What Spider-Men deserve a movie?

spider-man-3-posterSam Rami Spider-Man. Hear me out, I know that Tobey Maguire has 3 Spider-Man movies that he was in… but people literally broke down in tears over the ‘Sam Rami’ Spider-Man suit  while working out at the gym. Rami had a 4th script that was going to have Tobey take on The Vulture. The project was canned, and we ended up getting the questionable Andrew Garfield incarnation… But now? Maybe it’s time to heal, and make that 4th movie, even if it is animated? Get Rami, Tobey, Dunst, etc. and throw in some top voice acting talent! The multi-verse exists, and people would LOVE to revisit the original movie universe.

Spiderman-the-1995-animated-series-dvd-season-three-900d0Can we finally have some closure for the Fox Kids Spider-Man? This show was the original Spider-Verse, having a crossover of 6 Spider-Men trying to save the universe from an evil Spider-Man… and… okay… the important thing to note is that Spider-Man, after meeting Stan Lee, Spidey goes through a portal to find and ultimately save his version of Mary Jane Watson. Then the show was canceled, and we got Spider-Man Unlimited which was supposedly the same Spider-Man but on a different planet, and yeah… cool new costume but lame. Let’s see Fox Kids Spider-Man save Mary Jane Watson… FINALLY! Please?

Spider-Girl_Vol_1_10Marvel comics/ Spider-Man writing legend Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz created Marvel’s most successful female super hero, Spider-Girl, and helped launch this entire alternative universe known to those who love it as The Marvel Comics 2 universe, or MC2 for short. Besides how popular MC2’s Spider-Girl is, she has never been more than a small cameo or alternate skin in games, and has never appeared in a movie. This sucks, as her world is awesome! Her dad, Peter, is a forensic scientist for the police while her mom Mary Jane is a former model who is big banking off of her husband’s former career as a Super Hero by having The Spider Shop.

Oh, and because Spider-Girl is popular, any movie made from her or her universe inherits her legion of fans who carried out several letter writing campaigns, bought several issues of the same comic to boost numbers (some giving them out to charities and libraries even), and will fight anyone calling the idea lame to the figurative/literal death.

Those are the three Spider-People I believe should be animated for a new movie, hopefully a stand alone one. Thoughts? Comments?


A Live Action Cowboy Bebop show can be great.

A Live Action Cowboy Bebop show can be great.

cowboy bebop faye edward‘If done well, this could be the next Firefly.’ This was a strong statement that my anime convention owning roommate had over the announced Netflix 10 episode live action Cowboy Bebop announcement, and you know what? He’s right. Meanwhile, a friend of mine who is a youtuber reminds everyone that there was a time when everyone wanted this. Every Otaku that had not yet been burned on lazy or white washed anime to live action adaptations like Ghost in The Shell or Dragon Ball Evolution.

The thing is… Cowboy Bebop is the perfect show to transfer to a western live action show or movie. Will they probably cast American actors of not Asian backgrounds? Probably… I mean, it’s wild west themed, and unlike Bleach, it makes sense. There were a lot of non Asian characters in the anime.

Tery CrewesI personally am sad that Keanu Reeves is too old, and Terry Crewes is too famous to play Spike Spiegel and Jet Black…

Seriously… those were/are my picks for those two characters?

My roommate pointed out to me that Edward isn’t actually a dark skinned POC, they just have a tan from being outside… you can tell because of Edward’s dad. Anyways, androgynous and ambiguously raced Edward is a great character for a live action adaptation…. or maybe a terrible one? Tumblr will be all over Edward… either way.

Anyways… things are going to be all right, internet. You’ll see.


Some of the music from The Office

Steve Carell is wrong. The Office can still work today. It’s last episode aired on May 16, 2013… true, Carell wasn’t there for that… oh wait, he was, but that is only 5 years ago! Come ON!

Shows nowadays, like Steven Universe and My Little Pony have a ton of songs. Your show has songs. I know this is a silly argument for bringing the show back… but hey…. let’s revisit some of these songs!

Here’s a bonus one from Creed!

The show and the actors are all fun… if we can’t have more episodes, which canonically would make no sense, can we at least get a musical? Or some sort of spiritual successor with the same actors? Pretty Please?

Spider-Man’s Black Red and White costume?

spider-man-prototype-black-costume.jpgSpider-Man’s black costume is the only real permanent secondary costume for Spider-Man. He received it in the first ever massive crossover called The Secret War, but to hype everyone up they gave everyone a sneak peak in an 1983 issue of Marvel Age #12.

Wait… Red accents?! WTF?!

So in universe I believe, Secret War was when the second Spider-Woman debuted in her black and white costume, and then in that same story Spider-Man got his costume that would only later be revealed to be an alien symbiote. Spider-man prototype Black Costume2Peter Parker even mentions that it looks like Spider-Woman’s, probably because he was subconsciously thinking about her.

So does Spider-Woman have a costume with red accents as well? How crazy would that be?

How weird is that when I see this costume, I immediately think that this is also kind of a proto-Miles Morales Spider-Man costume?

Anyways, I just thought that it would be fun to share this bit of Marvel Comics history.


Maybe Ghostbusters 3 is possibly about to happen?

JaninecI’m not going to hold my breath on this one, but apparently Dan Aykroyd was on Dan Rathers talking about… of course… Ghostbusters 3.


Can we not Dan? I mean, you could turn the video game into a movie.. I’m for that, but Bill Murry signing back on after that last movie… and no Harold Ramis… I just don’t know if the world want another live action Ghostbusters, or you dangling one in front of us. How about a new project in the world of The Real Ghostbusters? An animated film could be fun?

PC Classic

Word on the street is that there is a PC Classic that’s being crowdfunded. Here’s the video for it:

So, since there aren’t any license games for this thing yet, I thought that I would make some suggestions below:

  1. jezzballSolitaire
  2. Chip’s Challenge
  3. Minesweeper
  4. Jeezball
  5. Space Cadet 3D Pinball
  6. Ski Free
  7. Gorillas.bas
  8. Outrun (DOS)
  9. ffvii pcNumber Munchers
  10. Oregon Trail
  11. Half Life
  12. Unreal Tournament
  13. Duke Nukem 3D
  14. Wolfenstein
  15. Quake
  16. The Secret of Monkey Island
  17. Final Fantasy VII
  18. System Shock
  19. War Craft
  20. Fall Out
  21. Septerra CoreSepterra Core: Legacy of the Creator
  22. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
  23. Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?
  24. Math Blaster
  25. Lemmings
  26. Red Alert
  27. Civilization
  28. Microsoft Word XP
  29. Microsoft Power Point XP
  30. Mario Teaches Typing
  31. SNES9xMS. Paint
  32. Shit ton of emulators
  33. Current Internet Browser
  34. YouTube App
  35. Netflix app

Those are my pics… and the crazy thing is… I can already play a lot of these things via Steam! Oh, what a crazy world that we live in!