Tutorial Tuesday

I like art, and thus when I do look for tutorials, SURPRISE, they end up being something art-based. Here are a few ones that I found below!
ABrandonToThePast – How To Make Pokemon Perler Art!

Art ala Carte – How to draw a cartoon female head

Elise G. – How to draw adventure time style

LaurelRayeArt – Draw Yourself Adventure Time Style! Female

LaurelRayeArt – Draw Yourself Adventure Time Style! Male

That’s it for today’s tutorials. Maybe next time I will find some tutorials from, well.. god knows where (probably Youtube).



I changed a few things

I changed my theme, the order of the widgets, and I painstakingly replaced my old terrible header for a new one. Let’s take a look of the process of that!


First, I took cosplay images from the last few years, shrunk them down to 5% of their original size, rotated them to the left a little bit, and then collaged the heck out of them!


Then, I of course added a filter, slapped on my name, and then repurposed a characture of myself that was a transparent .png, like so!


That would have been very easy, but then half of my guy was lost due to it not being the right size, and then a cropping issue… so I resized, and reworked…


I really loved this one, and it took me longer than the final solution. Despite being corrected and up to their size requirements, it still cropped weirdly despite looking good when I tested it. So I abandoned it, re-worked the earlier one, and that’s where we are today.

Yeah… a lof of it is still missing, but I knew how it was going to auto-crop, for the most part, so yeah… Maybe I will fix things later? Why is something so easy to make so difficult to fix?

Anyways, I hope that the few people who keep up with my blog like the new layout and header!

Jail House Tutorial Tuesday?

I have no idea why I decided that instead of the typical tutorials I post, that I would instead post some youtube videos I found for some cool life hacks to know if you ever find yourself in prison. Weird, huh? Anyways, these start off light harded and serious, but please keep in mind that they get progressively more serious, and some do contain cursing so sort of nsfw?

I hope that none of us ever have to use any of these, but it wouldn’t be the stupidest thing to learn/do a couple of these, just so you can remember them well enough to do in case you ever find yourself behind bars. Stay safe everyone!

Pointless Sunday?

Sundays are where I post about pointless things, but not today! I’ve finally (almost) figured things out!

Seriously man, this blog is around 6 years old, and I’m just now figuring out what to do with it? Fuhh…..

  • Pointless Sunday
  • MerMonday
  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • Waifu Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Female Friday
  • Saturday Morning Anime

So there. That’s what to expect on those days, and hopefully I will post about this kind of stuff on those days… unless I don’t… or I want to talk about other things, as I will also do additionally. BTW: Tutorial Tuesday? Eh… maybe I should have gone with Transformation Tuesday, which I originally wanted? Oh well. My shit. I got it together in a bag Morty. Are you finally proud of me, MORTY?!