Gary Clark Jr. – This Land

Gary Clark Jr. is from Austin, Tx and his music is awesome! I feel like some might find this music video controversial, which is weird… because it’s really not. How a white southerner and a black southerner feel about the confederate flag or the history of it… is just different. The rebel flag can be stood on, burnt, disrespected, etc. It should have no sacredness to it because it’s The Rebel flag.

That being said, it’s not really about the confederate flag, but about the narrators emotions at that time.

Lee Brice – One of Them Girls

This music video and song are a good example of the mostly inoffensive country song that hearkens back to something or someone, possibly from the past, to remind yourself of. One of Them Girls doesn’t push the needle, or say anything of much importance, but in a lot of good songs… they really don’t have to do that, you know? This song/video is Vanilla Ice Cream™, which can be pretty great by itself… but falls short of amazing without at least strawberry or chocolate syrup.

Aqua – Cartoon Heroes

I’ve had Covid-19 for the past couple of weeks. Sorry for not posting ANYTHING this month, until now. I’m feeling a lot better now. Anyways… hmm… Aqua… huh? She was one of the bands/performers that I first bought a song from digitally. I had like, 2 free songs from some card that I had received something with… no clue what service, or even if I had a non DRM version or not.

Joe Exotic – Here Kitty Kitty

Dude… seriously…. What. The. Fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kuh. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Tiger King on Netflix, and…. Oh my. I’m at the point where I think no one should permanently have these majestic beasts, and anyone who’s not caring for large cats to eventually release them back into the wild is probably a bad person. Umm… Here’s a music video about 2016 Presidential Candidate Joe Exotic singing about a song about one of his enemy/rival who might have killed her rich husband, and allegedly fed him to their exotic pets.

Down With The Sickness

Something broke inside of me today when I went on my break. I ended up staying 2 extra hours to help with carts because I just couldn’t deal with humans anymore… plus our registers stopped allowing some of us to process checks or credit/debit cards near the end… so there wasn’t much I could do on register.. I’m more frightened by the people near the end of the day than I am of the corona virus.

Joyner Lucas – Lotto (ADHD)

ADHD is more “fun” than this song. I was expecting him to be studying, and then realizing that there is dust on his beer bottle collection, so he goes to get a napkin to clean it from the kitchen… but when he gets there, he forgets why he went into the kitchen. He gets a Popsicle and watches tv. etc.

Oh, it’s about winning the lottery? I thought it was about having ADHD? Is ADHD a person then in this song? Cause at first I didn’t realize that lotto was short for that, and thought it was Spanish. Whatever. Anyways, this song/video is apparently a parody of other rappers and music videos, according to one essay I read in the youtube  comment thread. Go check that out??