back to the futureThere are two things I think everyone should know about me… I love The Back to The Future trilogy, and I hate Holiday creep. One of the interesting things to me about the series, besides the fact that Doc Brown doesn’t try and create bio diesel to drive the DeLorean back to the future in part 3, is that Marty goes back in time for a week, Nov. 5, 1955 – Nov. 12, 1955 and there is absolutely nothing still up from Halloween and nothing for Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas

back to the future holidayIn 2017, holiday creep is a serious threat. I’m writing this around the same time of year that Marty went into, and my goodness… Thanksgiving just isn’t a thing to decorate for, meanwhile, I’ve seen some Christmas decorations in stores since late September, early October.

The 1950’s might have been a truly better time… you know… for respecting the boundary lines between holidays, if nothing else.


I demand that Zelda’s next game be a Majora’s Mask!

majoraThere was once a game in the Zelda series that tried something amazing, and went from 2D to 3D for the very first time! It was called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, and it was… you know… um… AMAZING. Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto then wanted to a follow up to that game utilizing the same engine they took forever to make, and that very unique game was… The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask!

Now it is 2017, and Wii U and Switch got a brand new Zelda that really thought outside of the original Zelda formula, and that game was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Now that they have this revolutionary game engine… why not take what they learned after that game came out and create a game using it’s assets, and make a new Zelda game.

groundhogDream? After life? Hyrulian ambassador to The Mushroom Kingdom? Whatever excuse Nintendo comes up with, I’m fine with it. Maybe it’s a game that has you choose between Link and Zelda or even Linkle… whatever, it doesn’t matter. Give me some more traditional Zelda temples, and heck… you could even re-use Majora’s time travel elements!

link and midnaZelda games take a lot of time to make, and The Wii U saw that even if you pump out re-releases/remakes/3rd party attempts, that wont keep fans happy. I think Nintendo taking a Majora’s Mask strategy with their next Zelda game is the safest and best thing for everyone… because Zelda fans are thirsty for more more more.




My Little Pony went full furry, and what that means.

capperWith the theatrical My Little Pony movie, we are introduced to Taye Diggs’ anthropomorphic cat character Capper, who is a complicated not due to his role in the movie, but the sheer fact that he exists. You see, he’s a cat, but the pony Rarity has a pet cat. They live in a world where you can either be an animal animal, or now an anthropomorphic animal of the same type. I mean… the ponies were only slightly anthropomorphic, but they at least stood mostly on all fours… unlike say… Bojack Horseman.

Goofy-and-Pluto-DisneyNow, while this is as weird as Disney’s Goofy walking Pluto, I do want to point something out: This problem already existed in the show.

There were characters introduced in the season 1 episode: A Dog and Pony Show, called The Diamond Dogs. These were mostly dogs that were evil, wore some clothes, spoke, etc. and people were okay with it.

diamond dogsNow, once again, Apple Jack has a dog, and these are anthropomorphic dogs… so that now begs two questions. Question one: Are there real ponies or horses in the my little pony universe, and Question two: Are there more anthropomorphic versions of ponies or horses in said universe?

There was an episode of My Little Pony season 1, episode twenty-six where Twilight Sparkle transformed a bunch of mice into actual, full sized horses.

horses in mlp.png

So we, as a fandom, have to admit that this show has always been furry light. This is a world with different tiers of animals, that goes from normal to different levels of animal/human like. Unlike say, Adventure Time, this doesn’t mean that this world was our Earth however, and that radiation morphed people an animals into things. This, being a world that embraces magic, has infinite possibilities… except that there may not be any humans in it, some how…

EQUESTRIA-GIRLS-POSTER_425x612… because you know, multi colored humans only exist on the other side of the mirror, at least in The Equestria Girls movies. Once passed said threshold ponies turn into humans and dragons into… dogs for some reason… and… once that magic leaks into this pastel human world… sometimes certain people become more pony like?

My Little Pony is a little crazy, okay? There are dragons, normal animals, talking animals, and so far no humans in the actual world until the show proves us otherwise…

original mlp movie

which… they easily could as there is precedence in the original show. *sigh* So… I guess things might get even furrier in the future. Now that Texas is all out of brony conventions… sadly, I know which type of conventions MLP fans are eventually going to migrate towards… *sigh*

I didn’t even have time to mention the parrot pirates who are birds who can’t fly that the movie introduced…

One of the commissioned photos from Cluedog for a recent Mer-Monday was recently colored by Kimbawest Let’s take a look at this surprise, almost Halloween, treat.
Kimbawest colored flounder Cluedog

It looks good! For some reason though, I never realized how terrible fish mermaid’s color scheme would be! Even if he had a red fin where flounder’s blue fin would be, it’s bad. Then again, I never expected the stripes that Cluedog gave him… anyways, both incarnations of this pic are really interesting takes!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Mer-Monday!

Nightmare Nights IS over.

NMNDJust got back from a Brony convention in Dallas, Nightmare Nights, and it was amazing… right up until the end. Expect a full review, but apparently Bob, one of the owners, played a joke that some might argue was cruel. It was supposed to be their last year, but at closing ceremonies, Bob said that there would be a surprise for 2018.

The surprise was the fact that there would be a new con chair, and that the convention would continue. I helped lead the chant “5 more year.” We all left so happy and relived. Turns out, that was a joke that Bob apologized for, as the new con chair immediately banned us all via twitter or something? Yeah… really in bad taste.

Considering that many Bronies are young, naive, and/or autistic… it’s hard to not thing that the joke was cruel. It was right after talking about how good we all were for donating to charity and stuff. ::sigh::

Expect an actual review this week. I’m exhausted.

10 Xbox original games I want to be BC

In no particular order, here are the games for the original Xbox that I think would be awesome to play:

Capcom vs. SNK 2, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, SVC Chaos, Stubbs The Zombie, Panzer, Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Taito Legends 1, Taito Legends 2, and Ultimate Spider-Man

Some of these games are not exclusive to the console, with Capcom vs. Snk 2 amd Ultimate Spider-Man appearing on other consoles and Taito Legends and Dead or Alive Ultimate in fact being multiple games… but wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to just pop these discs into a new system and play it?

Here are the games that we did get today that are now backwards compatible:

  • Black.
  • BloodRayne 2.
  • Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.
  • Dead to Rights.
  • Ninja Gaiden Black.
  • Fuzion Frenzy.
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies.
  • The King of Fighters Neowave.

Their list is pretty good.. and I unfortunately picked up KOF Neowave… which is terrible. If Capcom vs. SNK 2 was able to be re-released on PS3, than I hope we can get the same treatment on a current gen console, and maybe SNK will be allowed to re-release SVC Chaos. Also, Taito’s back catalog of games like Qix and Puzzle Bobble? Yes please!

Anyways, what are some other awesome Xbox games to maybe look forward to seeing on Xbox One?

Evelyn The Mermaid



Evelyn here is a mermaid that is my last commission from artist ClueDog. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, which is surprising as it is based off of another piece that ClueDog did that can be seen to the right.

I assume since there are two pictures, one as a human and one as a mermaid, that it could be argued that there should be a story behind it, maybe something similar to The Little Mermaid? *shrugs*

floundermermaidSmooch1Evelyn joins the other three mermaid pictures that the artist did for me of Flounder as a mermaid.

Anyways, what I think I’m trying to get at, is that with my latest commissions, I’m wishing everyone a Happy Mer-Monday!