Queen – I Want to Break Free

I’ll be honest… I thought that this music video was just going to be about the band Queen in drag cleaning house… but it goes all introspective and weird with people in spandex and doing interpretive dance… and things are just odd at times… but it’s going to be… OKAY.

Demi Lovato – I Love Me

Demi Lovato is apparently making headlines on her new song “I Love Me,” which is about self love. I previously mentioned her views when a fan of hers turned her into a mermaid in some fan art that she didn’t approve of, which can be found here: https://netsenshi.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/disney-star-upset-about-mermade-ification/

I mentioned the fan art, because it shows the same side of Lovato that this song does. That she’s sadly really good at beating herself up over her appearance, meanwhile others find her beautiful. To this fan, I’m sure that this is how she looks to them… that being said, all she thinks is ‘this is how I am supposed to look?’ Anyways, I thought I’d use this music video as a reminder of a previous blog article… because… I don’t listen to a lot of her music, and became aware of her outside of it?


We can’t all stay live action anime girls forever?

apollosmile2Apollo Smile is a woman who has gone by a few names. The one she was born with, the one she went to conventions with in pursuits of being a somebody in the anime/comic/gaming/music/ industry, and the one that she currently has.

Apollo Smile’s wikipidea article talks about the first two, but not the one that she currently has.

I learned from someone on twitter that Smile was in fact alive, and performing in a much smaller capacity. After learning that information last October, I decided to sit on the news of her real name… and possibly her exact address, because… you know what? She’s kind of proof that the internet is sort-of capable of forgetting someone.

Sega attempted to find Apollo Smile so that she could once again be Ulala in Space Channel 5, but sadly for SEGA, they failed.

Apollo Smile is now going by a different name and performing with who I presume is her husband? I kind of do not want to post her new name online directly as that could be bad for her if it comes up in a quick google search. I will list the name of the band that she plays in: Wingbeat. Here is a sampler that they have on youtube:

I’m happy that she is performing still, and judging by her videos… she’s helping people with her music? That’s awesome. It’s a more modest life than kicking butt in spandex, or being in a rhythm game with Space Michael.


TWRP – Starlight Brigade (feat. Dan Avidan)

This music video reminds me of my youth. Watching anime during the 90’s and 00’s. Seeing Moltar and eventually Tom on Toonami. There was a special night on Toonami where they showed the anime Daft Punk music videos, as well as Gorillaz music videos, and that was pretty awesome.

It also reminds me of watching random VHS tapes that I either bought or rented from Blockbuster that were… you know… missing huge chunks of the story. Also Apollo Smile introducing such movies as Galaxy Express 999, and Urusei Yatsura.

Anyways, enough of a man in his 30’s missing his teenage years… here’s a music video that has one of the guys from Game Grumps singing.