Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a mistake

The latest, but possibly not greatest, Marvel vs. Capom game is a matter of weeks away, and I could not feel more bland. The characters in the base game are not as amazing as previous entries, and a lot of the new characters are DLC such as Black Panther, and that is sad. The overall success of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, at this point, has caused a lot of fatigue, and focusing so much on those films aesthetically… *sigh*

umvc3rosterI mentioned in the title that this game is a mistake… well, what would have been the correct thing for both Marvel and Capcom to have done for a new entry? Expanding Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Do not get me wrong, I was not a huge fan of vanilla MVC3 and even Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 did not completely make up for things… so why do I want that game expanded upon? Because it had the potentially to be the next Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, at least in roster count once you include all of the DLC costumes and alternate skins in both versions of MVC3.

mvc2sortofrosterMVC2 had 56 heroes to choose from, which sounds great until you realize that some of those 56 were characters like War Machine who started out as a recolor of Iron Man, Servebot who is a super tiny character, and a second wolverine with bone claws and only the slightest difference from the adamantium clawed incarnation.the last version of MVC had 50 characters without using cheap things such as that, and that is quite honestly… really remarkable, all things considered.

Zero_DLC_psd_jpgcopyCharacters that were basically stat and color edits such as Dark Sakura, Shadow Lady, Hyper Venom, etc in past MVC games were mostly absent in MVC2 and on. What if in MVC IV, they had brought that idea back? There is no telling how many interesting characters they could have made with minimal effort. Not only that, but the DLC character models were not re-skins, but brand new models. Instead of Zero looking like Zero, they gave him Megaman X’s character model! Spencer from Bionic Comando’s alternate was his Bionic Commando: ReArmed appearance.

These characters, as well as other already existing character skins such as Black Spider-Man, Red Hulk, etc, legitimately could have been different playable characters with their own moves with very little work done on the game. Slap that together with some Sonson-big-mvc2characters from Street Fighter IV and V, maybe a few other existing models laying around, and role back the system to the most popular one: MVC2, and it would have been very big. That alone would get it the number #4, and we haven’t even really created anything new for it yet.

MVC2 had 8 or 9 new-ish characters including characters like Son Son, Marrow, and Cable, so throw in something like that, and BAM… 85-90 character roster, EASY.

Instead, we have a neutered character roster with reused assets from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for more than the cost of a full retail game. Awesome guys.


Mermaids of Color

Probably Not Sam – Clownfish Babe

I figured that my first post back from Hurricane Harvey would be a Mer-Monday one. Due to the politically charged state of our country though, I figured that I would go ahead and also make it one about mermaids of color…  so… Hey!


The first one is the one to the left. It is titled ‘Clownfish Babe,’ and it looks pretty adorable.

Interesting note about Clownfish, they change genders if there are no females in their area. Huh. Nature finds a way I suppose, but it makes you re-think Finding Nemo, huh?


I found this pic from tumblr user Pow-pow-pow-power. She is very pretty, and I love the snail shells that she has around her. Very classy.

mermaids_caraMermaid Syrena – Cara Nicole Neo, a Singaporean woman who is a mermaid performer who had this picture posted in 2013 on Yahoo Lifestyle. The article is pretty cool, and I think that her… mersona? Yeah… going with Mersona. Her mersona is really pretty with the purple tail.

Youtuber UnicornJessie G posted this video of herself in Puerto Rico showing off her mermaid tail. First part might look a little awkward, but hey… that’s what it’s like to move around in a mermaid tail. Still though, some pretty cool shots.

mercycleNow that I think about it, the woman who was a mermaid in the Piers Anthony novel from 1991, Mercycle, was Chinese. Basically there was this organization that was testing being a mermaid under water because they had thought that Earth was beyond repair and that they would have to eventually go to…. now forgive me if I mess this up, but Jupiter? An There instead of having fins they would instead have wings? Whatever, I read it when I was in middle school and knowledge from this book actually helped me in history class the next year, surprisingly, so let’s look pass it’s weird science. It was a decent book?

mistymmOh, and here’s everyone’s favorite one that they had a crush on when they were in middle school, Kasumi… err… Misty, from Pokemon! I like her manga version than her anime version.

mistymI mean, there is nothing wrong with this anime version, and both totally count due to the fact that almost everyone who is not Lt. Surge from Pokemon R/B/Y is Asian, but I just like the idea that this is what happens when a Magikarp gobbles up the lower half of a woman… sort of like when a Cloyster bites a Slowpoke and they turn into a Slowbro, I guess. But with a middle school aged girl? Whatever.

So, four fictional and two ‘real’ mermaids of color. I’m sure I should have found some more awesome ones, but hey… leave me some comments about some, and I will try to post about it in a later Mer-Monday post.

Happy Throwback Thursday from the air!

15yearoldmeI should be in the air heading back to Texas from Colorado! So hey, Let’s throw back a little!

Remember the past and how amazing it was?!  Here is a picture that proves it!

Shinobu kisses Inaba

See?!?!? Now let’s not remember about the cosplayer who is a neo nazi white suprema….


NO! THIS CHICK IS THE DEVIL!!!!! Or at least an evil Oni. Seriously, it still bums me out that this cosplayer is a white supremacist. Here is some other things to make me feel better from the past:

Anyways, here’s hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Ariel is a racist?

ariel_by_the_fountain_by_alisakiss-d5h4s94Cosplayer Alisa Norris, aka Alisa Kiss, was alongside her husband Jonathan Nortis, at the white nationalists protest at Charlottesville, VA. When this was discovered, she tried to make light of the incident until it was discovered that there was, in fact, video of her with her husband chanting “Jews will not replace us”. For more information, as well as the video, please check out this article from

jasmineThis is a woman who once cosplayed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura, and the gay Japanese character Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon.  Seriously… what the hell happened to her? Was this the way she has always felt, and these cosplays were just ‘ironic?’ Was it when Alisa Farrington met her husband Johnathan Nortis?

Who knows. I just… *sigh*

This sucks.


antinaziThere is an anti online bullying website I became aware of, where they thought that through an emoji they could respond to people and say “Hey, I see you, and that is not okay.” I personally do not believe that that is something that will work. However, I do believe that in this day where people fly flags that our father’s and grandfather’s fought against, it is our duty to stand up and say “Hey, I see you, and that is not okay.” Because of this, I changed my icon to a cool simple image that I came across.
What if everyone started doing that? This is not the 1940’s, nor is it the 1860’s. We must understand that these symbols of the past represent certain things to the modern man, and they are not good things.
If you want to preserve your supposed white Anglo European heritage, than perhaps it should be preserved in… you know, a museum?
Let me put it this way: Flying the Confederate flag is like if people who had descended from all of the Tories, Royalists, and King’s Men wanted to fly British flags and explained that it was about heritage and being proud of where they had come from… you would think that was pretty fucked up because AMERICA, am I right? Exact same situation.
And the Nazi flag? You are directly spitting into the eyes of both of my deceased grandfathers who fought for this country to prevent the spread of those ideals, as well as whomever was close to your family who either fought or worked hard to keep this country so great.

My fears were realized yesterday

USmapOn February 28th, I jokingly said that in Trump’s America that I had some fears, and joked that because of my very Irish name but Hispanic background I could be deported due to suspicion of being illegal.

On July 31st, The Houston Chronicle published an article called U.S. citizens forced to fight deportation. In it, The chronicle explains that ‘Hundreds targeted each year despite documents, claims, court data show.’ According to attorney Eric Puente in this article, “there’s no due process and no hearing to address whether they had a real claim to citizenship or not.” In the past six years, 1,714 Americans have been deported despite being either born in The United States, and/or having their legal documentation with them proving their citizenship.

So, this isn’t a Trump’s America problem, but an Obama’s America problem as well, as he was pretty thorough in his deportation practices.I just find it crazy that what seemed like a paranoid fear was already happening.