Netflix’s She-Ra review

she-ra-reboot750x422I have finished  Netflix’s She-Ra, and… it’s just not quite there? It borrows so much from Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo while not being as smart or visually impressive as either, meanwhile it might actually fail at being She-Ra.

I’ve never really watched the original, outside of bits and pieces here and there. I had hoped that since this show has a ‘diverse’ cast that does not have to conform to a toy line like the original, that there would be people of different ages, such as in Steven Universe where you have the kids helping their elders and you had some maybe college students thrown in a story helping each other… instead most of the characters are all of a similar age, except the ice princess who is kind of offensively themed after an Eskimo?

Mermista_Sea_Hawk_Perfuma_EntraptaPeople keep claiming that this is a show that really pushes an agenda, but does it even succeed at pushing it? If anything, this show could be accused of queer-baiting certain characters in a vain attempt to make ‘tumblr’ ship characters together, such as Bow and Seahawk or Glimmer and Adora or Adora and Catra. Unless Dreamworks, Netflix, and Mattel lets them succeed in their agenda, I think fans in the LGBTQ community will turn against She-ra.

sailor_moon_crystal_act_28_sailor_uranus_kisses_sailor_moonJapan’s Sailor Moon had gay characters, teased the main characters with other women such as Sailor Uranus pursuing Sailor Moon, or Sailor Star Fighter pursuing Sailor Moon, or even the male characters Fiore with Tuxedo Mask.  the difference between the obvious inspiration of Sailor Moon is that Sailor Moon got to really show these kind of things, despite the fact that Sailor Moon was a curvy mostly heterosexual character… in other words, 1992’s Sailor Moon is more feminine and a lot gayer than She-Ra, so as far as pushing the agenda… She-Ra has utterly failed.

The main problem with She-Ra is the fact that the show is not bad or great, it’s just good to okay. Why would you bring back a property only to make it okay? Voice acting is okay, not great. The art is not great, often not detailed with any shadows or shading… and that’s partially because of the quality in animation today. The show just does not have polish, and it just comes off as kind of amateurish.

Steven-Universe-Premiere-postI spoke about Tenchi and Sailor Moon, which are better animated. Steven Universe is more creative than She-Ra and succeeds in pushing their mature agenda to kids.

If there was a ‘line-up’ like there was on Saturday Mornings or after school for She-Ra, it would be less of a problem… but Netflix is trying to bring people onto an entire platform, potentially just to watch this show that is not as good or even as progressive as say… Netflix Dreamworks Voltron which has the LBGTQ character of Pidge and the amazing Princess of Color Alura…

Like I said… this show is okay. It’s not Ghostbusters 2016, even though it has the same problem of portraying most of the male characters terribly. Bow sucks to the point where he should just not be on the show, Sea Hawk is annoying parody of Han Solo, but Swift Wind is kind of awesome but others might find him too agenda driven. At least this show looks better than upcoming Thundercats Roar?

she-ra-970This show, to me, get’s the grade of a  high C. That is a passing grade, which considering that there are many new shows and movies that utterly fail… is something? On a bell curve, if a teacher is being generous, She-Ra could be considered a very low B grade… and that is as generous as I’m willing to be.

So maybe now I should re-watch the original She-Ra, and compare the two?


A Live Action Cowboy Bebop show can be great.

A Live Action Cowboy Bebop show can be great.

cowboy bebop faye edward‘If done well, this could be the next Firefly.’ This was a strong statement that my anime convention owning roommate had over the announced Netflix 10 episode live action Cowboy Bebop announcement, and you know what? He’s right. Meanwhile, a friend of mine who is a youtuber reminds everyone that there was a time when everyone wanted this. Every Otaku that had not yet been burned on lazy or white washed anime to live action adaptations like Ghost in The Shell or Dragon Ball Evolution.

The thing is… Cowboy Bebop is the perfect show to transfer to a western live action show or movie. Will they probably cast American actors of not Asian backgrounds? Probably… I mean, it’s wild west themed, and unlike Bleach, it makes sense. There were a lot of non Asian characters in the anime.

Tery CrewesI personally am sad that Keanu Reeves is too old, and Terry Crewes is too famous to play Spike Spiegel and Jet Black…

Seriously… those were/are my picks for those two characters?

My roommate pointed out to me that Edward isn’t actually a dark skinned POC, they just have a tan from being outside… you can tell because of Edward’s dad. Anyways, androgynous and ambiguously raced Edward is a great character for a live action adaptation…. or maybe a terrible one? Tumblr will be all over Edward… either way.

Anyways… things are going to be all right, internet. You’ll see.


Rare Futaba-kun change art from the past and present

Monthly Shonen Jump December 1990 Futaba kun changeOne of my favorite manga was the wacky gender flipping high school romance comedy Ranma 1/2 Futaba-kun Change!

I first discovered it in High School thanks to a review/ad in an issue of the now defunct comic publication Wizard Magazine. That might be fitting, as the company that produced all 8 volumes of the manga in North America, Studio Ironcat, is also defunct.

This manga started it’s life in December 1990 in Monthly Shōnen Jump and then moved to it’s sister publication Monthly Shōnen Jump Original in 1993 until it came to an end in March of 1997. The image to the left is from Futaba’s debut in Monthly Shonen Jump, and I had never seen it before until yesterday.

Since this was an illustration that I had never seen before, it begged the question, what else have I not seen? So I searched…

Apparently these are some telephone cards from Monthly Jump. I discovered them from the Tumblr user: fehyesvintagemanga

Besides a couple Monthly Shonen Jump Original covers, I had pretty much hit a dead end. I couldn’t find any fliers, or original art for promotions or anything… and that was when I remembered that we live in 2018, and social media is a thing. I ended up on the mangaka’s twitter, and I was not disappointed!

Aro HiroshiI’m sure the images in the gallery above were art commissions, and I hope I’m not in the wrong to post them, or tell people about them. All of that being said…

Oh My God! Most of this art is from this year! Please make sure to visit Hiroshi Aro’s twitter page! Maybe give him some love and/or encouragement?

I really miss Futaba-kun Change.

Happy 27th birthday The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past!

The_Legend_of_Zelda_A_Link_to_the_Past_SNES_Game_CoverOh, how time flies! This game came out… 27 years ago… today? November 21, 1991 in Japan, April 13, 1992 in North America, and March 28, 2003 in The US.

Wait… that means… if Japan is like… half a day in the future… than I missed the birthday by like a day! FUHhhhhhhh! Oh Well, I guess.

zelda lttp screen shot heart

Instead of Black Friday shopping, I will be doing a stream of this game… I guess? Stay tuned tomorrow for news about me playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past!

Do I detect some protest?

happydeadpool1Fuck it. I guess I’m going to have to protest yet another Ryan Reynolds movie? Jezebel thinks we need to bring up how terrible of an idea inserting Ryan Reynolds into the body of a Pikachu really is, this Thanksgiving.

Hatred for Ryan Reynolds? Anger that a man took away the female voice that Pikachu has already had in the anime?

Dee La Beau as Pikachu

I just… don’t see why they are hating on Detective Pikachu. I asked some Pikachu about their thoughts on the issue, and this is what some of them had to say:

Pika Pi… Pikachu pika pi… pik pika… CHU!!!!!

Chu Chu pika pi!

Pi Pi chu pika!

So there you have it. The outrage is apparently real. Pikachu’s are upset, and just not going to take it anymore. Oh, women too? Who knows. I am probably going to be bringing back my local chapter of The Friends of Humanity just to protest Ryan Reynolds as a Pokemon. I guess.


Some of the music from The Office

Steve Carell is wrong. The Office can still work today. It’s last episode aired on May 16, 2013… true, Carell wasn’t there for that… oh wait, he was, but that is only 5 years ago! Come ON!

Shows nowadays, like Steven Universe and My Little Pony have a ton of songs. Your show has songs. I know this is a silly argument for bringing the show back… but hey…. let’s revisit some of these songs!

Here’s a bonus one from Creed!

The show and the actors are all fun… if we can’t have more episodes, which canonically would make no sense, can we at least get a musical? Or some sort of spiritual successor with the same actors? Pretty Please?