Surviving Vig?

SURVIVING VIGI’ve made it no secret that I, as an anime convention attendee and sometimes volunteer since 2004, am on the side of the alleged victims of Vic Mignogna. I am also a friend of Marzgurl who started the #Kickvic hashtag. I have also been at conventions that Vic Mignogna has been at, as well as even volunteering at one that was run by a friend of mine that had Vic once, that was mispronounced/mentioned in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. I believe in ethics in um… uh… Anime Industry… News? Propoganda? Whatever.

surviving vig2My friend, Marzgurl, mentioned that watching the Lifetime show “Surviving R. Kelly” season 2 episode 1 reminded her of #KickVic, and how victims who speak up are often harassed.

Because of this, I have spoofed three images that were used to promote Surviving R. Kelly, with Vic Mignogna. I’ve mispelled his name as Vig in them, to help show that they are in parody, but also to make fun of a convention that misspelled his name in an advertisement.


When #KickVic started, a friend of mine noted that one of the pictures used in an article looked like it had been photo-shopped to make him look like one of the bad husbands/boyfriends from one of those cliche Lifetime movies. That also might have played into wanting to make these parodies, I suppose?

Anyways, I hope someone gets a kick out of these. Anyways, these were done in parody based on a tweet. That’s all.

Where I’m at on this whole… Vic situation

While most of the world sees #Kickvic vs. #ISTANDWITHVIC as just the dorky #metoo scandal of the year, I’m constantly reminded of Gamer Gate.

anitacolbertGamer Gate was the situation where a Kotaku game journalist had a relationship with the indie game creator Zoe Quinn, it was not disclosed until a huge letter from the guy came out, and a bunch of women hating guys weaponized the video game fandom against women who talked about games, women in gaming, gaming news outlets, etc. claiming that it was all about ethics in games journalism.

Both sides ended up using shady tactics, which should not come as a shock seeing as how they were all nerds to begin with. For some reason, Anita Sarkeesian who dared to talk about tropes in games against women was targeted, and Gamergate made her more famous/powerful than she could have ever hoped, and more hated than she would ever want.

supergirltrappedAt the time it was all happening, I was Gamer Gate neutral to Gamer Gate light. I did want ethics in games journalism, and the end result of it all… Kotaku especially became much more transparent about relationships with between it’s bloggers and industry folks. Unfortunately, people were doxxed, swatted, were afraid to go home, etc. and ultimately… dude. It’s games media. It should never be that serious. Gaming fandom still hasn’t completely healed over all of it.

Edward Elric Fullmetal AlchemistJumping back to the whole Vic Mignogna situation, I sit directly on the #KickVic side, which is a similar side to the Anti-Gamer Gate side… sort of? The movement started out as a twitter thread about Vic’s past bad behavior by one woman around the time of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. Than a friend of mine started the hashtag movement. Vic’s fan club was weaponized, voice actress stepped in around the same time as Rooster Teeth and Funimation announced that he had been let go. Vic released some apologies that later he would admit were not true ones.

Then all hell broke loose. Lawyer/Youtube Shock jock Nick Rekieta stepped in with a Gofundme for Vic, and the lawyer Ty Beard was brought in despite not practicing defamation law. He started sending tweets at people to intimidate them, and finally the wheels started turning for defamation suit as well as tortious interference. They were seeking a million dollars, which in Vic’s later deposition seemed to be a bit of a surprise to him? Which is odd.

Then law twitter showed up, and several lawyers made fun of Ty Beard, Nick Rekieta, and Vic’s entire case/situation as it wont win. One of these lawyers, Greg Doucette, created a thread for it called The Threadnaught, and it kind of showed the limits of twitter’s capability to house such a large thread. All of the lawyers kept trying to explain why Vic wont win. Step. By. Step. They seemed to be right, but #ISTANDWITHVIC had Nick Rekieta to keep them energized.

bulma_vegetaEarly this month, Vic Mignogna’s case was thrown out against Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Funimation. It’s been strongly hinted at that Vic will appeal. Nick accidentally leaked in a video that Ty was having some problems convincing Vic to appeal… which makes sense, seeing as he might have to pay for the defendants lawyers, as well as the emotional toll of the situation.

Did I mention that former convention staffers came out of the woodwork to share negative experiences with Vic Mignogna? Because that happened. Also Variety did an article, The Dallas News, etc. Oh, and during the deposition video that his lawyer friend and possible lover Nick Rekieta leaked, Vic Mignogna admitted to several infidelities against his former fiance of 12 years. Oh, and hiring a sex worker which is a crime. And technically pulling one of the actresses hair at Funimation.

DSCN1275The craziest part, is that Vic’s fans still believe in him, his lawyer Ty Beard that lost all 17 claims against the defendants in a type of case he had no experience in, and Nick Rekieta who is manipulating them both financially and emotionally.

It was recently leaked that Nick has bounced off ideas for Ty amongst the high tiered donors of Vic’s Gofundme, which implies that he has acted as legal council for Vic despite claiming otherwise.

Some of the high tiered donors are using Vic and this case as a way to get back or get even against women and cancel culture. They don’t care at all about Vic, and this is all a proxy war in their crusade, and it’s really messed up.

Youtuber Aquatic Observer made this fun/short compilation of Nick and Ty for our amusement.

I’m tired. I don’t want to have to think about Vic Mignogna or these players again. I hope they don’t appeal. I feel that Nick and Ty have ultimately had more of a negative impact on Vic’s career than #KickVic has, honestly. Nick might care about Vick, I’m not sure honestly. He likes to stir shit up and hates cancel culture. I know if I liked Vic though that I would never have leaked his deposition.

Hopefully the world is better after this whole thing is finally over… which it could or could not be already over in some part?

Happy Birthday Monica Rial! Now RAGE internet!

Today is Monica Rial’s birthday, and her’s and Funimation’s BFF TOEI wished her a happy birthday, and once again showed support of her being Bulma in Dragon Ball Super!

Some people were not okay with Toei Animation wishing a happy birthday to one of the women involved with Botox Chad, AKA  Vic Mignogna, loosing his shit and suing a bunch of people and Funimation of defamation because they didn’t want to have sex with him? Here’s a pic of someone who complained about a threat of violence against Toei.

monica rial bulma toei kickvic

VickyVic Mignogna>Toei? Seriously… fuck off internet. He has admitted cheating on his fiance of 12 years, hiring a prostitute, and the pictures show him being unexpectedly clingy towards young women in photos without asking if he could kiss them beforehand. He has a sick sense of humor towards young children. He tried to bang early 20’s twin sisters, no not his new super young fiance and her twin sister, and struck out despite how fit he is. He is a silver tongued devil, not some sort of victim or heroic saint.

Vic Mignogna is still fired, Happy Birthday Monica Rial!!!!!!

Good Friday, 2019!

After failing at mediation, Tarrant County State District Judge John Chupp dismissed what claims were left from Vic Mignogna’s case against voice actresses and anime company Funimation. Below is the tweet from Dallas News columnist 

For transparency, I have a personal connection to this case as I am friends with the creator of the hashtag movement that helped start all of this, as well as someone who has worked anime conventions for years, including one that even had Vic Mignogna at it and was brought up in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. Also, I have proudly traveled twitter on the good ship known as the USS Threadnaught, under north Carolina’s T. Greg Doucette Esq.

Vic_MignognaYou can read the Judges order to dismiss here:

Fuck Vic Mignogna… Fuck Ty Beard… but most of all? Fuck Minnesota lawyer and wannabe jounalist Nick Rekieta for helping tear a huge divide between the anime going community, by convincing Vic bo-tox Chad Mignogna that this LOLsuit was a great MILLION DOLLAR idea. I really hope that the Minnesota schock jock faux lawsplainer chokes on all of the ad revenue he’s made off of Vic’s case.

So here’s to all of the appeals that Nick and Ty are going to try and convince Vic’s fans are a shoe-in for them to win over the next 6, 12, or 24 months?

Whatever… this is a good Friday for us to celebrate.

We are not Nazis, nor is every hater a man.

antinaziClownfish TV as well as other people who have either been on the more neutral side to the far #IStandWithVic side of the #KickVic hashtag movement have sometimes been yelled at as being ‘Nazis’.

Meanwhile, people who have not liked shows such as Ghostbusters 2016, She-Ra, or the upcoming Captain Marvel have been called that and even worse… Men.

What’s funny is that I on the pro ethics in games journalism, anti Ghostbusters 2016, but pro #IStandWithVic side was also called a Nazi. *sigh* Not everyone is a Nazi. Some people are, such as many but not all of the people who protested for confederate statues in 2016 in Charlottesville.

Kittyhawk GBDNATE ZaraAlso, women, such as webcomic artist and indie video game creator and even cameo Kittyhawk, who both dislikes Ghostbusters 2016 and She-Ra but oh so loves women with huge boobs even… is in fact not a man, nor a Nazi.

I know this is the equivalent of ‘not all women’ but seriously… ‘not all women.’ It is incredibly sexist to revoke someone’s womanhood based on their opinion. Stop erasing women and their voices just because they disagree with the narrative you are pushing.

netsenshi_evelyn_mermaid smallLike I said earlier, I was on the #IStandWithVic side of the #KickVic situation. I think that at this point, everyone who is on the #KickVicSide and #IStandWithVic side needs to shut up though… let the lawyers do their job… and see what happens.

Also… it’s really weird that Vic Mignogna’s lawyer Ty Beard is on the internet shit talking and swinging his law dick around twitter before officially notifying the women and husbands Vic Mignogna is… I guess… suing on Facebook. *shrugs* Seems kind of childish and unfair to do to everyone involved, including the #IStandWithVic crowd even.

I dunno. I just want this whole thing to go away until everyone is in court.