MerMonday was late?

I really thought that I could finish coloring this piece before midnight after I got home at 10pm. I ended up finishing around 12:20 or so, which while not bad… is still post deadline… thus not inside of Mer-Monday.


So I got some burritos from Taco Bell on taco Tuesday so I could ruin that sacred day as well.

Should I cross Mermaid Flounder with any other show/Disney… thing? Who knows what’s next, right?


Some more ice?

The image on the left is my 2018 attempt at the title card I made on the right from Ice Ocean… which is not on The NES but is on a compilation on a famiclone controller.

I did the one on the left on a wacom while the one on the right was inked old school and colored simply in Gimp. Which is better? I like the simplicity of the original I think… plus I suck at drawing things digitally.

I almost did not make this 4th day of MerMay… Blame Injustice 2?

I’m a MerMAN!

Scan_0026Today is the third day of MerMay, and I thought that I would switch things up by drawing both a reverse mermaid as well as a MerMan.

Now, I was afraid that this little guy would be too sexy, what with his exposed chest but I think it’s just sexy enough.

I think tomorrow will be about Star Wars? And I know that I want to do some Zora fan art. Until then, enjoy this clip from Zoolander since it’s also Throwback Thursday!

Mermay day 2?

Toonmaid2 1I decided that I would do some classic cartoon inspired pictures. The first one is inspired by Ren from Ren and Stimpy. The concept behind the whole thing, as predictable as I am, is that maybe something that wasn’t a mermaid before was transformed into one. Maybe she was a fish, maybe she was a guy, it doesn’t really matter in this simple illustration.

I messed up this drawing of Bugs as a mermaid unfortunately, so no coloring for it. I think I mostly just made the head a little too long… maybe I will try it again later.

Toonmaid2Bugs Bunny in drag is sort of a staple in society, so I will attempt to draw her again, later in MerMay.

And now… off to work!


mermay01Today is the first day of MerMay. Some sights have prompts to help you along, but I believe the general gists of these is that you should be producing something new each day, or at the very least, each week. Well… I remembered this a few minutes before I had to get ready for work. So… here is a little doodle I did on my wacom tablet that… isn’t very good.

Expect something better tomorrow. Also, expect more posts about mermaids this month!

fighting_mermaids_by_netsenshi-d6kf6vvAlso, I would like to post some pictures I have drawn of mermaids in the past:…

…But as it turns out, I just haven’t drawn that many of them in the past. The image to the right was drawn in response to the fact that I got to sort of name a swim team in Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme after shouting ‘The Fighting Mermaids’ in response to a mermaid fountain at a college in that visual novel during a let’s play. That doesn’t count though, huh?

Okay. Below I have included some of the mermaid stuff I’ve been bombarding the site with recently. Misty from Pokemon was done like, in the early 2000’s. Maybe I will re-draw her? Anyways, have a happy MerMay!

Throwback the small ones?

I’m sorry that I love Kittyhawk’s version of Flounder, SO MUCH, okay? As a treat, here is a throwback to Kittyhawk’s original sketch that originally got lost in my e-mail.

Seriously, I never saw the original sketch until this week! Crazy, right? She made it anyways and it turned out phenomenal! As a lesson to everyone, make sure to check your spam folder even if you have done 20 e-mails to the person already. Sometimes the most important ones get filed to where you can never see them!

Flounder not Flounder?

disney_rific_mer_bash_by_hidden_travelerDeviantart user Hidden-Traveler colorized some line arts  by GorFragWarGutz that… wait… is that a pichu version of a mermaid Flounder back there…. Son of a…

Actually these are different characters, and they were colored to look like Ariel and Flounder… but are actually deviants K-Serenade and jayeljay? Also it was done in 2009. Still not Flounder though… but still… ENHANCE! or…

jay_mer_1_by_hidden_travelerDifferent picture, I suppose. In order to see each one on the colorists page, click each image and it will take you there.

So… should I get some more images made of my version of flounder? Should I get a different version of Flounder made? Also, what about MerMay? Also, what artists should I use?