Game STOP!!! seriously… just Stop.

GameStopGameStop is not doing great at all, and when people complain about their past employees, they take it personally and go after them at their current places of business. While their stock continues to fall to new low low prices, GameStop thinks up new old ways to re-brand themselves in an ever-changing world where physical video games are becoming more and more cumbersome. So… what should GameStop do in this case?

FuncoLandStop being GameStop. Bring back the old company names and logos that you purchased, such as FuncoLand, Software Etc., EB Games, and possibly even Babbages.

j5Stranger Things season 3 featured a lot of defunct 80’s brands and stores, and the nostalgia for those things that can never be again was HUGE. They should tap into that, especially considering they want to sell retro video games in stores. Team up with console creators new and old, and re-release the mini and flashback consoles alongside other novelties. This might help GameStop survive as company for a few years longer than it will.

I assume GameStop wont do this out of ignorant pride. Maybe I’m wrong?


Marzgurl is tired of your bullshit

Marzgurl 2019I don’t know if Marzgurl’s Go fund me campaign to obtain help with legal fees to go after the people defaming her and made her the target for harassment on a daily basis is a good idea or not. Then again, I made that decision when it was only around $300 of it’s intended $1500 goal… and now it is at $3,275… with one of the big dollar donations being Movie Bob himself, Bob Chipman.

I really hope that this doesn’t blow up in her face, and this doesn’t further exacerbate things, and paint a target on her back for herself to say… be sued by the voice actor who is suing Funimation and a few of Funimations voice actors.

Kaylyn, my friend, I wish you so much good luck on this endeavor.

Wreck it Ralph 3 predictions

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNETWreck it Ralph 2 had Sugar Rush’s Vanellope von Schweetz joining the online game Slaughter Race on a permanent basis… basically going turbo which was a big no no in the first game.

Slaughter Race was supposed to be getting an update in their world’s January… and I have a theory that Vanellope is going to get updated into appearing older.

Premiere Of Broad Green Pictures' "I Smile Back" - ArrivalsRalph will spend a good portion of the movie feeling awkward with the older Vanellope. Since her departure from her game, Sugar Rush has started to become less fun without her. Because of this, Mr. Litwak is debating selling the arcade game online… since the character on the side of the game seemingly can not be unlocked.

Vanellope will have to ultimately decide between her old childish life/body and her new more adult life/body.

But hey, that’s just a theory that I have.

Death looms over Marvel Comic’s… err… comics.

Thanos and Death MARVELMarvel comics on December 27, 1996 filed for bankruptcy. Marvel had sold many properties for potential movie and TV deals that would make money such as Blade, Spider-Man, and The X-Men way cheaper than they should have been sold for, just to stay a float. In 2005, Marvel decided to finally start making their own movies instead of selling their properties, taking out a huge loan based on certain characters performing well at the box office… or they would loose those characters… 2008’s Iron Man btw was not one of those characters in the deal. They were then bought in 2009 by Disney.

11 years after the first movie in the cinematic universe, Captain Marvel comes to theater today, and there are rumors that Marvel may stop producing their own comics. I mention this to point out the fact that during this cinematic growth period, Marvel did not actually make their comics stronger.

X-Men, in the 90’s, was way more popular than Iron Man and all of The Avengers, especially after the super popular Fox Kids cartoon show during 1992-1997. Shortly after Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie in 2000, Marvel started really cracking down on toys and comics of the things that they had licensed out. X-Men were huge, but no toy line based on the movies. Fantastic Four was hitting theaters and their comic kept suffering and then completely went away. Meanwhile, a lot of characters who were introduced were just now allowed to be Mutants as once they were, they would be owned by FOX and be able to have a movie under them. Marvel REFUSED to help Fox be a success and retain the rights to their properties.

Iron SpiderSam Rami’s 2002’s Spider-Man was also huge, and thankfully Marvel really couldn’t ruin it. Weird stuff did come out though that either killed him or radically changed him in ways the movies wouldn’t go. The Other, Civil War, etc. You can’t have Iron Man be Spider-Man’s best friend with The Iron Spider-Man costume without Iron Man… which they did do in the later Marvel controlled Spider-Man movies.

Meanwhile, Marvel has embraced women and people of color into their comics while alienating some by having them as characters who take on the mantle of already established characters. Oh, and they made Iceman sort of gay and made Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel and not wear a leotard anymore at the same time.

Marvel tried many gimmicks, such as bringing over Japanese talent because anime and manga were popular, as well as continuing to do all of their major events such as Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc… which might be good graphic novels, but who wants to buy every comic to read one story? That, on top of already having people who were against jumping into comics because they felt that they needed to know at least the last 15 years of comic history just to jump into a #1… which there were many #1’s every month… somehow.

exile c5This all brings me to my main point… Why would anyone want to read a Marvel comic, coming off of The Marvel Cinematic Universe? Unlike the popular and mostly faithful X-Men cartoon of the 1990’s, what they see doesn’t actually look or feel like what is in the comics. When they changed things in the comics, I do not know if many people came over to read the comics, but I do know that it alienated people who had been their loyal fans… and that really sucks.

So no, the current trend of changing characters such as Blink from Exiles from being Asian into being Black, or having a new Korean Hulk isn’t what caused Marvel Comics to be in this state, nor is it constantly pushing the Ms. Marvel into being the feminist icon she was never originally designed to be… but it all might be the final nail in the coffin that Marvel, and to some extent the main stream comic industry at large, has built for themselves since the end of the 90’s and the start of the 2000’s.

I don’t get things…

Vic_MignognaSo, I get why #KickVic and #IStandWithVic started… I do. What I don’t understand is the idea of Vic Mignogna potentially suing people. So… the worst thing that people could be sued for is alleging that he tried to have sex with people, and failed despite trying multiple times? I mean… there is no way to prove if things were or weren’t consensual. How can anyone prove or disprove someone else’s thoughts and feelings?

Bulma hands up.pngNow Anime News Network, if they published unverified false things or edited photos misrepresenting who they were in, then that definitely makes sense, right?

Rooster Teeth, however? I guess if there was a breach of contract? The timing of their tweet?

Funimation? Once again, maybe breach of contract. Possibly defamation due to the timing of the tweets? Improperly conducting a biased investigation? I guess, but is that actually illegal? Maybe?  I just… don’t know?

Marzgurl, who created the hashtag? She can argue that she did not start the conversation, but she was just continuing someone else’s. She did tweet at Funimation attacking Vic’s character, saying there was years of sexual misconduct… but Vic apologized for kissing people who didn’t want to be greeted that way, as well as the actresses he invited to his room who claimed that Vic had performed sexual misconduct. Misconduct’s definition btw is: unacceptable or improper behavior, especially by an employee or professional person. Rubbing the thighs of a co-worker on a business together certainly seems to qualify as that…

Voice actresses who have come out with their stories, some of which were published by io9? The worst that he has been accused of by these women is being awkwardly embraced and kissed while they themselves admit to not always saying no at the time, as well as other ones that claim that he tried to have sex with them, failed to convince them even after running his hands on places of their body as they were saying “no.” Vic as backed up a lot of these women’s claims already, but argued that his advances that ended in not having sex with them were actually consensual encounters.

Broly vegita.jpgThe many people that Vic probably does not even remember all of, some he admits that they possibly did not want to be kissed, some of which might have even been under age? Yeah… good luck having a career in the anime industry after that. I’m sure conventions will be lining up to have you as a guest.

Is he going to sue the conventions who dropped him? The worst is Pensacon who threatened to arrest Vic supporters at their convention? They supposedly received a bomb threat that the FBI is investigating.

roshi creepyThe woman who said that in the 80’s, Vic took her home and tried to have sex with her when she was a teenager? Yeah. You can definitely be sued over that accusation. She might be able to get his roommate to talk about it, there might be an old diary to back some of that up… but do I see Vic really taking this one on when most people aren’t even talking about it? No clue.

Now, people can be sued for anything, and I’m sure a lawyer will come up with arguments that these type of things are worth suing… I’m just a little confused.

Frozen II

I wish that Frozen 2 was about Arendelle going to war with Atlantica. Frozen vs. The Little Mermaid… wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

Maybe they are going to The Kingdom of Corona to see Rapunzel, but who knows? I personally think that there is going to be some sort of lore where there are 4 seasonal beings with Elsa being in charge of Winter, while they go off to see someone who is in charge of Fall… and they have some sort of altercation… but that’s just me.

Yes… Rapunzel would be in charge of Spring… that just goes without saying.