A Floundering idea

I love Flounder as a mermaid. I came up with the idea now a couple of years ago. I wanted it to be a thing, kind of like how Bowsette became a thing, despite not being an official thing.

Hopefully one day I can get more commissions… and hey, maybe one day someone will cosplay as her… you never know… it could happen?

I’ve toyed with the idea of maybe making an art contest over her… maybe with a cash prize? I don’t know how to go about that, or even if there would be any interest in such a thing.

Anyways, I didn’t really have anything new to post for Mer-Monday, but wanted to share the idea that maybe I should do a contest? Thoughts? Concerns? Comments?


Go find some Mermaid statues!

Sinfonia del Mar
Sinfonia del Mar, Mexico

I recently was informed by an artist friend ::cough:: Kittyhawk ::cough:: of a website that allows you to search all over Earth for mermaid statues… to physically go to and see! It’s kind of awesome! http://mermaidsofearth.com/


I couldn’t find some statues I had heard about in San Marcos, Tx on that list, so here is a link with pictures about that: https://splash.mermaidsocietysmtx.com/mermaid-statues/

There are also 3 statues in Galveston, Tx on their dead tree sculpture tour… so here’s a link for that. https://www.galveston.com/treesculpturetour/

Christopher Columbus saw Mermaids in The Americas

manatee bbcColumbus claimed to have seen at least 3 mermaids on his voyage to The Americas, but claimed that they were not nearly as beautiful as described. He said they even had some masculine features.

Just a reminder, it was most likely a manatee.

Anyways, instead of dwelling on the fact that Columbus was a god damn monster that was even arrested for being so terribly sadistic, let’s focus on mermaids instead?



The Little Mermaid 2 turns 18 today!


kOh my Disney! Let’s celebrate this by playing a pinball game on our Gameboy Color!

Seriously… GBC pinball was the best they could do back in the day?

When The Little Mermaid was an AMAZING game the made Disney bounce back to glory in what was known as the Disney Renaissance, just being good was not good enough for it’s Y2K sequel… but… eh… it’s fine. Not great though. Oh, and Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle, plays her daughter Melody? That’s something?

Like I said, not terrible… but this movie is not even close to being as good as the first one… still though… Ariel’s kids movie is legal now… that’s something.

[The?] Little Mermaid in Hiroshima

Kiki’s Delivery Service would have been very different if she was a mermaid instead of a witch… completely willing to admit that.
At Hiroshima station, there is an amazing bakery that is pretty much THE breakfast spot, called Little Mermaid. It is, of course, based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story.

Hands down, the best breakfast I had in Japan… sorry Seven & I Holdings Co., Little Mermaid is better.

Little Mermaid revised