Ruby Rose – Break Free

This video is a little NSFW, just a heads up. In this video, Ruby Rose transforms herself from a feminine woman in a dress to a heavily tattooed male. Reading up on Rose, she seems like an interesting, gender fluid, woman. She prefers female pronouns.  

If there is something that I’ve noticed recently, I feel like the world is more willing to accept women that embrace masculinity as opposed to the opposite… and that’s always been a bit weird to me. Also… what happened to Tom Boys? Are they no longer a thing that’s recognized in society? Just a random thought.

Savage Gypsy – Shower For Me

Seeing as how the convention that I was going to go to in April, Cyphacon, was canceled… I felt like I’d throw back to this 8 year old music video Savage Gypsy did about hygiene at conventions.

Yeah… it probably would have been bad to go to… but damn… I always feel like I’m sick after a convention anyways…