Trump Trumps the Avengers

avengers-thanos-gauntletThis just in! Apparently the upcoming Avengers movies in The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been put on hold for the next 4 years!

Why was this decision made? Easy. Joss Whedon is unable to pry the Infinity Gauntlet out of the hand… err, hands of President Donald Trump. All of a sudden, Whedon’s Super PAC attempt to prevent Trump’s rise to power makes a lot more sense.



Dragonzord in Beauty Mode!

In Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, also refereed to as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there was 5 male characters and only one female character, and she wore pink and a skirt. Now, the American version made the yellow ranger less of a Boi and more of a Trini, but the ratio was still far from even, 4:2.

In a recent video from BuzzFeed where they let people try on Power Ranger suits, they had a woman play The Green Ranger, and that was pretty cool.

female green ranger.png
But maybe that is too tasteful? Without a skirt, how are they supposed to know that she is a FEMALE Green Ranger?

green_ranger_cosplay_01Cosplayer Sonni Aralynn solved this problem! Now, her take looks less baggy than the actual fit/fabric from the tv show.

Tommy (MMPR)

Also, I don’t know if she has the white diamonds on her green… dress? Tunic? What do you call the top portion of The Pink Ranger’s outfit? It is two major pieces instead of one, right? Gah… I thought I knew what these costumes were when I watched them so long ago! Anyways, better fit, stretchier fabric? The costume looks very good… but maybe too tasteful and not rule 63 anime waifu kawaii desu, right?

Well, deviant artist Kaskachan has you covered on that front! Unfortunately… all of the other originals get involved as well. So… Jason is Sailor Mars? Nifty!


But what about Tommy’s Dragonzord? Well… I was not able to find any fanart I had to go far down the rabbit hole but I did find something!

Goku-Senpai (NSFW gallery), also a deviant artist, did the following art work of not just Dragonzord, but her in battle mode as well!dragonzord_tans_by_goku_senpai-d7qejsx

I was terrified that I was going to have to be the one who commissioned this after my original inability to find her. The trick was searching for ‘female Dragonzord’ and not things like  rule 63.

AND WHY did I bring you these Mighty Gender Bent Rangers and their Zords? Because it’s Sunday, and everything around me is closed. Useless days sometimes end up with some pretty wild searches, huh?

You will Never Believe How This 95 Year Old Woman Found her perfect mate!

bettywhite1A.K.A. Betty White pregnant at 95?! Sources say that Betty White has not only found a man that is simply out of her world, but she is now expecting!

What is more incredible than this is the how of it all.

The mysterious father to be is apparently a man by the name of Bobby White. Similar name, but that is just a coincidence, right? WRONG!

Betty White’s suitor is more than a distant relative, but in fact Betty White as a man! Bobby comes from a world that is parallel to our own, and at the age of 95 he somehow found himself lost in not just Betty White’s home, but after only just a week, her heart.

While this is all unorthodox, we wish The White’s the best, and can not wait to see their clone’s birth.

Happy 16th Anniversary


I came u[p with this name when I believe I was a Freshman in High School. I never really liked April Fool’s day, and thus decided to do a comic instead of a prank and yeah. I was dumb, and going online by the name SeanSan but ultimately I would use NetSenshi as my handle on  Youtube and when at conventions until I made this website.

Yeah, I’m a huge dork… Happy go Fool Yourself day guys!