What role does Ariel play in KHIII

Ariel does not exactly look like a mermaid in the next Kingdom Hearts game. That is to say, not only does she look like something that swims in the water, she seems to be made out of it as well? Also, she is apparently a summon.
ariel KHIII
KHI and II pretty much scraped whatever there was to be had from the first movie, and unless they want to age her a bit and have it be about Tara Strong’s character Melody… there really is nothing left for that world. My real question though… is she just a summon because she is Ariel, or is she a summon based on an attraction at one of their amusement parks? Sora in this game uses teacups and roller coaster as summons, and I think this is the first character based one we have seen in this game. Will there be more, or am I on to her representing something else in The Disney Amusement world? Who knows. KHIII comes out this year.


Throwback to Futaba-kun Change!

Futaba-kun_ChangeThere is still an hour left of Throwback Thursday… so let’s throw back to the sexier more realistic alternative to Ranma 1/2, Futaba-kun change, shall we?

Rumiko Takahashi did not create the idea of a martial artist magically turning into a woman, and neither did Hiroshi Aro. Unfortunately, 1990-1997 manga about a high school wrestler who’s entire family starts to change their sexes whenever they get excited after puberty, was not nearly as successful as Ranma 1/2, and never received an anime.

Sadly, Futaba-kun change was also the most popular of Hiroshi Aro’s work, and if you go to his Wikipedia page, it is the only one that has it’s own page.

futaba kun change who wears the pantsI discovered Futaba-kun Change through an old Wizard Magazine when I was roughly in 11th grade. I remember going into my senior year and having to mail order for some of the graphic novels, and receiving them in front of my mom, who jokingly over reacted because of their covers were a little… scandalous.


Unlike Ranma, Futaba-kun change was one of the few manga back then that I started and finished, largely because unlike Rumiko Takahashi, Hiroshi Aro can… get this… FINISH A GOD DAMN STORY!

I’m sorry, but there is no major closure in Ranma! Futaba-kun change is NOT like that at all! I would argue that everyone should read it, start to finish, but sadly it is out of print. Oh, also Studio Iron Cat who translated it is out of print no more.

Well… That sucks. Below is a bunch of cool covers from it?

Apparently one youtuber animated Futaba-kun changing back in 2016:

Anyways, maybe there will be another post sometime about Futaba-kun change sometime soon. Or not. probably not… but who knows?

Urusei Yatsura cosplay

lum_9_by_insane_pencil-d7hs8t3Last year was quite the shake up, when the world discovered that Alisa Kiss, known very well for her cosplay of Lum from Urusei Yatsura, was caught on video at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA with her boyfriend.

So… who are guys supposed to perv over these days to women wearing tiger print bikini’s, green hair, and ogre horns? A picture of Alisa is still in the top 5 cosplayer results on Deviant art when you search for it… so who are the other ones?

Yaya Han? This cosplay photo came from 2002, which feels like yesterday but was in shocking reality was 16 years ago. I think Lum is that age, so that is just…. hell of depressing, ya know?


The next one, MoguCosplay, is from 2010. Her cosplay is also literally the next 3 photos on deviantart.


So… who will rise to the ocassion, and be The NEXT Lum cosplayer to rocket to super stardom? Will it happen, or is this anime just… not worth cosplaying as? Here is hoping that that is not the case.


Is Urusei Yatsura licensed again?

uruseiyatsura beautiful dreamersWhile I was struggling to do more than a clip show for the first day of Rumiko Takahashi week, I remembered the first thing that got me into her work… Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer. It was a really weird movie from Urusei Yatsura that I saw on Sci-Fi a really long time again. I googled it to talk about it… when I saw that it was… on Blu-Ray? WTF?! Apparently on Amazon, you can pre-order it for around $20 and it comes out Feb 27, 2018. Um… what?

Apparently it is just this film, from the company Discotek, with the original Japanese as well as the English dub.

Here is an old English trailer for this one… Maybe it becomes popular enough to bring the rest of Urusei Yatsura back to North America. I doubt it though… as this movie felt slow and just… weird.