C is for Corona: A Horrible Time, but Hindsight is 2020

corona virusThis is going to be the name of my timeline, yearbook, scrapbook, poem, or whatever. I’ll keep people updated on it, but I just wanted to put this name out there.

Huh… I hadn’t heard this alarm from earlier on the 13th… crazy.

Harris County Releases Emergency Broadcast Alert Urging People To Stay Home As COVID-19 Continues To Spread

BreathoftheWildFinalCoverI haven’t posted in a while, and I just wanted to make sure that people knew that I was safe and still alive. I’ve been watching Hamilton, but it isn’t exactly the Tiger King craze we all went through in the early stages of this pandemic.

I’ve also been playing some of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild on The Switch. While it is fun, I’m not enjoying it as much because I’m trying to do other things besides the divine beasts, as I want to go up against the Ganon Boss rush first. I tried right after pulling The Master Sword, however, I forgot how to fight the second form of Fireblight Ganon.

JamesinflatablebreastsSummer is here, and it kind of sucks. I live in an area with heat advisories this week, while I work in a badly air conditioned area. That’s when I’m not outside. It could be worse, don’t get me wrong… there are people who work for an entire shift outside, and that’s terrifying, even without Covid-19.

This year sucks man, and the heat of Texas is just making it worse.

WTF Happened to May?

LastUnicornRedrawIt’s been hard to focus on anything dorky, especially online in this, The Age of Corona, especially post the death of George Floyd, the man who was murdered by a pro MAGA Police Officer who had his knee of Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, resulting in George Floyd’s death.

SMredrawThen the protesting. Then the looting. Then the rioting. Right before the world continued to go %^&*ing crazy, I did the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge… but it wasn’t that awesome. I then did a redraw just for fun from The Last Unicorn, and yeah… I don’t love it, but I drew it! That’s… uh… something!

marzgurl soup OLD PICA friend of mine, Marzgurl, did a video for GameXplain on the new Shantae game! And… is being attacked thanks to people who are upset that she caused Covid-19 as an extra layer between them and Vic Mangina’s… uh… Man-gina?

US Astronauts launched back into space for the first time from an American space craft, created by Americans, thanks to South African born richy rich smart guy Elon Musk & Space X! Suck it Space Force… that is also now a Netflix show starring Steve Carell!

There was MerMay, which I sadly did not participate in very much. I bought some art both physically in the recently re-opened mall, as well as from Kittyhawk of Flounder… but sadly not as a mermaid. Boo!

manspider-sixarmsuniverseCovid-19 has really effected me on an emotional level. How it’s been handled, how my job asked me not to mention having it, customers refusing to social distance, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped down from a supervisory role at my job, and hopefully the gray hair I’ve gained over more than half a year will regain it’s base form Goku luster. Probably not though.

Mangaka Hiroshi Aro did some new Futaba-kun Change art that someone commissioned him to do. I wish I knew how to  commission him.

Currently Police officers are beating/shooting/arresting journalists, senators, shoppers. Meanwhile, they have been joined by the National Guard, and they have shot white home owners standing in front of their own yard.

she-ra-reboot750x422Oh, and She-Ra kissed a girl and liked it, continuing the trend of homosexuality in the last episode/season of a major character because they knew that that that’s too late to get them in trouble.  Legend of Korra says hi. Sailor Moon wonders… what took you so long?

OH! On the same day, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy swapped spit on her show? But that’s to be expected?

wtf ranmaI just want to play Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics already. That game comes out this week. I also bought a capture card that’s coming in the mail soon-ish… so maybe I will make some video game videos or stream? I dunno. Expect some art this month too, as I continue to get used to drawing on a Surface Book.

Funimation – The Real Folk Blues

Cowboy Bebop is a show that many hold dear, but the opening theme possibly has more fans than the show does. It’s so classy… who would have thought that jazz would be great for a space western?

The song was originally called Tank! But Funimation had this cover made and there are some great inclusions to make it stand out from other versions!

I had posted the version that the original band Seatbelts had done in quarantine previously.

Netsenshi @ 19

The name of this blog combines the English word interNet and the Japanese word Senshi together. While I have never really known if I should do the name as Net Senshi, NetSenshi, Netsenshi, Net-Senshi… what I do know is that the name that I’ve used for forever has turned 19 this year! April 1st, to be exact.


I originally did the name for a webcomic that I posted on a terrible website as well as to an e-group. It was about Sailor Uranus and Neptune. The website, ironically, was called Sailor Moon 19, because Angelfire assigned it a number.

That comic, like that website, went nowhere, but hey… we have a blog now. Here’s the original banner!


The blog turned 12 on the same day as the anniversary of the name. With everything going on with my health after getting what turned out to be Covid-19, as well as everything going on in the world… I did not celebrate.

Here are some images from over the years? I hope you get something out of it… oh, and happy Throwback Thursday!




Material Girl

On this Waifu Wednesday, I present to you Madonna’s Material Girl… 13 times. Why 13? One is a lip sync with Star Wars women… which is certainly a statement on the franchise currently… I guess… but the other 12? Are they there simply to prove that Material Girls are actually a dime a dozen? Uh… no? Anyways… here they are!


Hikaru Nishida – Material Girl ( Cover / 和訳付き)

Sally Yeh – “Material Girl (200 Du)” (200度)

Tori Rossi

Paula Marquezini


Ska Tune Network ft. Carly Comando

The Monotones

PostmodernJukebox (featuring Gunhild Carling)

Hilary and Haylie Duff

X-Factor – Jasmine Abela – Material World

The Oddibles

Star Wars – Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam, Aurra (lip sync)

Evelyn The Mermaid?

I showed off the Kittyhawk image of Evelyn bursting out of my hoodie last week, and I thought that it would be fun to re-show some of the art of Evelyn for this Mer-Monday!

netsenshi_evelyn_mermaid small

Evelyn started out as just my favorite female name, and then ended up being the female avatar incarnation for myself… because I am not a fan of my first name feminized.

Kittyhawk was actually not the first person I went to for this female incarnation of even mermaid incarnation… The first person was Cluedog, aka Smooch.

I didn’t give Cluedog a lot of direction, and eh… the art looks rather nice, especially Evelyn as a human.

Web comic artist Kittyhawk had done some work on a Disney related project, and since I had been plugged into her network, I might as well have that honor of commissioning her for it. Since I’ve shown the mermaid of her, below is the two other pictures of her. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll have more art of Evelyn.

Evelyn has been described by others as a Muse, which was humorous to me at the time, but the latest picture of her… she’s showing a lot of cleavage… for all I know… hmm… She could be a mermaid inside off that hoodie, or my chest? Maybe she is chest bursting and my body is the bottom part of her fin OH LORD THAT  WOULD BE TERRIFYING! So um…

Happy Mer-Monday, everyone!

NetSenshi-kun change?

Right as I was recovering from Covid-19, I saw that one of my favorite web comic artists, Kittyhawk, was taking commissions. Before my stimulus check even had a chance to land in my bank account, I lept at the chance! I’ve been on a huge Futaba-Kun Change kick lately, so I decided to have her make a piece that was an homage to the cover of the Monthly Shōnen Jump that Futaba debuted in! Here’s the end results!

My “better” half, is Evelyn… who Kittyhawk has drawn before for me in the past.

Kittyhawk has an awesome art style, and she’s a woman who loves drawing sexy women with some amazing assets… such as in her webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki… which is a… gender bent magical girl comic featuring characters/powers heavily influenced by Norse mythology!banner_yuuki

To find out when she is doing commissions, which she currently is doing… check her out on twitter: https://twitter.com/SGVY

Len – Kids in America

Kids in America loved a badly slopped together Digimon Movie. At this point, this is just a fact. This music video, stands as a historical document of this fact. I still feel like this song’s inclusion into the anime movie was a bit too on the nose, as the 2nd gen Digi Destined became literally just that… Kids in America… but whatever. It’s an enjoyable enough song?