Throw back to Wonder Waifu and Bat boi!

iO9’s Jill Pantozzi explains a crush that goes back to the popular 2000’s cartoon show, Justice League, Batman and Wonder Woman!

Speaking of romance and Batman, I found a mash up of every time Batman kisses someone in the DC animated Universe, as well as a few other depictions. I still hate the one from 2016.

Batman is kind of a kissing slut. Sadly I could not find a similar mash up for Wonder Woman. I did find one questioning who Diana has slept with though.

super man and wonder womanIn recent years, Superman and Wonder Woman have dated, and *sigh* I can’t really comment on it as I did not read it. I will say that I know that the relationship ends… not well.

Diana and Clark just… it’s like when the star Quarter Back and the head cheerleader get married right after high school. I do not want Diana getting pregnant and Clark Kent having to sell real estate. Meanwhile, Diana hates Clark because now she can’t go to college and make something of herself cause she has to raise the wonder twins, ya know?

Batman and Wonder Woman though? Bruce is rich… but Diana is Princess rich. Bruce Wayne is pretty smart, and together they could be a power couple who could rule both man’s world and Themyscira… or whatever.

batman and phantasmMaybe Clark, Diana, and Bruce just should be off limits romantically. Bruce Wayne has Catwoman currently, and they are engaged. It is probably a better romance than with his best friend’s daughter Batgirl. Part of me, however, hopes that he gets back together with his agendered frenemy The Phantasm.

Oh… and Wonder Woman has an interesting relationship with other characters I’m sure, but sadly her animated history is much shorter so we are all left wondering.

Oh, and Superman? Who cares.


DC mermaids

Four months ago, reddit user artyartface shared two beautiful pictures of DC characters turned mermaids… and I love them so much. That being said… is Harley’s head piece part of her body, or is it like… latex? The face markings are beautiful.
harleyquinn mermaid

The second one is of Wonder Woman, and this one is important to me because she has not been a mermaid since she was Wonder Girl… which is weird seeing as Batman has been though.

Wonder woman mermaidJust stunning. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mer-Monday!

Oh My God! The Half Price Books sent me back in time!

BSB2000.pngI went around time town today looking for some discounted Wonder Woman stuff… but honestly, it was hard to find much of anything Wonder Woman related. I went to my local comic store hoping to find some buy 1 get 1 graphic novels, and nothing. Looked for some regular ones, still nothing. In desperation, I went to Half Priced Books… and what I found was terrifying.

Apparently, I was trapped in the early 2000’s, as I was starring directly at a Back Street Boys ‘Into The Millennium Tour!

Panicking, I looked around to get my barrings, andIMG_0353.JPG then this! Pokemon but more importantly Sailor Moon S and Super S VHS Tapes? Why God! Why would you make me relive one of the worst eras of humanity! Despite surviving Y2K, We were still disillusioned from the lack of flying cars we were promised!

VHSsmFearing for the time space continuum, I listened for The Tardis, the roar of a Delorean, or even the archaic ringing of a pay phone.


I flipped over the VHS Sailor Moon tapes, knowing full well that if I even found a VCR to watch these ancient tomes on, the monstrous machine could devour my childhood, if not my soul.

$2.00? For Anime? I take a sigh in disbelief. I remember back to my high school days paying $40 for less than 5 episodes of a show on DVD. Everything might be okay.

Then, I remember the creepy old man who used to run The Pawn Shop that I used to buy old Ranma 1/2 tapes for cheap. I know right then that I had to get out of there.

Wait a second though: Sailor Pluto’s calm and knowing look was all I needed to see. I stood up, turned around, and slowly walked away… just in case something immortal was following me.

As the door closed, I realized that it was NOT the year 2000. I looked back, half expecting for there not to even be a store there.


To my disbelief, the store was still there, and past the register there were relics from an even further time I took one more glimpse into this time anomaly, and I see something from even further into the past… Records.

What’s The Main Event? A movie from 1979 where Barbara Streisand manages a reluctant boxer? Nifty I think, until I stumble upon a record that was some sort of… podcast?

IMG_0349Apparently, there were horrible motivational ones with religious undertones such as Evangelist Jay Snell’s Alternative to Divorce. I knew right then that making this second quantum leap was a terrible decision.

I tried to run towards the door, but was disoriented. My body jerked an aisle or two over, where I saw this!

IMG_0356[1]A Book? Something from either further back? How far was I going to be thrown back this Thursday? This book though… it looked familiar. Piers Anthony’s Yon Ill Wind, one of the last Xanth novels that I could actually read? I’m almost back! I then see what I originally set out to find: Wonder Woman!

Nestled into a cranny between Last Year’s smash hit Deadpool, and 1970’s 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s hit space opera Star Wars.

Puzzles, clocks, and coffee mugs: If I had a use for even one of those things… maybe I would have given into my capitalistic tendencies right then and there.

Sadly, not one comic book though. This was, however, enough to remind me that Wonder Woman was coming out tonight. A movie, based on a book, based on a weird man’s obsession with the truth.

I meandered away from this building, caring not about the dinosaurs, mercenaries, or time lords that crossed my path. I had a movie to go see, damn it. One about a woman who might finally do what Supergirl, Vampirella, Elektra, and even Catwoman could not do; be wonderful!

Mermaid Girl

wonder_woman_vol_1_147I have previously explained that 2 out of DC Comic’s ‘Big 3’ have become merpeople before, with Wonder Woman missing out on the fun. Well, I was sort of wrong about that?

On Earth 124.1, Wonder-Girl had an adventure where she had been turned into a bird-girl, and later a mer-girl in issue 147 in 1967! Crazy!merwonderwomantable
17743Was this the same Wonder Girl that became Wonder Woman? Princess Diana and not Diana Troy? Yes? Sort of? It’s unclear and comics are weird. some sources say that they retconned being created from clay a long time ago and that she did grow up as a child, and then later they un-retconned her… comics are so inconsistent. Example? Wonder Woman’s mother supposedly spliced together scenes of Diana from different ages for home movies… or some crap? So my take on it is that it used to be canon but… isn’t canon?


Mer-Boy was a dude that had a crush on Diana and vice versa. Apparently he later becomes Mer-Man and visits Wonder Woman?

So Wonder Woman, as a child, was briefly a mermaid. I guess this counts, but Batman and Superman were transformed as adults… so it still sucks that we have been denied an adult mermaid Wonder Woman.

Devil’s Advocate over Ghost in The Shell rage

Devil’s Advocate over Ghost in The Shell rage

Max Landis, an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor explains in a YouTube video why we should be mad about Ghost in The Shell as opposed to why we actually are. Basically, it is a western societal issue.

Youtuber Alachia Queen made a video with her thoughts, and ultimately the problem is NOT the fact that The Major is being played by a Caucasian actress, but by the fact that it’s this actress as well as how boring the leaked screen shot is. Really interesting point of view.

Below is the original Japanese trailer for Ghost in The Shell, just to get an idea of what to expect from the new live action movie.

If Pacific Rim 2 had come out, and Rinko Kikuchi’s role had been expanded, maybe she would be Major Kusanagi Motoko as we would have an A list Asian woman at that point that could sell seats. I guess we aren’t there yet?

jla_witchblade_tapaI feel like maybe this movie should not have even been about The Major. There was a comic by Top Cow that had a woman named Sara Pezzini in it, and she had this mystical weapon that always choses the strongest woman to be it’s wielder.

Well, then a crossover happened, and then Wonder Woman had The Witchblade. Then a manga came out, and it was set in the same universe as the western comic, but about Takeru Ibaraki having The Witchblade. Then there was an anime where Masane Amaha had The Witchblade. Then there was a novel where a 15 year old Japanese girl had The Witchblade. Then there was an anime. My point is, that worked because it was about different people in different (mostly the same) part of the world having this amazing item. Well… couldn’t Ghost in The Shell do that?

Ghost-In-The-Shell-Scarlett-Johansson-as-MajorThey should have saved The Major for later, had the movie set in some sort of Neo San Francisco or something, and maybe even had Kusanagi in it later down the road. OR, maybe Japan could have made a movie set alongside this one, same universe, same event going on, and BAM! Two movies! There are robot bodies all over the world… just saying…

She Thor vs. Zombie Hulk

This animation by Miltonius Arts is… interesting? My largest qualm is… that’s not the right uh… She-Thor costume. Let’s take a look at some other female Thor costumes, starting with the current incarnation of the 616 God of Thunder A.K.A. Jane Foster A.K.A THOR

Thor She 01Did you know that almost half of the actual Norse warriors were women? I’m not talking mythology, but our universe. I just felt like throwing some knowledge everyones way, with an article from 2014:

Thor What If Jane FosterJane Foster Thor certainly has changed since the first time she was shown, in this old issue of What If! She has a lot more armor, for starters, and she ditched the terrible name ‘Thordis’.

But what of the Odin-Son herself? This is the costume, and body, Thor had in The Earth X mini-series. Loki convinced All Father to change Thor into a woman in order to teach him humility. Wow. And still no bikini? No thong? No booty shorts? Wow!

Thor Earth X

There we go! DC comics, thank Goddess you know how to treat a lady who gains the mainly powers of A$$ Guard! Metal underwear is so practical for someone who can throw lightning, Wonder Woman! Since she is holding 616 Thor’s hammer Mijolnir, Diana was in fact Thor for a couple of seconds in Marvel Vs. D.C.

Thor Wonderwoman

But what about the Thor-like characters? Here’s a quick look at some of them:

Thor Girl
thorgirl1 tarene


Thor like StormThor What_If_Vol_2_12Rogue
Rogue Thor

But hey, there have been some interesting interpretations of Thor over the years in different mediums, including crossplay! Here’s a random one!

Kc Rikku Cosplay
Thor Kc-Rikku-Cosplay
Going with more of a 2 piece motif, this crossplay seems closer to the animation, but still… she is wearing more clothing. The straps help, especially considering that the animation actually shows less leg than the crossplay.


I’m posting Kittyhawk’s character from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, just because I can. She has a thong, high heels, huge chest, but for some reason… hmm… not as sexist because this ones more attractive? Yuuki isn’t Thor though, but like I said… because I can.