New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

There is a new trailer for Duke Nukem Forever Kingdom Hearts III, and I am just going crazy… Don’t let me spoil the new worlds etc… just watch!

Definitely expect more posts about Kingdom Hearts III in the following weeks!


Feminism in Japan

Youtuber That Japanese Man Yuta went out on the street last December and asked what they, Japanese women, think about feminism… and their answers really surprised him.

Apparently women in Japan do not know what feminism is? Well, the woman on the street, at least. Crazy.

Android Waifu 21

android21 humanHappy Waifu Wednesday! I just recently beat Dragon Ball FighterZ and figured that I would feature Android 21 for today’s waifu! Android 21 from the game… well… everything about her is a huge spoiler from the game, so here’s your last chance to stop reading before I spoil Dragonball Fighter Z’s story a little.

Android 21, apparently, used to be Dr. Gero’s wife, and the mother to the person that Android 16 was based off of.  Whether or not Android 21 and her backstory becomes canon in Super remains to be seen, but already she is heavily involved with established lore.

As an android, 21 does not really seem to remember much of her past, but she has feelings about things from it? Also, she apparently used the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back the worst enemies from Dragon Ball Z… so now… The Z fighters have to stop them? And there are evil mindless clones? *sigh* Just play all 3 story arcs of Dragon Ball FighterZ, okay? It wont make sense, but it is fun.

So… how about some pictures from it?

Dragon-Ball-FighterZAt this point it seems like I forgot to mention that she transforms into a super evil form that looks kind of like Majin Buu but less tentacle head and more attractive with a tail, huh? I would feel worse about dropping that major bombshell, except for the fact that it was already spoiled online with scans from a Japanese publication.

I do want to not that both of her forms were designed by Akira Toiyama himself, so there is a small chance that 21 might become canon, possibly after Dragon Ball Super’s hiatus. Still a very small chance though.

27459722_2004094849619733_1827414083112881185_nAwesome cosplayer Sosenka has succeeded in not just cosplaying as Android 21 really quickly after the game’s release, but doing so in her Buu form. Now, this is just a makeup test and not a finished cosplay… but even so, it looks fantastic. Luckily for her, she already cosplays a very impressive Kid Buu so I’m sure she was able to reuse the things such as the pants and belt.

For some more of her amazing cosplay, you can see some of the amazing work she did just right around 2017 on her facebook page. Her Youtube Channel only has 4 videos up, but the cosplay in them all looks amazing! Below is video of her Kid Buu in action!

Boogie’s transformation

Youtuber Boogie2988 hit 6 months the other day from when he did his gastric bypass surgery, and I’m honestly happy for the guy. He posted this video on the 4th, and it just seemed like the right thing to post for this transformation Tuesday.

He started his liquid diet at 540lbs, he currently is 387lbs, but his goal weight is 250lbs.

:/ I need to get serious about dieting again, because I haven’t been around his goal weight since I was 25. *sigh*

Superb Owl Party

FOOTBALL?!?!?!?! I’m not a fan, unfortunately. What else is there to do today… besides wake up in a few hours and go to work, for me, at least.

Animal Planet is doing their 14th annual Puppy Bowl, and this year I hear that there is a kitty half time show. Comedy Central is doing a Chapelle show marathon. Also, if you want to still watch sports to spite he NFL, The Golf channel  and CBS will be showing the final round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open from 1-2:45 p.m.; CBS, 3-6 p.m.

Another thing to do, and this is a throwback to 2001 when I was a kid… Bugs. vs. Daffy!

That one is great for everyone who is a big fan of Cartoon Cartoon characters as well.

Well… even if you do watch ‘The Big Game’ tomorrow, I hope everyone enjoys themselves on this useless Sunday.