Down With The Sickness

Something broke inside of me today when I went on my break. I ended up staying 2 extra hours to help with carts because I just couldn’t deal with humans anymore… plus our registers stopped allowing some of us to process checks or credit/debit cards near the end… so there wasn’t much I could do on register.. I’m more frightened by the people near the end of the day than I am of the corona virus.

Joyner Lucas – Lotto (ADHD)

ADHD is more “fun” than this song. I was expecting him to be studying, and then realizing that there is dust on his beer bottle collection, so he goes to get a napkin to clean it from the kitchen… but when he gets there, he forgets why he went into the kitchen. He gets a Popsicle and watches tv. etc.

Oh, it’s about winning the lottery? I thought it was about having ADHD? Is ADHD a person then in this song? Cause at first I didn’t realize that lotto was short for that, and thought it was Spanish. Whatever. Anyways, this song/video is apparently a parody of other rappers and music videos, according to one essay I read in the youtube  comment thread. Go check that out??

Halsey – Ghost

This song is from 2015, but I wasn’t even aware of Halsey until this year… so… yeah? When I saw the thumbnail image, heard some… I’m assuming Japanese, and saw some of the visuals… I started thinking “Oh!! Is this somehow related to the horror movie Scream… but in Japan?” I was then just… so sad.

I feel like people wont understand. She looks like Drew Barrymore with blue hair. The bad guy is known as Ghostface… I’ve seen merch in Japanese with him recently.

Dude. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain myself here.

My Monthly Shōnen Jump from 1990

I recently ordered this old tokuban from 1990 because my favorite manga in my senior year of high school was Hiroshi Aro’s Futaba-kun Change!Futaba-kun change

I had no idea that there were colorized versions of some of the pages! I wonder if there are more in other tokuban.

I guess I will never know though… because this took forever to get here. Not from Japan, that went by pretty easily, but coming from New York? That took 19 days!

Above is an ad for some cards? I think they were calling cards. If the page of Futaba covering up his girl form looks familiar, I posted it before… from the image gallery they had online. The one with boy Futaba and his classmates though I had not.

Well… who knows what I’ll uncover from this old manga next. Probably phone cards.