Throwback the small ones?

I’m sorry that I love Kittyhawk’s version of Flounder, SO MUCH, okay? As a treat, here is a throwback to Kittyhawk’s original sketch that originally got lost in my e-mail.

Seriously, I never saw the original sketch until this week! Crazy, right? She made it anyways and it turned out phenomenal! As a lesson to everyone, make sure to check your spam folder even if you have done 20 e-mails to the person already. Sometimes the most important ones get filed to where you can never see them!


Flounder not Flounder?

disney_rific_mer_bash_by_hidden_travelerDeviantart user Hidden-Traveler colorized some line arts  by GorFragWarGutz that… wait… is that a pichu version of a mermaid Flounder back there…. Son of a…

Actually these are different characters, and they were colored to look like Ariel and Flounder… but are actually deviants K-Serenade and jayeljay? Also it was done in 2009. Still not Flounder though… but still… ENHANCE! or…

jay_mer_1_by_hidden_travelerDifferent picture, I suppose. In order to see each one on the colorists page, click each image and it will take you there.

So… should I get some more images made of my version of flounder? Should I get a different version of Flounder made? Also, what about MerMay? Also, what artists should I use?

Mer-blahg Monday

Happy MerMonday everyone. I know I’m not the greatest artist around, but I like to try ya know? Here’s another part of Flounder’s origin, as well as the original sketch I made to see where it started from.

The original idea, you see, is that Ursula is so full of herself that she feels like she has outdone herself with how cute Flounder turned out, so maybe she is getting a little too handsy with her newly minted mermaid.

Scan_0023*sigh* I’m a little down today, because right after making this drawing, I checked my reddit post I did in a Dead Rising board over my brony version of Dead Rising, and yeah… well… people did not really like it, and someone made sure to spell it out that it was just poorly drawn.

20180420_netsenshi_ariel_flounderBefore that, a friend said that she thought that the Kittyhawk commission was weird to her because Flounder was definitely a dude. At least me and her were able to come to the conclusion that Flounder, in general, is weird… considering that he is not actually a flounder, or any other real fish.

Huh. Maybe that’s the next piece of art. Flounder coming out to his parents that he is a mermaid, only for them to tell him he is adopted.

Maybe I’m just in a bad head-space because I went to this ceremony thing where a brick was dedicated to my Grandfather for his service in the marines during WWII. Lost it when they started playing taps.

So next month is MerMay, right? I’m going to figure out the rules and try to draw some mermaids next month… so look forward to that, I guess.

Behold Ariel and Flounder

The colors of love? Red vs. Blue: Make love not war? What should be the title for this one?


This one is based off of a scene NOT in the movie, that I was mandala effected into believing was from the movie or at least the show. What’s funny is… this image below is not the full image!ariel and flounder

The original is this scene where Sebastion is being the best wingman ever for Flounder… and doing like… some underwater mistletoe so his best friend has to smooch him? The original scene is actually a little less tame than the one done by Kittyhawk, I think, except for the fact that they are both adults.


The colored versions of my Flounder and Ariel can be found over on Kittyhawk’s sketchbook here:

Happy Mer-Monday err… Feminine Friday!

Frank West as a pony, Flounder as Roshi’s pichi pichi gal

I’m headed off to work, just wanted to share Frank West from Dead Rising 1 as a My Little Pony Character, and Mermaid Flounder as a potential victim of Master Roshi? Oh, and Trunks was there to maybe?

Also, Kittyhawk will be coloring her sketch tonight of Mermaid Flounder, which is exciting because I can actually make that stream!

DbJEznMVwAEQHRBaus to central

Everything that is old is new again!!! Happy throwback Thursday everyong!

Ariel’s bodice?

I did not post yesterday, because I did not want to make another pointless post about fan art of a mermaid… but then I see this shit today.. and go… What?

Ariel Swarovski crystals

ariel sexy chestDid Disney approve for their 16 year old mermaid princess to be portrayed wearing lingerie? I’ll be honest, I’m not up on my fashion… I believe that is a silky bodice that she is wearing? It might be a corset… but… why?

If they were all ‘her bikini top is too sexy, and she needs to wear more because she’s 16’ then this is a fail, right?

Now, Ariel was 16 when I was 4, and I’m a big fan of arguing things like that when I also have to mention that Sailor Moon was 14 when I was 6 and Spider-Girl was 15 when I was 13… but *sigh* I just can’t even.

BTW: I did not do that cropped zoom up, that is just one of the images on their ad. This figure claims that ‘every movie-perfect detail crafted and painted by hand’ but… this is an interpretation, so how can that be? *sigh*

bell crystalsNow Bell, her figure in the same series is much more accurate to how she is portrayed in the movie outfit wise.

Snow White, however, has been modified to looking a little fancier… which makes sense since the 14 year old princesses’ art design is at least 80 years old. I don’t know… maybe I’m over reacting? What does everyone else think?

snow white


Mermaid News Network

Apparently, Austin used to have a place called Mermaids? And last month Rooster Teeth had a conversation about it that was animated? Huh.

How did I never know about this business? I wonder how much it was, as well as if photos were allowed? Could I just hang out and talk to them about mermaids while it is recorded? That would be wild…

okay… Mermaids was probably just a brothel. I have to just admit that right now. *sigh*

stolen mermaid tailMermaid Kariel from Oahu, HI,  recently had her $11,000 tail stolen. She used it to perform for children, so it’s not just the loss of a hobby but her source of income.

“There’s been thousands of kids that have enjoyed this. What I give to them is my character and today I woke up and had to scramble and figure out how I was going to see those kids today,”

For more on this story:

What is really weird about this, is that those tails are custom fit typically. For example, actress Daryl Hannah in Splash, her tail would not fit Amy Yasbeck in Splash, Too and they ended up having to make Yasbeck a brand new one.

arielflounderpencilheadsIn art news, Kittyhawk’s commission that she is doing for me is well underway, as last night she streamed the pencils over on her site. Unfortunately, without re-uploading her video elsewhere, I can not really share it without posting just a link to it:!t9sRADrR!NEtBVnumWQ0u_JfESYeCRw

When Kittyhawk finishes the piece, I will share the full version of it here, of course.

I’m out of here, Happy Mer-Monday everyone!