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mlp g1 lickity-split animated ponyI’m weird, I like cartoons that are drawn well. Now, Adventure time, for example, pretty good show but it isn’t visually impressive, but it has it’s own style. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic uses Flash and while it does the job well enough, it isn’t as well drawn as the first incarnation of My Little Pony, so it was a challenge to get into it at first. I feel like this is important to mention, before I talk about the internet’s latest outrage: ThunderCats Roar.

*sigh* This might be fun? I spent most of my day thinking that it was going to look like Teen Titans Go!

TCATS_GroupShot_01.05.11_v3 whip patch_Pencil_line_CLEANAs fun as it could be though… why ThunderCats? Why now? Why Television? Why again?  People were either wanting the 2011 re-boot to be revived like DC comic’s Young Justice is about to be, or they wanted a movie perhaps, but this?

Reboot’s can be great! Alvin & The Chipmunk’s of my youth was a reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal is a great reboot, The Real Adventure’s of Johnny Quest? Reboots can be better than the original show!

Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and ironically ReBoot. Shows have been rebooted and re-imagined a lot lately. I’m growing tired of it, and you know what? I’m just not feeling it right now? Not with that art style that is just inferior to the original intent of an action show.

She-ra Princess of Power.gif

Surprisingly though? I am sort of feeling a She-Ra: Princess of Power reboot. I’m not trying to channel today’s liberalism, #metoo movement, feminism, throwback to how awesome Buffy The Vampire Slayer is, or anything like that. Legitimately, She-Ra has never been rebooted, and just from this promotional image, it looks like a cool cartoon.

That’s seriously the most important part of a cartoon is look like something I want to watch. It is… after all… a visual medium, ya know? And here’s the amazing thing! She-Ra, is being done on NETFLIX, and is being made by DreamWorks who was behind The Voltron reboot that is surprisingly really great!

she-ra pencil earlyThis image was leaked a while back, supposedly from this show, and it looks kind of awesome? I’m imagining something that looks like The Legend of Korra mixed with Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki… which is a web comic that you probably aren’t aware of?

What’s crazy is that… okay… so She-Ra was a spin-off of He-Man, in order to sell dolls to girls, right? I think she was on a different planet than him, but she was his twin sister. He-Man?

Failed reboot due to bad toy sales from bad toys. Same thing for ThunderCats 2011, and even Young Justice originally. Dreamwork’s Netflix’s Voltron? Successful show and toy sales. If they do the same for She-Ra? Awesome. I feel like animated shows can really thrive on Netflix but maybe not anymore on Cartoon Network… which is weird and sad at the same time.

With Adventure Time being over and Steven Universe maybe coming to an end, I feel like ThunderCats Roar will fill into those spots? It might work, but I honestly feel like She-Ra’s going to do better.

Meanwhile… SCREW ReBOOT’s reboot!  and those are my three cents on this whole matter. Sorry if I’m a little extra on this subject. Inflation.


Happy Birthday Cluedog!

Today is artist Cluedog’s birthday! I had previously commissioned her to do a gender bent illustration of myself, mermaid incarnation of her, 3 images of my OC Mermaid Flounder, as well as an image of Elisa Maza as a gargoyle, which can be found below.

I previously interviewed her here, showcased some of her NSFW mermaid art, and I just over all love her illustrations… I mean, just look at some of these!

Make sure to visit her Deviantart here:

I heard my Waifu again?

Nidell_and_Fenna(1)I was watching Deep Space Nine last night, as I am in a first time full watch through of the series, and I heard a familiar voice, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, AKA Elisa Maza from Gargoyles… and like, she’s on Eureka and other shows I guess.

On Deep Space Nine, she played the characters Fenna and Nidell.. and I wont ruin the episode, but here is a quote from  Mark Gehred-O’Connell, the writer of the episode, “I couldn’t have imagined anyone better to play the woman of Sisko‘s dreams

Disney-Gargoyles-The-Mirror-demona-and-elisa-fightI really love Elisa Maza from Gargoyles…. I feel like I haven’t expressed that enough. I especially like her as a Gargoyle… which is weird because it only happens once, unlike Demona who becomes a human a few times in the show.

Disney-Gargoyles-High-Noon-human-demona-and-elisaYou just have to love the women of Star Trek, I guess, as Demona is voiced by Marina Sirtis, AKA Deanna Troi of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

*sigh* With Hudson’s Funko Pop coming out in a few months, maybe we will get Elisa as well? I don’t know guys… I just really miss waifu… err… Gargoyles. At least I get to go on with my life knowing that it’s run is so much longer than Firefly’s?



Gargoyles Funko Pop?

HudsonI searched Gargoyles on reddit on a whim after watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s episode and… THEY ARE MAKING GARGOYLES FUNKO POPS! WTF?! Apparently, you can even pre-order him?

My body really wasn’t ready for this! What if we get everyone? I want my Waifu’s Gargoyle Elisa Maza and human Demona! Oh, and David Xanatos in his Steal Clan armor would be pretty sweet.

*sigh* I really miss Disney’s Gargoyles.

until then… here is a cool cover of the theme song to Gargoyles?

The Virtual Console lives?

virtual consoleWhat if I told you that you that The Virtual Console WASN’T dead? That you can add money to it, and buy new old games today, and buy games like N64’s Sin & Punishment and the NES’s Dig Dug 2? What if this marketplace did not have an end date in sight even? I am, of course, talking about The Wii U’s virtual console.

pocky and rocky with beckyThe Wii U’s controller may not be as awesome as playing these games on The Switch, and we do not know how long our Wii U’s will last, but… this is something?

Gameboy Advance titles on a console?! WHAT IS THIS! Seriously, The Wii U’s Virtual console had DS, and GBA games! Golden Sun, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Pocky & Rocky with Becky, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Metroid Prime Hunters, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks! There are a lot of games here!

mariolittlemacSadly, the last Virtual Console game was early February, so this isn’t a thriving marketplace. The Wii U’s VC will probably be dead in the next few years, and that is sad. I feel if they had merged both marketplaces it would have been more profitable, but things are what they are.

Nintendo Switch has been modified and good emulation/homebrew is coming. Technically, on the Wii U, that is already there. If Nintendo refuses to give people what they want, Nintendo will lose out. You can modify The Wii’s emulation channel, as well as The Wii U it self… and ultimately, that might be the systems legacy is how hackable/modifiable it is, and how it might be the best console for retro gaming still. 


Super Smash Bros. Hyper Fighting


Hyper Street Fighter III keep hearing that Super Smash bros. for Switch is going to be a blend of The Gamecube and Wii U’s Smash bros. games. While many probably assume that this means that the gameplay will be somewhere in between and be unified.. but I think that this 20th anniversary game might go a different direction.

Hyper Street Fighter II was an anniversary update to Street Fighter that made it possible to fight as different iterations of Ryu or Chun Li from earliest to latest with them playing by the rules from whatever game. Earlier versions of Sagat might have been stronger, and while one version of Guile might have the glitch ‘Guile’s handcuffs,’ and the latest iteration would of course have the SUPER meter.

I'm the mario next to the 'sexy' one.Smash 4 allowed customizing it’s characters, such as replacing Kirby sucking up enemies with being able to have frost breath. Imagine that, plus a ‘Classic character’ option vs. ‘Current’ versions.

Is there any proof of this hypothesis? Nintendo’s Smash invitational at this year’s E3 is inviting some of the best players who play Melee as well as Wii U… which is odd. It’s almost as if they cherry picked these players, as only one of the players is a returning player from the last invitational.

One coherent system vs. multiple play styles for the same character? Well, King of Fighters have had EX characters allowing you to play as earlier versions of Kyo Kusenagi, Mai Shiranui, Terry Bogard, etc. So maybe Fox Melee vs. Fox Wii U more so than EVERY CHARACTER has 2 modes!

sakura-udBut who knows! In Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, they made a mode where everyone fights with Dan’s stats, oe combo like they are in Darkstalkers, etc.! Guy could teleport while sakura could do some of her Marvel vs. Capcom stuff.

So without any real concrete proof, I feel like this idea will be incorporated into the Switch Smash Bros.

Louisianime 2018

DSCN0380Louisianime 2018! AHhh Baton Rouge LA! My home away from home! The land of uh… Louisiana! And a Raising Canes that is within walking distance! I… okay… so I’m missing a chunk of useful information about the city of Baton Rouge, but you know what? Louisianime is the only convention that I’ve been to 9 years in a row… OUT OF 10! I was there when it was being dreamed up by a couple of my friends, and then bought by two of my besties and than the dark times came… but they got better than worse and finally AMAZING.

Now that I’ve sold you on Louisianime, here are some links to my photos from the convention:



Okay… so here are some videos then?

I hope everyone enjoys them?