Humble Negro Cemetery revisited

I recently revisited this old cemetery that was made a few years after Humble, Tx became a town in 1933. They voted to make the town ‘lily white,’ and forced black people to move out, including their dead. That’s why this cemetery exists, in a nut shell. For more information, here is my first post about the cemetery:

I’ve gone back to this cemetery twice since then. Once on Memorial Day, 2014 and another time much after a lot of the rain we had in 2016.

img_20160528_153042I went there on Memorial Day to pay respect to the fallen African American soldiers who had fought in wars since World War I as well as to see if they had put the flag out. After hopping the gate, as I refuse to go through the woods by the train tracks do to seeing the camps of homeless people my first time, I was immediately greated with the sight of a long haired homeless man with no shirt taking a poop. Awesome. I then go further into the cemetery proper. The man joined me, and I made sure to keep a hand in my pocket clutching my cell phone just in case. He had no idea that this place had existed, and I then had to play travel guide as I explained how there used to be a sawmille and a kerosine refinery and how when Humble became a city, one of it’s founders allowed African Americans to bury their dead here.

It was an awkward lesson, and I did leave out certain unsettling and more modern history, but it over all wasn’t terrible. There was no photos from this encounter since it was a spur of the moment idea after work, and due to the homeless man being there.

The second time that I went, it was after they had done some major clearing of the land, and most of the 2016 rains that caused the flooding.img_20160528_153621

My roommate and I had to walk very carefully through the cemetery grounds as we looked at the former structures. The area without all of the trees was a bit underwhelming considering my first visit to the area. Something about being able to see new subdivisions just seems like a perversion of the area?

Now that this place is less hidden, the homeless population seems to no longer live alongside the train tracks, or at least I was never aware of their camp grounds this time.


As weird as this visit was, all I can think was ‘How weird will this place become if more people start showing up here?’

It’s bound to happen, right? Our town’s shame being turned into a spectacle, when all I really ever wanted was a historical marker by the road. Oh well. Below are all of my photos from this visit. Stay tuned to my blog in case there is any more updates about this cemetery!


September 11, 2021

I really hope that in 5 years, the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001 that we as a country will have finally put 9/11 behind us. What I mean is, every tear that falls from our cheek, and every inconvenience at the airport is a win for the terrorists. By 2021, young people will be entering college, the young people from 2001 will hopefully not carry the fear, sadness, and hate we currently have in our hearts.

But today isn’t September 11, 2021. It’s 2016 and the world is still sad. We need to get over this the best that we can. I was 16 when this happened. I was in Texas in a computer class, and the world changed that day. Since then, President Bush went to war with the wrong country and went after the wrong man. Our skies were briefly emptied as we ramped up security, During President Obama’s first term Osam bin Laden, leader of Al Queda, was taken out by Navy Snipers in Seal Team Six, and in recent years there have been brand new terrorists with brand of the Islamic faith known as ISIS and there have been attacks in other countries.

I was 16 when our world changed. I want the world to change back. Will a Trump presidency help that, or will we get a plane rammed into Trump Tower? Will Hillary, whose husband President Bill Clinton could have detained bin Laden during his term, be our answer? A woman who her, with Preisdent Obama voted for the war in Iraq? I honestly think that neither will heal us.

I remember trying to call my father after I pieced everything together, especially once the pentagon had been hit, considering that he worked for a large oil company in Houston.
We have to find ways to prevent tragedies like this from happening. Since it was the Jet Fuel leaking into the building that destroyed the support structures, hopefully we will be able to build taller buildings that are even stronger. Hopefully they will make even better escape plans in new buildings. Hopefully we will be able to find an alternate energy source for planes. Hopefully our airports will go back to normal. Hopefully we can stop spying on our own citizens and our allies.

Hoping for a better future is nice. Today is 15 years into the future from the event, and I don’t like where we are as a country. I want my country back from fear.

Can we put Archer’s Pam into every video game?


I watched my feminist waifu Anita Sarkeesian’s latest Tropes vs. Women video on the lack of different female body types in games, and I honestly agree with her. We need a larger diversity of playable female characters. Sexy women with killer curves are fun, but you know what’s more fun? Beatting the holy hell out of someone with a character that others want to make fun of but can’t. In short, we need Pam from FXX’s Archer. The woman is an unstoppable tank, especially when she’s addicted to cocaine. Shocking Bum fights anyone? She really is a bad ass and despite working in HR, she is probably one of the better fighters that the now defunct ISIS* has.

Or how about Miss Skullnick from Star vs. The Forces of Evil? She would fit right in with either Mortal Kombat or Guilty Gear!Missskullnick.png

Anyways, Happy Feminist Friday everyone! For Anita Sarkeesian’s video, please go here:

*Isis was the original name of the spy agency BEFORE there was a terrorist organization.