My Little Pony Movie has a teaser trailer


Patton Oswalt is an amazing father

If my father had to have a discussion with someone in 1991 about Captain Planet, he wouldn’t be able to show the passion that Patton Oswalt shows in explaining his six year old daughter’s favorite cartoon, My Little Pony.

Why did I pick Captain Planet? I could have gone with Voltron, or something. Captain Planet was about a bunch of kids preventing people in industries, such as the Oil industry which my father was in at the time, from succeeding in life. He let me watch a show that, essentially, made him out to look like a villain. HUH!

Super_Mario_Bros_2Do you know what my father did do though? He got me and my siblings into Super Mario Bros., and he played it with us. Yep. He succeeded where you failed as a father, Patton! TAKE THAT!

Still though, kudos for not being the football dad of Star Wars.

Broadway actress Lena Hall blindly reacts to her episode of MLP

Seriously, is she a make a wish kid? This episode feels like Hasbro made it specifically for her. The thing I love about this blind react of her, is that you can tell how this is the most amazing thing in her life some how. I love her happiness so much, and at the end, where she wanted Daniel Ingram to make an entire album for her character, Countess Coloratura? Or how she seems to desperately eagerly wants to come back onto the show in the future?

I’m going to call it now. Lena Hall will be in the 2017 Theatrical MLP movie. If not that, then her character will show up in the next Equestria Girls movie… or both.

Below is a comparison video someone made of the finished version next to the animatic.

Stuff? Stuff Never Changes.

mistymmWe keep getting older, but the characters we love remain the same age. It’s a terrible thing, but what is even worse, is that as we get older, somethings just seem to drop off the face of The Earth.

I’ve never seen anyone cosplay the image to the left, of Misty as a Magikarp mermaid. Heck, she appeared that way only in the manga, so few people have even seen it.


Spider-Girl? My favorite teenage character has been 15-16 since I was 13, and now I’m 30. Unlike Sailor Moon, Spider-Girl is still used in comics today, so that fact is a little awkward. At least some women still cosplay as a character that kind-of-sort-of looks like May Parker?


The thing that sucks the most about being a fan, at least to me, is when you start to see the things you loved the most start to die out. It can be not seeing anyone cosplaying as Tenchi Muyo characters anymore, or simply a younger co-worker having no idea who Speedy Gonzales is. The point that I’m trying to make is, getting old sucks.

projectakomalibucomicI wonder if my high school English teacher stopped going to Project A-Kon once there was nothing related to Project A-Ko there. Just a random thought.

Perhaps I’m just bitter that I missed Retropalooza in September.

Now that I’ve at least made all of the 80’s kids from Generation Y feel old, I’d like to remind everyone that there is going to be a Power Rangers movie and a My Little Pony(G4) movie in 2017. That’s… something to live for, right? Maybe they wont be as terrible as Jem and The Holograms? Also, Chloë Grace Moretz is going to be Ariel in the live action The Little Mermaid movie. That’s nifty too…