I really want my new Youtube Channel to thrive…

Here is my latest video blog about Japan. I really want my channel to succeed, so if people can give me suggestions, please do. The other couple of episodes haven’t done too well, and these take a while to make even though they aren’t animated.

One of the reasons that I quit my old channel, which can be found here. was because of harassment about my weight, which is why I’m mostly using drawings and old photos in these. Also, my young nephew found my old one, and I got self conscious about the content on it. Also, like a decade of videos that never quite hit their stride.

Below is the first video blog about my previous Japan trip:

The first video blog uses slightly different art and isn’t about Japan at all… still worth I watch though as it has an important message!

I’m highly inspired by the work of the great animators on Youtube who tell their stories such as Jaiden AnimationsTheOdd1sOut, and even SWooZie.


Ikari Warriors throwback Thursday

18056_419056375525_4413961_nI cosplayed as Ralph Jones, from King of Fighters as well as The Ikari Warriors! I did this… man… A long long time ago. This picture was done in 2007 at the first Anime Matsuri! Remember in the long long ago, when we had high hopes for that convention, and thought people would not get harassed by one of the convention owners? Ah… good times.

Anyways, so yeah… Ralph from KOF… look it up.

Poisonous Throwback Thursday

transitionI will never be the cosplayer I expected myself to be, sadly. I just… don’t have it in me. My first cosplay was one that I really loved doing, The Poison Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

Not only is this my first cosplay, but I honestly would not have met one of my best friends if not for this one, Marzgurl, as I remember first posting about it on Kamikaze con’s message board, and then her introducing herself to me at the convention.

Let’s take a look at this costume through the couple of years it was in active rotation.

I do want to point out one thing about the last picture. It was at O-Chibi-con in… 2006 maybe? I was only there for a day. Some of the people in this photo, I really expected to be life long friends. Bottom right? That’s a buddy of mine from High School, Blake. That guy was pretty cool, and we went to some of our early anime conventions together. I haven’t spoken to him in years. The only person left is Kaylyn, and that’s a little sad to me.

There was also a variant I did of The 1-Up Mushroom! Less popular, but I found it fun.

I even got a friend to cosplay as 1-up as I went as a cosplay from SNK… that being said, the thing about life is that you never get to hang out with people as much as you would like, and so true is cosplay… I wish I had cosplayed 1-up more and hung out with my friends more.

Maybe one day I will cosplay these magnificent bastards again, and who knows… maybe I will get my fungi army this time around. Probably not though.

Gargoyles Funko Pop?

HudsonI searched Gargoyles on reddit on a whim after watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s episode and… THEY ARE MAKING GARGOYLES FUNKO POPS! WTF?! Apparently, you can even pre-order him?

My body really wasn’t ready for this! What if we get everyone? I want my Waifu’s Gargoyle Elisa Maza and human Demona! Oh, and David Xanatos in his Steal Clan armor would be pretty sweet.

*sigh* I really miss Disney’s Gargoyles.

until then… here is a cool cover of the theme song to Gargoyles?

I’m a MerMAN!

Scan_0026Today is the third day of MerMay, and I thought that I would switch things up by drawing both a reverse mermaid as well as a MerMan.

Now, I was afraid that this little guy would be too sexy, what with his exposed chest but I think it’s just sexy enough.

I think tomorrow will be about Star Wars? And I know that I want to do some Zora fan art. Until then, enjoy this clip from Zoolander since it’s also Throwback Thursday!