Nightmare Nights IS over.

NMNDJust got back from a Brony convention in Dallas, Nightmare Nights, and it was amazing… right up until the end. Expect a full review, but apparently Bob, one of the owners, played a joke that some might argue was cruel. It was supposed to be their last year, but at closing ceremonies, Bob said that there would be a surprise for 2018.

The surprise was the fact that there would be a new con chair, and that the convention would continue. I helped lead the chant “5 more year.” We all left so happy and relived. Turns out, that was a joke that Bob apologized for, as the new con chair immediately banned us all via twitter or something? Yeah… really in bad taste.

Considering that many Bronies are young, naive, and/or autistic… it’s hard to not thing that the joke was cruel. It was right after talking about how good we all were for donating to charity and stuff. ::sigh::

Expect an actual review this week. I’m exhausted.


My opinion of Mount Rushmore

0821172042bMount Rusmore, in beautiful South Dakota, is a controversial landmark. Supposedly, this mountain that had some of the greatest men who will ever live in The United States, was made from a sacred Native American mountain. I suppose I should feel bad about this. I guess I should, but their answer to this landmark is Crazy Horse, which… just look at this thing…


Two wrongs should never make a right, and Crazy Horse is just going to be ridiculous if it is ever finished in my lifetime! The founding father’s… well… let’s see how big they are on their mountain…


I mean… Rusmore is kind of big, I suppose… but Crazy Horse Memorial is sheesh… the entire mountain. Maybe that mountain is not as sacred? I dunno. Some extreme liberals in our country want to blow Rushmore up, but probably have never even driven to it. If they had, they would definitely see Crazy Horse and feel conflicted. Also, I would like to note that there are some pro-Native American crafts inside of the gift shop… but the one I saw was actually from Indonesia. *sigh*

Okay, but so the statue is racist because it has some slave owners on it? All right… and the person who ABOLISHED SLAVERY. You could quite literally see the statue as a left to right timeline of where we had been, a President who reluctantly took the slaves he was given, mostly from his marriage, to the President who freed them, so that argument doesn’t hold up.

Stone Mountain GeorgiaNow if you want to get rid of a statue that Gutzon Borglum, creator of Mount Rushmore, made, get rid of Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA. It has 4 confederate generals carved into it, it was commissioned and paid for by members of The KKK, which Borglum had both been associated with, and was at least a former member of, and was at one time supposed to also have a KKK alter on. Mind you, Borglum later left the project because he and the people providing the money for it ::cough:: THE KKK ::cough:: stopped seeing eye to eye, and it was finished by Henry Augustus Lukeman.

thomas paineLook, Boglum was a member of The KKK, sure. Wasn’t at the end but he was sympathetic a bit towards the new version of them, sure. This guy though, he even made a statue of Thomas Paine, who wanted to end slavery. You can not say Borglum made statues of people who hated black people for people who hated black people because he hated black people.

Look, even Hitler, and yes mentioning Hitler invalidates my previous arguments, but even Hitler did Disney fan art, and I would not wish that his terrible art be destroyed. Heck, even the art of Charles Manson should not be destroyed.

In other words, leave Mount Rushmore alone. It is literally the only thing that South Dakota has going for it. The people who love the statue… they still have to live in South Dakota or even visit there, and isn’t that punishment enough?

Ariel is a racist?

ariel_by_the_fountain_by_alisakiss-d5h4s94Cosplayer Alisa Norris, aka Alisa Kiss, was alongside her husband Jonathan Nortis, at the white nationalists protest at Charlottesville, VA. When this was discovered, she tried to make light of the incident until it was discovered that there was, in fact, video of her with her husband chanting “Jews will not replace us”. For more information, as well as the video, please check out this article from

jasmineThis is a woman who once cosplayed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura, and the gay Japanese character Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon.  Seriously… what the hell happened to her? Was this the way she has always felt, and these cosplays were just ‘ironic?’ Was it when Alisa Farrington met her husband Johnathan Nortis?

Who knows. I just… *sigh*

This sucks.


Happy Bunny Girl day everyone!

inababunnyshinobuToday for people of the many Christian faith is Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus Christ was apparently resurrected from the dead after dying 3 days prior due to crucifixion. Crucifixion was a terrible fate under the Roman empire for many people. There were two theifs that happened to also be crucified alongside Jesus btw. Their names were Dismas and Gestas, not that that really matters.

sgvy kittyhawk bunny girl
Web comic artist Kittyhawk’s Easter contribution from her online sketchbook

Why doesn’t any of that matter? Because Easter is about rabbits hiding candy eggs for children to find, that’s why. Instead of continuing my ongoing struggle to obtain diabetes, I have instead decided to devote this day to going back to work after a week long vacation.

That… and Bunny Girls!

You see, Bunny Girls started out, to my knowledge, in the year 1960 when gentleman’s magazine Playboy created a club where their waitresses all dressed up in the now infamous playboy bunny outfit that was based on their mascot. Their mascot was a rabbit wearing a tuxedo.

50-years-playboy-bunny-5IF you are okay with some nudity, I highly recommend the book 50 years of the Playboy Bunny. It has photos of famous bunnies throughout the years, as well as some behind the scenes stuff as well. I would probably classify this as a ‘coffee table book,’ but since there are some topless photos, umm… you really shouldn’t?

BulmabunnyThis outfit has been pretty popular in anime. Bulma from the original Dragon Ball comes to mind, as well as Lum and most of the immediate cast from Urusei Yatsura in the OAV Inaba The Dream Maker.

ranma403Strangely, Ranma Saotome, from Ranma 1/2 also has gotten in on the action despite the fact that he is originally male.

Speaking of anime, there was an anime called Daicon in Japan. Daicon 3 had a little anime opening for it starring a school girl. Daicon 4 featured the same girl all grown up as a bad ass bunny girl. Below is the video from both.

flcl bunny girl

The people that made these animations later went on to be Studio Gainax. Gainax later went on to make the animem FLCL, where they once again had a character become a bunny girl, this time flying on a guitar instead of a sword.

Usagi from Sailor Moon

Now, bunny girls are great, but one of the problems you run into is the question: Are bunny girls sexist? Maybe? Women seem to love them though too… so maybe not?

Naoko Takeuchi would often draw her main character Usagi (Bunny) with rabbit ears, and to the left is a picture of her as a Playboy bunny girl… but that isn’t too sexual, right? I mean, it’s from… the… waist… up…

“Fourteen year old girls” – Nostalgia Critic

Takeuchi dressed all of the inner senshi as playboy bunny girls. Awesome. Well… at least there isn’t anything more scandalous than…

f9f729a83a8dbbbd328cc0cb1993744cWell… at least she isn’t dressed up like an angel in underwear with… *sigh* Happy Easter Naoko Takeuchi. *gah*

To close this out early, because I certainly could keep going… for example:

baka and test bunny

bunny robotSo year… to close it all out, like I’ve already said, Bunny girls are awesome.


Happy 16th Anniversary


I came u[p with this name when I believe I was a Freshman in High School. I never really liked April Fool’s day, and thus decided to do a comic instead of a prank and yeah. I was dumb, and going online by the name SeanSan but ultimately I would use NetSenshi as my handle on  Youtube and when at conventions until I made this website.

Yeah, I’m a huge dork… Happy go Fool Yourself day guys!