I make a pretty cute mermaid

netsenshi_evelyn SMALLOr web comic artist Kittyhawk does, I should say. I had her draw a version of myself that a few people argued looked like a ‘muse.’ This gender bent woman who wore a hoodie was known as Evelyn. She was decently popular, and even helped Kittyhawk get a few extra commissions from eager people wanting their own… Evelyn, or whatever.

When the time came to commission another version of Evelyn, I knew I was pretty sure that I possibly kind of wanted her to be a greek Muse.. maybe.. or a mermaid? One of the two… certainly.

Kittyhawk thought that Evelyn as a mermaid would be more fun to draw… so BAM! Mermaid Evelyn!

netsenshi_evelyn_mermaid small

I don’t mean to brag, but that’s one nice piece of tail there. Her tail is based on The Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse fish. I feel like Kittyhawk did a really great job!

XOXO has to Go

Vic Mignogna has been removed from productions from the two Texas companies Rooster Teeth and Funimation. As the saying goes: “as Texas goes so goes the nation.”

Me at my lowest in the first year of going to anime conventions.

Conventions have dropped him, and I’m just flabbergasted by everything that has gone down… and not just about Vic.

Conventions are full of creeps. People asking for photos of cute girls not even in costume, teenage girls running and tackling grown men in what is known as a ‘glomp’, people leading each other around on chains, boys kissing each other for money, musical ninja’s up-skirting girls with musical instruments, people with signs asking for free hugs, nervous dudes who perversely position their hands so the photos look like they had assaulted them, drunk guys grabbing men’s heads and kissing them unaware, dudes groping girls on the ass or boobs in photos, girls sneaking tiny bottles of wine into raves, people making out against walls, women wearing pasties and panties and body paint, female cosplay guests groping other women’s boobs… debaucherous shit goes down at anime conventions ALL of the time.

ClownfishTV makes sure to point out the debaucherous things they have seen at conventions. Vic Mignogna and his interactions with fans was an inevitability. Anime conventions were never a ‘safe space.’ We went to them as hyper weird teenagers and for the first time we met one another and just let our freak flags fly… and fly high they did.

Maybe I am a bit self deprecating, but I just feel like an overly touchy feely Vic Mignogna was an inevitability.

Is anime under attack, or are we just terrible in general?

high guardian spiceScandals covering at least a decade back have been plaguing Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, and more recently Jessie Pridemore meanwhile new ‘anime’ made by people who profited off of the anime fandom are cropping up all of the time such as Rooster Teeth’s Rwby and Crunchy Roll’s High Guardian Spice. The husband and wife duo over at Clownfish TV certainly push this idea of an anime gate, especial since they are fresh from Comicsgate.

Peter Parker feminist agenda‘Anime sucks, watch or read our new SJW agenda led cartoons. Voice actors in anime, perverts. Big tits in anime is wrong, Steven Universe women have no boobs and Steven might be trans…’ this, I feel, is the general gist of things… but let’s take a step back.

A fan comes from the word fanatic, and I feel like many people forget this, and think things such as My Little Pony, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Adventure time, etc. fans ‘are cancer.’ That’s just what being a fanatic is though. You can’t live up to a definition of something and be said that you are doing it ‘wrong.’

fanatic definition

We basically re-purposed words like fan, otaku, geek, dork, whatever… and attempted to make them our own. I proudly was an Otaku for years… and then, you know what? I just got over it. Some people never get over things, and even if they do… they might have done some bad or embarrassing stuff along the way.

Society in this last decade likes to pretend that we are much more ‘woke’ than we were in the 80’s and 90’s. While we explain how ‘woke’ we are, creators and fans a like might do bad things surrounding old properties like Ghostbuster, She-Ra, etc. and bash new things as well.

img-1618974-1-marioWe are all broken to some extent. Some think they can fix things by making people aware that maybe the problem isn’t that your princess is in another castle, but instead that she was in there to begin with. Others argue that there are only so many motivators for a story, and that it was easiest to just put her in a castle. Few wonder why she looks so pretty if she’s being captive, but whatever…

I might be rambling, but fandoms on the internet are just exploding in drama… but if one good thing can come from Gamer Gate, i.e. ethical games journalism at least mentioning conflicts of interest or free stuff they were given etc, and comics gate bringing light to the fact that comics kind of suck right now artistically at the same time they shove all of these social rights issues in our face, maybe something can be brought to light about Animegate or Anime vs. Cartoons or whatever this thing that anime and cartoons are going through right now.

Sailor Moon Music CollectionCan we at least admit that cartoon AND anime look worse today than they did 25 or more years ago? Also, anime inspired cartoon shows often aren’t drawn at the level of the shows they took inspirations from? Steven Universe… please look at well… Initial D, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Gargoyles, Batman The Animated Series, etc.

uruseiyatsuralumDragon Ball Super and Sailor Moon Crystal… please look at Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. What the fuck happened? Seriously… this is the most important problem, and here we are, wondering if Vic Mignoga gropes young children? In 2004 fans would run to COSPLAYERS and glomp the shit out of them.

There is just no good way to wrap up this badly article up. Everyone involved needs to just… do better.

So long Exiles

The latest version of Marvel’s Exiles is ending at the end of this month, and to that.. I say GOOD. This female led LBGT friendly version of the team with multiple people of color, in my opinion, was simply not as good as the original female led LGBT friendly version of the team with multiple people of color.

blink exilesBlink was changed from being drawn Asian to being drawn black. Nothing wrong with that, but visually, that’s very different. Her hair was so beautiful, and she was in flowing dresses… and now Blink just doesn’t look like Blink and I am supposed to be okay with that?

Morph took three issues to appear when originally he was the glue of the team? I felt like him just appearing was weird as I was all ‘Wait… did I miss something here?

morph exiles laterEvery time I went to my local comic book store, I would flip through it because Exiles was going to get me back into reading current Marvel comics, and it failed. I thought that maybe it would do this that or the other, and it just kept making me sigh and pass it up… even when they did cool stuff like adding in Peggy Carter as Captain America and having yet another female version of Bucky.

I kept thinking ‘Maybe it’s me. Maybe this book will outlive the writer and/or the artist… and I can maybe end up reading this cheaply in a graphic novel…

exiles 27Then it’s just canceled with issue #12 at the end of this month. That sucks that they couldn’t even keep it popular enough to pass off to someone else to a book that was at one time MY FAVORITE %$#^ing book Marvel was doing!

*Sigh* Here is another picture from the old series… I’m just… so sad that this might be the last time I see Marvel visit this idea of dimension hopping characters where any character could just die at any moment. Oh Well.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse wins at Golden Globes

spiderverseBeating out all of the great animated films that came out this year, including: Ralph Breaks The Internet, Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, The Grinch, and Isle of Dogs, Spider-Verse won Best Animated films last night at the Golden Globes. Meanwhile… Black Panther did not win any awards

Huh. I guess Amy Pascal wasn’t just talking out of her butt when they demanded a bunch of money to sell back Spider-Man to Marvel when Marvel wanted it. She said they had big big plans, and damn… I guess they did considering the fact that Spider-verse is doing well.

spider gwenBut seriously… no awards for Black Panther from The Golden Globes? And Spider-Verse winning for animation at such a weird frame rate? Best soundtrack would have been weird with Queen’s bio picture, Bohemian Rhapsody, but dang. Best Picture? Okay…

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse has already been green lit for a spin off, called Spider-Women, featuring Gwen Stacey Spider-Woman, Asian character from Marvel’s main line Silk as well as the original Spider-Woman Jessica Drew.



PC Classic

Word on the street is that there is a PC Classic that’s being crowdfunded. Here’s the video for it:

So, since there aren’t any license games for this thing yet, I thought that I would make some suggestions below:

  1. jezzballSolitaire
  2. Chip’s Challenge
  3. Minesweeper
  4. Jeezball
  5. Space Cadet 3D Pinball
  6. Ski Free
  7. Gorillas.bas
  8. Outrun (DOS)
  9. ffvii pcNumber Munchers
  10. Oregon Trail
  11. Half Life
  12. Unreal Tournament
  13. Duke Nukem 3D
  14. Wolfenstein
  15. Quake
  16. The Secret of Monkey Island
  17. Final Fantasy VII
  18. System Shock
  19. War Craft
  20. Fall Out
  21. Septerra CoreSepterra Core: Legacy of the Creator
  22. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
  23. Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?
  24. Math Blaster
  25. Lemmings
  26. Red Alert
  27. Civilization
  28. Microsoft Word XP
  29. Microsoft Power Point XP
  30. Mario Teaches Typing
  31. SNES9xMS. Paint
  32. Shit ton of emulators
  33. Current Internet Browser
  34. YouTube App
  35. Netflix app

Those are my pics… and the crazy thing is… I can already play a lot of these things via Steam! Oh, what a crazy world that we live in!