Ruby Rose – Break Free

This video is a little NSFW, just a heads up. In this video, Ruby Rose transforms herself from a feminine woman in a dress to a heavily tattooed male. Reading up on Rose, she seems like an interesting, gender fluid, woman. She prefers female pronouns.  

If there is something that I’ve noticed recently, I feel like the world is more willing to accept women that embrace masculinity as opposed to the opposite… and that’s always been a bit weird to me. Also… what happened to Tom Boys? Are they no longer a thing that’s recognized in society? Just a random thought.


I don’t really ‘do’ K-pop. Just to write that word, I had to research if it was “K-pop,” “Kpop,” or K Pop… and I have to be honest, I’m still not 100% sure that I succeeded.

Remember J-pop and J-Rock being all the rage when the anime convention bubble started. Remember all of that? *sigh* even my 35 year old female co-worker loves K-pop, and she’s a woman with kids.

Surviving Vig?

SURVIVING VIGI’ve made it no secret that I, as an anime convention attendee and sometimes volunteer since 2004, am on the side of the alleged victims of Vic Mignogna. I am also a friend of Marzgurl who started the #Kickvic hashtag. I have also been at conventions that Vic Mignogna has been at, as well as even volunteering at one that was run by a friend of mine that had Vic once, that was mispronounced/mentioned in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. I believe in ethics in um… uh… Anime Industry… News? Propoganda? Whatever.

surviving vig2My friend, Marzgurl, mentioned that watching the Lifetime show “Surviving R. Kelly” season 2 episode 1 reminded her of #KickVic, and how victims who speak up are often harassed.

Because of this, I have spoofed three images that were used to promote Surviving R. Kelly, with Vic Mignogna. I’ve mispelled his name as Vig in them, to help show that they are in parody, but also to make fun of a convention that misspelled his name in an advertisement.


When #KickVic started, a friend of mine noted that one of the pictures used in an article looked like it had been photo-shopped to make him look like one of the bad husbands/boyfriends from one of those cliche Lifetime movies. That also might have played into wanting to make these parodies, I suppose?

Anyways, I hope someone gets a kick out of these. Anyways, these were done in parody based on a tweet. That’s all.

Anita Sarkeesian update

Anita_SarkeesianPolygon had Anita Sarkeesian reminisce about her time in the great geek culture war known as Gamer Gate… and… eh? I don’t know what to say?

There were at least 5 sides to Gamer Gate.

  1. People who were using the argument about ethics in games journalism as an excuse to get away with attacking/threatening women
  2. The women who were attacked
  3. The gamers who actually cared about ethics in games journalism
  4. Journalists
  5. The Game Industry

The third group was dooped by the first group to help attack the second, fourth, and fifth group. That’s clear. What people tend to forget though, is that the fifth group is well… an amoral group that will side with communist China to make a buck, so the idea that they would actively chastise the first and third group for going after just the second and fourth group is just kind of a stretch?

zeldapeachanitafem“You! The people who give us money! Stop attacking the people who want to give us money one day if we made our games differently!”

Phil Fish, Indie game creator of Fez, defended Zoe Quinn and he and his company Polytron were hacked, and important documents were leaked, and he ended up trying to sell Polytron and getting completely out of gaming… yet she argues that the gaming industry didn’t speak out during all of this.

I’m not much of a fan of youtuber Matt Jarbo, formerly known as Mundane Matt, but he was a Gamer Gater, and has experiences with Anita, and has tracked her career for 8 years.

Anita’s continued involvement in Gamer Gate is a political and financial one. Negative backlash while probably terrible for her mental health, makes her projects a lot of money typically, and she’s leaving this decade not as important as she was at the beginning of it, so if she stir’s the chamber pot and has people talking a little bit about her and Gamer Gate again, she will raise some money for her endeavors.

anita-sarkeesian*sigh* I’m only upset because she could literally be crowdfunding to raise money for scholarships for women who want to get into the game industry, or to help build an indie studio or something that would change the game industry for the  better, instead of trying to build her importance.

Casey Bats AGAIN?!?!

I, like most people [I hope] know of the poem and the classic 1946 Walt Disney animation known as Cast at The Bat. That video is below… you should see it and be impressed by classic animation that is from one year after the end of World War II.

Now, since everyone should know and have experienced all of that… what if I told you that in 1954… 8 years after that first animation, they continued what I’m dubbing The Bat-universe… no wait… that’s stupid… The Casey universe…. with a sequel.

Casey Bats again… is sort of a feminist short that showcases how toxic-ly masculine Casey is, as life doesn’t just give him what he wants. He ultimately makes lemonade out of lemons though.

While some of the interactions in Casey Bats Again could be seen as sexist in 2019, I believe that in 1954, this short would be rather progressive. Hell… is still could be seen that way today.

I hope the characters from this short somehow appear in Kingdom Hearts: The Next One… featuring Kari. That would be pretty nifty.