Happy Mer-Monday, 2017!!!

Doing 2017 right everyone! Happy first Mer-Monday! below are some things to start you out right!

Fancy Shadows CosplayCosplay Video | Magictail Mermaid

Happy Kids VidsCustom My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mermaid Tutorial MLP Rainbow Dash

JasmineAlexandra Donatello+April ‘Ninja Sea Turtle Lovedonatello_april__ninja_sea_turtle_love_by_jasminealexandra-d73rkti


What not to do on a Sunday.

picture113I rarely start these things with a suggestion of what NOT to do on a Sunday. After all, you already are blocked with time constraints, such as restaurants closing early or not being open at all. Anyways, on this Sunday, whatever you do, do NOT rearrange your furniture. Maybe I should restate that as do not rearrange furniture that cost you under $100? I’m pretty sure that my new computer desk is being held up mostly due to gravity now. Awesome.

no takers

This all happened while I was re-watching Rick & Morty season 1. You know what? Just re-watch Rick & Morty, as many times as you can, wherever you can.

If you do not dig Back to The Future parodies, then how about re-watching some My Little Pony? Season 6 starts next Saturday, so now might be a great time to catch up! Where first? Why not The Equestria Girls movies, because they are totally canonical, and the third one is the last thing to have happened in the time line thus far.

thatswhatimgoingtodoThe first Equestria Girls movie is pretty funny, has a decent amount of ponies in it, and while the songs aren’t as great as the show, they have at least one that is pretty nifty.

Rainbow Rocks is better than it deserves to be, and has some weird moments, but amazing visuals?

Friendship Games, to me, feels a bit weaker. They abandoned a subplot that would have made it better, but the opposing school’s principal has a song that is reminiscent of The Hunchback of Notre Dam’s ‘Hell fire’ song, called ‘Unleash the Magic.’ Hell, if you do not watch the movie, and want a hell of a spoiler for the third movie, than watch it down below.

If that is not enough for you, in the short time that Sunday has left, you could always go fight some copyright claims on your YouTube page. Just saiyan.

The state of Houston’s Brony convention

fiesta_equestria_contest_by_astrorobyn-d60uvapI mainly go to anime conventions, but I’ve gone to a couple Brony conventions in the last couple of years, and sadly… the latest one, Fiesta Equestria, is no more. It seems that every year, the convention had run at a deficit. After their third year, one of the convention chairs posted in one of the Houston Brony facebook pages that I am a member of. Since it was in a closed group, I never posted it here despite others posting about it on the website Horse News. The convention chair’s post can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/nwzct3k

While Fiesta Equestria seems to be gone, as is it’s website, the tumblr that was created by the only moderator it still has left, Flutterwhat, posted this a week ago:


I just started admitting that I really cared about the loss of FE when I saw someone post in one of my groups how they wished that they wish they could see FE 2016.

There has been talks about a brand new brony convention in the Houston area, possibly for 2016 or 2017. If there is anything official, I’ll make sure to make a post about it.

Broadway actress Lena Hall blindly reacts to her episode of MLP

Seriously, is she a make a wish kid? This episode feels like Hasbro made it specifically for her. The thing I love about this blind react of her, is that you can tell how this is the most amazing thing in her life some how. I love her happiness so much, and at the end, where she wanted Daniel Ingram to make an entire album for her character, Countess Coloratura? Or how she seems to desperately eagerly wants to come back onto the show in the future?

I’m going to call it now. Lena Hall will be in the 2017 Theatrical MLP movie. If not that, then her character will show up in the next Equestria Girls movie… or both.

Below is a comparison video someone made of the finished version next to the animatic.

Let’s have some fan art!

Sure, why not. I’ve been doing some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic artwork lately, and here are the fruits of my labor below:

pennyarcadeponyI drew this based on a cosplayer I took a picture of, but designed the mascot costume after Gabe from Penny Arcade… so fanart inside of fanart?

This one I finished today, and is my original character Pegasus Boot, based off of the running shoe by the same name from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past.
stevenubronyBrony Universe? Steven The Pony? Whatever. This one is a mashup of Steven, from Steven Universe, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I need to draw more. I have a lot of old artwork doodles that I’ve never shown anyone. Perhaps I will do a post on that next? Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed my artwork. More of it can be found here: http://netsenshi.deviantart.com/