The Little Mermaid

10599607_10154788756015526_7460381869714355450_nOld news that I forgot to cover, but ABC is making a live action musical-movie hybrid thing sometime this year. Supposedly it will use pieces from the animated movie as well as celebrities singing the original roles, and yeah… not sure what this is.

What I hope this is, is some weird Fantasia-esq thing that shows genuine love for the almost 28 year old property… okay, that’s not true. What I really want is a televised version of The Broadway Musical, but I don’t think that this is that… but hey, who knows, right?

Dark Universe

monsters-715000When I think of The Mummy, I sadly think about the 1999 series with Brendan Frasier, but if you were to say Universal’s The Mummy, I would assume it’s the original black and white one from the 30’s. Apparently the Tom Cruise Mummy movie is more so a reboot of the 30’s Mummy than the 1999 movie series, as Universal unveils their ‘Dark Universe’ trailer which is, essentially, rebooting all of the old monster movies they did, which DID have crossovers

Is 2017 ready for this revival? I’m not sold yet. I hear that the June 9th Mummy movie is expected to perform very modestly at 40 million domestically when it cost 125 million to make. Furthermore, if Universal’s Dark Universe series includes realistic ghosts, say goodbye to showing it in China, because as Ghostbusters: Answer The Call demonstrated, that’s really not allowed in that country.

unbreakable-2Will Dark Universe try to force another huge universe down our throat unexpectedly, like DC did with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman? This news should have come out really after people had a chance to see The Mummy I think.

No one went into a recent movie that comes to mind expecting it to be in The Unbreakable universe after all. Or is the fact that Universal expects The Mummy to under perform why they announced this? Sort of as a last ditch effort to influence people to go to a movie in order to see this rebirth of monster movies?

FrankOnly time will tell if this gamble by Universal pays off, but I sadly think that we all know how this is going to end…

Darkstalkers is one of the top 10 most popular fighting games in Japan


Video game magazine Famitsu put out a poll amongst it’s readers asking what their favorite fighting games were. They were allowed to choose up to 3 games, those titles were then assigned as points that were ranked, and yeah… Darkstalkers 3 was somehow ranked 8th. I have to say somehow, because it beat out Capcom vs. SNK 2 which was ranked 9th!

For more information on this poll, you can check out Kotaku’s article on it over here:

wpid-Darkstalkers+Chronicle+-+The+Chaos+Tower+U+ULUS-10005.jpegLet’s talk about Darkstalkers, shall we? The last three ‘entries’ was the Japanese collection on PS2, Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower for PSP, and Darkstalkers Resurrection on Xbox 360/PS3. All 3 of those were basically re-releases.

Years back it was teased that there might be a revival of the franchise if Darkstalkers Ressurection sold well, and that if it did happen it would use Street Fighter X Tekken’s engine. The re-release sold poorly, SFxT sold poorly, and thus Darkstalkers has been shelved possibly indefinitely.

Darkstalkers 3 is one of the most popular fighting games in Japan, and it came out in 1998. That’s almost 20 years ago! Right now, there is a Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers comic by Udon, which hopefully means that Capcom might do something with this amazing fighting game series. I honestly doubt it, but hey… you never know, right?

Maybe if someone were to hand Capcom their copy of Darkstalkers 3 they could somehow renew their interest?


Happy Lisping Jedi Day!

Here, have some meme’s!

Obi-Wan has the high ground but it’s dubbed by Japanese Google Translate

Star Wars Palpatine Shooting Stars

Luke Is All By Himself (Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Alternate Ending Parody)

Jedi Kitten – The Force Awakens

Star Wars Kid

George Michael Star Wars

Tobias Funke as Darth Vader voiceover (arrested development vs star wars)

“STAR WARS: A Bad Lip Reading”

Vader & Earl Voice Over Fun

You Wouldn’t Make a Star Wars Meme

May The Fourth Be With You!

Sheva Alomar


Oh Sheva. Maybe it is because I just recently purchased Resident Evil 5 for the 3rd time, but I’ve decided to make this Waifu Wednesday’s… umm… waifu, to be Sheva.

sheva mag cover

Unlike say… Lara Croft, Sheva actually hasn’t graced many video game covers , and that is a shame. She’s awesome. attractive, loyal, etc. I was also sort of pissed that Sheva and Josh were not one of the side stories in RE6.


Some people have, and will, continue to complain about Sheva’s ‘tribal outfit’ that you can unlock and dress her in. Well.. I’m still more upset about her clubbing outfit. Too much gold, and it just looks sort of bad on her.

Sheva’s tribal outfit is on par with a lot of Capcom’s alternate outfits in this series, including RE6’s sexy school girl outfit for Sherry Birkins… who, last time we saw her… was literally a school girl.

Anyways, I will hopefully make some posts before next Wednesday, but in case I don’t… stay classy everyone.

Today’s waifu is… Harley Quinn? Again?

Melissa Rauch Harley

Sort of, but not really? Apparently this year there will be a direct to DVD movie called Batman and Harley Quinn. In it, they have cast Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch as Harley!

I was first weird about Harley’s voice in the video for it, as the animation is mostly in the style of Batman The Animated Series’ WB run, and the voice actors are the ones used from that TV show as well, at least for Batman and Nightwing. While I am a huge Arleen Sorkin fan, part of me is happy that the role for this movie went to such a talented actress as Rauch. I’m also surprised that it did not go to any of the other voice actresses to voice her in the past such as Tara Strong or Jenny Slate.

You know what? This Waifu Wednesday is not HQ at all, but Bernadette from Big Bang Theory.