh*

thems fightinSo what game did I have them play? Dragon Ball FighterZ? Heck no. Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

Expect a full review of this game sometime soon, but here is why I picked it: While I do not really care for the systems it uses, it can still teach them the fundamentals such as how to do a fireball, spacing, etc. Also… just look at these characters that Lauren Faust designed! Below is concept art of Velvet!

Luaren Faust Velvet concept art

So… did my attempt work? Did they like this fighting game with only 6 characters that were created by the person behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Yes. They did. Was it worth doing on my birthday? Yes it was.

ArizonaThey kept fawning over the designs, the color pallets, etc. So far, so good. They asked me to even bring it back over the next time I come over… which… wow. That’s going to suck.

Here is hoping Them’s Fightin’ Herds comes to consoles sometime soon!

Oh! Coincidentally, Kotaku had a podcast about Bayonetta as well as women in fighting games. It’s worth a listen, but maybe slightly NSFW. Okay, me mentioning Bayonetta was because I listened to their podcast right before posting this, but it was pretty good. It can be listened to here:


Feminism in Japan

Youtuber That Japanese Man Yuta went out on the street last December and asked what they, Japanese women, think about feminism… and their answers really surprised him.

Apparently women in Japan do not know what feminism is? Well, the woman on the street, at least. Crazy.

Women + Fighting games

King-Of-Fighters-Maximum-Impact-Mai-Shiranui-AlternateThere was a time when I played fighting games every day while I was in college. We would all gather around my PS2 or Gamecube and play games such as Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Guilty Gear X2, DBZ Budokai 3, Smash Bros. Melee, or even some Soulcalibur 2. I noticed that a lot of the people gathering around were men, while only one of the regulars was one of my female classmates. She was at least decent at Guilty Gear and even better at Soulcalibur 2.

Things were friendly for the most part, although there was one guy who was a bit of a jerk. One day, however, one of the cosplayers from the duo known as The Firefly Sisters stopped by during a match of Soulcalibur 2. I really wish that I remembered which one it was. Anyways, she devastated all of the guys… I believe with Ivy, but remember that this was over a decade ago.

Sc2_us_gcn_fNow, the one guy who was a jerk would not accept defeat and kept wanting to play her over and over… but… you know… it’s college and when you have to go somewhere, you have to go! I still remember that guy loosing… it was emasculating for him. It’s crazy because it’s just a game!

Now, I rarely ever see women playing fighting games, and some who picked up the controller in college did not want to play me because it was no fun because… you know… they just didn’t know how to play fighting games. No knock at them, there is a pretty big learning curve, and it is not fun for either player when there is a mismatch.

morrigan_by_cluedogFlash forward to now, and I’m still seeing that there is not a lot of women playing fighting games. That statement might not actually be true, but it certainly feels true. I’ve had female fans who were big into Dead or Alive, but that’s a bit different from my 2D fighters. I eventually had to adapt to 3D fighters since 2D fighters went through a period where they were almost dead… but still to this day… I… well… actually I don’t see anyone playing fighters because I do not get many chances to play them anymore.

I never get to play my favorite genre, and that’s sad. I still read articles about things such as Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, etc. and I think it’s cool that I am seeing mention of some women playing the games. One of the  weird things that I have noticed though, is that it seems that there are quite a number of transexual women playing fighting games, and it sort of has me scratching my head.

kayosatohThere are trans women such as Ricki Ortiz and Kayo police who are into fighting games, and I’ve seen others who are not in the competitive scene as well, such as artist Cluedog and even a local friend of a friend.

I really wonder the stats on female fighting gamers. What % of the women who play fighters is trans, and what is cis? Are trans women more interested in playing fighting games than cis? Did they play fighters before they realized that they were trans? Also, do trans men excel in fighters, or are their stats more similar to what is expected of what they were assigned at birth? Or is there no connection whatever? I have no idea, but this type of research is interesting to me.

Ivy-Isabella-Valentine-Soul-Calibur-fPerhaps I am a masochist. I told myself in 10th or 11th grade that if I every met a woman who could just beat my ass in fighting games that I would marry her. True, this was from someone who had never dated anyone, and mainly only played Marvel vs. Capcom on his Dreamcast with friends… but ya know what? I would love to share my love of 2D fighting games with whomever I end up with…

Damn it. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so biast against 3D fighters back in the day and gone after that cosplayer. I’m sure that wouldn’t be the cringiest thing ever.

Hmm… maybe situations like that are exactly why there are female only Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.

I commissioned myself a woman

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219Commissions are weird. They can take months and months to do, and sometimes when you do receive one from an artist, you can have some very mixed feelings on it. Yesterday morning, I received this piece from an artist.

This picture is supposed to be of myself as a girl. The only instructions I gave were:

‘I like to wear a hoodie, and the pictures I typically have of myself rule 63’ed usually have it, but it’s not necessary. Also, I like to have my glasses in them.’

I also gave the artist 3 pictures of myself to work with as well:

They went with the middle pic, and I guess since I’m just not used to seeing myself sans glasses with that hair style, it made me think that the picture was a bit off. For comparison, here are a couple of pics that other people have done of a rule 63 version of myself in the past, for comparison of other people’s original take:

jhkjhkjhJulie's art

ClueDog’s art of me is an interesting take, and I suppose one reason she chose no hoodie is because she likes to draw attractive women, and the hoodie would look frumpy? Also, she does draw things a bit more etchy… maybe too etchy at times, as the up skirt did give a few surprises. O_o Not bad for $10.

Hollywood’s veil is finally coming down… just too slowly.

The Weinstein sex scandal is terrible, and the worst part is that we have been warned about Hollywood for decades. Dave Chappelle warned that we really do not know what is going on in Hollywood. Below are some interesting clips that highlight Weinstein that foreshadowed all of this, as well as the industry over all.

Terry Crews and James Vanderbeek are two men who recently claimed that they too were touched in a sexual way at parties from rich people of power in Hollywood, and it adds a lot of credibility to the statements

Women play video games?

eqkcjusnmpxgbigKirk Hamilton, of Kotaku, has suggested in an article that women play video games! Shocking, right? Apparently, it isn’t just the super attractive ones that pose with their collections completely covering their bodies either. Huh.

Hamilton’s article discusses the main problem at hand: when it comes to things such as E3, people treat women as if they know nothing about video games, even if they are.. you know… games journalists.

While yeah, this obviously is a thing that is happening, why does it happen?

sarkeesiancollege1.) My sister or childhood friend used to play video games, but got out of it outside of childhood because other people considered it ‘not cool.’ She then focused on things that would make her cool… beauty products, musicians, clothes, etc

  • Yeah, there is some truth to this claim, but I think we forget that women who did this as girls still came back to gaming. Some through MMO’s like World of War Craft, others with ‘casual’ games such as Tetris, Candy Crush, or most recently Super Mario Run. Nintendo attracted many of this demographic back with Nintendo Wii, and Apple and Google has since made sure to retain them. This leads us to…

mqdefault2. Yeah… but they only play games like… DDR, Let’s Dance, casual mobile games, JRPG’s, or whatever game that I do not play, hence they are not as hardcore as I am.

  • Gamers, male or otherwise, are elitist and love whatever niche their games are in, whither that genre is FPS, Fighting Games, or yes… even Puzzle games. We as a group need to grow up.People tend to forget that there was a time when my favorite genre,  2D fighting games, had fallen out of favor while 3D fighters such as Soul Calibur hadn’t. I felt ignored, quite honestly, and because of that I was not gaming as much. In fact, outside of college settings, I do not play as many games as I used to despite there being more and more fighting games each year, potentially due to their fall. Now that other niche genres are coming back such as JRPG, Rhythm, etc, a lot of the women who had stopped gaming are coming back and we have to stop questioning it. They always existed, but were at best ignored, and at worst disrespected.

You know you_re a real gamer, when this as no effect on you!3. But they are still just here to… you know… look hot and distract us… cause… you know… we…

  • A lot of us male gamers got ignored by girls/women when we got pimples and due to gaming gained some weight. Somehow though, we gained this ego that because women cosplay or play games on twitch, that they are doing this somehow to gain our male attention.Partially? Yes but no? Twitch users, yeah, they want that money. The Frag Dolls probably wanted any attention when they were together and played Halo, not caring if it was horny nerds or women wanting to celebrate girl power?

zeldaBottom line, I agree that there are of course women gaming, and that men have been really bad at times when it comes to reacting to them. I’m guilty of this as well, when I learned that a female teenage co-worker played Call of Duty. I admitted that I was surprised, but it was just that she played that particular game was all.

Because I do not think well of Call of Duty.

Because it doesn’t have Mai Shiranui in it.

Fight me.

Oh My God! The Half Price Books sent me back in time!

BSB2000.pngI went around time town today looking for some discounted Wonder Woman stuff… but honestly, it was hard to find much of anything Wonder Woman related. I went to my local comic store hoping to find some buy 1 get 1 graphic novels, and nothing. Looked for some regular ones, still nothing. In desperation, I went to Half Priced Books… and what I found was terrifying.

Apparently, I was trapped in the early 2000’s, as I was starring directly at a Back Street Boys ‘Into The Millennium Tour!

Panicking, I looked around to get my barrings, andIMG_0353.JPG then this! Pokemon but more importantly Sailor Moon S and Super S VHS Tapes? Why God! Why would you make me relive one of the worst eras of humanity! Despite surviving Y2K, We were still disillusioned from the lack of flying cars we were promised!

VHSsmFearing for the time space continuum, I listened for The Tardis, the roar of a Delorean, or even the archaic ringing of a pay phone.


I flipped over the VHS Sailor Moon tapes, knowing full well that if I even found a VCR to watch these ancient tomes on, the monstrous machine could devour my childhood, if not my soul.

$2.00? For Anime? I take a sigh in disbelief. I remember back to my high school days paying $40 for less than 5 episodes of a show on DVD. Everything might be okay.

Then, I remember the creepy old man who used to run The Pawn Shop that I used to buy old Ranma 1/2 tapes for cheap. I know right then that I had to get out of there.

Wait a second though: Sailor Pluto’s calm and knowing look was all I needed to see. I stood up, turned around, and slowly walked away… just in case something immortal was following me.

As the door closed, I realized that it was NOT the year 2000. I looked back, half expecting for there not to even be a store there.


To my disbelief, the store was still there, and past the register there were relics from an even further time I took one more glimpse into this time anomaly, and I see something from even further into the past… Records.

What’s The Main Event? A movie from 1979 where Barbara Streisand manages a reluctant boxer? Nifty I think, until I stumble upon a record that was some sort of… podcast?

IMG_0349Apparently, there were horrible motivational ones with religious undertones such as Evangelist Jay Snell’s Alternative to Divorce. I knew right then that making this second quantum leap was a terrible decision.

I tried to run towards the door, but was disoriented. My body jerked an aisle or two over, where I saw this!

IMG_0356[1]A Book? Something from either further back? How far was I going to be thrown back this Thursday? This book though… it looked familiar. Piers Anthony’s Yon Ill Wind, one of the last Xanth novels that I could actually read? I’m almost back! I then see what I originally set out to find: Wonder Woman!

Nestled into a cranny between Last Year’s smash hit Deadpool, and 1970’s 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s hit space opera Star Wars.

Puzzles, clocks, and coffee mugs: If I had a use for even one of those things… maybe I would have given into my capitalistic tendencies right then and there.

Sadly, not one comic book though. This was, however, enough to remind me that Wonder Woman was coming out tonight. A movie, based on a book, based on a weird man’s obsession with the truth.

I meandered away from this building, caring not about the dinosaurs, mercenaries, or time lords that crossed my path. I had a movie to go see, damn it. One about a woman who might finally do what Supergirl, Vampirella, Elektra, and even Catwoman could not do; be wonderful!