My dorky haiku continue

AVphoenixThe Phoenix –
The woman died in flames
And from them she some how rose
Death soon followed her

Death of Bromance
Why must we part ways?
We were all the best of friends.
Now, we are strangers.

My life is so blue
Why can’t it be Green or Gold?
It’s blue but not sad.

Un-wasted funds
Saving up all of your cash-
Why Anime Conventions?
Instead of your life?

Some more Haiku

netsenshi_evelyn SMALLSuper Heroic Plumbing Man
My curly mustache
my blue plumbers overalls
It’s me Mario

That night
My past lovers touch
forever grafted to me
feelings… lingering

Task force
Five warriors arrive
The heroes of the rainbow
fight with all their might

Capture The Flag
The blues are coming
Gaming is a battleground
and their flag is mine!

What does the world want?
A soldier or a poet
why must I choose one?

The fight
The fight for freedom
A remarkable concept
but is it just that?

A Friends Love

On a sweet Spring night,
When flowers beam from the moons light.
I saw you sitting there waiting for him.
He who has made you cry and weep when you think of him,
Yet he still has a foothold on your warm heart,
Where I wish I could be, but he stands in that part.

I watched for an entire hour and he never showed,
So you once again wept from your face to the road.
I took a chance and came with you.

But when I saw your face, I couldn’t confess to you,
Because I was afraid of your reply,
But silenced again, I just hug you and die,
Because I am too afraid to live without you.

Shadow People

I have been awake for a long time now,
and thus my mind makes midnight magic
of sadistically streaking shadows.
I close my eyes but sleep doesn’t come.

I see him from across the room.
Watching, waiting, and wondering when.
The darkest and deepest eyes peer, penetrate, and paralyze.
I keep praying it’s just my active imagination.

He keeps coming closer to my bed.
Inside my covers I forever fight my ferocious fears.
Soon the sun shall slaughter my silent assailant.
I just pray that I can make it to the dawn.

( 2008 )

I find Shadow people so fascinating, and terrifying. I first learned about them via Art Bell’s radio program, Coast to Coast AM… and yeah. So I have three friends who both seem trustworthy, yet claim that they have seen shadow people before. *sigh*

Here are some Haiku

Super_Mario_Bros_2Super Mario
Smashing Mushroom guys
The turtles have much to fear
I’ll save my princess

What is in truth’s eye?
Am I judged a liar now?
Or a funny man?

The Captain
The Captain is dead,
and a nation drowns in tears.
Who can raise his shield?

Warriors Chant
I fight to protect
Failure is not an option
Today we will win!

The Moon Kiss

sailor-moon-animeToday is the first day of poetry month, and I of course thought I’d start things off with one of my first poems, The Moon Kiss. It’s um… about Sailor Moon? *sigh* I wrote it over 15 years ago in 10th grade so… *sigh* it’s terrible. Enjoy?

The Moon Kiss –

Coming from a palace on the moon,
she is waiting for her love to come soon.
He is her romance,
and makes her want to dance,
he is hopefully coming soon.

He leaves to greet his great love,
for she is as beautiful as a dove.
With lips red like cherries,
and as innocent as the fairies,
he is off to meet his love.

The prince beholds his beautiful princess,
she in a lovely white dress,
they meet in the garden,
and their love starts to harden,
their undying love they do confess.