Ghost in The Shell Reviews

I’ve decided not to watch Ghost in The Shell right away. Trying to punish Hollywood’s casting of Scarlett Johansson instead of a Japanese woman would be lost on them at this point to not watch this movie out of spite. Their take away would be either Manga/Anime doesn’t translate to film or that Scarlett Johansson has lost her box office appeal… so what’s the point? I’ll watch it in a few weeks when my money isn’t as important to them. Maybe. So here is a positive and negative review from youtubers that I like. Be warned, the second one has HUGE spoilers.

Chris Stuckmann – Ghost in the Shell – Movie Review

Alachia Queen – Ghost in the Shell | Movie Review (Non Spoilers + Spoilers)

Jeremy Jahns – Ghost In The Shell – Movie Review

ScreenJunkies News – Ghost In The Shell Review

I was going to say some stuff here about how I might be okay about the white washing of The Major if they took it into this or that area story wise, but after watching those reviews… yeah, I’ve got nothing.

Ghostbusters comes out today.

Ghostbusters comes out, technically on Friday, which means Thursday at probably 7, people can choose to either watch or not watch this reboot of the 1984 movie. Will it be good, or will it suck? Celebrities have said that the movie is good, while reviewers on YouTube have painted another picture. Some reviewers were embargoed until opening day, while some who saw it were not. I tend to believe the YouTubeers on this one, but what really made me say “Hey, this movie probably sucks,” was webcomic creator Kittyhawk’s tweet:


Here are a couple of reviews that I saw online from YouTubers:

Kevin Smith seemed to like the movie.

Lauren Faust, the woman who adapted the latest version of My Little Pony, retweeted this postfrom @Roonaymara of girls dressed from movies with the stars from said movies.


One of my largest fears, is that the character Patty will be treated like similarly to Winston, as she is African American and a non-scientist.


A lot of the publicity shots and posters have her off to the side or in the background. What’s weird is that the Japanese poster, which has some bad lighting on her, is one of the few pics of her properly lined up with her caucasian co-stars.


If this movie fails, no one really wins. If this movie succeeds, maybe these little girls win? I can’t help but think that little girls deserve better the best. For their sake, I hope that this movie isn’t one step forward and two steps back.

I’m not going to watch this movie in theaters, what everyone else does is their own business.


Whiskey-Tango-FoxtrotWTF indeed. I finally watched a movie with Tina Fey in it, and seeing as it’s Waifu Wednesday, I thought that I would talk about the movie a little bit, seeing as I am also coming off of re-watching every single episode of 30 Rock as well.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’s poster might make you think that it’s a comedy, especially seeing as it stars Tina Fey, the poster is brightly lit, and produced by Lorne Michaels, but it is not.

I feel like watching this movie right around July 4th was the right decision, as it takes place mostly during the war in Afghanistan. It follows Kim Barker, the real world reporter that Fey portrays in the movie, as she becomes a foreign news correspondent during the period when The United States public/media shifted their focus to the war in Iraq.

At times I was worried that I was watching Lost in Translation as WTF feels a little slow paced, but seeing as it is based on real events that Kim Barker turned into her book, The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that is to be expected.

I recommend watching this movie at least once. At the very least, it will remind you of the freedoms we so often take for granted, and possibly remind you of the danger that reporters put themselves in on a daily basis.

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men_-_ApocalypseCan Marvel please have the rights back to X-Men or can Fox just re-boot the re-boot? Seriously, salt the earth already. This movie was somehow better than X-Men 3, despite X-3 being a more X-Men like thing. This movie, however, is still better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine though.

Coming off of X-Men: Day’s of Future Past and the phenomenal Deadpool movie, X-Men Apocalypse does the typical X-Men thing. Let’s throw characters in for no reason and never expand on who they are other than showing them being all flashy!

Everything was kind of a mess, scenes went on for too long, some could have been skipped, the story told was terrible, the use of the horseman was terrible for every single one, and some characters were just kind of there.

Psylocke was really only Psylocke in body only… which you know, is funny because in the comics that isn’t even her body. Angel, who never was called Archangel in this movie, seemed nothing like his comic book or previous movie incarnations. These two are largely known as being romantic, but that wasn’t played with at all. They were wasted, and likely only used so they trailer would be awesome.

Storm constantly played second fiddle to Magneto. She threw lightning and flew, but that was about it. She is one of the most powerful characters in the universe when let loose, but there was nothing done with her hurricane winds, tidal waves, or blizzards. She literally can send us back to the ice age if her powers were fully unlocked, but where was that? Where is her claustrophobia?

The only one of the four horsemen that actually made sense and was fleshed out was Magneto, and I could have personally done without it. The script fell into old tropes that would make Anita Sarkeesian cringe when it came to his motivations.

I could go on about how Jubilee was barely in the movie, or how things were made too convenient for setting up future movies, or how everytime I saw something from the trailers I was constantly underwhelmed, but no. Let’s shut this down right now. Bryan Singer just doesn’t get X-Men anymore, or at the very least can’t make a large cataclysmic superhero movie like this.

Apocalypse_XMEThe 1990’s cartoon, Wolverine and The X-Men, and X-Men Evolution did everything this movie attempted much better and your money would be better spent buying episodes from one of those on VUDU.

X-Men: Apocalypse does not get a failing grade or even a D. It’s a solid C, and that’s the best I can give this franchise that might need to start over from scratch with a smaller budget.