One of the commissioned photos from Cluedog for a recent Mer-Monday was recently colored by Kimbawest Let’s take a look at this surprise, almost Halloween, treat.
Kimbawest colored flounder Cluedog

It looks good! For some reason though, I never realized how terrible fish mermaid’s color scheme would be! Even if he had a red fin where flounder’s blue fin would be, it’s bad. Then again, I never expected the stripes that Cluedog gave him… anyways, both incarnations of this pic are really interesting takes!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Mer-Monday!


Evelyn The Mermaid



Evelyn here is a mermaid that is my last commission from artist ClueDog. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, which is surprising as it is based off of another piece that ClueDog did that can be seen to the right.

I assume since there are two pictures, one as a human and one as a mermaid, that it could be argued that there should be a story behind it, maybe something similar to The Little Mermaid? *shrugs*

floundermermaidSmooch1Evelyn joins the other three mermaid pictures that the artist did for me of Flounder as a mermaid.

Anyways, what I think I’m trying to get at, is that with my latest commissions, I’m wishing everyone a Happy Mer-Monday!

Double the Texas sized Mer-Funday!

Happy Mer-Monday everyone. I recently consumed two different beers from indie beers from Texas that use… let’s say… a nautical theme. The first one, from Galveston Bay Beer Company, is actually from Dickinson, TX which according to Google maps is only 29 minutes away from Galveston.

20171001_221416The beer, a Blue Berry Blonde, was… an interesting one. The story starts before what I know. A friend of a friend procured this beer before Hurricane Harvey, only for things to go terrible during the storm. My friend helped him go through his shattered life, only to discover this siren singing her song through the wreckage of his shattered belongings.
So, how was this beer? Did it rock me like said Hurricane, or did it ruin me like… well… a Hurricane?

I think there was something wrong with it? Let’s start at the smell. There was definitely a light blueberry scent so that was fine. I split the beer with my friend in some brand new plastic cups from a package that was never opened. The beer tasted all right, but according to him, it had a ‘funky taste.’ I did not get that at first, but yeah.. a little bit? I finished his beer, and then discovered that there was a weird brown… whatever, that sort of looked like peanut butter at the bottom of his cup. What?! Weird. He brews, so I asked him what it was, and he had no idea.

I want to try this beer fresh, possibly in a bottle and not a can, but seriously… wtf was that brown stuff?!

GoliadThe second beer that I had was from Goliad Brewing Company, and it comes from the Texas town of the same name. The beer is called Redfish India Pale Ale. I’m not much of a beer drinker, so I had to pace myself on this one. My roommates seemed to find it a mediocre but completely drinkable beer. Nothing that they would seek out, but they would definitely drink it if offered to them.

I found it a bit too rich, and a bit dark, and my roommate did say that it was ‘a little bit dark,’ so what the hell do I know? I was able to drink it. Long story short… this beer tastes like what I think of when I imagine Goliad, Tx. So… yay???

The real thing to talk about, at this point, is the mascots. The Blonde is plain, and I just… eh? She sports some under boob, and maybe she is not proud of this, as her eyes are closed and her mouth is covered so we have no idea if she is frowning or not. She does not excite me into buying this beer, and I honestly feel sorry for her.

Goliad’s mascot is a red head, so points there. Her tail design though looks like a mundane fish, certainly nothing exotic. There is a light house behind her, but where is there a light house in Goliad? Notice I go there, and do not ask why Goliad has a mermaid. Clearly, she is a fresh water mermaid from the near by San Antonio River. We see more chest area, but that just makes me think that the mermaids of Goliad aren’t as respectful as those from Galveston… err.. Dickenson. I mean, come on… children will be drinking this beer!

Let’s give mermaid Flounder a Smooch.

floundermermaidSmooch1Yesterday I received a surprise over on my deviantart… some of my commissions from Zoe Crocket! I commissioned Zoe to further illustrate an idea that I had previously another artist… rule 63 mermaid version of Flounder from The Little Mermaid!

I showed Zoe the previous one that I commissioned from artist Kittyhawk, and suggested the loose idea of some reaction shots of Ariel as a fish might be cool. What I got was really cool, with backgrounds and even more characters.


The first one was awesome enough, however, I love the daggers that Ariel is starring at her former best friend. Did he steal her body, get a head to tail dye job, and strut her stolen stuff to get her man? Anyways, whatever type of fish Ariel is now, she… he(?) is extra salty.

The last picture needs to be seen in all of it’s glory. While the mermaid part of the picture is at a minimum, you have an awesome shot of Prince Eric and his bros, bro-ing out as they do, throwing out nets, catching fish if not ladies, and totally having Flounder swooning over him.



Okay… we know that Ursala’s shell necklace can give under water folk female anatomy. Things will… you know… probably work out… probably.

For more of Zoe Crockette’s art, you can go to her gallery on her Deviant Art, but be warned that it is NSFW.

Mermaids of Color

Probably Not Sam – Clownfish Babe

I figured that my first post back from Hurricane Harvey would be a Mer-Monday one. Due to the politically charged state of our country though, I figured that I would go ahead and also make it one about mermaids of color…  so… Hey!


The first one is the one to the left. It is titled ‘Clownfish Babe,’ and it looks pretty adorable.

Interesting note about Clownfish, they change genders if there are no females in their area. Huh. Nature finds a way I suppose, but it makes you re-think Finding Nemo, huh?


I found this pic from tumblr user Pow-pow-pow-power. She is very pretty, and I love the snail shells that she has around her. Very classy.

mermaids_caraMermaid Syrena – Cara Nicole Neo, a Singaporean woman who is a mermaid performer who had this picture posted in 2013 on Yahoo Lifestyle. The article is pretty cool, and I think that her… mersona? Yeah… going with Mersona. Her mersona is really pretty with the purple tail.

Youtuber UnicornJessie G posted this video of herself in Puerto Rico showing off her mermaid tail. First part might look a little awkward, but hey… that’s what it’s like to move around in a mermaid tail. Still though, some pretty cool shots.

mercycleNow that I think about it, the woman who was a mermaid in the Piers Anthony novel from 1991, Mercycle, was Chinese. Basically there was this organization that was testing being a mermaid under water because they had thought that Earth was beyond repair and that they would have to eventually go to…. now forgive me if I mess this up, but Jupiter? An There instead of having fins they would instead have wings? Whatever, I read it when I was in middle school and knowledge from this book actually helped me in history class the next year, surprisingly, so let’s look pass it’s weird science. It was a decent book?

mistymmOh, and here’s everyone’s favorite one that they had a crush on when they were in middle school, Kasumi… err… Misty, from Pokemon! I like her manga version than her anime version.

mistymI mean, there is nothing wrong with this anime version, and both totally count due to the fact that almost everyone who is not Lt. Surge from Pokemon R/B/Y is Asian, but I just like the idea that this is what happens when a Magikarp gobbles up the lower half of a woman… sort of like when a Cloyster bites a Slowpoke and they turn into a Slowbro, I guess. But with a middle school aged girl? Whatever.

So, four fictional and two ‘real’ mermaids of color. I’m sure I should have found some more awesome ones, but hey… leave me some comments about some, and I will try to post about it in a later Mer-Monday post.