Not so happy Throwback Thursday

Wb2tfcartoonhat is peace and when was the last time The United States was at peace? I had this philosophical question pop into my mind while at work today. When was the last time we as a country were at peace and how long were we there?

The Gulf War ended in February of 1991 and then we helped during the Iraqi Kurdish Civil War in 96. So for like, 5 years or so, The U.S. was not actively in war or supporting someone in war. That’s kind of depressing.

I’ve been alive for 32 years, and counting the cold war which ended in 89, there have only been 5 years of peace for my country.

Mother Earth and Father Time

We lost a lot in 2016. Too much. From Hungarian-American cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond to M*A*S*H*’s Father Mulachy actor William Christopher.

Death is inevitable, but still sad. It would be terrible to say that this one is more tragic than that one. Wikipedia has a pretty decent list of all the famous people we lost here:

One of that really got me, was the loss of Debbie Reynolds after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away last month. It didn’t phase me at first, as she was 84 when she passed. She wanted to be with Carrie again, and yeah… that’s just heart breaking. While listening to MarzGurl and JoshKnighttheFirst’s Podcast: Behind The Black Rims, I learned that Debbie Reynolds was Charlotte, from Charlotte’s Web. This made my heart sink.

Watch the below clip if you want to feel really sad. Otherwise, just listen to the song that will be linked further below.

Charlotte at the end of the movie explained to Wilbur, nay to children, what death was. It was something that was inevitable. Debbie Reynold’s death is tragic and ironic because it’s almost as if Charlotte’s message was lost on even her… or maybe it’s not ironic at all? Charlotte is okay with her death, and just puts her body down to rest for eternity. Irony or coincidence?

2016 is over, and as much as we would like to think that everything we love is safe and sound and that boogeyman of a year can no longer hurt us… that’s not how reality works. There are no Boogeymen, just life and the inevitable outcomes.

I love you all very much. Be safe, and kind to each other.

There are mermaids in Orange Beach, Al

mermaidcrossingI stand corrected… or… more informed? I had previously posted about all of the mermaid related things in Orange Beach that I had come across during my visit there this last Summer. I was later by Lori Deangelis of Dolphin Queen Cruises that there were, in fact mermaids in Orange Beach.

The next time my family goes there for vacation, I will have to hit up Dolphin Queen Cruises, as apparently once the cruise finds the mermaid, you are allowed to swim with her. That is awesome, but I would like to remind everyone that mermaids are responsible for every single nautical death, swimming with one is flirting with disaster, and more importantly… I have seen a shark off of a pier in Orange Beach last year, so… yeah…. Here’s hoping that you can swim faster than she can?