If I had to cast a gender bent Ghostbusters remake

ghostbusters crossing over comicDid I just fix the 2016 remake to Ghiostbusters? I think I did? Not listed below, I would NOT have Paul Feig or Amy Pascal anywhere near this film. Okay… maybe this is a terrible list?

Egon – Tig Nataro
Venkman – Kelly Kapoor
Ray – Ellie Kemper
Winston – Randall Park. Play up his lack of knowledge in Science.
Janine – John Mulaney
Louis Tully – Pete Davidson. I know it’s not a gender bend! But you could have a romantic /bromance between Mulaney and Davidson!!!
Walter Peck – Sarah Silverman
Mayor – Megan Mullally
Dana Barrett – Henry Cavill
Stay Puff – generic My Little Pony-like character.

Flounder the Human?!

netsenshi_flounder_dress_smallDoesn’t every girl deserve a sexy black dress? Kittyhawk thought so in my latest commission from her.

Maybe you are new here, and are unfamiliar with the blue haired Mohawk woman I like to refer to as Flounder?

The Little Mermaid’s Flounder has been a character that I have often commissioned and even drawn myself. I like to draw/ have him drawn as a female mermaid, after discovering an article that had a bunch of gender bent Disney princesses created by sakimichan, and only seeing a happy Flounder with longer lashes and a flour in Flounder’s… well… it looked like hair? Go check it out, as the art is awesome!

smallerflounderAfter seeing the pieces, it made me search for a mermaid version of Flounder and a fish version of Ariel, as certainly that role reversal just HAD to be a thing… right? Not… really? So I did a mock up in gimp with many different photos stitched together, and that… that wasn’t enough really, so I then tapped one of my favorite web comic artists, Kittyhawk.

Her original piece can be found to the right. It’s simple, and nice… but the crazy thing about having something commissioned is that it’s a bit addictive. I’ve since had many pieces commissioned of Flounder by a few different artists including more from Kittyhawk, Cluedog, GroundNovaSukesha-Ray, and Frog50.

But this isn’t about the MERMAID Flounder, but her human bits. Eww… that sounded dirty. Anyways, I was this first to draw human Flounder in the image below. Next to it was GroundNova’s take of Flounder in a traditional Princess dress. The most recent image, of course.

So, Flounder as a Human. Hmm… not a good way to start off MerMay, but oh well.

Material Girl

On this Waifu Wednesday, I present to you Madonna’s Material Girl… 13 times. Why 13? One is a lip sync with Star Wars women… which is certainly a statement on the franchise currently… I guess… but the other 12? Are they there simply to prove that Material Girls are actually a dime a dozen? Uh… no? Anyways… here they are!


Hikaru Nishida – Material Girl ( Cover / 和訳付き)

Sally Yeh – “Material Girl (200 Du)” (200度)

Tori Rossi

Paula Marquezini


Ska Tune Network ft. Carly Comando

The Monotones

PostmodernJukebox (featuring Gunhild Carling)

Hilary and Haylie Duff

X-Factor – Jasmine Abela – Material World

The Oddibles

Star Wars – Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam, Aurra (lip sync)

Joe Exotic – Pretty Woman Lover

I’m NOT Gay, is the alternate title to this track.I’m pretty sure.  Tiger King Joe Exotic lip sings a song someone else sang about only loving pretty women, while he sits in a stretch limo right next to his husband who actually IS a straight male, addicted to meth. So… is this whole performance piece just to make fun of his gay for meth husband? Or what? Brand control before he leans way way way into being gay so people go to his zoo to see the character he is? WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS?! GET OUT OF MY HEAD JOE!!!!!

NetSenshi-kun change?

Right as I was recovering from Covid-19, I saw that one of my favorite web comic artists, Kittyhawk, was taking commissions. Before my stimulus check even had a chance to land in my bank account, I lept at the chance! I’ve been on a huge Futaba-Kun Change kick lately, so I decided to have her make a piece that was an homage to the cover of the Monthly Shōnen Jump that Futaba debuted in! Here’s the end results!

My “better” half, is Evelyn… who Kittyhawk has drawn before for me in the past.

Kittyhawk has an awesome art style, and she’s a woman who loves drawing sexy women with some amazing assets… such as in her webcomic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki… which is a… gender bent magical girl comic featuring characters/powers heavily influenced by Norse mythology!banner_yuuki

To find out when she is doing commissions, which she currently is doing… check her out on twitter: https://twitter.com/SGVY

“I’m Black Y’all”

A friend of mine made it official 2 years ago. Still haven’t told my family, but I think after my birthday last night, they might have found out?

All joking aside, you know when you have your friends over, and your family is meeting them for the first time, and you are all “please don’t say anything that could embarrass me!” Well, I thought that I, now at 35, no longer had to worry. I was wrong.

My family might have failed me a little bit last night at my birthday. 9_9 awesome.

My first post of this decade.

Photo from Anime Austin, my last anime convenion, from 2019

2019 is dead, long live the 2020’s! I’m not 100% sure what direction I’m going to be taking this blog going into this new decade, as well… things have changed for me. For starters, I’ve sworn off anime conventions. Secondly, Flickr is no longer the amazing site for keeping photos that I take on trips or of cosplayers, and sharing my cosplay photography was a large part of why I liked having this website.

I don’t watch nearly enough anime, or play nearly enough games to make that the driving focus of this blog.

Also, I have cut ties with the woman who I had been commissioning artwork from, so there probably wont be any art of any mermaids, Flounder or otherwise… which is unfortunate.

MVIMG_20190816_080140Lastly though, this site is a blog. *sigh* and I don’t know if I have the drive to do the things that will make it as awesome here as I’d like it to be.

Netsenshi.com has been renewed for the year, and this may actually be the most exciting year, surprisingly, as it will be a year of self discovery for the site as well as for me. I hope anyone who has been coming here over the years will have patience with me, as I try and discover more about what life has to offer.


Bleeding Heart$

I live in Texas, where the minimum wage is the same as the national minimum wage: $7.25. I work at a place that started out slightly above minimum wage, to later paying at least a dollar more than the minimum. The living wage for 1 adult with no children, as of 2018, $11.48. for the last couple of years, I proudly (I suppose) made just a little over that, and had been doing all right for myself, despite still living with a couple of roommates in a house.

20181013_203240In 2016, I met a wonderful girl via an online dating app, and at first we were very smitten. She was working on her Masters in Art History, and working at a museum downtown. Things seemed all right, and then Hurricane Harvey hit, and that was very rough. Shortly after that, we broke up, which was devastating… but it was in one of those wishy washy “I’m trying to focus on my studies,” spare my feelings kind of ways… that was suspicious but sort of believable. I attempted to make contact later that year in an attempt of desperation that failed.

On February 13th 2017, out of nowhere, she contacted me and we had lunch before I worked that day. Things seemed nice, and I impressed even myself when she dropped a cup and I caught it instinctively. The lunch was very nice.

I admit that after our breakup, I took things hard and ate my feelings, so I had gained some weight. Sucks. So I was self conscious about that alongside my lack of education next to her… you know… getting ready to finish her MASTERS.

Bulma Gohan KrillinShe grilled me at work via text, and I should have realized that I was under an interrogation on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and what not, but I had no idea as I was just trying to talk to her despite the fact that I was AT WORK.

While working the Valentines Day tent at the Grocery store that I work at, she  texted me that she was going to break up with me. The worst part about doing this stuff over text is knowing that it is going to happen and is happening at like… a snails pace. Someone who I thought I once loved, and thought I could have a life with, dumped me within 24 hours because I was ‘not active’ and did not think about the future. So.. I’m fat and wasting my life… all of my largest fears realized. Awesome.

When that one huge museum over seas burned down and I wanted to stay friendly and talk to her about it, she was all ‘Get over me.’ and ouch. I try to stay friends with exes.

In August of 2019 I attempted to quit my job and they instead offered me full time. I then got a raise even that month, so now I’m making $15.25. I was already making a living wage when she dumped me, not that she knew that, and now I’m doing pretty good for myself. Not amazing, but able to really have a life, ya know?

mrskullheadI feel like she was a confused hypocritical monster. I dunno. I just… think about it from time to time, and it’s weird and funny and sucks. Maybe if she would have asked me how things were? Eh… I don’t want to keep picking at my brain with scenarios that never happened for a future that isn’t there.

Life is kind of funny.

Judge Chupp is tired of #ISTANDWITHVIC’s bullshit.

Vic Mignogna’s fans might have, at one time, been his best asset. They would beg conventions to let Vic come back whenever there was even a hint that he could be banned from a con, and hey… his fans would then go to the convention.

In fact, he’d even whip them into a frenzy and have them post good encounters with the VA. So people who complained about his inappropriate behavior, and fans would then find the tweet or whatever and go “Vic can’t be bad! He’s a Christian who used to be a cop and he told us how he got stabbed by someone!”

Well… with this whole lawsuit against voice actresses, a husband, and Funimation has reached a new level of wtf. Journalist Sharon Grigsby shared this on twitter:


Apparently fans attacking and threatening a judge online does nothing for your defamation case. Now the case has been ordered into mediation, and if there is no settlement by October 3rd, Judge Chupp will rule that very next day. In short… #ISTANDWITHVIC Nick Rekie… Ricka… err… Screech.  Judge Chupp is tired of your bullshit.