Mermaid Board Games?

So yeah, Mermaid Rain was the first board game I had ever heard of, and it’s pretty much about Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, which is fitting, because the only other mermaid exclusive board game that I can find, is Disney’s The Little Mermaid! Wow. So here’s a couple videos of those two, and hey! Happy Mer-Monday everyone!

Mermaid Rain

The Little Mermaid Board Game


Welcome to Buffy Monday?

This post started out with me remembering that Joss Wheadon once made a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated short in order to sell the pitch idea that the show could work as an animated series, and unfortunately that one thought led me down a rabbit hole.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series

One that ended up with me discovering that there is apparently an HD re-mastering thing that is terrible? Yeah. That was quite the shock, and the next video is something that everyone should share around, in case it makes the blu-ray versions better?

What’s Wrong with Buffy’s HD?

The next two videos are as far as I went down the rabbit hole this time, as I refused to re-watch the un-aired Buffy pilot… again.

The Animated Adventures Of Buffy

Why you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Well, now it’s time to get ready for work… or research mermaids?


Cartoons today, am I right?

Here are two completely different takes on modern day animation. The first one is from The Nostalgia Critic, and compares the shows of today with yesteryear, and the second one has a bunch of women and their dad talking about how cartoons now should be more like… Neon Genesis Evangelion? Or anime in general? Interesting stuff!


Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle are both available for Smash!

The latest DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is out and eh… It’s okay. I don’t really care too much for the new clothing options you can buy for mii characters, instead I’m all about the levels, Hyrule Castle (64) and Peach’s Castle (64) which… well… they are the original levels, up-rezed in HD now in full screen? In case anyone is on the fence about if they want to buy the new levels, I’ve created some video playlists showcasing the ‘new’ DLC stages below.

I’ve also made some videos of the previous DLC stages, just in case anyone hasn’t downloaded them yet.

SaffronCitySSBWhile I would LOVE to have more old stages like Saffron City (Nintendo 64), Kingdom II (Melee) or Mushroomy Kingdom (Brawl), I want more modes! They refused to give us a new Subspace Emissary due to people being so excited that they shared every cutscene from Brawl, but what about Melee’s Adventure mode? Or some classic Bored The Platforms? Or the real ‘Classic’ mode from the early games? No? We might get a new Doctor Mario stage? AWESOME?


Playing the opposite gender in games?

This episode of Game/Show came out in 2013, but is still really important. GameSpot recently did a set of videos about why people make the choices they do when they create a character in a video games. The main focus for gender change week will be on the second part. The first part can be found here: that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brsfdLroDNA. The second part will be below:

EvelynShepAs previously mentioned, I tend to pick a female in a lot of these games, the big one being Mass Effect. To the right was my character, Evelyn Shepard . I know, she looks very similar to the default ‘Fem Shep,’  but I wanted to add a bit of Willow from Buffy in there, and eh… I loved playing as Shepard. When I tried to go back, I tried to do things as a dude, and set out to be a jerk… and honestly? I couldn’t do it, as it just wasn’t fun, and the character wasn’t relatable.


MLP Magic Coins episode 3 and Equestria Girls 3 videos!

I wanted to share my two newest youtube videos. I’m happier about the video where I watched the 3rd part of The Magic Coins from G1 MLP. The one about the latest Equestria Girls movie is… bad? Tried to re-do it, lost power, and decided that that was the sign to just release the original version. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys!


Elijah Wood as a woman?

At around 1:50, Conan O’Brien shows Elijah Wood, for the first time, pictures of Wood as slutty women? What?

Sorry for almost missing the first day of Gender Bender week on the blog!

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