Mermaid Girl

wonder_woman_vol_1_147I have previously explained that 2 out of DC Comic’s ‘Big 3’ have become merpeople before, with Wonder Woman missing out on the fun. Well, I was sort of wrong about that?

On Earth 124.1, Wonder-Girl had an adventure where she had been turned into a bird-girl, and later a mer-girl in issue 147 in 1967! Crazy!merwonderwomantable
17743Was this the same Wonder Girl that became Wonder Woman? Princess Diana and not Diana Troy? Yes? Sort of? It’s unclear and comics are weird. some sources say that they retconned being created from clay a long time ago and that she did grow up as a child, and then later they un-retconned her… comics are so inconsistent. Example? Wonder Woman’s mother supposedly spliced together scenes of Diana from different ages for home movies… or some crap? So my take on it is that it used to be canon but… isn’t canon?


Mer-Boy was a dude that had a crush on Diana and vice versa. Apparently he later becomes Mer-Man and visits Wonder Woman?

So Wonder Woman, as a child, was briefly a mermaid. I guess this counts, but Batman and Superman were transformed as adults… so it still sucks that we have been denied an adult mermaid Wonder Woman.


I took a look SNK vs Capcom Chaos again, this time Athena, The Goddess and not The Psycho Soldier.

The game is a repeat, she is kind of cheap to play as in this game, but hey… she transforms characters into animals after beating them. OH, AND SHE TURNS INTO A, you know… Happy MerMonday everyone!

Adventurous Merman Time!

atmermaidsCome on grab some friends, cause Adventure Time Islands is/was a thing! It came out first to DVD, and it might be currently airing, but in this Adventure Time special, we get to see at least two instances of merfolk. The first one was on the title screen with Finnd Jake. Nothing really to talk about on this one, but hey… it’s something.

jmerThe second occurrence is when Jake transforms himself into a sail boat. He ends up going all out, and transforms his head main region into that of a traditional mermaid ornament you see on old boats from time to time. What are those things called? It’s like a hood ornament but for boats, ya know?

Anyways, I apologize for not updating in a while, but I’ve been having PC problems. Also, expect next week’s update for Mer-Monday to have to deal with a cartoon as well. Anyways, catch everyone later!

Ningyo no Ouji-sama – Mermaid Prince

009There are certain things in life where you have to pray to the manga gods that things don’t get too gay. Maybe it’s say, Gravitation. The art and music was great, so maybe if it just doesn’t get too uncomfortable for you… right? Or Ghost! Eerie Queerie!. That was also a good Shonen Ai that I almost finished.

Well, it’s happened again. This time, it is a manga called Ningyo no Ouji-sama. I discovered this… 2009? err… 2014? manga by Kazumi Yuana quite accidentally.

This is a manga about a mermaid who prays to god to become a human so she can find love. Well… God apparently has a sense of humor, as he turns her into a human male.


I have not understood a word of what I’ve seen from this manga, but thus far I am loving it!! That being said… it seems to be going shonen ai quite a bit..

I found this comic on a site that has a lot of 18+ comics on it, so I was pins and needles “Will it go full yaoi?! Will I get too uncomfortable to continue reading this comic?” Well, I looked at quite a bit of it, and unless there is a lot of text based sexual content I’m not picking up on, I think I might be safe with Ningyo no Ouji-sama… for a little while.

007Like Ranma from Ranma 1/2, the mermaid can transform from her female finned form to bishonen form using water… or rather, a lack of water for her male form. She typically uses a bath tub for her times as a mermaid, and so there is some good old fashioned heterosexual fan service going on in what could be a shonen ai manga.

I have read people arguing if this comic is shoujo or not, considering that it’s a romance and the main character started out female. Unlike Ranma though, most of the time the character is a guy… so it’s really hard to say which genre it fits into!

081While I was preparing this article, I read on Manga Fox that this comic has been licensed so it wasn’t available to read online there. I attempted to find who had picked it up, but I have yet the who or where to buy it legitimately yet. If anyone knows, please pass this information on to me!

Hopefully this is actually picked up by an North American company, as it seems quite promising. I’m not sure if there are only 2 volumes of it or not though, as online I have yet to see more than that.

Anyways, happy confusing Mer-Monday everyone!

Happy Last 2016 MerMonday

christmas_marmaid_by_daekazu-dat01ydDeviant Artist daekazu drew this mermaid on his deviant art, and I think she’s just great! So that was 2016’s MerMonday’s everyone. I mentioned video game characters with transformations such as Shantae, kit bashed custom MLP mermaids, Tuna fish selling mermaids, the Demi Lovato mermaid fan art controversy, my run in with a mermaid/cosplayer at DeltaH convention, the rule 63 mermaid Flounder fan art that Kitty Hawk made for me, some of Zoe Crockett’s mermaid art, and even tasted some mermaid related beer with some friends.. not to mention some of the other mermaid related posts from this year.

All and all, this has been a great year for mermaids. As far as movies go, Hail Cesar! and The Nice Guys both had mermaid performers in it, and the video game Shantae: Half Genie Hero has a mermaid transformation while both Xbox One/PS4 re-releases of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record have a mermaid performer in them… that’s not too shabby when most years the % of mermaids in video games is 0%, right? RIGHT?

Oh, and Deadpool, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and Central Intelligence all had unicorns in them sort of, but only I care about that.

So see, 2016 isn’t quite that bad… right? Happy Mer Mondays everyone!

There are mermaids in Orange Beach, Al

mermaidcrossingI stand corrected… or… more informed? I had previously posted about all of the mermaid related things in Orange Beach that I had come across during my visit there this last Summer. I was later by Lori Deangelis of Dolphin Queen Cruises that there were, in fact mermaids in Orange Beach.

The next time my family goes there for vacation, I will have to hit up Dolphin Queen Cruises, as apparently once the cruise finds the mermaid, you are allowed to swim with her. That is awesome, but I would like to remind everyone that mermaids are responsible for every single nautical death, swimming with one is flirting with disaster, and more importantly… I have seen a shark off of a pier in Orange Beach last year, so… yeah…. Here’s hoping that you can swim faster than she can?