If I am to speak my truth…

spider-man-3-posterConfession time… I liked Spider-Man 3. I watched it 5 times in theater because I saw it with different friends. Did it have problems? Sure… but you know what? There is genuine emotion in that movie, and ultimately there was more good than bad.

Was the musical dance scene good? No. It wasn’t supposed to be good. Peter’s a loser kid who in the second movie tried to awkwardly read MJ poetry to win her, and he knows how to play piano most likely because Aunt May mentioned teaching it in Spider-Man 2.

amazing-spider-man-2-posterDid it kill off Venom, sure… but he or Carnage could come back from that bit that Dr. Connors had. My point is that this movie wasn’t SO BAD that it tanked the franchise.

Never forget that there was going to be a 4th Sam Rami movie… possibly even a 5th and 6th one. SONY chose to cancel it because SONY told Sam Rami way too late that the movie had to be in 3D with a script that Rami hated, so they then went for a reboot that was the failed Amazing Spider-Man films.

SONY sucks now, they sucked then, and hell… Avi Arad kind of sucks for forcing Venom into the 3rd movie, a character that Rami said that he never actually wanted to do.

"Spiderman: Homecoming" New York First Responders' ScreeningAll that ranting aside, if you want a better watching experience, watch Spider-Man 3: The Editor’s Cut. It’s better for the most part. Also, you know… watch Spider-Man: Homecoming, as that’s a great Flick Marvel generously allowed SONY to take credit for.

Man… if Rami’s Spider-Man could have lasted a few years, we would have probably had a Spider-Girl movie by now. Hell, they are already including MC2 characters into the MCU. I know this is a tangent, but it would have been amazing.

Spider-Man is an adult.

"Spiderman: Homecoming" New York First Responders' ScreeningTom Holland plays the latest Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming, and it’s great. Spider-Man is back and in high school, and that’s really cool. I keep hearing from old school fans that they love that, and I think I understand why, even though I’m indifferent about it. Let me put it like this: Spider-Man, for my millennial generation, is and always has been an adult who typically is in college and is sometimes married to Mary Jane Watson.

Spiderman-the-1995-animated-series-dvd-season-three-900d0Fox Kid’s Spider-Man, was a young college kid. Toby Maguire Spider-Man starts out in High School and he is hurried on to being an adult in college. I’ve never known a world where MJ was not Spider-Man’s girlfriend. I never saw Gwen Stacey as a possible romantic interest because her body was long since cold. Fox Kid’s Spider-Man is my Spider-Man, hands down. Even if you were into Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981-1983) it was re-aired later in the 80’s and it still featured Peter Parker as a college student living in a dorm.

If you grew up in the 60’s, you knew a Peter Parker in High School… for about 28 or so issues. In fact, Peter Parker had not even met Gwen Stacey alongside Harry Osborn until issue 31, The Green Goblin issue 32, or even MJ until issue 42!

Usm100But yeah, back to High School. Sure.

We had The Ultimate Spider-Man comic that featured Peter in High School, and they made it clear that that kid was never going to leave High School from 2000 until 2011. Ultimate Spider-Man was amazing, and I love it to death, but it was in fact… you know, an alternate Spider-Man. Not Universe 616 Spider-Man.

Spider-Girl_Vol_1_73Talking about Alternate Spider-Men, we’ve had a few recently that focused on a teenage Peter Parker, such as the cartoons Spectacular Spider-Man as well as Ultimate Spider-Man which is… different from the other Ultimate one. Those were… all right I suppose, but I love it when we do not have to worry about a Peter Parker who has a curfew.

There was the comic Spider-Girl, and Tom Defalco had her stories in high school for her entire career and that worked more than the two previously mentioned ones. I only mention her now because I always try to bring her up.

1861474-black_cat_usmSpider-Man and his friends are allowed to be older than 18. Marvel often tries to prevent things from aging Peter Parker, such as him having kids or being married for too long. Eventually It’s going to feel really wrong if we have an under 18 year old black cat in a skin tight body suit… unless they do… what they did… in The Ultimate Universe.

Never mind. Keep Spider-man young and have him interact with the adult heroes. That might be funny, especially when he meets female heroes like Black Widow. People will be serving this ‘man’ drinks, women will throw themselves at him, etc… and only a few people will know the inside joke.

Halo 360 is Becoming Backwards Compatible

cortanaIt was announced yesterday that Halo 3, ODST, 4, and Combat Evolved Anniversary will become backwards compatible on Xbox One, with all of the maps becoming free sometime this Summer.

That’s right, no more need to insert other halo games in to play a certain map! Also, what now will become of The Master Chief Collection once we will be able to play Halo 3 via LAN on Xbox One and 360?

halo-5-4K-e1499416682749Oh, also Halo 5 will be 4K on Xbox One X… but… yeah. I really wish they were making an ultimate version of 5 with say… split screen capabilities and LAN. Scorpio Xbox One X is a much more powerful system… so why not do that? That way people buy the system and Halo 5 again, and it can play with Xbox One’s version online and more… bah… I really shouldn’t dream these things.

Cortana5.pngI just really want to be able to explore Halo 5’s maps without paying for Xbox Live… or owning a Windows 10 PC… cause you know, they get a free version of Forge. I haven’t even seen most of 5’s maps because of this. *sigh*


What if Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank aren’t just extras in Saban’s Power Rangers movie?

greenandpink.pngWhile watching the home releases bonus features, there was an earlier cameo of the former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actors inside while Saban’s Trini and Kimberly are fighting over food. The thing is… they notice them. If this cut part of the scene was supposed to be them as glorified extras, why have them notice the two girls.

pink and green.png

Later, The mysterious man in green and suspicious lady in pink are shown using their phones to take pictures after the Megazord fight. If it is canonical that these two saw the girls doing weird stuff, and they showed up at the scene front and center…  is that a coincidence, or perhaps something more? My theory goes something like this:

Tv show Tommy and Kimberly are searching this alternate Angel Grove for the new Movie Power Rangers, for some reason. They choose not to intervene until after the Movie Rangers have all of their members, suits, and zords because they will either need these rangers help back in TV Power Ranger land, or they have to stop something from TV Power Rangers land from later destroying Movie Angel Grove.

powerrangers-011-lord-drakkon-22-225754-666x1024This theory of mine sounds crazy, except for the fact that Alternate universes were introduced at least when The RPM’s Ranger Red crossed over into Power Rangers Samurai. Also, in the comics, the idea of alternate time lines was explored, so it wouldn’t be a stretch that in another universe, during a different time, these different rangers existed.

I seriously doubt that any of this is true, seeing as how this was a cut cameo to a movie that might not even get a sequel. I seriously doubt that they were intending to play the long con and have The Pink and Green Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show up similar to Samuel L. Jackson at the end of Iron Man. That being said, it could have been awesome, especially if it had ended up being a 3 episode mini series on… whatever Power Ranger show is the current one.

How Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Ruined the Flood

Luke TheNotable made a video about how Halo Anniversary’s take on The Flood, and he is absolutely right. Warning, Spoilers if you have not played either the original version of Halo or the 360’s Anniversary version that is also on Xbox One’s Master Chief Collection.

I just beat Anniversary again the other day as I get ready to celebrate Halo 3, and yeah… 343’s art direction in this level was all over the place, and Bungie’s original intent for this level, thematically, was almost completely lost, which is sad. I sort of wish that Master Chief Collection came to PC just so people can mod the graphics just for this one level.

Over all though, Halo Anniversary collection is a great game that thankfully gives you literally, not figuratively, the best of both worlds by allowing you to switch back and forth between the graphics. That is an achievement if you do it on every level.

Wish I would have known about that before jumping into Halo 1.

Street Fighter All Stars

SFACStreet Fighter Alpha Anthology was an amazing collection for the PS2. It not only had Arcade perfect ports of Street Fighter Alpha 1-3, but it had every single arcade revision playable as well! Also it included Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and the brand new Hyper Street Fighter Alpha! We have had nothing like this since then, and it’s a shame as they could have done more with Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, as well as having the PSP version of Alpha 3 that included Eagle, Maki, and Ingrid.

super_mario_all_stars___super_mario_world_by_blzofozz-d5k6fno.pngThis article is not really about Street Fighter Alpha Anthology though, but more about how this game is how you should re-release old video games. Imagine if the Wii version of Super Mario All Stars, which honestly is just the SNES rom on a disc, instead included every version of Super Mario 1,2,3 and Lost Levels. For example, The second NES game would include: Doki Doki Panic, SMB2 (NES), All Stars Super Mario 2, and Super Mario Bros. Advanced. Their version of Hyper Street Fighter Alpha could just be something like… Nes Remix styled challenges.

snesgiantIf you are buying 30 year old games without updating them, there really is no reason not to give you every version that they have of it so you are as satisfied as possible. Collections are few and far between these days.