My Favorite Martian

Marzgurl, formerly a producer from Channel Awesome, was fan-art-ed last night/today by myself. See?
Currently, Channel Awesome is seeing some… um…. controversy? Formerly internal, external strife? Things were run poorly, people were mistreated, and accounts were reported from people inside. Channel Awesome responded with a #SorryNotSorry non-apology. I believe this covers most of it in a way that really does it a disservice while being slightly informative. So wait, haven’t I drawn this producer, Kaylyn Saucedo before?

Old doodle, web-comic, TGWTG original version, acrylic painting of her high school avatar vs. her roommate, a rule 63 of the group from our Japan trip, and a drawing of Marz from 2009 done in watercolor pencils.

poisonmushroom_Kamikazecon2005_Marzgurlvideoprt3So yeah… this is where I admit that I’m not that big of a fan of her videos? We met at anime conventions in Texas when I first cosplayed as The Poison Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2, when she was an independent anime convention videographer.

Honestly, I loved her convention videos. For what they were, for when they were filmed, and what else was out there, they were awesome.

Today we have entire panels, cosplay contests, slow motion videos of cosplay, etc. all uploaded on YouTube. Back then, this idea was rare because… well… there was no YouTube, for starters!

Now-a-days, Marzgurl does some request reviews from people who donate to her on her Patreon, a podcast called Behind The Black Rims, playing games on Twitch, and several other writing and video projects.  She currently lives with her husband on the west coast, and I think that you should definitely check out her videos.

This pot sort of ended up being like a mini bio than me just showing off my fan-art of her for… I guess the feminine Friday post I sometimes do. Huh. Watch an old video of her, myself, and my former roommate fail at eating a spicy hamburger?


Get Cray feminista Friday-ed yo!

Spoilers for season two of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, but in the past, Patricia Walker had a stint as a pop singer… and now Netflix has dropped her full music video, ‘I Want Your Cray Cray.’ There is a catch, other than the fact that it is not great… and that is that it’s Pop-up video style.

*Sigh* Maybe netflix is the cray cray that Patsy wants?

Wild Wild Country

Ma Anand SheelaI have only been able to watch an episode or two a day from Netflix’s original documentary about the Oregon town Antelope, Rajneeshpuram, Osho Bhagwhan, and Ma Anand Sheela.

What happened in the early to mid 1980’s in Oregon, and in part, the world… is as amazing as it is crazy. I definitely suggest watching this 6 part documentary in chunks, as there is too much to process to binge watch the entire thing. So interesting, and so very frightening since it is all real!

Ma Anand Sheela helped The Bagwhan for a commune in Oregon that many classified as a cult, and while I could suggest that this is my ‘feminist Friday’ post, I wont really classify it as such.

I highly suggest watching this series, and below is a trailer for it!

4 women I’m celebrating this International Women’s Day

naoko takeuchiNaoko Takeuchi – Creator of Codename wa SailorV as well as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi had a huge impact on who I was as a teenager. Do not believe me? We all had to pick an artist in my art class to do a report on, and I chose Takeuchi-san here, and because of me… there was a Sailor Moon/V question on the 9th grade art final. You’re welcome, my entire class.

One of my fellow students chose Stan Lee, but that was because he liked drawing Spider-Man and did not do his research.

pqangelsSadly, while Takeuchi did do other manga, she started to get a bad reputation for not finishing her work, which makes me thing that Sailor V and then immediately Sailor Moon just burned her out, but who knows. She worked on a manga called PQ Angels, but apparently it was canceled after 7 pages of her manuscript were lost by her publisher Kodansha. Toei apparently also had the manuscript so it could have become an anime, but that was in 1996, so that probably wont happen.

She currently runs a company called Princess Naoko Planning (PNP) that manages her creative properties, but recently her husband Yoshihiro Togashi’s work has fallen under that  banner as well, being in the credits of such anime as Level E and Hunter x Hunter. Maybe we will eventually see a YuYu Hakusho Sailor Moon crossover anime series?

Emma_Watson_2013Emma Watson – It is weird when I see the actors and actresses from Harry Potter, and have to acknowledge that they still exist. That being said, Emma Watson is an amazing woman who fights for equal rights for women. She is a  UN WomenGoodwill ambassador, and Watson launched the HeForShe campaign, which requests men to stand up for gender equality.

rumiko takahashiOkay… I’ll be honest. I was going to keep on writing about international women, but most of the ones that I know about are actually American. I could talk about Rumiko Takahashi some more though, right?? Seriously, nominated for a 2018 Eisner hall of fame, Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, …. …. … *sigh* I’m an old anime fan.

Utada Hiakaru – I am slowly starting to realize that this is just a ‘Famous foreigners from when I went to high school. Only now though, I am also rememvering that Utada Hikaru is an American who was born in New York. Well… her parents are Japanese, and she works in Japan. Her American Albums did not do too well, and she is best known for doing the theme songs for Square’s Kingdom Hearts games.

 I’m sorry. I just can’t think of more women who are alive, and not American. This started as a top 10, then 5, and now I’m cheating to make 4. Please, someone womansplain me some people, please.

A woman is in charge of Halo

Bonnie RossNo, Cortana is not in control of a Halo Array Installation, I am in reference to the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft as well as the person who established and is in charge of 343 Studios, Bonnie Ross.

I loved Halo 4’s narrative, but not so much of the game’s multiplayer. I prefer Halo 3’s multiplayer but 4’s campaign was fine.

343 also did The Master Chief collection on Xbox One and issued a personal apology for the problems with that collection.

Halo 5… Pfff… *sigh* That game’s advertising was misleading, and I just… hate what was done with the everything of it. No multiplayer offline. All you can do is campaign offline. *sigh*

I really hope that Ross can right her flagship series and give us a great game for whenever Halo 6 comes out. Supposedly, Halo 6 will have LAN, split screen, and focus on Master Chief instead of new characters.

Oh wow. I focused on Halo and not Bonnie there. Here’s her speaking at D.I.C.E. last year.

Cortana Halo 5According to Wikipedia, she is very pro-woman, as she is seen as a role model, introduces female characters, tries to pro-actively hire women, and made Cortana wear pants in Halo 4… I assume.

Before 343, Ross worked on such large games as Gears of War, Counter Strike, Mass Effects, Psychonauts, and a lot more.

Fighting games and Women part 2?

Ivy-Isabella-Valentine-Soul-Calibur-fI never got the achievement for Lollipop Chainsaw for looking up Juliet’s skirt. I didn’t give Bayonetta a chance because a sexy librarian who gets more naked the stronger she is just seemed sexist to people like Anita Sarkeesian, so yeah… And yet when I was in the rated T for Teen target audience, I loved Fatal Fury’s Mai Shiranui and Soulcalibur’s Ivy. As sexy as these characters were, well… at least it’s not Dead or Alive that let’s you up the jiggle physics by saying you are very old. Maybe this was a tongue and cheek way of making fun of their player base?

Super vgI’ve tried to get my nieces to play fighting games before. I thought maybe an all girl fighter on the Super Famicom might be the way to go, Super V.G. which is a game about… waitresses fighting in a tournament or something? Hey, it’s not Pretty Fighter and there are characters who basically have the move sets of Ryu and Blanka in the game. It’s really not ecchi, okay? Also it apparently has an anime that I have never watched. My eldest teenage niece asked me the question: Is this game appropriate? Which flabbergasted me. They were more interested in Super Mario games when I let them borrow my Super Fami-clone, so I wasn’t too upset with them not trying the game out.

brawlI’ve tried a couple of different games in the past, but there is a huge problem: I am incredibly decent at fighting games, and playing someone who has difficulty throwing a fireball is just… yeah… not okay. They enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but mainly as a platformer that we could play cooperatively thanks to the Subspace Emissary. Thanks for taking that out Nintendo.

In my quest to get my nieces to get into one of my favorite genre of all time, I brought over a relatively new game on my. Okay, I lugged my PC over, and that is quite the feet as I do not have a real laptop but a tower with two displays and… *sigh*

thems fightinSo what game did I have them play? Dragon Ball FighterZ? Heck no. Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

Expect a full review of this game sometime soon, but here is why I picked it: While I do not really care for the systems it uses, it can still teach them the fundamentals such as how to do a fireball, spacing, etc. Also… just look at these characters that Lauren Faust designed! Below is concept art of Velvet!

Luaren Faust Velvet concept art

So… did my attempt work? Did they like this fighting game with only 6 characters that were created by the person behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Yes. They did. Was it worth doing on my birthday? Yes it was.

ArizonaThey kept fawning over the designs, the color pallets, etc. So far, so good. They asked me to even bring it back over the next time I come over… which… wow. That’s going to suck.

Here is hoping Them’s Fightin’ Herds comes to consoles sometime soon!

Oh! Coincidentally, Kotaku had a podcast about Bayonetta as well as women in fighting games. It’s worth a listen, but maybe slightly NSFW. Okay, me mentioning Bayonetta was because I listened to their podcast right before posting this, but it was pretty good. It can be listened to here: