No Chick-fil-a day? Oh Sunday… thanks? Instead of complaining about how useless Sunday is, why don’t I go outside and DO something about it! YEAH!! … wait, those clouds do look pretty dark…  screw it. So what can be done in-doors for fun on a Sunday? Well… you could do some cleaning. Hah? Okay. Well, you can clear off your work-space and finally make it look like the dork mecha it should be! That’s what I did, as I had never had a really dorky space in my room for this kind of stuff. Here are some pics!

POSE! Between Rider 1 and SSJ3 Goku, I doubt any viruses are going to attack.
Hazumu is oblivious to the fact that Usagi is upset about her breast size
I’d like to think that Ranma is protecting The Megazord while ridding Derpy
What’s The Pose Off? That’s a post for another day!

If cleaning up the space you check this blog the most at isn’t a good enough post to also let people know that I have a functioning computer again, than I don’t know what is! Expect posts to go back to the regular schedule from here on out!


Still recovering from Saturday

After I got home from ImageAnime Matsuri, I hit the bed HARD! Could not stay awake, but why should I on such a pointless day? At least this time, the convention was in Houston as opposed to MISSISSIPPI, but still; I always feel exhausted after a convention.

Sunday, for many conventions, is that awkward day, where you wonder if you should promote, try to enjoy the last few hours of the convention, or just get the hell out of there after the 12 o’clock check out time. We made it to almost 2pm, which isn’t bad for a convention that ends at 4pm.

Oh well, many fliers for Louisianime were passed out, and that’s the important thing. Expect a full report on Monday about Anime Matsuri! I’m going to enjoy the remaining hour plus of my Sunday! err… or go back to bed. Either way.

Texas Independence? On a Sunday?

So go nuts, freely independent Texans! Err… wait? We aren’t independent anymore? So it should have been treated like any other god damn Sunday? AWKWARD!

So what should you do to celebrate this AMAZING Sunday? Well, if you are in Texas… I’m guessing imbibing alcohol? For everyone else? go see the Lego Movie. I’ve seen it three times already. If I wasn’t going to see how Monument Men is tonight, I know what movie I would be watching.

Frozen. Later!

Suh Suh Suh SUNDAY!

It is cold, and windy. That is what I have to put up with this morning, as I get ready for work. Might I suggest to everyone who did not get a good night of sleep for such mediocrity to bundle up and drink hot cocoa?

What to watch? Anime. Derr

ImageRanma 1/2 – in keeping with the month’s theme of Gender Bending, maybe this classic anime show about a high school kid who falls into the spring of drowned girl is up your alley? Cold water turns him into a girl, water back into a man, and hilarity shall ensue. If you want to skip the anime, there were a few movies, and even a live action one a few years ago. It is streaming at Viz and Hulu, subtitled. OH@ and this has martial arts and uh… fireballs! I promise! Me personally, I’m going to watch the movie on DVD, Nihao my Concubine!

ImageCheeky Angel – This anime is great, but has never been brought over stateside. a boy makes a wish from a Djinn in order to be a man among men, but the wish is interpreted as woman among women. Silly Djinn. Anyways, so fast forward to high school, where she has to fend off the boys who wish to date her as her best friend tags along for the ride! Good fun, but once again… only the manga is in North America.

If only there was some way to watch shows that are not in brought over her, but as far as I know… there can’t be, right?

ImageKampfer – This series is on Hulu. I’ve never personally watched it, but it’s about a boy who one day becomes a mystical female fighter who has to fight other mystical female fighters, all while being in high school. I’m sure hilarity ensues, but I’ve never seen it… yet.

ImageKashimashi – Watch this one subbed. The English voice acting made this show weird to watch. A feminine boy gets rejected by a girl who has problems seeing guys, and ends up getting hit by a UFO. The UFO reconstructs him, but as a girl, and hilarity… ensues. Okay. So apparently every time this kind of thing happens, hilarity ensues. Warning, this series isn’t hentai but it does feature tiny young lesbians. Might get some raised eyebrows at work. Just saying.

ImageAnd there are tons more to watch, and since it’s anime… you can probably read it too! Oh, and there was an SNES RPG of Ranma 1/2. So you can even play it as well in that case? But you know, it’d be in Japanese… unless somehow there is a magical way to play games on your computer from far off lands, with a translation. But once again… no idea of anyway to emulate that. Yep. Err… Nope.

Sunday Funday

ImageLike every Sunday, this is the day that I whine about everything closing early, as well as give you excellent things to distract yourself with. It’s formula, and we both know it. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing though, so let’s get cracking!

Humble Weekly Bundle: Multimedia Fusion 2, Vincere totus Astrum, Oddplanet, Splotches, Faerie Solitaire, MANOS: The Hands of Fate, Pitiri 1977 are the games you can get for donating at least a dollar. donate at least $6, and you walk away with Knytt Underground, Really Big Sky, and NightSky. I personally purchased this weekly bundle because of Multimedia Fusion 2. It’s not a game, but software that helps you make games and apps. The games in this bundle look interesting too!

Kindle – You could always pre-order Piers Anthony’s latest Xanth book, Board Stiff, which comes out December 17, 2013! I mean… it’s like… the 38th Xanth Novel! You’re committed if you are still reading these stories! If that didn’t do it for you, than how about Greg Weisman’s Rain of The Ghosts! He was the creator of Gargoyles AND Young Justice. You owe him a little bit of your attention. Okay, well then whip out an old copy of the fabulous Star Trek X-Men crossover book, Planet X! That book is still really awesome, and it’s on Kindle too!

Television: That’s EASY! Once Upon a Time! They are going back to Story Brook, so maybe Ariel will be in the episode? Other than that… I’ve got nothing!

Trailer: Amazing Spider-Man 2

Documentary: Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked

My GOD! Keith David and his voice! WHY IS THIS GUY SO AWESOME! Okay, sorry. So if Goliath’s voice from Gargoyles can’t get you to join The United States Navy, maybe he can convince you to watch this documentary on the comic book industry? It’s a little old, but it’s still amazing!

Gaming, books, Once Upon a Time, Spider-Man, and an amazing documentary. If that’s not enough to preoccupy your time for a few minutes today, than I don’t know what will! Oh wait… Maybe a Sailor Moon puzzle game?

your fix for The Sunday Horribles

ImageSo what to do on Sunday. Well, you can research how awesome Fish Oil is! I might be using it for Psoriasis, ADHD, Depression, and maybe even Blood Pressure. Or not. Oh! You can research a bunch of Sailor Moon stuff for an entire months worth of blog posts. That’s what I’m doing before and after work. Or you can marathon Supernatural on Netflix or watch Sanford and Son on crackle. There.

Oh! And you can catch up on Takei’s take!

That’s episode 4, I think there are like, what… 6 of them? No… still bored? Well… huh… I’ve got it! Let’s listen and sing along with every single Disney song ever!

Huh. And you guys thought I was phoning in this Sunday’s blog post. Hah. Stay tuned in December, as there will be a blog post about Sailor Moon related stuff every day, as well as many multiple day blog posts!

The Sunday Recap

Dear Princess Twilight: Please make Sunday less boring.

Saturday was too awesome. Sunday shall surely suck. Maybe we should just watch Saturday TV again through the sheer awesomeness of DVR?

Wait… no DVR? Oh, so you recorded Ponies, and Day of The Doctor using a VCR. How very Timey-wimey of you?

Wait… not even that? Well, thank goodness. Just think of how spacey wacey that would be. Well I’m sure that with the vast awesomeness of ‘The Internets’ that you will find a way.

Before you watch The 50th:

This mini episode features a rare look at the 8th Doctor, who had only previously been seen in one movie.

Before you watch MLP Season 4 ep 1: I would strongly suggest that you watch the first two episodes of Season 1, first two of Season 2, episode 10 of Season 3 as well as the last episode of Season 3. Oh, and for the hell of it, The Equestria Girls movie.

But What if I DON’T care about constantly regernating lords, and colorful quadrupeds:  Get The @^DU OUT! no, kidding. It’s cool. The little Clyde robots came back in a new Toonami bump. That’s pretty nifty.

ImageOkay… Still don’t care: Well aren’t you an awesome person, bringing everyone down just because you don’t love what they are constantly messaging about until doomsday. Good for you? Well, here’s some tips for cooking your turkey next week. There is also Kotaku’s Moneysaver in case you were worried about Black Friday. The Humble Bundle if you want to play some great games on your mobile device for cheap, while you wait in line to shop on Thursday night… Still here? I dream of Jeannie is on crackle, but their first episode is season 2 episode 1.

None of that information helped me: THEN WATCH SOME SOUTH PARK! Full episodes, streaming. There! If that’s not enough? Read a book? Take a walk? Whatever.