Lady Boi

IMG_20160120_174828477I get a type of sick satisfaction from The Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that a lot of people wont understand. Let me explain, The original Japanese team only had one female character, The Pink Ranger. Yellow one was the male character Boi. Yes, they gender bent a boy character named Boi! It’s hilarious, right?

I love the fact that this stylized toy version from the movie is very much a woman. It should be noted that Trini, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was swapped out for Aiesha by the time the first MMPR movie had come out, and that the toy to the left is from that.

I just love this geeky fact. I’m sorry! I was going through some pictures on my phone and I just had to share!

TG vs TS

I try to post things on Fridays that are about women in some sort of way, or rather… I have been failing to do that for the most part. I decided to post this video I discovered today that detailed the differences between the terms Transgender vs. Transexual. I think it is informative/interesting.

Autumn Asphodel – Difference Between Transgender & Transsexual

Gender, in general, is a hot button topic, and things are well… confusing. Below is a chart that I found off of pinterest, so sadly I do not know who originally created it, that shows… I’m going to go with almost all of the differences in umm… gender? I guess?


Like I said, life is confusing.


Prince_herbImagine a character who visually looks like he comes from Inuyasha, is a prince with cooler armor than Dragon Ball Z’s Vegita, and uh… well, has the same exact curse as Ranma, and you have the bad ass character Herb.

Herb, is only in the Ranma 1/2’s manga, which is a real shame. Herb is, however, he is in the better SNES Ranma fighting game, Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen as you can see in the video below:

herbwomanHerb is very unknown due to not being in the anime. This sucks, as s/he is the most awesome of them all, what with literally being the descendant from dragons! Herb and Herb’s two followers force Ranma and her friends on a journey to China to find an item that will unlock Ranma’s male side again after Herb uses a magical ladle that locks Ranma’s form into his transformed state. See?!

All of this is amazing! Why did they skip over Herb in the OVA’s and movies?!

Below are possibly the only two pictures of cosplay of this character, and they date back to 2003!

2003 was 13 years ago. Thanks Oshidori from the year 2003 for being awesome!

For more information on this underated character, check out their wiki here:

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme?

After checking my top videos on youtube by popularity, I remembered that Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme – Yael Alpha Build was my most popular of all of the Let’s Plays that I’ve ever done, so… I decided to take another look at it, this time the final version, and the character Bri.

I asked my old buddy old pal Lachlan if it was okay to do another Let’s Play of it, and his response was pretty funny. He said yes, but was surprised because the game is old now!

Promotional art made by web comic artist: Kitty Hawk

Old? The game was only just finished on November 17th, according to it’s artist, David Kerr’s Deviant Art, whose art can be found here:

*sigh* Oh well, I suppose that’s how it is with games that have early access. Maybe I should jump on Max’ Big Bust? By that… I mean of course Lachlan’s next game… and not this sexy woman’s bosom.

If my new videos from Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme go over well, I will buy Max’s Bust, and if I can find a path that isn’t too sexual… maybe I will make a video. I feel weird about sexual content on my youtube channel.

Gender fluidity in comics

xxmenOver at Comic Alliance, they have a wonderful article on gender-fluid characters in comics. The references are a tad old, but that’s sort of the point. The image to the left is not from the article, which can be found here: but from a wonderful but NSFW source which can be found here:

771814-genderchange_1Things like this used to be quite common in comics in the 80’s and 90’s. It was pretty normal to have stories where Superman was either turned into a woman or ended up in a universe where everyone’s genders were flipped. Why? Because, as some REALLY like to point out, Comic Books Are WEIRD!

RanmaMaleFemaleRW1You know what, it’s been a while since I’ve done any themed weeks or months on this site. Maybe I’ll do one soon? I guess we will get to more Rule 63/gender change stuff next week?

Flashback Friday – The Mirror

mirrorimageBack in the year 2003, probably before I had graduated High School, I had delusions of grandeur. One of them was making a web comic. While digging through things in my really old photobucket account, I came across these images I had made. Now, I wasn’t aware of things like Keenspot, or Deviantart at the time, and my art style then was quite laughable, not that I’ve improved much since then. While it was all a bit of a lark at the time, I felt like I’d flashback to this gender bender comic I had. Oh, btw: The image on the left was a button to get you to the actual comic. I couldn’t help but share it! LOOK! I made a fake barcode! I bet that was when I was in Desktop Publishing class! Is that still a thing, Desktop Publishing? Anyways, here you go!


Oh MY GOD! Her eyes, GAH! How did I think this was a good picture? Wow! And Lynx-san? That was such an old nickname. Oh well, better than when I refereed to myself as Sean-San


Green Bikini. Huh.I used a regular ink pen, and map pencils… you could tell that I was doing these comics when I was supposed to be doing work in class. BTW: I think the blue hair came from playing Septerra Core at the time.


Man-Spider had such a huge impact on me back in the day. He was awesome in Fox Kid’s Spider-Man, so it’s no wonder that that’s just how I draw huge spider’s. Also, the Ruby, and being of pure light were clearly influenced by Zelda

mirrorpg3Yeah… stuff like this is what happens when you don’t plan things out, and just try to do something to do it. The Blue Lady was clearly based off of Mystique. I do want to point out that I had never played Resident Evil at this point. I mention this because in the top left panel, The Blue Lady looks quite a bit like Ada Wong.

Would people like to see more weird, random, and embarrassing things from my past on Thursdays and Fridays? That way I can throw back and flash back to some really awkward things? Anyone?