The Little Mermaid 2 turns 18 today!


kOh my Disney! Let’s celebrate this by playing a pinball game on our Gameboy Color!

Seriously… GBC pinball was the best they could do back in the day?

When The Little Mermaid was an AMAZING game the made Disney bounce back to glory in what was known as the Disney Renaissance, just being good was not good enough for it’s Y2K sequel… but… eh… it’s fine. Not great though. Oh, and Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle, plays her daughter Melody? That’s something?

Like I said, not terrible… but this movie is not even close to being as good as the first one… still though… Ariel’s kids movie is legal now… that’s something.


Actor Bill Daily passes away

jeannie Major HealeyI really loved I dream of Jeannie, and one of the major characters on the show was Major Healey, Major Nelson’s best friend and co-worker.

I also watched him on The Bob Newhart show, as I was an avid watcher of Nick at Nite back in the 90’s.

His actor, Bill Daily, passed away on the September 4th, 2018.


The Little Mermaid 2 is about to be 18?!

On September 19th, 2000, Disney released The Little Mermaid 2.

That means that that later this month, the mermaid who began the Disney Renaissance on November 17, 1989… her daughter who was voiced by Tara Strong… that movie will be old enough to vote for The mid-term elections!

All of this is to say… *sigh* we are getting older.

Country singer Chely Wright recorded a new cover of Part of Your World for the US release’s credits, but some parts of the world received a cover from Ann Marie Boskovich

Expect more posts about The Little Mermaid as well as The Little Mermaid 2 in the upcoming weeks.

Power Rangers 25th anniversary – part 2

family photo with white ranger dollWhen my grandmother visited us as a kid… I apparently wanted my family to know that my love for Tommy the White Ranger was more important than taking a good photo.

Seriously… this is one of the best pictures that I have with my grandmothers from this time in my life.


Mistakes were clearly made.

Green vs Black Power Ranger Tommy showThe 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel was largely… The Tommy show… where Tommy had to fight Tommy! But eh… this is not the most epic version of this fight… I mean, Tommy whoops Tommy almost completely, as he can use a brand new Morpher to turn into almost all of his previous forms except Turbo.

I don’t want to ruin the episode, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel ep 10- Dimensions in Danger… I’ll let Ranger Liz spoil it instead?

This episode, was basically a watered down version of the comic Shattered Grid… which is AMAZING, btw.

Ultimately, it was nice to see so many rangers next to each other, but there was just not enough screen time for each one. This one single episode could have easily have been a multi-part episode, and honestly should have been. My guess is that legacy rangers are expensive? Still good to technically get 3 Mighty Morphin Era rangers back together… Kat (Turbo Pink), Rocky (Mighty Morphin Red), and Tommy (Mighty Morphin Green/White/Zeo Red/ Dino Thunder Black).


Power Rangers 25th anniversary part 1

power rangers christmasMighty Morphin Power Rangers was  something that meant a lot to me when it aired in 1993-1996. It was August 28th, 1993, and I was 8 years old. I had just moved to a new school, and was just starting 3rd grade when it first aired. I had moved that summer, and just knew the kids on my block.

I remember us playing Power Rangers, not with the toys, but just playing outside as the rangers. As silly boys, we would argue who would have to be the pink ranger at recess. I remember parts of the playground being the command center, as well as one of my friends having a cool stick that he had found that was used as The Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger. I also remember one kid’s mom overdoing it for Halloween and making him a Green Ranger costume, sans helmet.

I had a birthday party in CiCi’s, and received mostly Power Rangers things, including a poster of The Red Ranger. In Christmas of 1994, I received The Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the White Ranger… who my brother would later deface with a permanent marker… giving him abs. During 1995 he would briefly get into Power Rangers just because the new Pink Ranger, Kat, was hot.

The Super Nintendo games, Playing the Genesis game over at a friends house, owning the head flipping toys that were bulky and agendered with giant coins on their chests, The Green With Evil saga on VHS, POGS from McDonald’s, having a Power Rangers themed activity tent, TV Guide covers, seeing the giant robots getting destroyed in prime time, Owning the Thunder Megazord, owning gloves that made fighting sounds, going to see The Movie and later owning it on VHS… so much of my memories from Elementry School were linked to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Zeo, The lackluster Turbo movie, Turbo, and finally drifting away from the series in middle school once all of the original characters were gone.

I’d check in from time to time with ‘in Space’ and other times when it was relevant for original fans… but the magic was just… gone.

August 28th was National Power Rangers day, AKA The 25th Anniversary of the show that started it all for us westerners… and there was a Ranger crossover special… more on that in the next post?

Ron Wasserman, who created the original music for the show, made a new piano version of the song, which he uploaded on soundcloud:

Expect more of my thoughts on Power Rangers in the coming days.