Sunday, What is it good for?


Yesterday, I tried to record a Gaming with Sean video with my wii, only for the disc I bought at Gamestop to be too scratched to read. I then tried to record video footage from my VCR of a comedian named Chuck Montgomery‘s act only to find out that my video capture card is having problems with you know… the capturing part of it’s feature, but realized this only after I tried two partially broken laptops after my windows 8 machine proved incompatible. Awesome. So Sunday is the day that I, personally, get to gaze at technology on the internet and wish that it could somehow get here like… by tomorrow. Which, you know… is impossible. Also, I don’t get to wear my awesome new jacket because it warmed up today.

So, what should you, my readers, do on this pointless day?

Falsely incriminate your roommate’s cat with photos of her supposed drug abuse?
PEDESTALKITTYOr you know, just create awesome photos of animals. Whatever floats your yacht!


Reddit: Tara Strong – Ask Me Anything: at 3pm, I’m assuming Central Time, Powerpuff Girls voice actress Tara Strong will be taking questions on Reddit. While currently famous for voicing Twilight Sparkle on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tara has a huge list of popular characters that she has voiced such as Riku from Final Fantasy X, Raven from Teen Titans, Ben from Ben 10, and of course Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls! Since this is less than a few hours away, maybe this should be at the top of your list?

How about you learn more about Tara first, before asking questions?

Or hey, did you know that while someone else sings the part of Twilight Sparkle on MLP, she actually is a beautiful singer herself. Here is a video from 2005 of Tara singing in both English and Hebrew!

And now to keep this post on topic for the month. Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is an amazing game for the Super Famicom. I would love to make a let’s play of it, but you know… my video capture card is broken. Anyways, here are all of the desperation attacks from the game. Watching this will kill a few minutes. Think of these as the instant kills from Guilty Gear, but they don’t finish the fight unless you are the low of health.

Capcom: Why I’m buying a new game

ImageThere are two game companies that I have made it quite clear that I will NOT buy from. One of them is Square Enix… until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, and the other is Capcom. Why Capcom? Mainly how they treat their fan base, as well as how they treat their games. Almost every game this console generation has come out with a second version. Some of these are more complete, such as Lost Planet on PS3 or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Other ones? Well… there’s the downgraded Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop on the Wii, as well as Dead Rising 2: Directors cut err… Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, which removes 2’s protagonist almost completely with it’s predecessor’s. Or hey, what about all that lovely on disc DLC on their new games, like the non-challenging, incomplete feeling, Street Fighter X Tekken?

So since every game is getting the Street Fighter 2 treatment, why buy these games that are so easily comparable as a demo for a game that’s forthcoming? Well… Resident Evil 6. The fan boy inside of me who loved 4 and 5 is going crazy with excitement. I reserved the Archives edition on Xbox 360 because the incentives are pretty great. Gamestop was offering lots of trade in bonuses. Not only am I getting the game, 3 downloadable Resident Evil games and a movie I’m not that excited about, but I’m getting a discount off of a ticket at Six Flags! Which umm… is really odd, actually.

So is everything ‘all good,’ with me and Capcom? No. I’m just a person who sees a good deal, and prays that Capcom wont get greedy with RE6, like they did with Street Fighter IV.

Game? STOP! A look at the reserve system behind America’s #1 Used video game realtor.

Gamestop has many policies that I do not agree with. One of them is how reservations are tied into their employees hours. There is no real commission, but the more reserves you get one week determines the amount of hours you get the next. This sounds like a great motivator for employees to inform customers about upcoming games. Reserving is great because there are all types of incentives such as soundtracks, exclusive DLC, posters, t-shirts, and other free items you get sometimes. Well, it’s actually mostly DLC, because it’s cheaper to not put something into a game and offer it to the people with an internet connection as a “Thank you for reserving and buying this from this place.”

Anyways, all things considered, reserving an item sounds like a great experience. But wait, what happens when something goes wrong and you have to cancel? Maybe The DLC from X place is better than what is offered at Y place, the game gets pushed back, there’s only a two week window between games, or maybe simply life happens and maybe dropping $60 every few weeks for video games isn’t your top priority anymore. Regardless… sometimes you have to cancel.

So a person walks up to the counter and asks the attractive woman  about canceling 3 out of his 4 games and putting all of the money towards the 4th game. Simple transaction, anyone should be able to do it. The attractive woman freaks out and explains that she can’t do it. Someone can, and will… but possibly in three different transactions among three different employees. She explains that due to a bad week that this transaction would kill her. The customer is then sent to the back of the line. Don’t worry though, because the Store Manager helps.

She asks you why you want to cancel and what’s changed. You explain that money is tight, the amount of games coming out is too many for the time window, and that only one pre-order bonus interests you enough to keep your reserve. She then reluctantly does most of the transaction, but you end up with a little bit left over. She then tries to get you to keep one of the three reserves. You make the snide comment about the flaws of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as well as how Capcom might release a new one in seven months. The cute girl then says that they had heard from Capcom that they weren’t going to. The customer ends up canceling only the two games, even though they explain that they will probably end up canceling the third when the time comes.

Yeah… all of that happened to me, today. Now I used to work at GameStop, so I know how things work. If I had been any other customer, I would have been appalled. The reserve system is broken. One employee can get 2 reserves, and a different employee can have those 2 reserves taken away from them later. A person could literally sabotage a GameStop employee while propelling another higher that week, all while not actually spending any real money at GameStop. If reserves should matter, than it should just be a tally for the store so corporate knows how many hours to provide. Even that though isn’t right. Employees shouldn’t have to fear doing their job. They should promote reserves, but not have to panic every time a customer cancels them. PERIOD.

So used…

Gamestop is no stranger to people being upset with them. A large part of their profit comes from used game sales that can hurt the sales of new games. This post isn’t about any of that. This post is about my personal experience at a local Gamestop in my area.

I currently took part in Gamestop’s buy 2 used games get 1 free deal they had last weekend. I purchased: Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, A Gamecube memory card, Dead Rising, Resident Evil 0, and The Bouncer. Dead Rising was in a generic case and had many scratches when I tiled it into the light, and Resident evil zero had disc 1 of Resident Evil in it. So I tried to return those. It was explained that since I got The Bouncer for free that I would have to pay for those games out of the return. So I got the $10 back for Resident Evil 0 and Dead Rising was then… reduced to $0.01. Now, the way this should have been done was this. Each game was:$9.99, $9.99, and the free game was $2.99. So the math should be before tax: $9.99+$9.99-$2.99=$16.99 refund before we multiply the 8.25% Tax. He tried to give me $10 and some change, thus ripping me off about $6 or so dollars and tried to explain that that was one of the problems with the sale. He asked what he could do to make this all right. I explained to him that he could void that transaction and that I would be coming back in to return the bouncer later. He was all ‘I can do that, and you can even buy The Bouncer again.’ I will not be buying it again. What he could have done is simply returned the three items in the transaction with the bouncer costing $0.00 and then sold me The Bouncer at $2.99 right then and there and not wasted my gas but I hadn’t considered that at the time. So now tomorrow I’m going to return all three games previously mentioned. In fact, as of this writing I might even retrun back the entire $60 or so purchase and never shop there again. Not Gamestop at this point, just that location.