The Little Mermaid 2 turns 18 today!


kOh my Disney! Let’s celebrate this by playing a pinball game on our Gameboy Color!

Seriously… GBC pinball was the best they could do back in the day?

When The Little Mermaid was an AMAZING game the made Disney bounce back to glory in what was known as the Disney Renaissance, just being good was not good enough for it’s Y2K sequel… but… eh… it’s fine. Not great though. Oh, and Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle, plays her daughter Melody? That’s something?

Like I said, not terrible… but this movie is not even close to being as good as the first one… still though… Ariel’s kids movie is legal now… that’s something.


[The?] Little Mermaid in Hiroshima

Kiki’s Delivery Service would have been very different if she was a mermaid instead of a witch… completely willing to admit that.
At Hiroshima station, there is an amazing bakery that is pretty much THE breakfast spot, called Little Mermaid. It is, of course, based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story.

Hands down, the best breakfast I had in Japan… sorry Seven & I Holdings Co., Little Mermaid is better.

Little Mermaid revised

Frog50’s take on Flounder

Is she floating up in water towards the surface, or is she going through the air and into the Northern Lights? Either way, it looks awesome.


This was made because I had won Frog50’s patreon raffle, the same one that has also allowed me to make youtube videos such as this one, as well as my next ne:

Here’s the sped up video I already posted on Sunday of Flounder being created:

Here’s hoping that Flounder’s adventures continue to both the future, and with a vartiety of other artists in the future. Happy Mer-Monday everyone!