Frog50’s take on Flounder

Is she floating up in water towards the surface, or is she going through the air and into the Northern Lights? Either way, it looks awesome.


This was made because I had won Frog50’s patreon raffle, the same one that has also allowed me to make youtube videos such as this one, as well as my next ne:

Here’s the sped up video I already posted on Sunday of Flounder being created:

Here’s hoping that Flounder’s adventures continue to both the future, and with a vartiety of other artists in the future. Happy Mer-Monday everyone!


MerMonday was late?

I really thought that I could finish coloring this piece before midnight after I got home at 10pm. I ended up finishing around 12:20 or so, which while not bad… is still post deadline… thus not inside of Mer-Monday.


So I got some burritos from Taco Bell on taco Tuesday so I could ruin that sacred day as well.

Should I cross Mermaid Flounder with any other show/Disney… thing? Who knows what’s next, right?

Some more ice?

The image on the left is my 2018 attempt at the title card I made on the right from Ice Ocean… which is not on The NES but is on a compilation on a famiclone controller.

I did the one on the left on a wacom while the one on the right was inked old school and colored simply in Gimp. Which is better? I like the simplicity of the original I think… plus I suck at drawing things digitally.

I almost did not make this 4th day of MerMay… Blame Injustice 2?

I’m a MerMAN!

Scan_0026Today is the third day of MerMay, and I thought that I would switch things up by drawing both a reverse mermaid as well as a MerMan.

Now, I was afraid that this little guy would be too sexy, what with his exposed chest but I think it’s just sexy enough.

I think tomorrow will be about Star Wars? And I know that I want to do some Zora fan art. Until then, enjoy this clip from Zoolander since it’s also Throwback Thursday!