Today, I became a clown.


One of the perks of having a comedian for a roommate, is that you get exposed to new, sometimes horrifying, things. Today, I became a clown.

My friend, Chuck Montgomery, convinced me and another roommate, ‘Scott The Juggler’ to go to a retirement home and entertain people. Under the guise of being taught how to make balloon animals, I donned the bulbous red nose of good!

My humor eventually turned into snarky parody of my friends, as I parodied ‘The Juggler’ and the uh… take charge comedian who took all the pressure of the spotlight away from the guy in a pink wig.

Yeah… It’s hard making fun of actually talented people. I don’t know how people on the internet make a living doing it.

So what are some other awesome and free things to do while clowned up? I made sure to run by a cart pusher at a local grocery store who knew me. I honked my horn and waved. As I pulled away, I shouted “NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU!” Then, I went to Taco Bell to suggestively wink at cute women. DAY WELL SPENT!

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To translate the title there, from the original language of super duper boredom ‘It’s Sunday’, and the temperature has dropped here where I live in Texas. So what are things that can be done that do not require leaving the house all that much?

Movie: The Little Mermaid

This movie is out on Blu Ray in HD for the first time EVER. Not only that, but apparently it has an easter egg in it that some of our Kingdom Hearts fans should have picked up… a long, long, long time ago. I don’t want to spoil too much… but there is a cameo of 3 disney characters in Ariel’s world. Where are they? Who are they? STOP ASKING ME, AND FIND THEM!

Oh, and there’s going to be a 2 pack of the two little mermaid sequels on 11/19/2013, FYI.

Cooking – Make a Quiche – It looks super easy to do!

ImageNetflix – I know that it’s sad that King of The Hill is no longer on Netflix… but you can watch the first two seasons of Wilfred! This is trully the role that Elijah Woods was born to play! Back to The Future II? Pff. The Lord of The Rings? Come on! WILFRED!

And oh! Equestria Girls is now on Netflix!

Kindle – The Princess Bride – I’ve never read the book that inspired the best movie with Columbo in it, but I hear that it is excellent. It costs 6.99, and since it’s on Kindle… you don’t even need pants on to buy it.

Steam: Final Fantasy VII is still on sale for the weekend, 1/2 off, for $5.99. Half Life 2 is also on sale for $2.49… that’s $75% off!

Video Projects: Do a let’s play of a super easy game, and try to make it as funny as possible. Might I suggest Pac-Man? Or hey! Mario Bros! Pong!

Not a gamer? Even better! Still refusing to do a let’s play? How about you do a tutorial? Maybe you know how to create something? I hear cooking a Quiche is pretty simple. Now where did I hear that from?


Image When it comes to the Internet and copyright, it can easily become a tricky situation, especially when it comes to what is and is not considered fair use.

According to The Social Media Examiner, “Copyright laws were established not to give the author the right to deny their work to other people, but instead to encourage its creation.”

That sounds great until you see something that you are a part of modified and twisted for someone else’s intent… i.e. a blogger photoshopping a cosplayers image with the head of an actress on it for an article they are being paid to write. That’s the real life situation the cosplayer known as ‘TheStylishGeek‘ found herself in on February 16, 2013 when she came across one of her cosplay photos modified for the site Screen Crush.

An unedited vs the edited version
It’s ironic that the article is titled ‘Reel Women.’

” I’m flattered and all, but that’s my body you’re using in that picture and the copyrights belong to 😦 ”

A couple of people commented under hers, but seeing as this happened in February and this is now March, i doubt being caught red handed is going to do anything… after all, this is the Internet. People steal and modify images literally ALL of the time.

It can be argued that this falls under fair use, and that there literally is as some would say ‘no harm, no foul.’ But by the simple rules of netiquette that i learned literally in the 8th grade  almost 15 years ago, this blogger, Britt Hayes, is both unprofessional, and a coward*. It literally takes no time to send an e-mail, comment on a deviant art, or contact people in some way.

People have used things that I’ve breathed life into before, and it’s flattering when people ask for permission, and stings like hell when people do not. She was literally used for her body. I may not be a woman, but that has to be incredibly degrading.

Outside of flaming a blog, which I do not recommend, there is something you the reader can do to maybe lift up this woman’s spirit. You can vote for her Han Solo cosplay in The Geekie Awards Epic Cosplay Contest over on Facebook at:

*Yes, I know how ironic it is to say someone is unprofessional, and in the same sentence accuse them of being a coward.


Not long ago, I realized something that made me a little upset. I will never play a game that looks like Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow/Whatever ever again. I described to my roommate about how it’s simple art style was actually rather beautiful. I mentioned cities with names such as Cerulean, Viridian, Lavender, etc as he quickly caught the theme. Pokemon was a game about color, despite being on a system that was essentially devoid of it. The only way to trully enjoy the beauty of Pokemon was to play it on something other than the system it was originally intended for, i.e. a Super Game Boy, a Gameboy Color, etc.

I then explained to him how I would love to one day create a game with the graphics of the original Gameboy, and as you played it more and more colors would be introduced, perhaps after defeating villains who had taken the colors from the world the hero resided in. I thought that this would be an excellent concept, and the art would be simple enough that I could believably pull it off one day.

shortsNormally, people become paranoid about revealing ideas for a game online due to someone possibly stealing the idea, but I’m not. Why? Because  somebody has apparently beaten me to the punch.

I don’t make a habbit of going to kickstarter, but last weekend I decided to surf around and see what was out there. I searched for Pokemon without finding many results. I then tried Zelda, and then to my surprise I discovered an interesting project that was already funded by the name of Two Brothers.

So an action/adventure game/RPG that’s similar to The Legend of Zelda. WOW. I’m so excited that this surpassed it’s kickstarter goal of $6,000 and ended up getting $16,257! It should be coming to PC, XBOX 360, and OSx.

Oc’s are … difficult

Requiem and Dashing Husband are OTP’s!!

so I attempted to draw my friend’s Transformers Animated original character standing next an original character from My Little Ponies as a Christmas Birthday gift.The hardest thing to do, it seems, is to draw characters in a style that are both unfamiliar to you.

Since this was a gift, I couldn’t simply ask her “what are those discs on Requiem’s arm?” and “are those lights on her, or just different colored metal?”

All things considered, I think her OC and the pony I made of her husband look decent…

To view her OC, you can view her deviant art here:

I don’t want to draw Transformers for a while.

I Was Once a Teenage Girl

ImageWhen I was just going into high school, my family was just becoming acquainted with the internet. As a child, I fell in love with the video game Pokemon, so it was only a matter of time until the two interest’s merged. I joined a Pokemon RPG via e-groups somewhere around 2000. Pretty sure it was but I can’t really tell as it was so long ago, and due to a lack of active moderators we moved the entire rpg to a different message board on e-groups, but I digress. I started playing after looking at the group’s posts for over a month prior. I played at first as a young Nurse Joy with a Jigglypuff who shrieked violently instead of sang. I abandoned that one, and played a mysterious Team Rocket scientist named Jett Black who lived in the training gym in Pokemon Gold. He was obsessed with Duplica from the show, who I also started playing. Jett had some failed mew clones that had merged human dna in them named: Mew-Boy, Mew-Girl, and Mew-Dude. I later played an anthropomorphic character, but I can’t remember more than his name being Lynx. Maybe he was a Persian? I later had Jett Black separated into a good side and a bad side. The male was evil, and the female was good. As you can plainly see, the writing was horrible but it was really fun to play.

Here is Duplica with Jett Black’s sister, Violet. I drew this back in those good old days.

After playing a Pokemon AND a Digimon RPG I look back to those times fondly and sometimes forget why I quit, and then I remember. I played a girl previously mentioned, named Duplica. I figured it would help my writting, as well as how I I react towards women if I played one. I was young and naive, so it sounded GREAT!

She was like she was in the show for the most part, but since she had only had one appearance at that point… she was my character. She was cute, talented, and she had a boyfriend.

In order to attract other players, I posted for them to see her show, and one thing lead to another, and I ended up playing with this one guy all of the time. It went fine. We chatted and played and it wasn’t weird as I wasn’t pretending to be a woman.

Oh, I was also a anthro pokemon out to get the… other… anthro pokemon… I played. Yeah

Eventually? I did start to feel weird. I had more of a life in the RPG than I had in real life, and this character had a boyfriend. I realized that spending time in this fantasy world, pretending to be her and be with him… it was just weird. so, I went cold turkey from the rpg.

I tried to stay friends with some of the people from my old message board days, which also included a Sailor Moon newsgroup, but I was off to college and my mother got rid of AOL. I lost my old screen name, and contacts, and before I knew it that entire chapter was over and now is non-retrievable.

It’s sad, and I feel bad bailing… but ultimately, it might have been the right decision.