Saturday Morning Cartoons

10-17-2017_2-32-33_PMI haven’t really been watching anything lately, as I’ve been playing a lot of South Park: Fractured But Whole. This follow up to South Park: The Stick of Truth is pretty interesting, and I love what it says about gender, race, etc. but dislike the minor bugs/glitches in this game. Also, I’ve had to do things… terrible things that I was not okay with… which, you know… that’s South Park!

10-21-2017_1-22-05_AMI hope Ubisoft takes this engine, which is a pretty good tactics based RPG, and makes more games possibly outside of Matt and Trey’s South Park Cartoon… say… My Little Pony maybe? Something that isn’t so surprisingly sad and depressing as this game…Oh, also there is a my little pony reference or two in this game, so come on…

10-21-2017_1-47-03_AMI know they are purposely trying to make me feel sad about my character, ‘The New Kid,’ but darn it… it is working. Also, I feel bad for some character in this town, especially Kenny’s sister. She has a fake window with a bright and happy sun outside. Kenny is a good older brother to her, and I feel he helps shelter her from their sad reality.

Expect a full review of South Park: The Fractured But Whole at a later date.



I commissioned myself a woman

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219Commissions are weird. They can take months and months to do, and sometimes when you do receive one from an artist, you can have some very mixed feelings on it. Yesterday morning, I received this piece from an artist.

This picture is supposed to be of myself as a girl. The only instructions I gave were:

‘I like to wear a hoodie, and the pictures I typically have of myself rule 63’ed usually have it, but it’s not necessary. Also, I like to have my glasses in them.’

I also gave the artist 3 pictures of myself to work with as well:

They went with the middle pic, and I guess since I’m just not used to seeing myself sans glasses with that hair style, it made me think that the picture was a bit off. For comparison, here are a couple of pics that other people have done of a rule 63 version of myself in the past, for comparison of other people’s original take:

jhkjhkjhJulie's art

ClueDog’s art of me is an interesting take, and I suppose one reason she chose no hoodie is because she likes to draw attractive women, and the hoodie would look frumpy? Also, she does draw things a bit more etchy… maybe too etchy at times, as the up skirt did give a few surprises. O_o Not bad for $10.

World Destroyer

This group is trying to raise an additional $300,000 to complete their animated film, World Destroyer. If you feel like contributing to their animated film, which looks cool, they are crowdfunding through indiegogo here:
Note that the $35 tier gets you a Digital Copy + Screen Credit while the $50 tier gets you that plus a hard copy of the film.

Gargoyle Elisa Maza commission

elisa_gargoyle_by_cluedog-dbqrckhElisa Maza from Gargoyles was an amazing character. She was voiced by Salli Richardson who would later star in the show Eureka. Anyways, Elisa was a human detective on the show, and the liaison of the Gargoyles group to the 20th century as well as humans in general. Without her, humans are just monsters that manipulate you like David Xanatos, and it would be very easy to have them turn against humanity without her inclusion.

The character had such an impact on me, that one of my commissions from ClueDog, also known as Smooch among certain groups, was Gargoyle Elisa Maza, which can be seen to the left.

Elisa_GargoyleElisa Maza DID become a Gargoyle in one episode, thanks to the trickster Puck, in the season 2 episode ‘The Mirror.’ Massive spoiler there, but thought it was required for context.

The episode is important due to it cementing the idea that Goliath and Elisa are attracted to each other, but they also should not be, since they are such different creatures.

ClueDog did a great job, and I enjoy the piece. Maybe next time I will commission a piece featuring human Demona, which yeah… it is so weird that I find the human more attractive as a gargoyle, and the gargoyle more attractive as a human… but I do.

Double the Texas sized Mer-Funday!

Happy Mer-Monday everyone. I recently consumed two different beers from indie beers from Texas that use… let’s say… a nautical theme. The first one, from Galveston Bay Beer Company, is actually from Dickinson, TX which according to Google maps is only 29 minutes away from Galveston.

20171001_221416The beer, a Blue Berry Blonde, was… an interesting one. The story starts before what I know. A friend of a friend procured this beer before Hurricane Harvey, only for things to go terrible during the storm. My friend helped him go through his shattered life, only to discover this siren singing her song through the wreckage of his shattered belongings.
So, how was this beer? Did it rock me like said Hurricane, or did it ruin me like… well… a Hurricane?

I think there was something wrong with it? Let’s start at the smell. There was definitely a light blueberry scent so that was fine. I split the beer with my friend in some brand new plastic cups from a package that was never opened. The beer tasted all right, but according to him, it had a ‘funky taste.’ I did not get that at first, but yeah.. a little bit? I finished his beer, and then discovered that there was a weird brown… whatever, that sort of looked like peanut butter at the bottom of his cup. What?! Weird. He brews, so I asked him what it was, and he had no idea.

I want to try this beer fresh, possibly in a bottle and not a can, but seriously… wtf was that brown stuff?!

GoliadThe second beer that I had was from Goliad Brewing Company, and it comes from the Texas town of the same name. The beer is called Redfish India Pale Ale. I’m not much of a beer drinker, so I had to pace myself on this one. My roommates seemed to find it a mediocre but completely drinkable beer. Nothing that they would seek out, but they would definitely drink it if offered to them.

I found it a bit too rich, and a bit dark, and my roommate did say that it was ‘a little bit dark,’ so what the hell do I know? I was able to drink it. Long story short… this beer tastes like what I think of when I imagine Goliad, Tx. So… yay???

The real thing to talk about, at this point, is the mascots. The Blonde is plain, and I just… eh? She sports some under boob, and maybe she is not proud of this, as her eyes are closed and her mouth is covered so we have no idea if she is frowning or not. She does not excite me into buying this beer, and I honestly feel sorry for her.

Goliad’s mascot is a red head, so points there. Her tail design though looks like a mundane fish, certainly nothing exotic. There is a light house behind her, but where is there a light house in Goliad? Notice I go there, and do not ask why Goliad has a mermaid. Clearly, she is a fresh water mermaid from the near by San Antonio River. We see more chest area, but that just makes me think that the mermaids of Goliad aren’t as respectful as those from Galveston… err.. Dickenson. I mean, come on… children will be drinking this beer!

Hollywood’s veil is finally coming down… just too slowly.

The Weinstein sex scandal is terrible, and the worst part is that we have been warned about Hollywood for decades. Dave Chappelle warned that we really do not know what is going on in Hollywood. Below are some interesting clips that highlight Weinstein that foreshadowed all of this, as well as the industry over all.

Terry Crews and James Vanderbeek are two men who recently claimed that they too were touched in a sexual way at parties from rich people of power in Hollywood, and it adds a lot of credibility to the statements

Happy out of context Throw Back Thursday!

Thursday is an amazing day to just throwback to some more nostalgic times, shows, thoughts, etc. I decided to just share some images I’ve previously shared on my blog. Some are quite meaningful, while others less so but I still find them cool.

  1. The Doctor Who one is special, because it was Dorky, taken in my birth state of MS, and it recently helped me meet someone who I thought was… pretty nifty.
  2. The little comic under it, was from a Blog Post about GameStop, and I just think it’s a cool quick sketch of me?
  3. I really like this picture I took of Dugg Finn at Louisianime.
  4. Sailormoon meets steam punk photo was quite cool from an Oni-Con YEARS ago.
  5. Member Holiday in Aculpoco from Pokemon? I used to have banned episodes from it on VHS. Good times.
  6. I like I Dream of Jeannie, and her sister was evil… but damn if that green outfit wasn’t cute.
  7. Galaxy Express 999 was amazing, and it reminds me of how coll/weird it was to see it when I was younger..
  8.  I have worked on two pony fanarts of friends, and the other one was my first OC I believe. The first one was of my friend Julie’s Transformers Animated OC alongside an OC I made of her husband David named Dashing Husband. The second one was something I did for/of an ex. The third one(?) was just a cool character that I named Doodles. While I was living with my dad, I made some Gaming with Sean videos for the first time, and well…
  9. Ice Ocean wasn’t a real NES game, but it’s one of my favorites from a bootlegged bunch of nes games in a controller?
  10. A-kon 16 was my first A-kon of two, and yeah… not awesome, but one of the best Pose Offs ever? I did them under the banner of NetSenshi, and none of the people behind the table really hang out these days, to my knowledge? Take pictures kids!