Some more Haiku

netsenshi_evelyn SMALLSuper Heroic Plumbing Man
My curly mustache
my blue plumbers overalls
It’s me Mario

That night
My past lovers touch
forever grafted to me
feelings… lingering

Task force
Five warriors arrive
The heroes of the rainbow
fight with all their might

Capture The Flag
The blues are coming
Gaming is a battleground
and their flag is mine!

What does the world want?
A soldier or a poet
why must I choose one?

The fight
The fight for freedom
A remarkable concept
but is it just that?


Some mostly anime based haiku

Anime is life.
Fire balls, spiky hair, and girls.
My money is gone.

Cat girl
She twitches her ears
And purrs in pure ecstasy.
I love my cat girl

The Legend Begins
A boy pulls a sword
History in the making?
Or a child’s fable?

Poison Mushroom
I am death it self.
A disguised enemy,
Who craves attention.

Here are some Haiku

Super_Mario_Bros_2Super Mario
Smashing Mushroom guys
The turtles have much to fear
I’ll save my princess

What is in truth’s eye?
Am I judged a liar now?
Or a funny man?

The Captain
The Captain is dead,
and a nation drowns in tears.
Who can raise his shield?

Warriors Chant
I fight to protect
Failure is not an option
Today we will win!

I just want to play as Bulma

Dragon Ball Evolution BulmaDragon Ball Evolution was a bad movie that got actually a pretty descent Budokai-like fighting game on PSP that I’ve never been able to play. You could play as Bulma and Chi-chi, and I hear that Yamcha uses a drill? That is about all I know about the game… and I wish I could play it just so I can play as Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Since Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on PS2… I’ve wanted to play as Bulma. I know that she is not a fighter… but come on. We have Mr. Satan in Budokai, which to be fair… he does basic martial arts… but Videl is in those games, as well as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Maybe they could put her into an anime mech suit or something? She is a genius, after all! Heck.. they did it to a Power Ranger in the new comic/game.dragon armor trini power rangersApparently, in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Bulma is hidden in the files in some form or fashion? You can also mod Videl apparently to have her model instead.

Bulma mech suitIn Tenkaichi, you could literally play as a dude in a devil costume, Grandpa Gohan, etc. Lord, just give me Bulma in a mech suit. different colors could have her in the cockapit wearing different outfits… lord knows she has enough alternate outfits! PLEASE!

Also… Chi-Chi and Launch would be nice in a game, but Bulma deserves it more!


I Thanos snapped my video games away?

Zelda ocarina of time mangaFor (at least) the second time in my life, I’ve purged myself of most of my video games. Almost all of my GC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U games netted me over $170 in Gamestop store credit. True, I put that into gift cards from Subway, Xbox, Steam, and Taco Bell… but it was the right decision.

I would have bought an Amazon gift card, but sadly… Amazon cards can not be bought by store credit. The women behind the counter tried to do it by turning the store credit into a GameStop Gift Card… and still… nothing. So now I can eat and buy a few digital games on PC and Xbox One… which I’m keeping as my Blu Ray player.

Eventually, maybe I will get rid of my NES, SNES, Super Famicom, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn… I swear to god, I got rid of most of my physical games O_O … most being at least 50%…

OH MY GOD! WITHOUT MY copy of The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition, I have no way of playing Ocarina of Time! Oh wait… 3DS… Whew… that was a close one.

twilight princessI’m not happy… not all of the time. My games collect dust in a box in my garage, not even properly displayed so they can peer over my should and judge me for not playing them.

My roommate got rid of all of his games years ago. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS, and a crap ton of PC games that he literally threw away. He also got rid of his DVDs. He too wasn’t happy. He seems happier now.

Tips_Tricks_Volume_IV_Issue_1_1997-01_LFP_USI want to note that GameStop, outside of selling every single game independently, was my best option out of three. I first tried Half Priced Books, who after over an hour and a half told me that all of the games that I brought in, some DVD and Blu Rays that were not open, and a crap ton of magazines and some books would only net me $130. Gamestop would have given me a little under that for just MOST of my games alone. Cash America Pawn? they would have given me $1 for each of my Xbox 360 games, and looked at me weird with my cube collection.

mario kart double dashOH MY GOD I SOLD Mario Kart Double Dash!

It doesn’t matter though… because the friends that I played that game with were from over a decade ago, and re-buying it didn’t re-buy that experience for me.

It was the right time to sell, as each game got me an additional 50% in store credit. I’d have received more if I had subscribed to their magazine, but I would have still had to pay $3 of the store credit to get their magazine for a year. Nope.

Switch_SuperSmashBrosUltimate_illustration_02OH MY GOD! SMASH BROS! Melee, Brawl, and Wii U! What did I do?! NOOOooo… doesn’t matter. I still own my physical consoles, and there are a lot of games downloaded that I can still play… and… ouch.

BUT I WASN’T PLAYING THEM! The idea that I would be a grandfather someday and some kiddo would find my games in a trunk in the attic and become engrossed in them like I once was… I might never have that… so things are fine. They are fine.

I would like to point out that I got the most money for my Gamecube games… still there was a trade bonus. I’m still gaming a little… and there’s some hope for the future.


I bought Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite in 2019

Marvel vs Capcom InfiniteI bought Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on Xbox One. I did it because I had a crap ton of store credit and it was relatively inexpensive during the spring sale Microsoft was having. Thus far… I’m liking it, even though I think the end boss is difficult to beat even though it takes a while to die, and that the story mode doesn’t look great. that being said…

jedahJEDAH AND FIREBRAND! Oh Man! Please god, let there be another Darkstalkers game, and hey… include Firebrand from Ghouls and Goblins while you’re at it!

Morrigan is also there, but the previous installments included Hsien-ko, Felicia, B.B. Hood, and Anakaris…

Can we please get another Darkstalkers, or Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers at least?


I think I’m about done.

Sean Halo broCOLORThe happiest days in my life was when I worked at a GameStop with my friends, saw movies with them, and played Halo with them on the weekend… when there wasn’t a D&D campaign going on, of course. People got married, had kids, joined the military, moved, moved back, had another kid, etc… and eventually they all just drifted apart from me it seems.

mvc2sortofrosterMost of us quit GameStop when Halo 3 came out, and man… that felt like the height of Halo, huh?

Around that time or maybe just before it, I was also in college, playing my PS2… mostly fighting games with friends who I would go to anime conventions with, and *sigh*

Link Captain NAll of this is to say… I think I’m mostly done with collecting video games, and video game stuff. I have Steam, I have my X-Box One which has games digitally… and yeah. I think I’m getting rid of most of my physical games tomorrow. At least from Gamecube on up except for a couple here and there.

I dunno. I’m going through… something I guess?