What does Death mean in The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

On May 4th Avengers Infinity War becomes a reality, and for at least 10 years, we have been focusing on those damn infinity gems. Where are they, which one is which, and who currently has them? Also, how prepared will Earth be? Will we see S.W.O.R.D.? How hard core will Thanos be?

Thanos and Death MARVELMy question after Black Panther, however, is not on Thanos or the infinity gems so much, but more on what all of this was about to begin with, for Thanos at least. His number one motivation in the comic? To impress a woman… The Woman. Death herself.

Will the story start off with Thanos killing a bunch of people with the Infinity Gauntlet only for Death to not be impressed? Will Thanos then have to fight for her affection his self? And since this is the woman who basically has the mantle most commonly refereed to as The Grimm Reaper… will that come into play at all?

Red Skull Cosmic CubeI’m sorry. I’m beating around the bush. Red Skull is either dead or just M.I.A. since Captain America: The First Avenger.  In Avengers, Agent Coulson dies but comes back in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. resurrected. Will either of these characters play a role?

quicksilver age of ultronQuicksilver was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron after he gets spoilers heroically while spoilers spoilers out of the way of the spoilers. I had thought that he was going to return during Thor Ragnarok in Valhalla, but maybe he comes back during this movie, possibly as a bad guy zombie character or something.

Ronan The AccuserRonan The Accuser from Guardians of The Galaxy? Who cares. I would literally rather see Luke Cage’s wife come back to life than Ronan The Accuser. The Purple Man? More interesting of a character than Ronan… but let’s get real… outside of some cameos here and there… none of the TV characters are showing up…

Peggy_Carter…unless it’s Agent Peggy Carter. They made it a point to have Peggy pass away during Captain America: Civil War, but before that, Peggy appeared in a vision to Captain America thanks to Scarlet Witch’s… hex… powers? Seriously… I have no idea what Scarlet Witch can do in this universe. Telekinesis and telepathy? Anyways, that happened in Age of Ultron when everyone was having plot points revealed to them as hallucinations.

Maybe Hella will come back. She is the goddess of death, while not death herself, right?

In that next big movie, Civil War, Tony Stark had to deal with the fact that Bucky, as The Winter Soldier, murderd Tony’s mother and father on the side of the road.

Black panther movieWill Cap see a vision of Peggy? Scarlet Witch see her brother Quicksilver? Tony see his mother and father? Will Bucky be haunted by them and his other victims from his Winter Soldier days? Will Drax see his wife again? Star Lord his mother? Most importantly though, will T’challa see his spoilers again? Will he have to fight spoilers all over again?

For a movie universe that supposedly doesn’t kill a lot of people, there certainly has been a little bit of a toll recently.. and…

oh my god!


*gasps for air*

death and thanosOr, you know… whatever.

I just hope that Marvel does not just push aside Death. She is a strong independent woman who needs no Thanos and she deserves to be seen, felt, and above all else… feared.


If Switch doesn’t get KHIII, then what was the point?

khIIIArielandSoraKingdom Hearts is coming to The Xbox One this console generation, and since I do not own a Playstation 4, this is awesome. I remind people of this, because it is rare when a properly numbered entry crosses over from Sony to another platform. Thus far… this is… the first? Really? Huh.

So, thus far there is no PC port of any of The Kingdom Hearts game, and Switch is well…less likely than PC. Nomura says that they are focusing on the versions that are already announced thus far.

The Switch came out last year in a generation where Nintendo Wii Existed. If Switch is not powerful enough to run Kingdom Hearts III well, than I just do not get why I should buy one? I told myself ‘No KHIII on Wii U? Okay… but wait, Nintendo is releasing a system literally right before the new Kingdom Hearts game? Surely it will be powerful enough for it… right?’

KingdomHeartsIIImagicFinal Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said that The Switch really can’t handle The Luminous Engine so as of last year they were looking into Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Kingdom Hearts III uses Unreal Engine 4, which is compatible with Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4 source code for Nintendo Switch for developers for free, so in theory… Switch should be able to play Kingdom Hearts III… in theory.

kh3SoraMonstersincI think the major bottle neck in a switch port might be processing power or memory, as Switch uses 2015 Nvidia technology similar to The Nvidia Shield. Nomura thinks that it is possible though, so here’s hoping that he is correct.

I feel that Nintendo needs Kingdom Hearts more than Square Enix needs their game ported to Switch. I also feel that if Kingdom Hearts III does not hit the console in any way shape or form… that wont look good to fans and 3rd party developers.

CloudSmashWhat if the PS3/4’s KH collections hit Switch and in 2-3 years Nintendo releases another console that gets Kingdom Hearts III while Switch fits the 3DS’s place, maybe getting it’s own Kingdom Hearts spin off. That would be, to me, terrible. Even if Nintendo had exclusive content, it would be a major failure to not have the game on Switch, and I’ll leave it at that.

I wasted $50 buying even more virtual console games on Wii

zeldaswitch_610The Wii store is coming to an end. March 27th, 2008 will be the last time to add Wii Points, and you will have until March 27th, 2018 to use those point on either Virtual Console titles or Wii Ware games… but it’s more than that. On that day in 2019, it seems that you will no longer be able to transfer your data from The Wii over to The Wii U, and you will also loose the ability to re-download purchases as well. That… is terrible.

I get that Nintendo wants to put their previous best selling console finally to bed, and kill off their Netflix-like-service for old game’s biggest competition, your old library, but making it no longer possible to re-download games that you paid for?

fatI thought a company would literally have to go under for something like that to happen. Imagine if this happened to The iTunes store. ‘Sorry folks, but that music on your old iPods can no longer be re-downloaded, and if we ever re-release those songs again… well… you have to re-buy them… maybe at a discount?

I only transferred my Wii virtual console games after it’s disc drive broke. The idea that the much younger Wii U, a system that died before it’s time, will be a tomb to these old games is really depressing.

Doremi_Fantasy_coverSo what games did I buy? Blaster Master on NES, Sonic 1 & 2 on Master System, Wild Guns, Donkey Kong Country 3,  DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure on Super Nintendo, and Bomber Man on N64.

I bought a lot of virtual console games on Wii. Wii had a drought several times, and I used classic games to fill the void. I was the only one to reserve a Wii classic controller at the GameStop me and my friends worked at. A long time ago, my Wii’s virtual console library was worth more than the Wii was brand new! I feel justified being mad that if my Wii U ever breaks I wont be able to buy a new or used Wii U and transfer the data from The Wii channel! Hell.. once the shop goes down, if you never downloaded the Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu channels, you wouldn’t even be able to use the thing as a media box! This sucks!

xbxo-ss-blkIf only there was a service that made games from other systems backwards compatible, even if it was one at a time, and if you already owned the game… you could just download it for free. Sadly… I do not believe such a technology exists.

One of the problems with paying for online gaming on a console is that The PC Master Race™ does not, so why should you have to? Well, I have a couple of ideas that I think would make platforms like X-Box live more worth getting, but will ultimately not be implemented.

Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle StadiumExclusively streamed games – Back when SEGA Channel was around, there were games on it that you could play on the service exclusively through it. Some of these games ONLY came to that system and it was never on cartridges. On The Super famicom’s Satellaview service there were games like BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban, Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium, and Kābī no Omochabako.

Lara-Croft-Santa-Claus-hatSome of what was mentioned above was just using existing assets while adding high quality music, voices, etc. The same could be done to other games. Imagine if Microsoft went all ‘Have Xbox live during winter and every level of Halo will be Christmas themed!’ Grunts would have santa hats, Cortana would be in a Christmas dress, maybe the orchestra would be edited to sound more Christmas like… I dunno.

The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_SNES_Game_CoverThen again, I guess the above two suggestions might have been done at one point or another, and it did not really work out, huh? I’d suggest a netflix like service, but Microsoft has that in their game pass set up and Nintendo seems to want to try to do the same thing with NES and SNES games?

Oh well…

What to expect here next year!

Every year I start off saying “I am going to post something here every day of next year!” but sadly, it never happens. But hey… next year will be different, right?

marsjupiterConventions: On my plate for next year, I will be going to MAG Fest in early January, Possibly Everfree Northwest in May, and I am definitely going to Japan in August with a tour group… so that will be some cool content for 2018. Plus, some non geeky stuff might be in the works. There will be an event honoring my grandfather who passed a few years ago… he was a WWII Marine. Also, I might try and go to some other historic places, or graveyards even.

P1140080Interviews: In the past, I’ve interviewed an Cosplayer/events co-ordinator, a Youtuber, an indie game maker, and an artist. If there is more interest in that type of content, I could always do that again. I might be able to get some more cosplayers on board, possibly an anime convention owner or two, and who knows who I can get out of hiding once I start to shake some bushes. You know… if that is the type of content that people want here.

Kirby_O_vs_MarzGurl_by_NetSenshiArt: One of my favorite things to talk about! I love taking photos, and while I’ve drawn and painted a few things myself in the past, this current year I had a more things commissioned than I did last year… so you know that there will definitely be some art… and who knows?! Maybe I’ll get off my lazy butt and do some of it myself.

quinnmermaidMermaids: This all really started out as a joke, but hey… who knows. 52 weeks of mermaid related content seems like a lot, but if I spend a few of the days left in 2017 planning it… you never know! I wish I had made this about unicorns as well, but oh well. Oh, and Kingdom Hearts comes out next year… right? I’m sure Ariel will be in it. Also there will be a Little Mermaid Movie that is not made by Disney next year for Netflix. Ariel will be in Wreck it Ralph 2, and hopefully there will be some more news on the new Disney made Little Mermaid live action movie. That’s actually a decent amount of Mermaid in 2018.

mlpReviews: New (female) Doctor, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic may only have 2 tears left, I might try and watch some new cartoons or anime, plus anything I previously mentioned in this is… well… something to review, right?

Anyways, that is all that I have planned for 2018. Here’s hoping I at least attempt the POST EVERY DAY thing… you know… it could happen.

What if ?! Disney gets The X-Men.

It looks like Disney might be buying Fox sometime soon, and that means a lot of things will happen. One of those things, is that Disney will own the rights for Fox’s Marvel properties… i.e. The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Below I’m going to take a look at how I think Marvel  could quickly incorporate The X-Men into one of the next phases.

Giant-Size_X-Men_Vol_1_1The Avengers fight a Krakoa like monster that was seen in Giant Size X-Men #1 and rescue the X-Men. Krakoa’s biology has somehow kept the mutants in cryogenic sleep for a few decades. Apparently this had happened while they were fighting Magneto and his brotherhood in space on Asteroid M… thus the reason we do not know about mutants is because the major players were just M.I.A.

250px-Mystique11Jean Gray had apparently died, but will later come back as The Phoenix. Wolverine had fought with the team briefly but will team up and join The X-Men, once he learns that they are back. Also, Mystique is allowed to be as old as she wants, so have her still on Earth doing spy stuff… maybe a connection to both WWII Cap, Bucky, and for more recent and controversial reasons… Mystique had a relationship with Black Widow but as a man?

200px-Classic-X-Men-008-backFirst movie, Avengers rescue and team up with The X-Men against Krakoa and The Brother Hood. This gives fans the much needed “I want to see them fight and fight against each other.” Throw Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, and Morph on The Brotherhood. They all end up having to race the clock to get outside of an exploding Krakoa-thing to wherever… maybe Brotherhood goes to the abandoned Asteroid M, while X-Men and Avengers head back to Earth.

Second movie, Wolverine drives to X-Mansion now that he knows that The X-Men are back. Visits Jeans grave… BAM! Phoenix happens because the psychic presence of The X-men and Charles are back on Earth and she resurrects Jean as her way back into things. Is it a little sloppy? Maybe, but whatever. You can have them fight whatever you want… Maybe a dark version of Xavier, because the third movie?

getmystiqueShiar are introduced, Maybe The Star Jammers, definitely connect them to Guardians of The Galaxy and/or Captain Marvel, but certainly make sure that by the end of things Xavier has to go to The Shiar home world for medical treatment. Now during this time, I have no doubt that there will have been one off movies where Wolverine had a spin off, maybe a Classic X-Men story before Krakoa.

Maybe Mystique and Black Widow have a spin off movie with each other or even do a trilogy about Mystique that ends with the story line where Wolverine has to hunt her? He could hunt her for all 3 movies, people would watch that. Also, throw Captain Marvel vs. Rogue in somewhere along the line.

AVphoenixI do not know where they should throw Dark Phoenix into any of this. That might be it’s own phase, honestly.

Also, distance Deadpool. Let him be just a side story. He’s awesome, but he’s more of a commentary on this whole thing at this point… but who knows what Deadpool 2 is going to do, right?

The Grim Dark Pound Puppies Reboot We Need

pound puppiesI will be honest with you… I have not seen the latest pound puppies cartoon… maybe it’s amazing? But perhaps it’s not as good as what my generation had in the 1980’s? I just watched a clip… and apparently they aren’t even anthropomorphic, they are just talking animals. Okay? But what if they reboot it again? What would that be like?

tempestThe original series had them walking on two legs a lot, and wearing clothes, thus it seems like a natural fit to place them in the same universe as My Little Pony Universe… especially since they have recently embraced other furry characters such as Capper from the movie, plus steam punk air ship technology. Also, Tempest in the movie was pretty grim and gritty with the scar over her eye and a broken lightning vomitting horn… so let’s keep that in mind alongside the most popular Hasbro movie series ever, Michael Bay’s Transformers.

Hitler Hogans heroes.pngHogan’s Heroes! Imagine The Pound Puppies characters as if they are in a P.O.W. prison in Equestria, and ponies would be The Germans in this scenario!

The show pretty much writes it self, right? RIGHT?!

tartarusOkay… this idea might be a bit too far out there for Hasbro… but the toy sales alone would be phenomenal! More boys could watch ponies without fear of persecution!

It’s fun to dream.