Sparkling Interviewee Kittyhawk

banner_yuukiI recently got the opportunity to interview the artist of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, Kittyhawk via e-mail. Before I go into said interview, how about a little context?

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, or SGVY for short, is the second webcomic Kittyhawk created in 2002. It features the male protagonist Yuuki who is obsessed with magical girl anime and manga. One day he discovers a magical DVD that transforms him into a Valkyrie, one of Norse mythologies all female warriors.

Yuuki, as a magical girl, has to fight entities from Norse legend while under the guidance of Hermod, a messenger in Norse mythology who in the comic has taken on the form of a marmoset. I would go more in depth, but honestly… you should just read the comic! Please note though that some of the pages are a bit NSFW.

Speaking about things being NSFW, Kittyhawk also dabbles in the more erotic side of comics as well, and they are purchasable on her website. Please note that the previous link also has mostly SFW items for purchase until you click the square consenting to see the mature content. Also, not all of the comics in her store were done by her.

netsenshi_evelyn SMALL
Evelyn, a commissioned rule 63 piece of myself.

Since I am a firm believer in ethical reporting in magical gender changing Norse mythological girl web comic artist interviewing, I would like to note that I have had art commissioned by this artist before, as well as frequent her chat room from time to time. Now on to interviewing Kittyhawk!

Sean: Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is not your first web comic, The Jar is, correct? Is there anyplace that people can go to read your first one online, or is it only available in the Montrose Super Pack you sell in your store?

Kittyhawk: The Jar was my first webcomic! I started it with my brother a long time ago. The only place to read it in its entirety is through the Montrose Super Pack available at which also gives you high quality CBRs of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki for on-the-go reading.

Sean: Were there any ideas before The Jar that you ended up scrapping that got close to being made?

Kittyhawk: Oh yeah, and probably for the best. Some ideas from those ideas did filter into the Jar, like the character of Makoto, Blue Angel Jessie, and Joe.

Sean: There’s a lot in a nickname. Mine, for example, was a combination of the shortening of interNet and the Japanese word they use in Sailor Moon, Senshi for guardian, making myself an internet guardian I suppose. Your handle is Kittyhawk, which has a rich meaning of importance in United States history. Was there any specific reason you picked up this handle, such as a love of aviation or a connection to North Carolina?

Kittyhawk: Nice reference! 😀 Sadly mine really has no meaning aside from I needed a more unique username online since I was one of many in a flood of Fuu-chans, so I decided to take the name of character I was drawing at the time as a pen name. You are right that it has connection to Kitty Hawk, NC. The way it’s spelled, Kittyhawk, is due to me misspelling the city’s name when I named the character. So I don’t mind so much when it’s spelled Kitty Hawk because I’m who started it. XD

Sean: What is your favorite color?

Kittyhawk: I really don’t have one really! It changes all the time. But I would say I’m pretty partial to the blue of the ocean.

Sean: I’ve read that you spent your childhood in Japan. What age were you when that occurred, and how did that occur?

Kittyhawk: I lived in Japan for two years, when I was 6-8. My father was in the US Navy at the time and got orders to go to Yokosuka, so away we went to Japan!

Sean: Do you know Japanese? Did you when you lived there?

Kittyhawk: I know very little Japanese and kanji, super basic. My father told me that I was learning pretty fast while we lived there, but going back to America kinda ended that.

Sean: What is your favorite thing to do in Japan?

Kittyhawk: To be honest, going to a convenience store. I really love konbini. XD

Sean: What is your favorite type of food from Japan?

Kittyhawk: I think if I had to really narrow it down, yakitori, especially hearts and skin. Mmmmm…

Sean: Some might consider it really awesome to live in Japan for any length of time. What were some of the downsides to being a stranger in a strange land, as well as some of the upsides?

Kittyhawk: I think one downside is you miss people and the culture of back home, like food and celebrations. There’s no Thanksgiving in Australia or Japan after all! But, I would say after living in Japan and Australia are better experiences than living in the USA. The food is better, the lifestyles are better, and the services are better. Though, there is no Waffle House, so there are trade offs.

Sean: Two influences that I’ve seen cited for you is the animator Tex Avery and the female manga artists from CLAMP. Which characters or series from those are your favorite?

Kittyhawk: I would say Red and the Wolf are my favorites from Tex Avery, and from CLAMP, the Duklyon.

Sean: Are you more of a Marvel girl, or a DC girl when it comes to Western comics, and has that translated into which comic book movies you watch?

Kittyhawk: I’m more of a Marvel girl, though I have been more of DC fangirl at times. Though, Marvel has a special place in my heart for being less hoity-toity and more about making bucks, more so in the past I’d say. I watch pretty much every superhero movie. With Marvel, I go because they’re entertaining and fun. With DC, I go because it’s entertaining to watch failure.

Sean: Do you preffer manga or anime?

Kittyhawk: I prefer manga because I can read it pretty fast. Anime requires sitting down and having to wait for the words to come out of their mouth, but I do watch when I got time.

Sean: Not that it really matters in this modern age, but were/are you a fan of subs or dubs?

cowboy bebop faye edward
Cowboy Bebop

Kittyhawk: Hahaha, the eternal question! Subs of course, unless it’s certain series where the dub is better, like Cowboy Bebop.

Sean: Back in the long long ago, did you ever do any of that whole VHS fansub swapping?

Kittyhawk: Oh no, I lived in a rural area where that was not possible. Though eventually there was a comic shop with bootlegs.

Sean: What comics do you personally read?

Kittyhawk: Too many!! Mostly manga I will admit. Off the top of my head, some of my favorite series are Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction, Shokugeki no Soma, Ooku, A Trail of Blood, and Land of the Lustrous.

Sean: What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Kittyhawk: Currently my favorite dinosaur is Heterodontosaurus and its kin. This will most likely change tomorrow. XD

The Colors of Love, a commissioned piece

Sean: As someone who is bisexual have you had to deal with erasure or upset fans who find out that you have a husband?

Kittyhawk: Erasure, not really? I don’t think so. And yes, I have had jealous fans. Sorry, y’all! I took Trevor off the market and he’s MINE.

Sean: Has anyone ever asked you to draw something that you were uncomfortable drawing? If so, what was it if you don’t mind me asking.

Kittyhawk: Oh yeah. And no, I try not to shame people. I want them to feel comfortable. Sorry for not sharing. ^_^;;

Sean: What is your favorite thing to draw?

Kittyhawk: Women. Butts down.

Sean: You draw some even sexier things than SGVY. Since it seems every time you turn around there is a story about harassment online, have you had to deal with any fans that were out of line, or extremely rude in the past?

Kittyhawk: Yes, but it’s never escalated or anything. We’ve either worked it out or just let it go. I understand that sometimes something wrong is said or someone is emotional. I know I’m not a saint either.

Sean: Who do you think are some of the sexiest cartoon characters of all time, and do you like to draw any of them?

Kittyhawk: The Baroness, Zero Two, Honey and Dandy from Space Dandy, All Might, Andromeda Shun, Sailor Uranus, Kamina, Victor, Red… I could go on. And yes! XD

Sean: Which of your characters is your favorite, and are they your favorite to draw?

Kittyhawk: I think my favorite character I’ve created is the King from Useless King, and not really. I think my favorite of my characters to draw is Yuuki honestly.

Sean: What hardware and software do you currently use to draw?

Kittyhawk: Currently to draw I use an iPad Pro (1st gen) with Apple Pencil with Procreate. I highly recommend it. Best inking ever.

Sean: What is your favorite art medium?

20180421_bondi_bando_surfKittyhawk: Digital. I have always hated, even before digital was readily available, traditional media. I used it because I had to, but once I was able to start using a computer, I started to abandon traditional as much as I could. Nowadays, I use no traditional mediums at all and haven’t for the last 4 years. My favorite way to paint digitally is with the airbrush tool or reductively take away shadows using the eraser.

Sean: SGVY is a gender bent magical girl romp through modern day with Norse Mythology about. Are you a big fan of gender bending in comics, movies, etc.? If so, what are some of your favorites in said genre?

Prunus Girl

Kittyhawk: I would say so! I’ve always had an attraction to gender bender media. I would say Ranma 1/2 and Prunus Girl are two I can think of off the top of my head.

Sean: Do you know where SGVY is ultimately going, how long it will take to get there, and will there ever be an end to Yuuki’s adventures?

Kittyhawk: Yup, I do. I’m currently working out how it will go from here, but there has been a clear ending since the beginning. It’s gonna be magical girl spectacular. 😀

Sean: Thus far, SGVY has been set in Norse mythology. Is that one your favorite? If so, do you have a second favorite? Also, would you ever consider mixing mythologies in SGVY.

Kittyhawk: I think my favorite mythology is Norse, followed by Sumerian. I don’t think I’ll ever mix the mythologies because it might get confusing. Though a lot of the Norse gods have equivalents, whether through coincidence or descent of idea, in other mythologies, so I guess there is a mix in that sense. That does make it easier to explain why Norse is prevalent I guess!

Sean: What is your favorite legend out of mythology, and why?

Kittyhawk: The Lokasenna, because it shows how law and respect can breakdown.

Sean: Favorite mythological monster?

Kittyhawk: Probably Jörmungandr, the world serpent.

Sean: You have been a guest at conventions before. When you are, do you ever take part in any panels, and if so, what kind of panels have you done?

Kittyhawk: I have done panels! Mostly panels directly related to comics, like art tips, how to write, how to create characters, etc. Though I have been on awesome panels like The Anatomy of Dragons. 😀

Sean: Do you cosplay regularly at conventions?

Kittyhawk: Haha, not really. I have though. I’m just not good at it I think. XD

Sean: You live in Australia right now, but are an American, correct? Do you believe that you will live in Australia for the foreseable future, or do you believe that you will one day end up back here in The United States, or hey… somewhere else even?

Kittyhawk: I’m gonna stay right here with my possums, bush turkeys, and multitudes of parrots for now. 😀

Sean: What is something that people do not know about you that you think they should?

Kittyhawk: I was the biggest provider of length in three capitol cities in Noby Noby Boy.

Sean: Where can people find your art outside of your webcomics?

card_squeeze_frontKittyhawk: is the place to go! See all my art, games, and other comics there! 😀

Sean: Are you regularly open for art commissions, and if so, how is the best way for people to get a hold of you to set one up? Are there any set prices for said commissions?

Kittyhawk: I do commissions, yes! The best way to get one is to email me at and let me know what you want. I’ll let you know if I’m taking commissions at that point or when I’ll be taking them next. I don’t have prices online, but I can tell you based on what your commission is, like number of figures, whether it’s a sketch or color illustration, detail, etc. Just ask and I’ll let you know! 😀

Thank you so much for interviewing me! I had fun answering the questions, and I hope everyone had fun reading them! ^_^

Kittyhawk GBDNATE Zara

Kittyhawk Is a really fun and creative person. How fun? So fun I forgot to mention that she made a cameo in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, which was co-created by Lachlan Snell that I interviewed here!

How creative? In recent years she’s started making games… that I never mentioned about because… because. 😦

Interviewing Kittyhawk was an enjoyable thing to do, and I hope to bring similar content to this blog this year, hopefully sometime very soon.

Patton Oswalt is an amazing father

If my father had to have a discussion with someone in 1991 about Captain Planet, he wouldn’t be able to show the passion that Patton Oswalt shows in explaining his six year old daughter’s favorite cartoon, My Little Pony.

Why did I pick Captain Planet? I could have gone with Voltron, or something. Captain Planet was about a bunch of kids preventing people in industries, such as the Oil industry which my father was in at the time, from succeeding in life. He let me watch a show that, essentially, made him out to look like a villain. HUH!

Super_Mario_Bros_2Do you know what my father did do though? He got me and my siblings into Super Mario Bros., and he played it with us. Yep. He succeeded where you failed as a father, Patton! TAKE THAT!

Still though, kudos for not being the football dad of Star Wars.

I don’t answer questions

This is probably one of the most important things that people mess up on when it comes to the law.

I myself, answered questions that a principal asked me in high school, and due to me being honest due to them mistakenly telling me that if I was honest no trouble would fall upon me, I spent a night in juvenile hall in 10th grade. Yeah.

Remember also, do not lie to the police, just plead the fifth amendment.I got this video from this article over on

Can men be feminists?

StephenSarkeesianStephen Colbert asked Anita Sarkeesian an interesting question, that many might consider a silly throw away one. The dialogue goes:

Colbert: “As a man, am I allowed to be a feminist?”

Sarkeesian: “Do you believe that women should have equal rights to men?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “And that we should fight for those rights?”

Colbert: “Sure.”

Sarkeesian: “Great. Then you’re a feminist.”

So, Stephen Colbert is a feminist, I can be a feminist, it’s fine. I am, however reminded of Youtuber boogie2988 stating that what he believes to be feminism is humanism, where everyone is treated equal regardless of race, sex, etc.

What I, personally, believe to be feminism is the same, but I would use the word egalitarianism, or sometimes written as equalitarianism… which is a more understandable spelling, but sets off the red squigglies in some spellcheckers.

What I have learned while working my career in retail, is that people are terrible, and more importantly… we are terrible to each other. It’s very sad. As a feminist, I want equal pay for women, as a… civil rights activits(?) I want equal protection for Black people and members of the LBGT…A….Q…. umm… I think S got in there some how…. whatever. I’m going to go with the term egalitarian, because that term takes away sex, and race and gets back to the same underlying theme of equality.

Btw: how stoked does Anita Sakeesian look next to Stephen Colbert? That’s the same smile I would have next to this man!

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme – Interview with Lachlan Snell

genderWhile not knowing exactly how ‘extreme’ the visual novel, Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, is going to be, the internet has taken notice. In less than 24 hours of posting their indiegogo page, the two man team of David Kerr (Canadian) and Lachlan Snell (Australian) had already more than made it’s modest $5,000 goal, and was already well into stretch goal territory. Now with only 6 days left on their game, C$23,705 raised thus far, and almost every single stretch goal met, this game has the potential to be not just the first ever crowd funded game of it’s type, but also one of the best.

The two did extensive research on forums trying to find out exactly what people wanted out of their traditional gender change manga, anime, and games.

“Surprisingly, we found that a lot of people didn’t like the traditional TG story set up with the clueless main character, so we tried to write a TG story where the characters acted believably, and not like complete idiots.” – Lachlan Snell (co-writer/ programmer)

The team is made up of: David who came up with the original concept, the title, as well as the art, and Lachlan  who also works on the script and programming. It was also pointed out to me during an interview with Lachlan, that “a member from Farhads* going by the name ‘Nukei’ wrote the Rei and the 7th Character routes as well, because we thought bringing on another writer would add a lot of diversity to the game, and Nukei was really good at writing a traditional style VN, so it was a perfect match for the Rei route.”‘

I got to do a full interview with Lachlan via direct messaging him on TGcomics’s* forum.


Sean: You recently showed the first male love interest, and had previously shown 4 female interests. Will the characters be able to end up with anyone, or will it be a much narrower choice?

Lachlan: It’s going to be fairly narrow, at least for most characters. The love interests are specific to each character, e.g. Yael is the only one who can end up with Winter, Rei is the only one who can end up with Andrew, etc etc. However, it’s not like this with all the characters. For example Dan/Din can end up with one of three different people.

Sean: Speaking about love interests, will any of these new girls ultimately be able to date each other?

Lachlan: Two of the characters might end up dating… Shh…

Sean: An 8th playable character has been added thanks to a backer. Will all of the original assets be used for them, i.e. backgrounds, love interests, etc, OR will there be new things added such as a love interest for them?

Lachlan: There’s actually going to be 6 additional characters thanks to backers, 1 from the stretch goal and the other 5 from $2500 mega backers. These character’s stories are still set in the same town, so there will be some old assets used, we’re really trying to make it so all the stories feel interconnected, but for the most part they’ll feature entirely new locations and love interests.

X-change Alternative 2... which still has not been translated.
X Change Alternative 2… which still has not been translated.

Sean: It’s easy to compare this game with the X Change series, but how does it differ from other gender change visual novels?

Lachlan: X Change always felt like a bit of a missed opportunity. The main character would be turned into a girl, but then the story would focus entirely on sex and more often than not rape. Having an adult story would be perfectly fine if it focused on the relationships, but it doesn’t. It’s not very realistic and although I did like X Change Alternative, I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

The biggest difference GBDNATE will have to X Change is that the reactions will feel more realistic, from both the TG’d characters and other people. There will still be adult scenes, but they’re going to come into the game at a realistic pace, rather than introducing a magic rape bus for the sole reason of having a sex scene.

Sean: Will there be graphic sex scenes in this game, or are you shooting for more of a Pegi-13 rating?

Lachlan: There will be adult scenes, but it won’t be graphic. I don’t think we’d be PEGI-13 because there is nudity and some other more adult scenes, but it’s not going to be on the same level as the X-Change series. And personally I think that’s for the better.

Sean: Are you taken aback by how successful the crowd funding has been, and knowing that your game has already gained such an audience is there added pressure now?

Lachlan: Taken aback? Absolutely. We had about 100 sketches ready before we launched the indiegogo so that if we didn’t hit 2k we’d at least be able to release something. Going in, we thought we had a 50/50 chance to hit the 5k goal, and even then it was a stretch. But hitting 20k, and it’s still rising? It’s insanity, and I still can’t believe it’s happened.

As for the pressure, I’m actually feeling better now we have more assets to work with. The stories are going to be longer and have more choices and endings, so I think that people will be happier with the amount of content. I’ve got a lot of writing ahead of me, and DK has a lot of art to do, but being able to work on something this big is really exciting. So I am a bit nervous, but I’m really enjoying it too.

Yuuki from SGVY

I’d like to thank Lachlan for the interview. I would also like to note, that it has been mentioned on forums as well as’s facebook feed that characters from the webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki will be making cameos in the game.

I personally made sure to donate early on, and I know I can’t wait to play the finished product.

*above links are not suitable for work, and are intended for people over the age of 18!!


kaylyn soupKaylyn Dicksion, or more well known, MarzGurl, has been around both the anime convention scene, and even longer somehow, internet scene for quite some time. She formerly made videos from her trips to conventions, some of which featured yours truly doing some awesome things at my events such as The Pose Off. I highly suggest watching those videos, as they are entertaining… and hey, you get to see Kaylyn pose around awesomely in some of them!

She now does videos on the popular website That Guy With The Glasses, mainly under their category of ‘inked reality.’ Those videos range from anime news editorials, vlogs, and reviews… and yes, I’ve been in one or two of her videos over there as well.

Seeing as she is a friend of mine, I took the opportunity to interview her at IKKiCon.

Sean: You’ve posted your convention schedule for next year on your blog. What other types of events would you like to pursue in the future?

Kaylyn: There is a number of events that have happened repeatedly that I would like to go to including: Otakon, Acen, both of which are, of course, anime cons, so they are very similar to cons I’ve done before. I would like to do more gaming cons. Maybe something like Gen Con or Dragon Con perhaps, with a broader sense of different fandoms, and different kinds of gaming.

Sean: I see.

Chunky's4horseSean: We took the 4 horseman challenge together, would you ever watch a stranger or one of your friends submit themselves before it?

Kaylyn: I would watch them do it, but I would never do it myself again. It’s not that if I had the chance to do it over again I wouldn’t , because that I’m glad that I did it, but I never need to do it again.

Sean: Agreed. My roommates are all like ‘We should do that!’ I’m all… Err… no.

Kaylyn: I would suggest that you don’t, but if you really want to then, you know, all the power to you and I’ll watch, and I’ll laugh, but I wasn’t laughing but in retrospect it was funny.

Sean: It was.

Sean: You’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of your idols, who would you like to see next?

Kaylyn: One of two people. Either Jim Cummings, or Don Bluth, for two different reasons. One for voice acting reasons, the other just as an animator, I totally respect him.

Sean: If you had to cosplay as an American comic book character, who would you cosplay as and why?

Kaylyn: That is a hard question, because I only read so many comics, and have read so many comics.

Sean: It can be another form of American medium.

wonder-woman-dvd1Kaylyn: Um… there was a recent animated portrayal of Wonder Woman, i think it was just called Wonder Woman.

Sean: Yes, I’m familiar with it

Kaylyn: It portrayed her in a way that I really respected. A lot of, usually, not every time but most of the ways that Wonder Woman typically is portrayed… I rather like her. I can see myself, perhaps, dressing up as Wonder Woman.

Sean: Off topic, but did you know that one of the persons in charge of the animation was a huge fan of Sailor Moon, and that’s why she kept throwing her headband?

Kaylyn: Really?

Sean: Yes, they were all like “we used it a few times more than we expected,” and she answered “Oh, it’s because I love Sailor Moon.”

Kaylyn: That is a great answer. I approve of that answer.

KaylynSean: You are pretty active on formspring. According to them, you are a girl who happens to have the female anatomy. On a scale of 1-10, how annoying is it that they keep bringing that up, 1 being amusing and 10 being super annoying.

Kaylyn: It’s, a little annoying. On a scale of 1-10, it’s about a 5 or a 6. Somewhere in-between a 5 or a 6, just because yes, there are people who keep bringing it up in a tasteless way, and then there are also people who ask me about it who are genuinely curious about [it]. DO YOU GET ANNOYED WITH IT? Yes, it happens. Those people I’m ok with asking me about that, but then you still get the jerks.

Sean: Are there any shows that have either ended, or have been canceled that you wish would be brought back?


Kaylyn: Megas XLR, in specific. totally. It’s run was totally too short. Too too short. It was probably was due to being at a weird time… somewhere between kids hour and adult hour. Most likely, I’d be willing to bet that that was why.

Sean: Are you a fan of Jim Henson, as well as The Muppet’s?

Kaylyn: YES! Absolutely. Saw the new muppets movie last year, and it was great! Great throw back to the originals and when they did Rainbow connection, I legitimately cried. Fantastic! I also watched an old Jim Henson Christmas Carol this last year. Jim Henson himself walks out, for just a minute, and Ah! it was just perfect. Every… Fraggle Rock was there, and Seasame Street was there, and all of the Muppets were there… all in one place. It was perfect.

Kaylyn and her friend Greg posing in Namja Town
Kaylyn and her friend Greg posing in Namja Town

Sean: You’ve been to Japan a few times, as well as England and Canada. That’s a lot of traveling in a short amount of time. If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?

Kaylyn: Maybe one of two countries. Maybe just a few cities in India, and I have found myself recently interested in Indian culture from time to time… And South Korea. South Korea seems pretty cool, and I would love to take their rail system and go to their theme parks because you know Eli. He lived in Korea for a little while and loved to brag about how awesome Korea was. I’d love to experience that for myself. I have other friends who are teaching English over there too, so that would be cool.

Sean: I see.

Sean: Do you have any future cosplay plans that you care to share?

Kaylyn: Out of commitment to other people who are doing stuff from the same thing, I’m planning on doing Lucca from Go Kaiger… the yellow ranger.. as well as I’ve always dreamed of another Lucca, from Chrono Trigger. I always wanted to do it, but the helmet always eluded me.

Sean: I really enjoyed the one time you interviewed me for your radio program you used to do on the internet. Are there any chances that you will do another podcast in the future, perhaps?

Kaylyn: I’m highly considering that between me and Josh Knight The First. We were talking about regularly just talking about nerd related things that we talk to each other about anyways, and we would limit it to an hour and occasionally having people call in and talking to us about it. We thought that that might be fun. We don’t know when that would take off… but we have talked about it.

Ask_That_GuySean: What’s it like being a part of That Guy With The Glasses, and can you compare it to anything else?

Kaylyn: It’s strange because all of the fellow producers are so spread out over the world, mostly across the country, but also all over the world. Us all coming together for one week every year is very fun. It’s fun to get together at MagFest also. It’s a little weird too because not everyone can watch everyone else’s stuff because there are so many of us. Sometimes when I do crossovers with other people I don’t feel like I am being me because they want me to be funny like they are, so I’m just not me in their videos, but It’s still fun to do.

Kaylyn: I don’t know what I would compair it to. It’s not like any other real job I’ve ever done.

Sean: I see. Speaking about the other producers, what’s been your favorite crossover project.

Kaylyn: Favorite crossover project is probably with That SciFi Guy. We worked on a Titan A.E. review so he could come into it from a science fiction fan’s perspective  and I would come at it from a Don Bluth animation fan perspective. Two different opinions on these Two different subjects to come together and make one new piece of material. It was both funny and informative. I liked that.

Sean: Are there any upcoming projects that you’d like to plug or elaborate on?

Kaylyn: I’m going to hopefully pump out my Final Fantasy XIII series which at the same time is happening alongside Spoony’s Final Fantasy XIII series. Both of our reviews are starkly different from one another, so I would actually encourage people to watch both. His too, cause I think his is hilarious. If you have not played a Final Fantasy, I think you can still enjoy mine for being as informative as it is

swagSean: You are the co-con chair of SWAG EXPO, congratulations first off. What is that like thus far?

Kaylyn: First off, thank you very much. So far it’s a lot more work than the work I’ve done in any capacity for other events, because I’ve been part of other conventions in almost every way imaginable. From guest, to volunteer staff, to journalist, I’ve seen the full gambit of things, but I’ve never actually done the leg work to get the hotel to give us the okay, or make people know that we even exist.

Kaylyn: You have to talk to a lot of people, and I have to fake that I’m not nervous about it. I have always had to do that my whole life, and it’s forcing me to do it, which is probably very good for me, so I’m glad to be doing it.

Sean: So in other words, there’s going to be a lot of leg work I imagine.

Kaylyn: Absolutely. A lot of leg work, especially because this is a first time event. It’ll be our first one in two years [2015]. For a con that have been around for a few yours, you don’t have to do that much leg work anymore. You just have to keep people remembering that you exist. That’s not quite the case with us.

Sean: You’ve gone through a few different revisions of your personal attire and look for That Guy With The Glasses over the years. What is your favorite costume or uniform that you have worn either for T.G.W.T.G. or just in general. Also, have you gotten any weird reactions because of this?

marzgurl pose
Kaylyn, having fun at IKKiCON

Kaylyn: I miss the jump suit, but I’m happy to not be in the jump suit anymore. It fit kind of weird after a while.I actually am happy with the red ensemble that I have now as it’s probably the most normal and I think I look the least trashy in it, as opposed to the last two.

Kaylyn: It’s funny the reactions that I get to this outfit. They are kind of funny because you brought up the comment earlier about my formspring and questioned about me being of female anatomy body persuasion. This shirt, I don’t particularly feel is very low cut, and yet that is the first thing people want to jump to.They will suggest that I’m wearing what I’m wearing to gain hits… to gain views… which if you watch, specifically it was a comment on the first of my Final Fantasy XIII reviews, and really… maybe the guy just didn’t watch the video because I think I’m pretty knowledgeable and I had a lot to say. What I was wearing was absolutely not on my mind at the slightest. That’s strange commentary on this outfit.

Sean: I mentioned shows previously that you were upset that they had ended, but what shows are you currently watching?

Kaylyn: I’m not really watching anything. Let me think for a sec, as I’ve been trying to catch up more on games lately.

Sean: Well… then what games are you playing?

Kaylyn: Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2. I’ve been doing a lot more gunning games lately than I used to. I never used to be a first person shooter sort of person, but I dunno. I’ve really enjoyed Mass Effect 3 as an RPG, at very least. The fighting part is my least favorite part but it’s still fun.
I really am trying to think of a show I’ve been watching. I’ve somewhat watched Kamen Rider Wizard, just because I feel like I have to, a little bit, in order to understand anything that Josh ever says. I probably would not have watched it on my own accord…

Random Passer By: Good to see you Marzgurl!

Kaylyn: thank you…

Kaylyn: but I would not have normally picked the show up on my own, but I’m not necisarrily disliking it.

Sean: I see. Umm… one last question that came to me off the top of my head, for some reason, how often do you get recognized, and how normal or unusual is that for you.

art: Andrew Dickman via Deviantart

Kaylyn: Umm… In normal, every day situations, at least once a month. It’s happened when I’ve been in Wal*Mart at 2 am, and a Wal*Mart employee recognized me in the toy aisle. It’s happened at Diversions, the arcade… that seems like a pretty normal place to be recognized. I’ve been recognized at the airport, at the grocery store, so it happens. Some people look at me like “Oh… I think I came off as weird, and I think that might have really made her nervous ” and that’s not really necessarily the case. It’s more often… that I’m so… I’ve come from a background where nobody noticed that I existed ever at all and then suddenly over these last couple of years, I’ve gained notoriety. I don’t want to say fame, but I’d say notoriety  And then people recognize me almost constantly at some cons, like at Mag Fest I can’t walk 5 feet without being stopped, and it’s a bizarre feeling for me, because so often I’m so used to nobody even realizing that I’m alive and even though it’s been a couple of years that people have started doing this now, it still feels like it hasn’t fully sunk in.

Sean: I see. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Kaylyn: Thank you, sir!