I’m officially boycotting Tokyo Comic-Con

You heard it hear first! NetSenshi Productions will never cover any content from Tokyo Comic-Con. Weird, when I never have, I know, but the reason is because they now have a ban on men dressing as women at their convention.

trick_or_treat_by_netsenshi-d31gtimCharacters who crossdress is a rampant trope in Japanese media, if not society. While crossplay is huge among women in Japan, and isn’t being banned at this show, men dressing up as women has. Let’s set aside gender nonconformity, people who are trans, etc. for a moment, and remind ourselves of some Japanese content that makes this ban really weird.

71kiwwkwqrs-_sl1500_Where does Bridget from Guilty Gear come into play? A male character dressed in women’s clothing but in all reality is still a male character? Not Japan enough? Okay.

pink-ranger-girls-of-power-rangers-22611440-500-375Power Rangers… err… Super Sentai… err… Tokusatsu in general, uses a lot of male stunt doubles for their shows. If you have one of them as a guest, and they are in their ranger uniforms, then guess what? You hypocritically have a guest advertising the very same lifestyle that you are directly objecting, all because you are afraid of there being ‘too many’ guys dressed as women. Awesome.

5c2d54990a8233506450b0555f41eeb9What about fans of JRock, or Japanese Rock music to those who are unfamiliar with the term. All of a sudden, fans can’t dress up as their favorite crossdresser from Dir En Grey and strut their stuff? Everyone knows that Shinya is a man, but now NUH UH, not happening. Guess they will have to use some extreme vetting on both actors and musicians for the foreseeable future. Well, as long as there is nothing else that promotes a lifestyle that the people running the convention apparently hates… oh wait… this is Japan.

fisheye-hands-cropAnime and Manga. I know that my references are really dated here. My main point though, hopefully, wont be lost.

So males cannot dress up as male characters who dress up as women, which really isn’t even crossplay but just normal cosplay. Awesome.

29228719f3510ce44f67569f85d9264dAnthropologists even have problems distinguishing between Asian skeletons. Under all of the wigs, makeup, masks, and frills… how are they really going to be able to enforce this? Westerners, wanting to ironically see Stan Lee, a WWII veteran in Japan, sure. That’s easier… but unless they are willing to role the dice and pull out people who might legitimately be women who look a little man-ish and thus make international headlines, I can’t really see this as enforceable on a large scale.

Waifu’s Waifu

chibiusa-and-hotaru-bakugan-and-sailor-moon-28818433-1017-780Sailor Saturn’s waifu is shit. There, I said it. Sailor Chibi Moon is terrible, just terrible. I’ve been watching the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, and my god… EVERYTHING we assumed in the 1990’s about those two has basically been confirmed. Tiny lesbianism. Hmm.. Oh well. Neither one is really the age they appear as, with Chibi-Usa being hundreds of years old, and Sailor Saturn’s age fluctuating, and multiple life times… but still.

Ah the feels. Sailor Moon Crystal also has some other… interesting… stuff in season 3.


Anyways, Happy Waifu Wednesday everyone!

I realize now why Donald wants to be President

aotdWhy is Donald Trump running for President at age 70? Does he only now care about ‘making America great again?’ Why President? He could have more influence running for Governor, Senator, etc. like Jessie Ventura, Al Franken, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzeneggar cared so much about our youth that he teamed up with the president to try and help today’s well… not youth anymore, to fight obesity.

The closest thing that Trump did was give money to this supposed ‘Killary’ person, and have Trump University teach today’s adults that it’s easy to prey upon naive people. I honestly think that Trump doesn’t seek power even, although that will be ‘fun’ for him, but he seeks legacy. Buildings come and go, and ‘TRUMP’ being outside of them wont last forever… but as a President?

the-animaniacs-presidents-songBAM! He’s in the history book, cartoon characters are singing songs about him, he becomes part of a child’s acronym for the order of the Presidents, etc.

Donald doesn’t want to make America great again, he wants to make himself great again. In 30 years, Donal Trump will most likely be dead. Hell, he could be dead in half that time. Trump isn’t dumb in that regard, and this is one of the only things that money can not 100% guarantee him.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (L) lisThis assessment alone does not make him a bad person, although I do believe that he and Hillary Clinton might fit that adjective quite well.

Hell, Clinton herself wants to go down in history as our first female president REALLY bad. Heck, why should President Obama be the only one to be a first, am I right?

Neither candidate’s reason for running is a very good one, and that makes me sad. I don’t think Gary Johnson will win this election. His idea of preventing the 270 electoral votes each one needs to be President so The House of Representatives can decide who will be President is adorable. The House of Representatives apparently hates both so clearly he is the best man for the job, right?

George W. BushWhen Al Gore and George W. Bush ran for president, and the Electoral College decided that Bush was to be The US’s 43rd POTUS, 1/2 the population was upset. Do you really think that the House of Representatives wants to piss off over half of our country?

gary-johnson-2016-1If they did, that would be historic too, I suppose. I honestly think that that wont happen, but if it did… Gary Johnson would only last the one term until we have real candidates.

This election will be historic for someone I suppose.

I don’t really know how to end this post so… well… I’m just going to end it with some wishful thinking for the future.


Disney Star upset about Mermade-ification?

demi-lovato-mermaid-fan-artRecently, a fan drew former Disney Star Demi Lovato as a mermaid, and told people it was cool to share the image around. She eventually responded by saying that the picture was pretty but that he hadn’t drawn her. What she meant was that the image was a thinner version of her and her boobs were wrong, etc.

The internet turned this into a whole outrage/kerfuffle, as the internet does. Here is the original exchange between Vlad and Lovato:


bodycomparisonLovato apparently has body issues, which makes sense considering she is a you7ng woman who first gained fame by working with Disney. The idea that she was basically drawn with a more sexualized body can be considered offensive.

Artistically, I’m reminded of a panel I attended at a convention from Amelie Belcher, where she described one of her drawings of Benedict Cumberbatch as a characture, despite the fact that it looked realistically a lot like him. I’d argue that that is kind of what is going on here, and while some would be flattered about it, this particular celebrity was not and we need to move on.

Below is the Mundane Matt video where he goes on about this situation. It’s where I first learned about the situation, and is deffinately worth a watch. Happy MerMonday everyone!

_ml_p2p_pc_badge_tallest15Ah, October. With Halloween at the end of the month, I figured I would do my part in showcasing some interesting costumes to dress up as this year. With a new season of Supergirl starting next week, let’s start with… wait. Why is Supergirl’s “S” backwards?s How do you manage that? Her own solo images also show it as backwards?! On the Party City page for the costume, it at least shows that the “S” is correct on the costume it self… except… wait… gold trim? Huh. Not bad… but I totally missed that detail when zoomed out. She still has boots for a stripper though, and she has more cleavage than I particularly care for with someone using the ‘Girl’ name, but then again I’m a fan of Spider-Girl’s outfit that covers the entire body. At least they didn’t go with the croptop version of this outfit, considering that this is billed as a couple’s costume… which has me rolling my eyes at it’s potential for  incest jokes.


accessory Party City has an entire page devoted to Kara Zor El for women, not girls. All of that is weird, considering that there are some pretty accurate versions of the character under the girls section, what is even more surprising it that the accessory kit to the right is not under the women’s section. So I guess that must mean that it’s marketed to… teenage girls who need to know that all you need for a Supergirl costume is boobs and a cape so this kit has you covered? I dunno.

adultsupergirlThe worst offender for adult versions of the character is the “Adult Anime Supergirl Costume – Superman” Which there is so much wrong with that statement. So this is Supergirl’s costume from when she is an adult on some hit Japanese girlssupergirldresscartoon, but on Superman who is doing drag? Okay. I totally buy it… I mean, not literally, I’m not buying anything.

Sadly none of Party City’s costumes focus on the TV version of Supergirl, which is unfortunate. Like I said above, the children’s selections of costumes for Supergirl are a lot closer to the character for the most part, while some are well… closer to being Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel more so then Kara Danvers Supergirl. Still a cute costume for kids though!

I might take another look at Supergirl sometime closer to Halloween. BTW: Why is there no Power Girl or Super Woman costumes on Party City’s website? Isn’t that weird?