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Elijah Wood as a woman?

At around 1:50, Conan O’Brien shows Elijah Wood, for the first time, pictures of Wood as slutty women? What?

Sorry for almost missing the first day of Gender Bender week on the blog!


Gender fluidity in comics

xxmenOver at Comic Alliance, they have a wonderful article on gender-fluid characters in comics. The references are a tad old, but that’s sort of the point. The image to the left is not from the article, which can be found here: but from a wonderful but NSFW source which can be found here:

771814-genderchange_1Things like this used to be quite common in comics in the 80’s and 90’s. It was pretty normal to have stories where Superman was either turned into a woman or ended up in a universe where everyone’s genders were flipped. Why? Because, as some REALLY like to point out, Comic Books Are WEIRD!

RanmaMaleFemaleRW1You know what, it’s been a while since I’ve done any themed weeks or months on this site. Maybe I’ll do one soon? I guess we will get to more Rule 63/gender change stuff next week?


Flashback Friday – The Mirror

mirrorimageBack in the year 2003, probably before I had graduated High School, I had delusions of grandeur. One of them was making a web comic. While digging through things in my really old photobucket account, I came across these images I had made. Now, I wasn’t aware of things like Keenspot, or Deviantart at the time, and my art style then was quite laughable, not that I’ve improved much since then. While it was all a bit of a lark at the time, I felt like I’d flashback to this gender bender comic I had. Oh, btw: The image on the left was a button to get you to the actual comic. I couldn’t help but share it! LOOK! I made a fake barcode! I bet that was when I was in Desktop Publishing class! Is that still a thing, Desktop Publishing? Anyways, here you go!


Oh MY GOD! Her eyes, GAH! How did I think this was a good picture? Wow! And Lynx-san? That was such an old nickname. Oh well, better than when I refereed to myself as Sean-San


Green Bikini. Huh.I used a regular ink pen, and map pencils… you could tell that I was doing these comics when I was supposed to be doing work in class. BTW: I think the blue hair came from playing Septerra Core at the time.


Man-Spider had such a huge impact on me back in the day. He was awesome in Fox Kid’s Spider-Man, so it’s no wonder that that’s just how I draw huge spider’s. Also, the Ruby, and being of pure light were clearly influenced by Zelda

mirrorpg3Yeah… stuff like this is what happens when you don’t plan things out, and just try to do something to do it. The Blue Lady was clearly based off of Mystique. I do want to point out that I had never played Resident Evil at this point. I mention this because in the top left panel, The Blue Lady looks quite a bit like Ada Wong.

Would people like to see more weird, random, and embarrassing things from my past on Thursdays and Fridays? That way I can throw back and flash back to some really awkward things? Anyone?



Is it gender bender month again? No.


This shirt is trolling, err… Moblin-ing? Anyways, available for the next 22 or so hours, this shirt brings up the point that unlike Super Mario, Link is the protagonist from a series of games named after the princess he saves, as opposed to the main protagonist. That can get a little confusing.

Maybe one day, there will be a game named after Hilda Midna another princess, and Link will get the opportunity to stand in her shadow.



This movie is all right. Better than Switch, but the premise of this 2005 comedy seems sort of similar to the manga Futaba-Kun change to a certain extent, and if you search around you can surely find a way to read that. Still, it’s worth watching, especially considering how few movies there are in the actual gender swap category that are.

Oh, also they had an awesome ad campaign where they stood outside of a window in front of Fox News with a picture of a nipple with the name of the movie on it. Can’t forget about that!

You can watch this movie on Hulu Plus, and I believe it is still on Netflix. Enjoy!


So I goofed

Sunday is sacred here on Netsenshi Productions. It is a day only meant for complaining about what is closed or closes early, as well as suggestions on what to do because of this worthless day existing. I broke that today, and I’m sorry. I posted relevant topics on an irrelevant day, and I hope we can get through this as a community. Here is some stuff to do?

Tgcomics’s forum is back up. If you are 18 and up, love gender bent shtuff, than might I suggest heading over there to intelligently discuss, in a respectfuly and calm manner, topics with people who have similar interests? NSFW, but did I need to emphasis that in italics? Yeah, I did.

gacha-gacha-secret-1059313That site also has tons of comics, but if you were looking for some manga to wet your whistle, than how about Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution? It’s about a guy named Akira who ends up with the ability to transform into a girl when he sneezes. The girl he turns into was in charge of an in-game tutorial for a virtual reality game that had messed up while he was playing it. It similar to Ranma 1/2, but Akira uses his girl form to get close to the girl he likes… as opposed to… you know… eating ice cream and getting piggy back rides.

futaba-kun-change-book-1If that comic doesn’t do it for you, than how about Futaba-Kun Change? It’s another one of those manga that are constantly compared to Ranma 1/2, but like Gacha Gacha, Futaba-kun uses his new form to better his life. Futaba discovers that he and his entire family have the ability to change genders whenever they are excited. Okay, so don’t get excited, and it’s not a problem, right? Well, Futaba has a crush on a girl named Misaki, who harbors feelings for Futaba-kun as well. It’s prett wacky, and while it’s more mature and realistic than Ranma, it’s naughty enough to get a lot of people in trouble. Warning though, there is nudity, so yeah… awesome.

On a side note, how long will comics in the gender bender catagory have to exist before we have to keep comparing it to the only one most people know about? Ranma 1/2 is amazing, but so was Ford’s Model T. Maybe one day, people will say that ______ manga is like Futaba-Kun change, or Kashimashi, or Girl in My Dreams. Wait…. you’re not aware of the Korean comic Girl in My Dreams? Huh… >_> maybe you should get acquainted? I hear it’s like Kashimashi. See? I just made history there.


Bomber Girl


Goku as a girl? And cute? We wish. I’m not sure if Bomber Girl Dragon Fight is just one doujinshi, or a series of them. I’m thinking the latter, as I’ve seen a few different plot lines. One of the plots involves a suddenly female Goku in an alternate universe where Planet Vegita never exploded. Thankfully, at least all of the pages in this short have appeared online, and have been fan translated.


The comic mainly involves Raditz and Bardock wanting to get it on with the newly femmed Kakarotto. Sparks are also possibly flying between the young Prince Vegita, who invites her to spar with him.


I once thought that the other story that I found of Bomber Girl was two different/incomplete stories. Goku and Gohan are girls, but Goku is still married to Chi Chi… so it’s a recent change I take it.

Goku then spars with Piccolo on the look out. Some awesome fighting stuff happens, and Goku ends up giving Piccolo a peck on the cheek. Ultimately, Goku wakes up a man again, and discovers that apparently everyone else had changed genders, including Chi Chi. Gohan, still a girl. Piccolo? Not present, but Namekians are asexual, so… doubtful he got boobs?

Anyways, I wonder if I’ve found all of Bomber Girl that there is. I know it’s not translated, but hopefully one day they will be. If you Google Dragon Ball Z and Bomber girl, the three story chunks should quickly pop up. Anyways, enjoy!

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