My roommate wants me to take my cat out for walks?

juno instagramI just… ugh… My cat is an inside cat that still has claws… and my roommate thinks that she would be happier if I walked her. I saw her literally jonesing for a bird that was on the fence outside yesterday. Like… her bottom lip quivering as she made this weird low meow.

A couple of days ago, we literally had a pit bull come up behind us, and walk with us for half a block, and he wants me to walk my baby!

I can’t even get half a block on my own street without seeing another cat… one that I’m pretty sure just gave birth to kittens so would be territorial. *sigh*


I don’t want to physically loose her, ya know? I mean this in several ways. She could run away, as she hasn’t really been outside in a year when I found her… but also… she could get hurt in a fight with another cat/dog… ya know? I’m afraid.


I am 33 years old today

wtf ranmaI am 33 today, and there is nothing that I can do about that. What I can do though is post about the things from the past that make me happy. Seeing as how I’m sort of lazy and it is… you know, MY BIRTHDAY, a lot of this stuff might be pictures.

MMPR_Mega_DragonzordI think one of the problems I have, and this isn’t just on my birthday but every day, is that I will never be as boss as The Megazord wearing the Dragonzord as a mother effing coat. Seriously, Dragon Caesar makes a cool hoodie thing. First you defeat it, then you befriend it, then you get most of yourself inside it as if it is wearing you… and before you know it, that mo fo is your coat. Nothing I will get or do on this day will top that… and it makes me so sad.

marsjupiterI’m going back to Japan in August for a trip. Okay, I’m just rambling at this point. I’m scared of the future. I thought I found a girl who I could one day marry, but… *sigh* she got back together with me for a few days, went on one more date with me, strung me along that day while I was at work via messenger, and that next day dumped me. Again. She did this after all of the hearts and X’s and O’s in the message. I guess you can never really know someone.

Jeannie_IIShe broke up with me because I’m not active, and I’m not career oriented. I took a week off from work just to be introspective and think about my life while on my vacation. *sigh* mistakes might have been made, right?

I’ll survive, as I always do. It sucks that she broke up with me on Valentine’s Day while I was stuck working in the Valentine’s Day tent… but you know… things are what they are.

So, to cheer myself up… here are some random images?

And now… one of the most over covered songs ever

luck_charms_unicorn_marshmallowNow I’m a little bummed out again. Well… Lucky Charms is replacing hourglasses with unicorns. That is something to look forward to… right? Might eat a bowl alone while watching The Last Unicorn.

34 movies from my 33 years of life

So apparently when your birthday is this early in the year, it is really easy to come up with 34 movies for 33 years of live when you account for one movie per year. Below is 34 movies for each year of the calendar I was alive in. They are not my favorites, just the first ones that came to my mind per year.

littlenemo1985 Back To The Future (It came out in July, so it counts)

1986 Short Circuit

1987 Robocop

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

1989 Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland

1990 Robot Jocks

1991 What about Bob?
what about bob
1992 Ferngully

1993 Last Action Hero

1994 The Lion King

1995 Pocahontas

1996 Aladdin and the King of Thieves

1997 Gattaca

1998 Ranma ½ The Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine (DVD) 1999 (VHS) Japan (1992)
Ranma nihao my concubine
1999 Pokemon The First Movie

2000 Sailor Moon S (DVD) 2017 (ViZ) (1994)

2001 A Knight’s Tale

2002 Spider-Man

2003 Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)

2004 Terminal
the terminal
2005 Batman Begins

2006 Superman Returns

2007 Enchanted

2008 Iron Man

2009 Monsters vs. Aliens

2010 True Grit
2011 The Adjustment Bureau

2012 The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) Japan (2010)

2013 The Wolverine

2014 The Lego Movie

2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron

2016 Zootopia
2017 Logan

2018 Black Panther

WAIT! Some of those anime movies came out in Japan much earlier than I reported… well… they came to North America then… so cut me some slack? It is my birthday after all.

Taco Bell’s Nacho fries

Today my roommate who was supposed to have no money, had money, and asked if we could go to Taco Bell. Surprised, I agreed and we went on what would become one of my most cheesiest adventures yet.

I ordered the $5 cravings deal as it’s the only way to get The Cheesy Gordita ($3.19 crunch and a medium drink ($1.89) economically… and hey, cinnamon twists ($1) plus a taco and a beefy buritto whatever that I do not care about. Well, the woman behind the counter asked me if, for free, I wanted some fries… which I of course said yes. BEHOLD!


They are a little spicy, come with queso, and would have cost… according to the receipt… $2.49! My roommate thinks that they should have cost maybe a dollar… but queso! Come on! Let’s take another look…

20180124_123634Oh yeah… are you thinking what I am thinking? This does not look nearly as good as the Loaded Fries Supreme they were trying out in 2016 that the receipt indicated they would be. Instead… they are just, I assume, seasoned fries. For a pic of the loaded fries see below, as well as a video review from Peep THIS Out!, go here:
loaded fries supreme

Now, Taco Bell did this exact same thing in the 1990’s but I do not remember how those tasted. The seasoned fries that I ate at Taco Bell? Eh… they were too lightly seasoned. I could see eating them on the $1 menu, and if we get the loaded fries as well? Sure. I’d pay $2.50 for that. All that being said, I think I would rather just have some chili cheese fries at say… the bowling alley or something, but maybe that is just me?

On September 25th, Halo 3 will be 10 years old.

18056_395529965525_159662_nIt’s time to Git Gud again. September 25 2007 was when this phenomenal game that was Halo 3 came out, and I was working at Gamestop. We did the midnight release, and yeah… the launch LAN parties we did this game are some of my favorite moments of all time. I really legitimately mean this.

aerith_from_storecraft_by_netsenshiIt hit me just moments ago that this game was about to hit this mile stone. I want to celebrate it, but I’m not really sure how? LAN party with a bunch of Xbox 360’s? Master Chief collection is cheap, so do that on Xbox Ones? I will of course do some sort of tribute to it here on my blog, and hey… maybe even make a YouTube video about it.

Anyways, it’s late so yeah… Halo 3. Gotta do something, git gud, make sure to remember. Enjoy an old comic I made using 3’s camera.


Throwback Thursday: Free Hugs

The story behind this photo is that at Ushi-con 2005, there was an area where people had signs saying outlandish things, one of the most extreme was ‘grope me I’m Mexican.’ I ran to my car, grab some lei’s from a cosplay I never finished, and made a sign giving them away for kisses. I my friend dared me to see if women would do it just for Pocky, but that happened as well. My favorite one was when a girl kissed me right in front of what I assume was her boyfriend. Awesome times.


Here is a pic from O-chibi con… which was a tiny convention a long time ago, with some friends that I will honestly never get in a room together again for many different reasons. It’s sad, because one of them was a best friend of mine from high school, on the bottom right, and well… yeah.