Kim Petras – Heart to Break

I learned of Kim Petras years ago, and she still looks/sounds amazing! I’ve got nothing else to really add to set this up, but hey! Take a look and a listen?

Harold Faltermeyer – Formula one

You know that one Eddie Murphy movie, Beverly Hills Cop? Well, that movie’s main theme “Axel F” was composed by Harold Faltermeyer. Faltermeyer also did the Anthem from Top gun with guitarist Steve Stevens… which that’s a name that just sounds fake. Anyways, here’s his music video for Formula One, which features him playing keyboard… as well as an animated dog? Not quite as animated as Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract, but still… pretty nifty.

Fergie – M.I.L.F. $

I love a lot of the visuals in this video, especially the use of colors, and even a lot of the costumes. This type of song isn’t my normal situation, but eh? It’s okay. She Fergie uses the swear word M.F. a lot, and the visuals are definitely not suitable for work… unless your a milk man, I guess?

Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Space Jam? Looney Tunes Back in Action? Cool World? Yeah… people talk about those real world animated mish mashes… but do you know what people never seem to talk about that’s in that genre? Pete’s Dragon. Seriously… why did that movie get remade? Let’s set aside that movie with a kid who can’t sing, because there’s another that I rarely hear fans of animation talk about, and that’s Paula Abdul’s music video Opposites Attract!

Family Guy spoofed it? Of course they did! Oh well… I thought I was onto something.

LSD – No New Friends ft. Labrinth, Sia, Diplo

I love that Sia has a mini-me in all of her videos. The first one I saw was Chandelier, and it had Shia Labeouf in it, and it was weird. I kept going “Is he supposed to be playing her father in this? Or is there something inappropriate going on here? Or does she represent a thing and he represents a thing? But thankfully she puts a little girl in her movies instead of Shia Labeouf in every single one of them. Then again, there were some My Little Ponies in one of her videos, and maybe all of her videos should have that instead of her younger clone… but whatever. Here’s No New Friends…. I gotta go think about a few things.