Behold Ariel and Flounder

The colors of love? Red vs. Blue: Make love not war? What should be the title for this one?


This one is based off of a scene NOT in the movie, that I was mandala effected into believing was from the movie or at least the show. What’s funny is… this image below is not the full image!ariel and flounder

The original is this scene where Sebastion is being the best wingman ever for Flounder… and doing like… some underwater mistletoe so his best friend has to smooch him? The original scene is actually a little less tame than the one done by Kittyhawk, I think, except for the fact that they are both adults.


The colored versions of my Flounder and Ariel can be found over on Kittyhawk’s sketchbook here:

Happy Mer-Monday err… Feminine Friday!


Frank West as a pony, Flounder as Roshi’s pichi pichi gal

I’m headed off to work, just wanted to share Frank West from Dead Rising 1 as a My Little Pony Character, and Mermaid Flounder as a potential victim of Master Roshi? Oh, and Trunks was there to maybe?

Also, Kittyhawk will be coloring her sketch tonight of Mermaid Flounder, which is exciting because I can actually make that stream!

DbJEznMVwAEQHRBaus to central

Everything that is old is new again!!! Happy throwback Thursday everyong!

Drawing some schtuff?

I found some old pictures, some of them inked, some of them partially inked, and one that HAD to be inked in order to save it as graphite had been smeared over it by the cover to the sketchbook. I then decided to do two more drawings over on twitch… one of Velma which I am proud of, and Pichu… which kind of sucks.

Seriously… Velma is a cutie who is only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD… same as Sailor Moon… which is weird. Anyways, art. Did some. I feel better now.

I might be creating a new project.

Amazing womanI want to make a website that is similar to TGFA is a website by Jenny North that I discovered when I was in high school that was a great starting point for gender change comics.

Through it, I learned about Mantra and that The Ultraverse was more than just The Ultraforce cartoon. DC’s Shade The Changing Man, Flare and The Champions, Courier, and Resurrection Man… I had never heard of any of these characters

Since then, new characters have blossomed but sadly the website is mostly dormant. I’m still very much in the planning stages, but it would be awesome if I was able to make the site this year.

SvaughnErinSo what characters have I discovered? Arcee (Transformers), Archina (Archie), Amazing Woman, Captain Power (Spider-Man), Shocking Suzie, Loki, Lord Fanny, G-Girl, Talia al Ghoul (Batman Beyond).

Lately, however, I’ve been obsessing over Shvaughn Erin who was a character from The Legion of Superheroes comics, and was romantically involved with the character Element Lad.

TGFA did mention Shvaughn, but very briefly. I feel like it was because the comics only briefly covered this aspect of the character, and well… comics are expensive to track down, so sadly there were only 4 images on the site of the character.

shocking suziThe other one that I am focusing on, is the previously mentioned Shocking Suzie. She appears for only 4 issues of the Dial H-for Hero reboot they did in the 2000’s called H-E-R-O, or maybe it is just HERO?

I hit up the $1 damaged comics section of my local comic store, and sadly… I only found this one issue there… but it is a start.

Anyways, I wanted to share my ambitious endeavors with the blog here, and I will try and keep people updated.



Throwback to Futaba-kun Change!

Futaba-kun_ChangeThere is still an hour left of Throwback Thursday… so let’s throw back to the sexier more realistic alternative to Ranma 1/2, Futaba-kun change, shall we?

Rumiko Takahashi did not create the idea of a martial artist magically turning into a woman, and neither did Hiroshi Aro. Unfortunately, 1990-1997 manga about a high school wrestler who’s entire family starts to change their sexes whenever they get excited after puberty, was not nearly as successful as Ranma 1/2, and never received an anime.

Sadly, Futaba-kun change was also the most popular of Hiroshi Aro’s work, and if you go to his Wikipedia page, it is the only one that has it’s own page.

futaba kun change who wears the pantsI discovered Futaba-kun Change through an old Wizard Magazine when I was roughly in 11th grade. I remember going into my senior year and having to mail order for some of the graphic novels, and receiving them in front of my mom, who jokingly over reacted because of their covers were a little… scandalous.


Unlike Ranma, Futaba-kun change was one of the few manga back then that I started and finished, largely because unlike Rumiko Takahashi, Hiroshi Aro can… get this… FINISH A GOD DAMN STORY!

I’m sorry, but there is no major closure in Ranma! Futaba-kun change is NOT like that at all! I would argue that everyone should read it, start to finish, but sadly it is out of print. Oh, also Studio Iron Cat who translated it is out of print no more.

Well… That sucks. Below is a bunch of cool covers from it?

Apparently one youtuber animated Futaba-kun changing back in 2016:

Anyways, maybe there will be another post sometime about Futaba-kun change sometime soon. Or not. probably not… but who knows?

I commissioned myself a woman

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219Commissions are weird. They can take months and months to do, and sometimes when you do receive one from an artist, you can have some very mixed feelings on it. Yesterday morning, I received this piece from an artist.

This picture is supposed to be of myself as a girl. The only instructions I gave were:

‘I like to wear a hoodie, and the pictures I typically have of myself rule 63’ed usually have it, but it’s not necessary. Also, I like to have my glasses in them.’

I also gave the artist 3 pictures of myself to work with as well:

They went with the middle pic, and I guess since I’m just not used to seeing myself sans glasses with that hair style, it made me think that the picture was a bit off. For comparison, here are a couple of pics that other people have done of a rule 63 version of myself in the past, for comparison of other people’s original take:

jhkjhkjhJulie's art

ClueDog’s art of me is an interesting take, and I suppose one reason she chose no hoodie is because she likes to draw attractive women, and the hoodie would look frumpy? Also, she does draw things a bit more etchy… maybe too etchy at times, as the up skirt did give a few surprises. O_o Not bad for $10.

Dragonzord in Beauty Mode!

In Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, also refereed to as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there was 5 male characters and only one female character, and she wore pink and a skirt. Now, the American version made the yellow ranger less of a Boi and more of a Trini, but the ratio was still far from even, 4:2.

In a recent video from BuzzFeed where they let people try on Power Ranger suits, they had a woman play The Green Ranger, and that was pretty cool.

female green ranger.png
But maybe that is too tasteful? Without a skirt, how are they supposed to know that she is a FEMALE Green Ranger?

green_ranger_cosplay_01Cosplayer Sonni Aralynn solved this problem! Now, her take looks less baggy than the actual fit/fabric from the tv show.

Tommy (MMPR)

Also, I don’t know if she has the white diamonds on her green… dress? Tunic? What do you call the top portion of The Pink Ranger’s outfit? It is two major pieces instead of one, right? Gah… I thought I knew what these costumes were when I watched them so long ago! Anyways, better fit, stretchier fabric? The costume looks very good… but maybe too tasteful and not rule 63 anime waifu kawaii desu, right?

Well, deviant artist Kaskachan has you covered on that front! Unfortunately… all of the other originals get involved as well. So… Jason is Sailor Mars? Nifty!


But what about Tommy’s Dragonzord? Well… I was not able to find any fanart I had to go far down the rabbit hole but I did find something!

Goku-Senpai (NSFW gallery), also a deviant artist, did the following art work of not just Dragonzord, but her in battle mode as well!dragonzord_tans_by_goku_senpai-d7qejsx

I was terrified that I was going to have to be the one who commissioned this after my original inability to find her. The trick was searching for ‘female Dragonzord’ and not things like  rule 63.

AND WHY did I bring you these Mighty Gender Bent Rangers and their Zords? Because it’s Sunday, and everything around me is closed. Useless days sometimes end up with some pretty wild searches, huh?