5 (Halo) Games that I think would be a good idea to exist

Halo 5 was a bit of a bummer for everyone and who even knows what the new Halo Infinite will be. Surprisingly, the next Halo game will be a light gun game for the arcade made by a 3rd party. Since Microsoft is hurting, and Halo’s future is unclear, I thought that it would be amusing to come up with my own ideas for the series/system.

  1. UNSC_AI_Unit_-_Cortana_-_Rampancy_-_SufferingM rated Halo Parody
    • Play through a spoof of the classic games with some adult humor written by comedians. It would be nostalgic, comedic, dumb, and sexy. Imagine a level where Cortana is trying to explain how something happened, and like The Stanley Parable, she has to re-start things. Things get crazier as she tries to remember the story of herself and Master Chief’s adventures. It turns out that this Mature/Funny story is a rampant fragment of Cortana talking to herself as she is slowly dying at at the end of Halo 4.
  2. Mega Bloks Halo
    • The canceled prototype looked amazing, and family friendly. Make it.
  3. sonic all star with banjoX-Box Cart
    • Family friendly Mario Kart clone featuring Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft’s main character, your avatar character, Halo characters, Gears of War characters, Killer Instinct Characters, etc. It would be just as influenced by Sonic All Star Racing as it is Mario Kart.
  4. ODST styled spin offs set in each Halo game engine using the Master Chief collection’s engine.
  5. Red vs. Blue: The Game. Maybe do it for the anniversary of one of the games or the series, but actually make a game written and voiced by Rooster Teeth. Maybe have it be a ‘lost season’ of that series.

Our shows lived on…

ghostbusters_ver10Lately, the trend has been bring back this or that show or movie that was popular, but do this or that to it. 1980’s Ghostbusters got an all female group, 1990’s Power Rangers had their casts become even more diverse and extreme, and the  2000’s Teen Titans became chibi’s and extremely dumbed down. Each one of those, probably should not have happened.

When the Ghostbusters reboot was not doing well, and they blamed men for trolling on the internet, and not on the fact that the movie was mediocre and missed recapturing how the original movies felt, Paul Feig went on record saying that he would never re-boot another classic property.

Ranger meme2When Jason David Frank of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers talked about how the new movie did not do well, he said that they should have made a movie with the original cast, because that was the only time people were really cheering in the audience.

But then there was Teen Titans Go, which has a movie out now, and despite not hitting the tone of the original show… has fans? I don’t get it, but Cartoon Network sure does show it enough… so I guess someone is watching?

In the next wave of reboot nostalgia bait, we have: Thundercats, She-Ra, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Each has set off their original fans, as they complain about it while others are arguing how stupid they are for it. ThunderCats? Don’t call it Cal-arts cause lots of other people use it who didn’t go! She-Ra? You man babies are mad cause she doesn’t have big breasts! Buffy??? Well… now that one is where a lot of people are actually just going ‘Umm… No? Please!?’

thundercats roar.jpg

buffyseason12The problem with Rebooting Buffy The Vampire Slayer… is the fact that that show was very progressive for a 90’s/00’s show… and well… it lived on through it’s comics to this very day. Black Slayer? Kindra, who was awesome. Lesbians? Two… but one fell into the bury our gays trope. Gay guy? Andrew was fabulous! Sexy men? Every darn season. wait… that doesn’t count as progressive? Huh.

Buffy has never left the public’s eye really since the cancellation of it’s sister show Angel in 2004. Sarah Michelle Gellar, visually, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_MovieCertain shows can be softly rebooted, such as Star Wars where they can include old cast members in the original’s world… where they just… well… keep dying every movie. Buffy is one of those given the mythos.

Heck, I’d even allow an entire ret-con of Buffy’s entire show, and have this new slayer be after the 1992’s original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie! That’s right… they are rebooting a reboot!

Just have her be a new slayer that just shows up because the last couple of slayers have passed away…

Thundercats_the_return_4bGetting back onto the major subject at hand is… ThunderCats continued on past the original show just like Buffy did. There were comics… a lot of them. Lion-O even fought Superman… but who hasn’t? Seriously… he’s sort of a bad person.

There was a soft re-boot of the show in 2011 which failed to get a second season due to poor toy sales.

Voltron similarly had a CGI continuation of the original show, than a bad reboot, but then AN AMAZING REBOOT on Netflix!

Gargoyles had a bad 3rd season thus was canceled, but came back as a short lived comic and now Jordan Peel wants to reboot it, which makes Disney uneasy.

reboot 1Reboot was… soft rebooted? It was just terrible though, and is more of a Code Lyoko reboot under the guise of being a reboot of the original 90’s show, as it threw just way too much of it out, and what was left in was just neutered and did not answer any of the questions that the cliff hanger at the end of the show asked.

deadpoolWhile not a reboot but an adaptation all the same, Deadpool did extremely well considering that it was not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked why that was, Kevin Feige said this:

We’ve always said if there’s any ‘secret’ it’s respect the source material, understand the source material and then, any adaptation you make from the source material should be done only to enhance whatever the original pure spirit of the source material was.

Power Rangers has an amazing comic book out right now, and it is not really a re-telling of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but an alternate universe of it. When Kyle Higgins and his fellow writers were interviewed recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 by IGN, Kyle said:

… my approach was to not write Power Rangers as it existed, or as I remember it existing, but to write it as I remember it making me feel.

power rangers comic

So what lessons can we learn from Paul Feig, Jason David Frank, Kevin Feige, and Kyle Higgins?

Adapting a classic property is hard to do, and may not be worth doing. People want what made them excited for the original property, as that magic is what will capture a new audience as well. No matter what, you have to respect what was, even if you are going to change it.


Hilda in Ultimate Super Smash Bros.?

Hilda_ScreenshotWith Echo fighters being officially a thing in Smash Bros, the question becomes… how many more will there be? With Daisy being Peaches clone, and the version of Zelda that they are using being the one from A Link Between Worlds… it would make sense to include Hilda, her Low-Rule counterpart being included  makes as much sense as Dark Pit… just saying. At the very least, I expect Zelda to have Hilda’s color pallet in the next game.

Evelyn, my muse

A commission from Kittyhawk that is not a Mohawk-ed mermaid? WHA?! Who is Evelyn?!
netsenshi_evelyn SMALLhttps://netsenshi.deviantart.com/art/Evelyn-the-muse-Kittyhawk-745941782

Evelyn is me? Sort of? Evelyn is my favorite name for a woman, and thus any time I need a gender bent version of myself, that’s the name I give her in my head because I really wouldn’t want the name Shawna, and Seana or Seanna… I don’t think are correct… grammatically? I could be wrong on that though?

Kittyhawk, from the webcomic SGVY.com, once again drew this piece for me. The hair style was mostly her decision, but I wanted my glasses and my favorite hoodie in there, but she added a dress that I thought looked like Marilyn Monroe’s, as well as pink high heels.

senshi_by_cluedog-dbr2219I always thought of Evelyn as a tom-boy-ish incarnation… but when people feminize me, they tend to commit to the new sex/gender, as my previous commission from Cluedog was also wearing some definitely female clothes.

For people who somehow have never seen Kittyhawk’s previous commission, there they are below. Expect one more mermaid-flounder to appear soon-ish?

Super Smash Bros. Hyper Fighting


Hyper Street Fighter III keep hearing that Super Smash bros. for Switch is going to be a blend of The Gamecube and Wii U’s Smash bros. games. While many probably assume that this means that the gameplay will be somewhere in between and be unified.. but I think that this 20th anniversary game might go a different direction.

Hyper Street Fighter II was an anniversary update to Street Fighter that made it possible to fight as different iterations of Ryu or Chun Li from earliest to latest with them playing by the rules from whatever game. Earlier versions of Sagat might have been stronger, and while one version of Guile might have the glitch ‘Guile’s handcuffs,’ and the latest iteration would of course have the SUPER meter.

I'm the mario next to the 'sexy' one.Smash 4 allowed customizing it’s characters, such as replacing Kirby sucking up enemies with being able to have frost breath. Imagine that, plus a ‘Classic character’ option vs. ‘Current’ versions.

Is there any proof of this hypothesis? Nintendo’s Smash invitational at this year’s E3 is inviting some of the best players who play Melee as well as Wii U… which is odd. It’s almost as if they cherry picked these players, as only one of the players is a returning player from the last invitational.

One coherent system vs. multiple play styles for the same character? Well, King of Fighters have had EX characters allowing you to play as earlier versions of Kyo Kusenagi, Mai Shiranui, Terry Bogard, etc. So maybe Fox Melee vs. Fox Wii U more so than EVERY CHARACTER has 2 modes!

sakura-udBut who knows! In Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, they made a mode where everyone fights with Dan’s stats, oe combo like they are in Darkstalkers, etc.! Guy could teleport while sakura could do some of her Marvel vs. Capcom stuff.

So without any real concrete proof, I feel like this idea will be incorporated into the Switch Smash Bros.

Nintendo is slow to adapt and not generous

green toad kinopio kunI’m not going to pretend that Nintendo finally being honest about renting us games for a small fee that Wii already owned for the last two console generations is a great service.

I’m not going to pretend that Nintendo getting their shit together and having Cloud Saves for a cost is a good thing when you’ve been able to do that for free for years elsewhere.

I’m not going to pretend that using their weird voice chat smart phone Nintendo Switch app thing is a good idea.

Super Mario all starsWe live in a generation where Microsoft is making more and more Xbox 360 and Xbox original games backwards compatible, and Nintendo instead goes with Microsoft’s GamePass option for 30 year old games instead. AWESOME.

Please never forget that Nintendo charged us a full retail price for Super Mario All Stars+World  for Wii only after they re-released each NES incarnation on Wii’s Virtual Console. An SNES game that should have cost $8 digitally ended up being $49.99 physically. Also remember that they announced the lack of Virtual Console after everyone bought The Switch, The NES Classic, and the SNES Classic.

Nintendo, when they are doing well, is not a generous company. When they are doing poorly, they literally give you free games like when the 3DS ambassador program only later dangle Super Mario World on The New 3DS XL via a virtual console when they are doing quite well.

Zelda_BSI’m buying a Switch for Super Smash Bros. and really nothing else, so I will play their speculation game.

Do you know what will make me happy about a Netflix-styled selection of games? If Nintendo actually tries to make this a service worth paying for, by giving us Satelliview-esque adventures. SNES graphics for NES games like BS Zelda, SNES games modified like The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, etc.

But Nintendo wont, will they? They got your money by giving you cloud saves instead of allowing you to plug in a USB drive to manage your saves and game storage space in general, and a half-assed NES Library instead of Gameboy Advance, Sega Genesis, N64, and Turbo Graphics games you already paid for. They purposely made things cumbersome for us, didn’t they?

earthbound NES wii uBut hey, maybe I’m wrong. They translated Mother into Earthbound Beginings for Wii U and finally finished Star Fox 2, so maybe Nintendo will make things interesting on The Switch. Maybe Uru Zelda and Link to The Past’s 3rd world map are coming right when we least expect it!

Flounder not Flounder?

disney_rific_mer_bash_by_hidden_travelerDeviantart user Hidden-Traveler colorized some line arts  by GorFragWarGutz that… wait… is that a pichu version of a mermaid Flounder back there…. Son of a…

Actually these are different characters, and they were colored to look like Ariel and Flounder… but are actually deviants K-Serenade and jayeljay? Also it was done in 2009. Still not Flounder though… but still… ENHANCE! or…

jay_mer_1_by_hidden_travelerDifferent picture, I suppose. In order to see each one on the colorists page, click each image and it will take you there.

So… should I get some more images made of my version of flounder? Should I get a different version of Flounder made? Also, what about MerMay? Also, what artists should I use?