Making Them’s Fightin’ Herds

Youtuber Hold Back to Block made a 41 minute documentary about the story about the developers Mane6 as well as their game Them’s Fightin Herds, as well as the introduction towards them discovering My Little Pony.

I need to spend more time with Them’s Fightin Herds. Maybe I will play some and stream it on Mixer?

sadness“I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark,” Those words from a dying child looking towards his mentor for… comfort? A sliver of hope perhaps? They come to me as we approach the midterm election this coming Tuesday.

Two years ago, in 2016 when Donald Trump defied the polls and won The Presidency of The United States of America, many of us went numb with this realization that things might never be okay again. Well… I’m getting a miniature feeling of that going into Tuesday.

There is no such thing as ‘better angels,’ and The Republicans are going to win most of everything I fear. We will be a nation that 55% of the 2016 Voters just… don’t want to be in anymore… and just… feel trapped. 1969screen

Let’s face it… Canada wont take us in… Meanwhile, the caravans coming to our borders? I’m at the point where I wish we had a wall… just to protect them from us.

I hate feeling like this. I feel like this is the point where I’m supposed to say something encouraging… but, I have nothing.

I don’t want to live in this world anymore… but I know that I have to because… because. How much longer can we all #Resist? I don’t know… I don’t know.

Here’s a My Little Pony fan video from 2013 with a cover from Hocus Pocus…. I’m sorry.

Frank West as a pony, Flounder as Roshi’s pichi pichi gal

I’m headed off to work, just wanted to share Frank West from Dead Rising 1 as a My Little Pony Character, and Mermaid Flounder as a potential victim of Master Roshi? Oh, and Trunks was there to maybe?

Also, Kittyhawk will be coloring her sketch tonight of Mermaid Flounder, which is exciting because I can actually make that stream!

DbJEznMVwAEQHRBaus to central

Everything that is old is new again!!! Happy throwback Thursday everyong!

Fighting games and Women part 2?

Ivy-Isabella-Valentine-Soul-Calibur-fI never got the achievement for Lollipop Chainsaw for looking up Juliet’s skirt. I didn’t give Bayonetta a chance because a sexy librarian who gets more naked the stronger she is just seemed sexist to people like Anita Sarkeesian, so yeah… And yet when I was in the rated T for Teen target audience, I loved Fatal Fury’s Mai Shiranui and Soulcalibur’s Ivy. As sexy as these characters were, well… at least it’s not Dead or Alive that let’s you up the jiggle physics by saying you are very old. Maybe this was a tongue and cheek way of making fun of their player base?

Super vgI’ve tried to get my nieces to play fighting games before. I thought maybe an all girl fighter on the Super Famicom might be the way to go, Super V.G. which is a game about… waitresses fighting in a tournament or something? Hey, it’s not Pretty Fighter and there are characters who basically have the move sets of Ryu and Blanka in the game. It’s really not ecchi, okay? Also it apparently has an anime that I have never watched. My eldest teenage niece asked me the question: Is this game appropriate? Which flabbergasted me. They were more interested in Super Mario games when I let them borrow my Super Fami-clone, so I wasn’t too upset with them not trying the game out.

brawlI’ve tried a couple of different games in the past, but there is a huge problem: I am incredibly decent at fighting games, and playing someone who has difficulty throwing a fireball is just… yeah… not okay. They enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but mainly as a platformer that we could play cooperatively thanks to the Subspace Emissary. Thanks for taking that out Nintendo.

In my quest to get my nieces to get into one of my favorite genre of all time, I brought over a relatively new game on my. Okay, I lugged my PC over, and that is quite the feet as I do not have a real laptop but a tower with two displays and… *sigh*

thems fightinSo what game did I have them play? Dragon Ball FighterZ? Heck no. Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

Expect a full review of this game sometime soon, but here is why I picked it: While I do not really care for the systems it uses, it can still teach them the fundamentals such as how to do a fireball, spacing, etc. Also… just look at these characters that Lauren Faust designed! Below is concept art of Velvet!

Luaren Faust Velvet concept art

So… did my attempt work? Did they like this fighting game with only 6 characters that were created by the person behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Yes. They did. Was it worth doing on my birthday? Yes it was.

ArizonaThey kept fawning over the designs, the color pallets, etc. So far, so good. They asked me to even bring it back over the next time I come over… which… wow. That’s going to suck.

Here is hoping Them’s Fightin’ Herds comes to consoles sometime soon!

Oh! Coincidentally, Kotaku had a podcast about Bayonetta as well as women in fighting games. It’s worth a listen, but maybe slightly NSFW. Okay, me mentioning Bayonetta was because I listened to their podcast right before posting this, but it was pretty good. It can be listened to here:

MLP leaks again, apparently?

mylittleponyposterOnce again, there has been a massive MLP leak for Season 8, potential plans for ending the show with Season 9, another Friendship is Magic Movie, a 5th Generation CGI series where some of the FIM characters seem to have re-designs or might be dropped completely…  oh, and some episodes of course.

Long story short, the end is nigh, but I can’t legally share any of the leaked info, nor can I really… um… find all of the videos online? *sigh* I just got to it too late, ya know?



Videos from Nightmare Nights

So, I guess this week will be an all My Little Pony week on my blog? Below are some of the videos I shot while at Nightmare Nights this year… may it Rest In Peace.

Closing Ceremonies

Cosplay Contest

Here’s some more videos from making the rounds on YouTube:

Some Concert stuff

Opening Ceremonies, which was against the rules to take video of

Closing Ceremonies

Sax guy playing off Nightmare Nights

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed my videos, as well as the many ones I tracked down!

Let’s talk about Nightmare Nights

NMNDNightmare Nights this year was amazing. This 5 year My Little Pony fan convention was possibly the most fun that I’ve had at a convention in a while. True, this is what I said about the third and last year of Fiesta Equestria, but I definitely meant it both times.

P1160149 EditThis last year of Nightmare Nights was just that, it’s last year. They had announced it was it’s last year on their website, we all knew what we were getting into, and because of that, they got way more people than they expected, selling out of their V.I.P. passes, shirts, etc. I even went to it because I could not sit on the sidelines any longer.

You see, this convention was not just Dallas’ last Brony convention, but Texas’ as well. It sucks, and that feeling was apparent for all 3 days sure, but really hitting home on Sunday… especially when I started whistling the song ‘Winter Wrap Up’ and a person said something like, ‘sad, isn’t it?’

NMNguestsTo back up, let me explain that this convention had amazing guests from the show and comic: Lauren Faust, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Tony Fleecs, Nick Confalone, Jim Miller, Shannon Chan-Kent, Andrea Libman, G. M. Berrow, and M. A. Larson.

giant toblerone.pngMy favorites, however, was youtuber Dusty Katt as well as the band The Wonderbolts. Dusty Katt was in charge of the charity auction, where he shaved off his mustache, someone from the convention bought a $6,000 artbook only to give it back to the woman who had donated it, as well as a… giant… Toblerone? It had a lot of signatures from guests, and that was pretty cool.

DSC01535.JPGThe Wonderbolts! Band is a Brony band that does both covers of songs with their own unique sound, as well as songs discussing moments in both the show as well as the fandom. They really rock, and they have made my last two conventions amazing

DSC01531.JPGNow, The Wonderbolts to me, are what Poochy was to Homer Simpson on the Simpsons. Anytime they weren’t on stage I kept wondering, ‘Hey, where are The Wonderbolts?’ Sadly, my recording of them in concert messed up. Two of The Wonderbolts did a sing-a-long on Sunday that was pretty entertaining.

There were a lot of panels from the creative side of the fan community. Animation, Web comics, Fan Fiction, Music, pretty much every genre that could have had a presence there did, and that is pretty cool. They had a Who’s line is it anyway styled panel, and that too was nifty.

P1160147The artist alley and the dealer’s room was… well… existed? I’m guessing that the difference is that one space was cheaper than the other, so the larger stands went into the dealer’s room? I don’t know. They had some cool stuff, and I even purchased some art… so yay?

DSC01607Now it’s time for some of the negative aspects of this convention. First off, it was it’s last. Second off… it was it’s last. Third? The cosplay show.

I have been spoiled by anime conventions that take cosplay very seriously, let me start off with that. The room was the same one that was used for the sing-a-long and karaoke… and it was not set up properly. There were chairs in front, which is true, but there was also a bunch of chairs with tables in the back… it wasn’t cleared… it was hard to see due to the elevation not being that high… Main events is really where cosplay should be at a convention. That said, eh…?

DSC01577.JPGThe MC did not do a great job separating the divisions, the cosplayers did not do what I expected of walking on stage, striking a few poses while pausing for photos, and then slowly walking off stage. It’s typically walk on, pose, pose pose, walk off… and the people running it did not have them do that… which is a nit pick, but some of the better cosplays really should have had us focus on them for longer to truly appreciate them. I did appreciate that they let anime, video game, and OC characters into the show though. That was pretty cool.

P1160150.JPGFourthly… The Game Room? It seemed to be a BYOG situation, and people did eventually bring more stuff to play, but there were only two video game consoles eventually set up… and I just think that this room could have been better utilized either in it’s execution of a game room, or as something radically different… after all, rooms are not cheap.

The convention was pretty emotional, and I loved most of it. Closing ceremonies had a lot of great stories being told, and tears were shed as people explained why this community has pretty much saved lives… one way, or another.

Then they played a joke on us, as they sent us on our way home thinking that there would be a convention next year, but ultimately we are still left with the same question we had when we arrived at the convention: Where do we go from here?

20171027_030439The MLP community has had a taste of convention life, and no one knows where they should go to wet their appetite. Furry, Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions? Maybe… but that wont feel like home, and how a space feels is important. From my gatherings, there might be a mass exodus from Texas to other states for MLP conventions, and that might help convention such as Brony Con which their attendance in 2017 is down from their record breaking 2015 year by 38%.

Texas gas station Buc-ee’s has an MLP display… maybe we can just hang out there until we have a place of our own? Who knows… things aren’t looking great for the fandom though.

For more convention photos:

My Little Pony went full furry, and what that means.

capperWith the theatrical My Little Pony movie, we are introduced to Taye Diggs’ anthropomorphic cat character Capper, who is a complicated not due to his role in the movie, but the sheer fact that he exists. You see, he’s a cat, but the pony Rarity has a pet cat. They live in a world where you can either be an animal animal, or now an anthropomorphic animal of the same type. I mean… the ponies were only slightly anthropomorphic, but they at least stood mostly on all fours… unlike say… Bojack Horseman.

Goofy-and-Pluto-DisneyNow, while this is as weird as Disney’s Goofy walking Pluto, I do want to point something out: This problem already existed in the show.

There were characters introduced in the season 1 episode: A Dog and Pony Show, called The Diamond Dogs. These were mostly dogs that were evil, wore some clothes, spoke, etc. and people were okay with it.

diamond dogsNow, once again, Apple Jack has a dog, and these are anthropomorphic dogs… so that now begs two questions. Question one: Are there real ponies or horses in the my little pony universe, and Question two: Are there more anthropomorphic versions of ponies or horses in said universe?

There was an episode of My Little Pony season 1, episode twenty-six where Twilight Sparkle transformed a bunch of mice into actual, full sized horses.

horses in mlp.png

So we, as a fandom, have to admit that this show has always been furry light. This is a world with different tiers of animals, that goes from normal to different levels of animal/human like. Unlike say, Adventure Time, this doesn’t mean that this world was our Earth however, and that radiation morphed people an animals into things. This, being a world that embraces magic, has infinite possibilities… except that there may not be any humans in it, some how…

EQUESTRIA-GIRLS-POSTER_425x612… because you know, multi colored humans only exist on the other side of the mirror, at least in The Equestria Girls movies. Once passed said threshold ponies turn into humans and dragons into… dogs for some reason… and… once that magic leaks into this pastel human world… sometimes certain people become more pony like?

My Little Pony is a little crazy, okay? There are dragons, normal animals, talking animals, and so far no humans in the actual world until the show proves us otherwise…

original mlp movie

which… they easily could as there is precedence in the original show. *sigh* So… I guess things might get even furrier in the future. Now that Texas is all out of brony conventions… sadly, I know which type of conventions MLP fans are eventually going to migrate towards… *sigh*

I didn’t even have time to mention the parrot pirates who are birds who can’t fly that the movie introduced…

Nightmare Nights IS over.

NMNDJust got back from a Brony convention in Dallas, Nightmare Nights, and it was amazing… right up until the end. Expect a full review, but apparently Bob, one of the owners, played a joke that some might argue was cruel. It was supposed to be their last year, but at closing ceremonies, Bob said that there would be a surprise for 2018.

The surprise was the fact that there would be a new con chair, and that the convention would continue. I helped lead the chant “5 more year.” We all left so happy and relived. Turns out, that was a joke that Bob apologized for, as the new con chair immediately banned us all via twitter or something? Yeah… really in bad taste.

Considering that many Bronies are young, naive, and/or autistic… it’s hard to not thing that the joke was cruel. It was right after talking about how good we all were for donating to charity and stuff. ::sigh::

Expect an actual review this week. I’m exhausted.