Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

The other day I talked with a co-worker about how Capcom really needs to crossover Street Fighter and Darkstalkers in order to bring Darkstalkers more into the spotlight. The next day, I found out that that is exactly what they are almost sort of doing?

sfvsds1_cvrb_blissThat next day I learned that at some point this month, UDON is releasing issue 0 of Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers,  and it will hit with issue #1 (of 8) hitting in April. What makes this even more interesting, is that the first 4 issues will have alternate covers that when put together feature a large image of Demitri’s gender bending attack ‘The Midnight Bliss.’ Since these are variant covers though… good luck finding them for cover price. Hopefully Udon makes these a poster later down the road. aled

Morrigan, drawn by Zoe Crockett

Oh, also there is a fan art cover contest going on there too.

That should be fun… maybe Zoe Crockett/Clue Dog/Smooch, who I have showcased some of her art, interviewed before, and will hopefully soon have some commissioned work from will enter some fan art? Ya never know.

Deadlines for that contest is March 1st.

Waku Waku 7

Waku Waku 7 is an old fighter that is coming to Nintendo Switch. It was originally made on The Neo Geo, so… Switch is getting Neo Geo games I guess? Anyways, I took a look at some of the female fighters from this game.

Arina is my favorite thus far. Anyways, yay fighting game girls?


I took a look SNK vs Capcom Chaos again, this time Athena, The Goddess and not The Psycho Soldier.

The game is a repeat, she is kind of cheap to play as in this game, but hey… she transforms characters into animals after beating them. OH, AND SHE TURNS INTO A, you know… Happy MerMonday everyone!


One of the first women of 2D fighting games but this time from the 2nd place fighting game maker? Huh? SNK vs. Capcom Chaos was an… interesting game with some great old school sprites… one of which was SNK’s version of Chin-Li from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2. Anyways, here is a video I made… mostly about Chun-Li.