Some more Haiku

netsenshi_evelyn SMALLSuper Heroic Plumbing Man
My curly mustache
my blue plumbers overalls
It’s me Mario

That night
My past lovers touch
forever grafted to me
feelings… lingering

Task force
Five warriors arrive
The heroes of the rainbow
fight with all their might

Capture The Flag
The blues are coming
Gaming is a battleground
and their flag is mine!

What does the world want?
A soldier or a poet
why must I choose one?

The fight
The fight for freedom
A remarkable concept
but is it just that?


I just want to play as Bulma

Dragon Ball Evolution BulmaDragon Ball Evolution was a bad movie that got actually a pretty descent Budokai-like fighting game on PSP that I’ve never been able to play. You could play as Bulma and Chi-chi, and I hear that Yamcha uses a drill? That is about all I know about the game… and I wish I could play it just so I can play as Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Since Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on PS2… I’ve wanted to play as Bulma. I know that she is not a fighter… but come on. We have Mr. Satan in Budokai, which to be fair… he does basic martial arts… but Videl is in those games, as well as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Maybe they could put her into an anime mech suit or something? She is a genius, after all! Heck.. they did it to a Power Ranger in the new comic/game.dragon armor trini power rangersApparently, in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Bulma is hidden in the files in some form or fashion? You can also mod Videl apparently to have her model instead.

Bulma mech suitIn Tenkaichi, you could literally play as a dude in a devil costume, Grandpa Gohan, etc. Lord, just give me Bulma in a mech suit. different colors could have her in the cockapit wearing different outfits… lord knows she has enough alternate outfits! PLEASE!

Also… Chi-Chi and Launch would be nice in a game, but Bulma deserves it more!


Power Rangers 25th anniversary – part 2

family photo with white ranger dollWhen my grandmother visited us as a kid… I apparently wanted my family to know that my love for Tommy the White Ranger was more important than taking a good photo.

Seriously… this is one of the best pictures that I have with my grandmothers from this time in my life.


Mistakes were clearly made.

Green vs Black Power Ranger Tommy showThe 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel was largely… The Tommy show… where Tommy had to fight Tommy! But eh… this is not the most epic version of this fight… I mean, Tommy whoops Tommy almost completely, as he can use a brand new Morpher to turn into almost all of his previous forms except Turbo.

I don’t want to ruin the episode, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel ep 10- Dimensions in Danger… I’ll let Ranger Liz spoil it instead?

This episode, was basically a watered down version of the comic Shattered Grid… which is AMAZING, btw.

Ultimately, it was nice to see so many rangers next to each other, but there was just not enough screen time for each one. This one single episode could have easily have been a multi-part episode, and honestly should have been. My guess is that legacy rangers are expensive? Still good to technically get 3 Mighty Morphin Era rangers back together… Kat (Turbo Pink), Rocky (Mighty Morphin Red), and Tommy (Mighty Morphin Green/White/Zeo Red/ Dino Thunder Black).


Power Rangers 25th anniversary part 1

power rangers christmasMighty Morphin Power Rangers was  something that meant a lot to me when it aired in 1993-1996. It was August 28th, 1993, and I was 8 years old. I had just moved to a new school, and was just starting 3rd grade when it first aired. I had moved that summer, and just knew the kids on my block.

I remember us playing Power Rangers, not with the toys, but just playing outside as the rangers. As silly boys, we would argue who would have to be the pink ranger at recess. I remember parts of the playground being the command center, as well as one of my friends having a cool stick that he had found that was used as The Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger. I also remember one kid’s mom overdoing it for Halloween and making him a Green Ranger costume, sans helmet.

I had a birthday party in CiCi’s, and received mostly Power Rangers things, including a poster of The Red Ranger. In Christmas of 1994, I received The Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the White Ranger… who my brother would later deface with a permanent marker… giving him abs. During 1995 he would briefly get into Power Rangers just because the new Pink Ranger, Kat, was hot.

The Super Nintendo games, Playing the Genesis game over at a friends house, owning the head flipping toys that were bulky and agendered with giant coins on their chests, The Green With Evil saga on VHS, POGS from McDonald’s, having a Power Rangers themed activity tent, TV Guide covers, seeing the giant robots getting destroyed in prime time, Owning the Thunder Megazord, owning gloves that made fighting sounds, going to see The Movie and later owning it on VHS… so much of my memories from Elementry School were linked to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zeo, The lackluster Turbo movie, Turbo, and finally drifting away from the series in middle school once all of the original characters were gone.

I’d check in from time to time with ‘in Space’ and other times when it was relevant for original fans… but the magic was just… gone.

August 28th was National Power Rangers day, AKA The 25th Anniversary of the show that started it all for us westerners… and there was a Ranger crossover special… more on that in the next post?

Ron Wasserman, who created the original music for the show, made a new piano version of the song, which he uploaded on soundcloud:

Expect more of my thoughts on Power Rangers in the coming days.

Our shows lived on…

ghostbusters_ver10Lately, the trend has been bring back this or that show or movie that was popular, but do this or that to it. 1980’s Ghostbusters got an all female group, 1990’s Power Rangers had their casts become even more diverse and extreme, and the  2000’s Teen Titans became chibi’s and extremely dumbed down. Each one of those, probably should not have happened.

When the Ghostbusters reboot was not doing well, and they blamed men for trolling on the internet, and not on the fact that the movie was mediocre and missed recapturing how the original movies felt, Paul Feig went on record saying that he would never re-boot another classic property.

Ranger meme2When Jason David Frank of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers talked about how the new movie did not do well, he said that they should have made a movie with the original cast, because that was the only time people were really cheering in the audience.

But then there was Teen Titans Go, which has a movie out now, and despite not hitting the tone of the original show… has fans? I don’t get it, but Cartoon Network sure does show it enough… so I guess someone is watching?

In the next wave of reboot nostalgia bait, we have: Thundercats, She-Ra, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Each has set off their original fans, as they complain about it while others are arguing how stupid they are for it. ThunderCats? Don’t call it Cal-arts cause lots of other people use it who didn’t go! She-Ra? You man babies are mad cause she doesn’t have big breasts! Buffy??? Well… now that one is where a lot of people are actually just going ‘Umm… No? Please!?’

thundercats roar.jpg

buffyseason12The problem with Rebooting Buffy The Vampire Slayer… is the fact that that show was very progressive for a 90’s/00’s show… and well… it lived on through it’s comics to this very day. Black Slayer? Kindra, who was awesome. Lesbians? Two… but one fell into the bury our gays trope. Gay guy? Andrew was fabulous! Sexy men? Every darn season. wait… that doesn’t count as progressive? Huh.

Buffy has never left the public’s eye really since the cancellation of it’s sister show Angel in 2004. Sarah Michelle Gellar, visually, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_MovieCertain shows can be softly rebooted, such as Star Wars where they can include old cast members in the original’s world… where they just… well… keep dying every movie. Buffy is one of those given the mythos.

Heck, I’d even allow an entire ret-con of Buffy’s entire show, and have this new slayer be after the 1992’s original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie! That’s right… they are rebooting a reboot!

Just have her be a new slayer that just shows up because the last couple of slayers have passed away…

Thundercats_the_return_4bGetting back onto the major subject at hand is… ThunderCats continued on past the original show just like Buffy did. There were comics… a lot of them. Lion-O even fought Superman… but who hasn’t? Seriously… he’s sort of a bad person.

There was a soft re-boot of the show in 2011 which failed to get a second season due to poor toy sales.

Voltron similarly had a CGI continuation of the original show, than a bad reboot, but then AN AMAZING REBOOT on Netflix!

Gargoyles had a bad 3rd season thus was canceled, but came back as a short lived comic and now Jordan Peel wants to reboot it, which makes Disney uneasy.

reboot 1Reboot was… soft rebooted? It was just terrible though, and is more of a Code Lyoko reboot under the guise of being a reboot of the original 90’s show, as it threw just way too much of it out, and what was left in was just neutered and did not answer any of the questions that the cliff hanger at the end of the show asked.

deadpoolWhile not a reboot but an adaptation all the same, Deadpool did extremely well considering that it was not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked why that was, Kevin Feige said this:

We’ve always said if there’s any ‘secret’ it’s respect the source material, understand the source material and then, any adaptation you make from the source material should be done only to enhance whatever the original pure spirit of the source material was.

Power Rangers has an amazing comic book out right now, and it is not really a re-telling of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but an alternate universe of it. When Kyle Higgins and his fellow writers were interviewed recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 by IGN, Kyle said:

… my approach was to not write Power Rangers as it existed, or as I remember it existing, but to write it as I remember it making me feel.

power rangers comic

So what lessons can we learn from Paul Feig, Jason David Frank, Kevin Feige, and Kyle Higgins?

Adapting a classic property is hard to do, and may not be worth doing. People want what made them excited for the original property, as that magic is what will capture a new audience as well. No matter what, you have to respect what was, even if you are going to change it.


I am 33 years old today

wtf ranmaI am 33 today, and there is nothing that I can do about that. What I can do though is post about the things from the past that make me happy. Seeing as how I’m sort of lazy and it is… you know, MY BIRTHDAY, a lot of this stuff might be pictures.

MMPR_Mega_DragonzordI think one of the problems I have, and this isn’t just on my birthday but every day, is that I will never be as boss as The Megazord wearing the Dragonzord as a mother effing coat. Seriously, Dragon Caesar makes a cool hoodie thing. First you defeat it, then you befriend it, then you get most of yourself inside it as if it is wearing you… and before you know it, that mo fo is your coat. Nothing I will get or do on this day will top that… and it makes me so sad.

marsjupiterI’m going back to Japan in August for a trip. Okay, I’m just rambling at this point. I’m scared of the future. I thought I found a girl who I could one day marry, but… *sigh* she got back together with me for a few days, went on one more date with me, strung me along that day while I was at work via messenger, and that next day dumped me. Again. She did this after all of the hearts and X’s and O’s in the message. I guess you can never really know someone.

Jeannie_IIShe broke up with me because I’m not active, and I’m not career oriented. I took a week off from work just to be introspective and think about my life while on my vacation. *sigh* mistakes might have been made, right?

I’ll survive, as I always do. It sucks that she broke up with me on Valentine’s Day while I was stuck working in the Valentine’s Day tent… but you know… things are what they are.

So, to cheer myself up… here are some random images?

And now… one of the most over covered songs ever

luck_charms_unicorn_marshmallowNow I’m a little bummed out again. Well… Lucky Charms is replacing hourglasses with unicorns. That is something to look forward to… right? Might eat a bowl alone while watching The Last Unicorn.