How is Steve Trevor back???

Wonder Woman 1984 pictures have been coming out, and Steve Trevor has been seen standing next to Princess Diana… and people are just wondering how and why?


Greek Mythology is my head canon. We have seen in shows such as Hercules and Xena where the hero goes to Tarturus and sees their fallen beloved… well… Wonder Woman is in that universe as well. Steve Trevor did die because of The God of War‘s shenanigans…

I think it would be romantic as hell for Princess Diana of Themyscira to go to Hell and back for her fallen comrad. Or hey… maybe Steve was granted a 24-hour pass… who knows.


The Little Mermaid

It’s a Happy MerMonday because someone has beaten Disney to the punch of making a live action Little Mermaid movie, and it comes out in August!

This movie doesn’t seem to be about the classic story, but it looks really interesting!

I’m not mad Jessie, just disappointed.

JessicaJonesS2_Horizontal-Bathroom_RGB-2000x812I felt like every episode of Jessica Jones took 3 times as long as they were. While things certainly happened, I just felt like it could have been much much shorter. Season One was so good, and season two just feels really flat. A lot of things happened in the show, and maybe it is all a stepping stone for whatever happens in season 3, but gah… I wont re-watch this season. On the plus side, the show was still better than Defenders and Iron Fist… that’s something, right?

patsy walkerI think season 3 will be much better. Part of me wants season 3 to just be called Hell Cat though, because Patsy Walker was a character/hero in Marvel way before Jessica Jones was. Things are sort of like if Nightwing got a movie before Batman, ya know?

That would have been amazing.

34 movies from my 33 years of life

So apparently when your birthday is this early in the year, it is really easy to come up with 34 movies for 33 years of live when you account for one movie per year. Below is 34 movies for each year of the calendar I was alive in. They are not my favorites, just the first ones that came to my mind per year.

littlenemo1985 Back To The Future (It came out in July, so it counts)

1986 Short Circuit

1987 Robocop

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

1989 Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland

1990 Robot Jocks

1991 What about Bob?
what about bob
1992 Ferngully

1993 Last Action Hero

1994 The Lion King

1995 Pocahontas

1996 Aladdin and the King of Thieves

1997 Gattaca

1998 Ranma ½ The Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine (DVD) 1999 (VHS) Japan (1992)
Ranma nihao my concubine
1999 Pokemon The First Movie

2000 Sailor Moon S (DVD) 2017 (ViZ) (1994)

2001 A Knight’s Tale

2002 Spider-Man

2003 Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)

2004 Terminal
the terminal
2005 Batman Begins

2006 Superman Returns

2007 Enchanted

2008 Iron Man

2009 Monsters vs. Aliens

2010 True Grit
2011 The Adjustment Bureau

2012 The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) Japan (2010)

2013 The Wolverine

2014 The Lego Movie

2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron

2016 Zootopia
2017 Logan

2018 Black Panther

WAIT! Some of those anime movies came out in Japan much earlier than I reported… well… they came to North America then… so cut me some slack? It is my birthday after all.

What does Death mean in The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

On May 4th Avengers Infinity War becomes a reality, and for at least 10 years, we have been focusing on those damn infinity gems. Where are they, which one is which, and who currently has them? Also, how prepared will Earth be? Will we see S.W.O.R.D.? How hard core will Thanos be?

Thanos and Death MARVELMy question after Black Panther, however, is not on Thanos or the infinity gems so much, but more on what all of this was about to begin with, for Thanos at least. His number one motivation in the comic? To impress a woman… The Woman. Death herself.

Will the story start off with Thanos killing a bunch of people with the Infinity Gauntlet only for Death to not be impressed? Will Thanos then have to fight for her affection his self? And since this is the woman who basically has the mantle most commonly refereed to as The Grimm Reaper… will that come into play at all?

Red Skull Cosmic CubeI’m sorry. I’m beating around the bush. Red Skull is either dead or just M.I.A. since Captain America: The First Avenger.  In Avengers, Agent Coulson dies but comes back in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. resurrected. Will either of these characters play a role?

quicksilver age of ultronQuicksilver was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron after he gets spoilers heroically while spoilers spoilers out of the way of the spoilers. I had thought that he was going to return during Thor Ragnarok in Valhalla, but maybe he comes back during this movie, possibly as a bad guy zombie character or something.

Ronan The AccuserRonan The Accuser from Guardians of The Galaxy? Who cares. I would literally rather see Luke Cage’s wife come back to life than Ronan The Accuser. The Purple Man? More interesting of a character than Ronan… but let’s get real… outside of some cameos here and there… none of the TV characters are showing up…

Peggy_Carter…unless it’s Agent Peggy Carter. They made it a point to have Peggy pass away during Captain America: Civil War, but before that, Peggy appeared in a vision to Captain America thanks to Scarlet Witch’s… hex… powers? Seriously… I have no idea what Scarlet Witch can do in this universe. Telekinesis and telepathy? Anyways, that happened in Age of Ultron when everyone was having plot points revealed to them as hallucinations.

Maybe Hella will come back. She is the goddess of death, while not death herself, right?

In that next big movie, Civil War, Tony Stark had to deal with the fact that Bucky, as The Winter Soldier, murderd Tony’s mother and father on the side of the road.

Black panther movieWill Cap see a vision of Peggy? Scarlet Witch see her brother Quicksilver? Tony see his mother and father? Will Bucky be haunted by them and his other victims from his Winter Soldier days? Will Drax see his wife again? Star Lord his mother? Most importantly though, will T’challa see his spoilers again? Will he have to fight spoilers all over again?

For a movie universe that supposedly doesn’t kill a lot of people, there certainly has been a little bit of a toll recently.. and…

oh my god!


*gasps for air*

death and thanosOr, you know… whatever.

I just hope that Marvel does not just push aside Death. She is a strong independent woman who needs no Thanos and she deserves to be seen, felt, and above all else… feared.