“Throwback Goodness”

I accidentally won Throwback Thursday with one picture. I took this one just to show that I was drinking the Hi-C Ecto Cooler, not realizing that it was Throwback Thursday. I saved them intentionally for ‘a better time’ and yeah… so what’s all so throwback in my photo, and how sad does it make me about my life?
Well, The Little Mermaid poster, Sailor Moon Wall Scroll, Simpsons T-Shirt hanging up, No One Lives Forever PC box, Macha from Dot Hack, a little bit of red from my Neo Geo marquee, and that’s about it I suppose, as you can very barely see the power ranger helmets behind my binder that a high school student would have. OH SNAP! Blue Ranger is totally visible but hidden! MLP Fan art doesn’t count nor does Justice League calendar.

So yeah… living in the past because Donald Trump’s Presidency starts tomorrow? Seriously, be safe everyone.

Gargoyles commercials

I miss Gargoyles. A Lot. Apparently one of the reasons it was canceled is because of… toy sales? Wow. Super lame. They didn’t have a lot of great toys though. I thought it would be cool on Throwback Thursday to look at some of the commercials.

Talking about toy sales, here is a guy who reviewed how crappy the toy selection for this series was.

Some more toys, this time from Burger King. I had some of these!

There were more toys than that guy gave credit for

Apparently, there was a Robot Chicken short with two of the toys… *sigh*

Maybe Disney can sell Gargoyles to Marvel or something? Pretty Please? Anyways, Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

The Actual MerMonday Post

On Sunday night, I accidentally posted a bunch of covers of Mississippi John Hurt’s song ‘Let The Mermaids Flirt with Me’ that was supposed to be for today. Because of this, I’m punishing myself by making this week Mermaid Week on my blog, so… enjoy? Below is a bunch of commercials I found for Chicken of The Sea Tuna.

Below, for bonus points, is an image I found from pinterest that has the mermaid’s evolution through the years. Pretty intersting stuff!


Lady Boi

IMG_20160120_174828477I get a type of sick satisfaction from The Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that a lot of people wont understand. Let me explain, The original Japanese team only had one female character, The Pink Ranger. Yellow one was the male character Boi. Yes, they gender bent a boy character named Boi! It’s hilarious, right?

I love the fact that this stylized toy version from the movie is very much a woman. It should be noted that Trini, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was swapped out for Aiesha by the time the first MMPR movie had come out, and that the toy to the left is from that.

I just love this geeky fact. I’m sorry! I was going through some pictures on my phone and I just had to share!

Gen Z is more picture perfect than millennials

Gen Z is more picture perfect than millennials

97802-R1-12-13AIf there is one thing that Millennials had to suffer from that Generation Z will hopefully never have to have experienced, I’m glad disposable cameras is hopefully that.

Non-broadband internet is bad, don’t get me wrong, but look at this picture I took from 2006 on a Kodak disposable camera. The people in the shot are off centered despite how hard I tried to get things in the viewfinder, my friend’s eyes are closed, and my finger is slightly covering things! Gah! Even cropped, things aren’t much better.

Pictures always seemed to come out wider than what you had aimed at, and since the resolution isn’t the best, despite these images coming from an old CD, it’s hard to fix things in post. the above image’s light source, THE FRIGGING SUN, was terrible that day, and I know how to use the lighting better these days, but still… Contrast and Brightness controls can not save this picture. What could have? A SCREEN!

The real tragedy is the fact that these photos were taken in October 2006, 8 months before the first iPhone changed EVERYTHING.

I could argue that the archaic nature of the device used was fitting, but these were memories that were uncovered, blurry, and partially obscured. I am thankful that I had the foresight to back things up on a CD, as I did not trust physical media even then… which is odd, considering how phased out optical media is these days. Okay, some more from even further back…

Astro World from 2004ish? How was I supposed to know that it would close that next year in 2005?!?! And these are like, my only memories?! Scanned photos.. Even worse! Awesome.

Generation Z will also, for the most part, not know the JOY of having to convert VHS to DVD for family videos. Sheesh that sucked.

Teenage Mutant Throwback Turtles

Turtles01I finally got around to watching last month’s episode of  the 2012’s Ninja Turtles mega crossover with the original ’87 Turtles called, Trans-Dimensional Turtles. While watching it, I found it very hard to… well… care.

It borrows so heavily from the plot of Turtles Forever, it hurts. There isn’t a lot of new here. Oh,and one more thing… so I guess Turtles Forever isn’t canon to this, because the ’87 turtles never mention it? Whatever.

digital-short-tmnt-trans-dimensional-remix-music-video-16x9I love animation, and I like voice actors, but I think for me personally, animation > voice actors. This episode has all of the original voice actors from 1987, which Turtles Forever did not have. That being said, Turtles Forever’s animation style looked a lot better in 1987’s universe than this episode’s.

I understand that it’s a budget thing, but if you can not do something well, than what is the point? They could have just gotten away with pulling the ’87 crew into ’12’s universe and maybe a few seconds of well done animation at the very ending. The voice acting really didn’t save this for me, sadly.

The ’87 universe comes off very flat, and the animation style used looks more like something you would see on the internet as opposed to broadcast television. What I mean by that, is that it looks cheaper, quicker, and just not as impressive as the original.

Teenage-Mutant-NInja-Turtles-e1457408886802If you love the 1987 show, expect the constant berating of how dumb the original characters are, similarly to how Turtles Forever did, with no real redeeming value, except when they go into the 3D world of 2012’s turtles. That was refreshing to see done well… enough.

They quickly go into the original indie comic, but it was cut extremely short, thankfully, as this show tried to do way too much for the amount of time they had, so everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, feels rushed and rehashed.teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-forever-01

Old school Turtle fans, skip this and get the real homage that was Turtles Forever unless you want to shell out the money for the entire original series which is an option.  Below is the episode on youtube that someone has posted, but that should eventually get taken down… one would assume?