Venom ranks weirdly for me…

venom and batmanvsupermanIn English class, I remember laughing at the idea of self plagiarism, and then I googled ‘Is Venom better or worse than Batman v. Superman’ and learned the beauty of… I guess… cross posting entire articles on different sites? What I mean is… Brian Hadsell gets around a lot.

So, I finally watched Venom, the same day that I watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse for the second time… and I was left unimpressed, confused, and wondering which comic book movies Venom beats out.

superman venomFirst three Google searches are the same article claiming that Venom is worse than Batman v. Superman. I made it through 2hr 20 minutes of Venom though, but couldn’t make it through the 3hr 3 minutes of Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice. So… where are is this movie for me then?

Blade trilogy>Spawn>Spider-Man 3>Venom>X-Men 3>Batman V. Superman eh… playing this game isn’t very fun.

Despite how meh Venom is, I feel like it’s a movie that can just be on, and you can chat through the bad boring bits and then you go ‘Ooo, bad cgi fight scene’ and just have it in the background during a party.

Stupid, kind of fun, but ultimately a step back for comic book movies in general. I hear it did well in China, so I guess we will get a sequel? I hope it’s better than the first movie.



Do I detect some protest?

happydeadpool1Fuck it. I guess I’m going to have to protest yet another Ryan Reynolds movie? Jezebel thinks we need to bring up how terrible of an idea inserting Ryan Reynolds into the body of a Pikachu really is, this Thanksgiving.

Hatred for Ryan Reynolds? Anger that a man took away the female voice that Pikachu has already had in the anime?

Dee La Beau as Pikachu

I just… don’t see why they are hating on Detective Pikachu. I asked some Pikachu about their thoughts on the issue, and this is what some of them had to say:

Pika Pi… Pikachu pika pi… pik pika… CHU!!!!!

Chu Chu pika pi!

Pi Pi chu pika!

So there you have it. The outrage is apparently real. Pikachu’s are upset, and just not going to take it anymore. Oh, women too? Who knows. I am probably going to be bringing back my local chapter of The Friends of Humanity just to protest Ryan Reynolds as a Pokemon. I guess.


Maybe Ghostbusters 3 is possibly about to happen?

JaninecI’m not going to hold my breath on this one, but apparently Dan Aykroyd was on Dan Rathers talking about… of course… Ghostbusters 3.


Can we not Dan? I mean, you could turn the video game into a movie.. I’m for that, but Bill Murry signing back on after that last movie… and no Harold Ramis… I just don’t know if the world want another live action Ghostbusters, or you dangling one in front of us. How about a new project in the world of The Real Ghostbusters? An animated film could be fun?

Once Upon a Deadpool

happydeadpool1I have literally protested seeing Deadpool movies in the past… so why am I SO excited about the thought of re-releasing Deadpool 2 in Theater this December?

Because Disney isn’t giving us a Star War, so once again Uncle Ryan Reynolds has to drop a load in our stockings with a re-gifted Deadpool movie. God bless that man!

once-upon-a-deadpool-m4duaSo.. what is this re-issue? Well… Once Upon a Deadpool is a PG-13 edit with SOME additional story stuff thrown in, told around Christmas time to a kidnapped Fred Savage… oh, and $1 from each ticket goes to the Fuck Cancer campaign… which I guess is being re-branded as Fudge Cancer for this endeavor?

I personally believe that every R-rated movie should get this treatment. Imagine The Dark Knight re-told to a Robin in a way where… wait… that movie WAS PG-13? The Fuh? Lack of blood and no bad words was why? Okay…

December 12-24th… Once Upon a Deadpool… help people with cancer too… go do this?