Throwing back to Yesterday

I love the Beatles song and really enjoyed the movie of the same name. For this Throwback Thursday, I felt like sharing Himesh Patel’s cover of Yesterday from the film Yesterday… even though… you know… Throwback Thursday is… you know… today. Enjoy?


something in… Suede

Suede the blue hourA friend of mine, and now a former co-worker, recently introduced me to the British band The London Suede. Suede [helped] form what became known as Britpop. They were part of the big four: BlurOasisSuede and Pulp… and it pains me to say that the only one of those four that I was aware of before her, was Oasis.

I’ve heard a lot of Suede’s songs, watched their documentary, Suede – The Insatiable Ones, and yeah… I have to say that I like them a lot.

Everything Will Flow as well as Beautiful Ones are currently my favorites, but that will change as I continue to listen to them on my own!

That’s All I’ve Got To Say about The Orville!

I just finally watched the episode before last of The Orville… season 2 episode 11.

In this episode, there is a story about a phone in a time capsule, and one of the crew members uses it to make a simulation of the girl who owned the phone. Turns out the girl performs music… and she performs a cover to a song that I was not expecting… below is the full version that isn’t exactly in the show…

That’s All I’ve Got To Say from The Last Unicorn. Wow. I got misty eyed during this!

For comparison, here is the original version.

Some of the music from The Office

Steve Carell is wrong. The Office can still work today. It’s last episode aired on May 16, 2013… true, Carell wasn’t there for that… oh wait, he was, but that is only 5 years ago! Come ON!

Shows nowadays, like Steven Universe and My Little Pony have a ton of songs. Your show has songs. I know this is a silly argument for bringing the show back… but hey…. let’s revisit some of these songs!

Here’s a bonus one from Creed!

The show and the actors are all fun… if we can’t have more episodes, which canonically would make no sense, can we at least get a musical? Or some sort of spiritual successor with the same actors? Pretty Please?

The Little Mermaid 2 is about to be 18?!

On September 19th, 2000, Disney released The Little Mermaid 2.

That means that that later this month, the mermaid who began the Disney Renaissance on November 17, 1989… her daughter who was voiced by Tara Strong… that movie will be old enough to vote for The mid-term elections!

All of this is to say… *sigh* we are getting older.

Country singer Chely Wright recorded a new cover of Part of Your World for the US release’s credits, but some parts of the world received a cover from Ann Marie Boskovich

Expect more posts about The Little Mermaid as well as The Little Mermaid 2 in the upcoming weeks.