Sukesha-Ray’s Flounder

I’m just back from A-Kon 29, and while there will be an update about that, I decided to focus on my mermaid commission. It’s Flounder still, but this time around I had artist Sukesha-Ray draw her.
Flounder sukesha ray small.png
She is, first off beautiful, and so is her version of Flounder. She kind of made this one her own though a little bit, which is fine, but I personally prefer her with a mohawk. Anyways, what does everyone think of her? You can comment here or on my Deviant art page for her.

Happy Mer-Monday everyone!


Evelyn, my muse

A commission from Kittyhawk that is not a Mohawk-ed mermaid? WHA?! Who is Evelyn?!
netsenshi_evelyn SMALL

Evelyn is me? Sort of? Evelyn is my favorite name for a woman, and thus any time I need a gender bent version of myself, that’s the name I give her in my head because I really wouldn’t want the name Shawna, and Seana or Seanna… I don’t think are correct… grammatically? I could be wrong on that though?

Kittyhawk, from the webcomic, once again drew this piece for me. The hair style was mostly her decision, but I wanted my glasses and my favorite hoodie in there, but she added a dress that I thought looked like Marilyn Monroe’s, as well as pink high heels.

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219I always thought of Evelyn as a tom-boy-ish incarnation… but when people feminize me, they tend to commit to the new sex/gender, as my previous commission from Cluedog was also wearing some definitely female clothes.

For people who somehow have never seen Kittyhawk’s previous commission, there they are below. Expect one more mermaid-flounder to appear soon-ish?

Flounder not Flounder?

disney_rific_mer_bash_by_hidden_travelerDeviantart user Hidden-Traveler colorized some line arts  by GorFragWarGutz that… wait… is that a pichu version of a mermaid Flounder back there…. Son of a…

Actually these are different characters, and they were colored to look like Ariel and Flounder… but are actually deviants K-Serenade and jayeljay? Also it was done in 2009. Still not Flounder though… but still… ENHANCE! or…

jay_mer_1_by_hidden_travelerDifferent picture, I suppose. In order to see each one on the colorists page, click each image and it will take you there.

So… should I get some more images made of my version of flounder? Should I get a different version of Flounder made? Also, what about MerMay? Also, what artists should I use?

Behold Ariel and Flounder

The colors of love? Red vs. Blue: Make love not war? What should be the title for this one?


This one is based off of a scene NOT in the movie, that I was mandala effected into believing was from the movie or at least the show. What’s funny is… this image below is not the full image!ariel and flounder

The original is this scene where Sebastion is being the best wingman ever for Flounder… and doing like… some underwater mistletoe so his best friend has to smooch him? The original scene is actually a little less tame than the one done by Kittyhawk, I think, except for the fact that they are both adults.


The colored versions of my Flounder and Ariel can be found over on Kittyhawk’s sketchbook here:

Happy Mer-Monday err… Feminine Friday!

Frank West as a pony, Flounder as Roshi’s pichi pichi gal

I’m headed off to work, just wanted to share Frank West from Dead Rising 1 as a My Little Pony Character, and Mermaid Flounder as a potential victim of Master Roshi? Oh, and Trunks was there to maybe?

Also, Kittyhawk will be coloring her sketch tonight of Mermaid Flounder, which is exciting because I can actually make that stream!

DbJEznMVwAEQHRBaus to central

Everything that is old is new again!!! Happy throwback Thursday everyong!

Drawing some schtuff?

I found some old pictures, some of them inked, some of them partially inked, and one that HAD to be inked in order to save it as graphite had been smeared over it by the cover to the sketchbook. I then decided to do two more drawings over on twitch… one of Velma which I am proud of, and Pichu… which kind of sucks.

Seriously… Velma is a cutie who is only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD… same as Sailor Moon… which is weird. Anyways, art. Did some. I feel better now.

I might be creating a new project.

Amazing womanI want to make a website that is similar to TGFA is a website by Jenny North that I discovered when I was in high school that was a great starting point for gender change comics.

Through it, I learned about Mantra and that The Ultraverse was more than just The Ultraforce cartoon. DC’s Shade The Changing Man, Flare and The Champions, Courier, and Resurrection Man… I had never heard of any of these characters

Since then, new characters have blossomed but sadly the website is mostly dormant. I’m still very much in the planning stages, but it would be awesome if I was able to make the site this year.

SvaughnErinSo what characters have I discovered? Arcee (Transformers), Archina (Archie), Amazing Woman, Captain Power (Spider-Man), Shocking Suzie, Loki, Lord Fanny, G-Girl, Talia al Ghoul (Batman Beyond).

Lately, however, I’ve been obsessing over Shvaughn Erin who was a character from The Legion of Superheroes comics, and was romantically involved with the character Element Lad.

TGFA did mention Shvaughn, but very briefly. I feel like it was because the comics only briefly covered this aspect of the character, and well… comics are expensive to track down, so sadly there were only 4 images on the site of the character.

shocking suziThe other one that I am focusing on, is the previously mentioned Shocking Suzie. She appears for only 4 issues of the Dial H-for Hero reboot they did in the 2000’s called H-E-R-O, or maybe it is just HERO?

I hit up the $1 damaged comics section of my local comic store, and sadly… I only found this one issue there… but it is a start.

Anyways, I wanted to share my ambitious endeavors with the blog here, and I will try and keep people updated.