Why don’t we go out for a Sunday?

Today, is Sunday. A day without chicken sandwiches, but unlike most Sundays… it’s Popeye’s fault instead of just Chick-fil-a’s. How do you run out of sandwiches? Anyways, so what should we do today, on this useless day?

Continue the globe spanning search for the original voice actress and Live Action Anime Girl Apollo Smile.

Seriously… no one knows where the original voice actress for Space Channel 5’s Ulala is! Sega never found her for her new VR game, and well… what are anime fans supposed to do without her live action butt kicks?

Sega Genesis Mini
sega genesis mini
This just came out and you can play great games like Sonic The Hedgehog and Echo The Dolphin, as well as terrible games such as Tetris.

Steven Universe: The Movie
Steven Universe movie
Happily Ever after there they are. This takes place after the current season of the TV show, so make sure to watch that before the movie.

Fright Fest?
Six Flags Fright Fest. Nuff said.

Make a collage of your convention, cosplay, or just how your years been going!2015 Delta H.jpgThere is no better way to remind yourself what you have been through, who you have met, and who you have met has been arrested since that convention for keeping a woman as a prostitute.

One Piece World Seeker – Where Justice Lies
One Piece World Seeker
2nd DLC for this game just came out, so if you play this game… then hey, there you go!

My Little Pony

The show will be coming to and end next month in October. Maybe it’s finally time to catch back up so you can celebrate with all of the other Bronies?

Sonson-big-mvc2Sunday is often used as my excuse for a ‘throw away day.’ Sometimes I will make suggestions like… play this game … Marvel vs. Capcom 2, or watch this movie: Anything but X-men: Dark Phoenix, and sometimes I will even suggest a physical activity that one can possibly do: ride a bike. Well… today is the first day that I have to do anything in a week, because… well? I’ve been on vacation!

fatI have been living the life of excess, going to expensive theme parks in far off towns, buying meals in the double digits, and even watching a movie or two. Maybe I will blog about what I did during this down time, as it was not nearly as… deviant as I originally planned.

Okay… I went to see a screener of X-men, which was so bad I do not even want to write a review of it, I went to six flags only for it to rain immediately after the first ride, and I celebrated my landlord’s birthday. Also… I went to a waterpark that had too many people so we left, and later watched the interesting movie Rambo, as well as the second movie that lost the entire point of the first movie… Rambo II: Electric Boogaloo.

arielSo now I waste my time until 4:15pm to work at a job that I hate at an hour I hate. I regret not going to a video game convention, and it sucks that I wasn’t able to stream on twitch last night with my new headset due to technical reasons.

You know what… for everyone who has today as a week end, and not a weak start…  stream a classic game on twitch? Yeah… do that. Sorry for wasting your time!

Shun day Sunday

Sean Halo broCOLORIt’s Sunday. A useless and boring day that I have failed to protect people from lately… sorry for that? I’ve been busy #kicking and #standing and being barely able to walk to spending WAY too much money recently to walk more comfortably!

So… what should people do on a day where there is no Chick-fil-a to gorge on?

HalocombatevolvedcortanamasterchiefHalo! Yes… this is an easy cop-out answer. Halo: The Master Chief collection has been announced for PC, and apparently Halo Reach is coming along with… so now might be the proper time to refine those skills that at SXSW made it possible to pay the bills… for someone who is not me. I was only ever all right with Halo 3.

khIIIArielandSoraKingdom Hearts III… Okay… so just because Halo has was able to make the jump from Xbox to Xbox 360, that doesn’t mean that we should pick on Square Enix’s Disney baby for skipping from PS2 all the way to near the end of the PS4… right? Really… almost any Kingdom Hearts will do, as there were a ton of sequels that could even be better than this jumbled up non-sense that tried to tie all of the handheld spin offs into something coherent.. on second thought… maybe Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 is more worth playing at this point.

human flounder 01Work on your fanfiction! Seriously… Kingdom Hearts making a mockery of things people take seriously… such as Winnie The Pooh and the Greek demi-god Hercules, might ensure that Tetsuya Namora is going to go to hell… but not every fan fiction has to be terrible! Or maybe you are more of a fan artist who likes drawing Flounder as a girl so he can kiss all of the boys? No matter what your outlet is, let those creative, yet still derivative, juices flow! Who knows, maybe you will be the next Stephenie Meyer!

GREEN THE EFF UP! Seriously… it might be Sunday, which is the day Christians should be celebrating their lord and savior, but it’s also St. Patrick’s day… so whatever you do…

… dress accordingly.

I, personally, will be celebrating by ignoring my responsibilities, staying inside on what is also the last day of Spring Break, and watching maybe Gangs of New York… and/or Robin Hood Men in Tights… cause IRELAND! UGH!

::Cough:: Sunday ::Cough::

Today is Sunday… which seems as good of a time as any to announce my new YouTube channel Kerfuffle 226 which now has to videos public. The first one was a speed drawing but the second one, the more important one, is a video about bullies! Wait… what?

So, due to a raffle on my friend Frog 50’s patreon, who is a freelance animator, I might be having a video with some drawings from him in the near future? Fingers crossed.

pearlSo what else is there to see on this useless day? How about ALL OF STEVEN UNIVERSE BEFORE THE NEW EPISODE AIRS TOMORROW! Seriously though… “Now We’re Only Falling Apart” airs on Monday, July 2nd. Go catch up, for your own sake. I own it all on Vudu… but who knows when I will get the next episode since they do it 2 episodes at a time… that being said, I’m still re-watching ‘A Single Pale Rose.’

pinkie pie its hotIt’s hot right now. There is a heatwave all over the country, and rain wont come to where I live by mid-week. FFFfffff…. awesome. So… maybe go to the pool today vs. going out on a bike ride?

Steam Summer sale is still going on… you can buy a whole lot of games until it ends on July 5th… that’s something, right?

banner_yuukiI interviewed the creator of the web comic SGVY… you could always read that comic… in all of it’s entirety. Yep. Just avoid the outside all together everyone. Allergies are bad in my area due to Saharan dust coming in on the wind… and look… if you ::cough:: ::cough:: just can’t make it to church, work, or whatever… people will understand… right?

Riverdale Season 2, Glow Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2, New episodes of Super Girl, there is so much on Netflix to catch up on! Who needs ::cough:: the outside! Am I ::cough:: right?

Louisianime 2018, the non-review

In order to get a selfie from the very front of the audience of the cosplay contest, sometimes you have to sit at a door for hours before, and agree to take pictures during.


Still, full disclosure, this is not an un-biased review of the 10th year of Louisianime.

I’ve been to 9 years of this 10 year convention, and I will do some sort of tribute to that, but I wanted to do something that was more a tribute to this year and not the over all of this convention.

20180512_151102This convention ran pretty smoothly from what I could tell with truly no major figurative fires having to be put out, which is awesome. Once again though, reviewing any convention where your major view point is this… is pretty hard to do, especially because being from Texas means that I got there a little later than I wanted, and left a little earlier than I wanted. I need to arrive on Thursday and be okay with having to get home at around midnight instead of around 6pm… Which I haven’t been doing that in the last few years.

DSCN0428I’ve been going to conventions since 2004, and like I said… this is my 9th year of the 10th year convention, so should I rinse and repeat my excitement for a convention that I actually hold so near and dear to my heart? Nah…

I hope next year, for it’s 11th year, that they do some things really differently, and I will just leave it at that… until then… can I just say one thing?

This sure is a sexy banner. Can’t wait to see it for the next 10 years! Expect a post in the next few hours that has youtube videos and a cosplay pictures… but come on… today is Sunday… which is typically a useless day! You thought that this post was an anime convention review, but secretly it was Dio a Sunday post all along!


….Chick-fil-a is still closed.

Another useless Sunday?

Today is probably a wasted day for most… maybe you have been catching up on yardwork, homework, or even Game of Thrones. The world understands today, because it’s the day that even God herself said ‘I don’t think I want to get out of bed today’ and rested. But what if you did need some stuff to enjoy?

Sean Halo broCOLORVideo games? If you hate watching Golf, than playing through some of the campaigns of Halo in the ever improving Halo: The Master Chief Collection? It’s only $25.69 via CDKeys right now. which beats out Bestbuy‘s $29.99 for the physical release. All of the 360 Halo’s are backwards compatible with X-Box One, so if you did want to play through a game you already owned, that would be a great option as well, as the DLC for them is now free too!

VELMAINGWhat about some old school cartoons? You can try Boomerang for 7 days free, and it actually is not that expensive. Only down side to watching Atom Ant, Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Scooby-Doo and even newer stuff like Courage The Cowardly Dog and Juniper Lee is that it’s missing a lot of the cartoon network stuff you would have to get elsewhere.

Right… You could stream Reboot and a bunch of other shows for free on Shoutfactory?

No… something more interesting. I’ve got it… you can watch some mermaid art being streamed!

kittyhawk streaming flounder

I’m sorry, I meant to say that you can watch the fabulous Kittyhawk maybe streaming some interesting art of a certain blue haired mermaid that is near and dear to my heart? What sucks is that my (central time zone) Useless day Sunday is Kittyhawk’s Mer-Monday as…

aus to central

*Sigh* but hey! definitely check it out there while I am entering the 2nd hour of work today! I will try and post her sped-up video onto my blog… I don’t know how far along it will go, as her doing this today was news to me 🙂

I can almost guarantee her mermaids will be cuter and sexier than my latest attempt:
Flounder Origin 2 sketchCOLOR.png

You know what? Jumping back to videogames, Xbox 360’s Prey(2006) is Backwards Compatible since last February and since Art Bell died… you could either spend $20 on buying that on their store, spend like $5 at Gamestop for it physically, or just listen to this ‘frantic’ phone from a former worker from Area 51, or even the call above Area 51 from from his show.


My Soupy Sunday

Sunday is a great time to get some things done… as long as it’s not something that you know… closes early. Today my landlord and fixed part of the fence, before it was supposed to rain, and he, my roommate, and myself ended up going to Samurai Ramen.

Just look at this food! We went to Samurai Ramen partially because Ninja Ramen does not open until after dark, which might be fun to do on a Sunday if you also want to watch Naruto… but Samurai Ramen has a larger selection.

I then went over to Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore in order to work on my project. I really only found issue 12 and 13 of HERO, starring the distressingly bodacious and salacious Shocking Suzi!


No clue on when I will get that site up, as I am also trying to work on a new youtube channel as well that focuses on drawing. For a sneak peak at that, here is a drawing of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII from my memory:

I feel bad about not posting more last week. I will try and make more in the coming days.

What to do on a Rainy Sunday?

Kyōryū Sentai ZyurangerSleep. No, seriously, not only did I catch up on my sleep Saturday going into Sunday, but I took a couple hour nap after watching something. What did I watch? Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

Unfortunately, watching and reading makes me a little tired, so hence… you know… sleep.

Funny thing is, I was 1/2 through and the first episode of disc 6 was where there were butterflies putting everyone to sleep. Hah. Anyways, I have 5 more Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger discs to get through before I can start watching…


Gosei Sentai Dairanger… which came a day earlier than expected. *sigh* Hope everyone else did something awesome today. Oh, and btw: Tomorrow is my birthday, so expect something different than the typical mer-monday.



Today is Sunday, and while for many it is a boring and useless day, for me… I’m about to go to work. Before I started getting ready though, what was I doing to fill my time, since Chick-fil-a is closed today. Well… I’ve been doing Twitch a lot lately… which games though?

Deadrising_boxartDig Dig? Well… no. that was a terrible idea, and I got no one watching me. I think I made it to level 8 once yesterday? So what is better? Dead Rising! It is a great game for a useless Sunday… and well… it was the only one I’ve played so far that got an audience, although it was just a couple of die hard Dead Rising fans.

Now that Dead Rising is on Steam, why not stream it, right? My new motherboard/processor is doing really well streaming this game.

What other titles have I tried? Dragonball FighterZ, Pac-Man Arrangement via Pac-Man museum.

FFX-2_boxIn the coming days, I’m going to try and play some more games on twitch casually. I do not have a capture card so nothing from Nintendo right now or Sony… but it turns out that I have a bunch of Sega games that I legally own on Steam that I bought on sale via Amazon a long time ago. Maybe I should take on Phantasy Star, Sonic, or Toe Jam & Earl? Definitely not Ristar… that game is too difficult.

So, with what’s left of today, I highly suggest playing some old games, even if it isn’t streamed on Twitch. Maybe Final Fantasy X-2? But not XII.

Anyways… I have to Pants-Up™ and go to work. Later!



Superb Owl Party

FOOTBALL?!?!?!?! I’m not a fan, unfortunately. What else is there to do today… besides wake up in a few hours and go to work, for me, at least.

Animal Planet is doing their 14th annual Puppy Bowl, and this year I hear that there is a kitty half time show. Comedy Central is doing a Chapelle show marathon. Also, if you want to still watch sports to spite he NFL, The Golf channel  and CBS will be showing the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open from 1-2:45 p.m.; CBS, 3-6 p.m.

Another thing to do, and this is a throwback to 2001 when I was a kid… Bugs. vs. Daffy!

That one is great for everyone who is a big fan of Cartoon Cartoon characters as well.

Well… even if you do watch ‘The Big Game’ tomorrow, I hope everyone enjoys themselves on this useless Sunday.