What if ?! Disney gets The X-Men.

It looks like Disney might be buying Fox sometime soon, and that means a lot of things will happen. One of those things, is that Disney will own the rights for Fox’s Marvel properties… i.e. The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. Below I’m going to take a look at how I think Marvel  could quickly incorporate The X-Men into one of the next phases.

Giant-Size_X-Men_Vol_1_1The Avengers fight a Krakoa like monster that was seen in Giant Size X-Men #1 and rescue the X-Men. Krakoa’s biology has somehow kept the mutants in cryogenic sleep for a few decades. Apparently this had happened while they were fighting Magneto and his brotherhood in space on Asteroid M… thus the reason we do not know about mutants is because the major players were just M.I.A.

250px-Mystique11Jean Gray had apparently died, but will later come back as The Phoenix. Wolverine had fought with the team briefly but will team up and join The X-Men, once he learns that they are back. Also, Mystique is allowed to be as old as she wants, so have her still on Earth doing spy stuff… maybe a connection to both WWII Cap, Bucky, and for more recent and controversial reasons… Mystique had a relationship with Black Widow but as a man?

200px-Classic-X-Men-008-backFirst movie, Avengers rescue and team up with The X-Men against Krakoa and The Brother Hood. This gives fans the much needed “I want to see them fight and fight against each other.” Throw Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, and Morph on The Brotherhood. They all end up having to race the clock to get outside of an exploding Krakoa-thing to wherever… maybe Brotherhood goes to the abandoned Asteroid M, while X-Men and Avengers head back to Earth.

Second movie, Wolverine drives to X-Mansion now that he knows that The X-Men are back. Visits Jeans grave… BAM! Phoenix happens because the psychic presence of The X-men and Charles are back on Earth and she resurrects Jean as her way back into things. Is it a little sloppy? Maybe, but whatever. You can have them fight whatever you want… Maybe a dark version of Xavier, because the third movie?

getmystiqueShiar are introduced, Maybe The Star Jammers, definitely connect them to Guardians of The Galaxy and/or Captain Marvel, but certainly make sure that by the end of things Xavier has to go to The Shiar home world for medical treatment. Now during this time, I have no doubt that there will have been one off movies where Wolverine had a spin off, maybe a Classic X-Men story before Krakoa.

Maybe Mystique and Black Widow have a spin off movie with each other or even do a trilogy about Mystique that ends with the story line where Wolverine has to hunt her? He could hunt her for all 3 movies, people would watch that. Also, throw Captain Marvel vs. Rogue in somewhere along the line.

AVphoenixI do not know where they should throw Dark Phoenix into any of this. That might be it’s own phase, honestly.

Also, distance Deadpool. Let him be just a side story. He’s awesome, but he’s more of a commentary on this whole thing at this point… but who knows what Deadpool 2 is going to do, right?


The Grim Dark Pound Puppies Reboot We Need

pound puppiesI will be honest with you… I have not seen the latest pound puppies cartoon… maybe it’s amazing? But perhaps it’s not as good as what my generation had in the 1980’s? I just watched a clip… and apparently they aren’t even anthropomorphic, they are just talking animals. Okay? But what if they reboot it again? What would that be like?

tempestThe original series had them walking on two legs a lot, and wearing clothes, thus it seems like a natural fit to place them in the same universe as My Little Pony Universe… especially since they have recently embraced other furry characters such as Capper from the movie, plus steam punk air ship technology. Also, Tempest in the movie was pretty grim and gritty with the scar over her eye and a broken lightning vomitting horn… so let’s keep that in mind alongside the most popular Hasbro movie series ever, Michael Bay’s Transformers.

Hitler Hogans heroes.pngHogan’s Heroes! Imagine The Pound Puppies characters as if they are in a P.O.W. prison in Equestria, and ponies would be The Germans in this scenario!

The show pretty much writes it self, right? RIGHT?!

tartarusOkay… this idea might be a bit too far out there for Hasbro… but the toy sales alone would be phenomenal! More boys could watch ponies without fear of persecution!

It’s fun to dream.

Videos from Nightmare Nights

So, I guess this week will be an all My Little Pony week on my blog? Below are some of the videos I shot while at Nightmare Nights this year… may it Rest In Peace.

Closing Ceremonies

Cosplay Contest

Here’s some more videos from making the rounds on YouTube:

Some Concert stuff

Opening Ceremonies, which was against the rules to take video of

Closing Ceremonies

Sax guy playing off Nightmare Nights

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed my videos, as well as the many ones I tracked down!

Let’s talk about Nightmare Nights

NMNDNightmare Nights this year was amazing. This 5 year My Little Pony fan convention was possibly the most fun that I’ve had at a convention in a while. True, this is what I said about the third and last year of Fiesta Equestria, but I definitely meant it both times.

P1160149 EditThis last year of Nightmare Nights was just that, it’s last year. They had announced it was it’s last year on their website, we all knew what we were getting into, and because of that, they got way more people than they expected, selling out of their V.I.P. passes, shirts, etc. I even went to it because I could not sit on the sidelines any longer.

You see, this convention was not just Dallas’ last Brony convention, but Texas’ as well. It sucks, and that feeling was apparent for all 3 days sure, but really hitting home on Sunday… especially when I started whistling the song ‘Winter Wrap Up’ and a person said something like, ‘sad, isn’t it?’

NMNguestsTo back up, let me explain that this convention had amazing guests from the show and comic: Lauren Faust, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Tony Fleecs, Nick Confalone, Jim Miller, Shannon Chan-Kent, Andrea Libman, G. M. Berrow, and M. A. Larson.

giant toblerone.pngMy favorites, however, was youtuber Dusty Katt as well as the band The Wonderbolts. Dusty Katt was in charge of the charity auction, where he shaved off his mustache, someone from the convention bought a $6,000 artbook only to give it back to the woman who had donated it, as well as a… giant… Toblerone? It had a lot of signatures from guests, and that was pretty cool.

DSC01535.JPGThe Wonderbolts! Band is a Brony band that does both covers of songs with their own unique sound, as well as songs discussing moments in both the show as well as the fandom. They really rock, and they have made my last two conventions amazing

DSC01531.JPGNow, The Wonderbolts to me, are what Poochy was to Homer Simpson on the Simpsons. Anytime they weren’t on stage I kept wondering, ‘Hey, where are The Wonderbolts?’ Sadly, my recording of them in concert messed up. Two of The Wonderbolts did a sing-a-long on Sunday that was pretty entertaining.

There were a lot of panels from the creative side of the fan community. Animation, Web comics, Fan Fiction, Music, pretty much every genre that could have had a presence there did, and that is pretty cool. They had a Who’s line is it anyway styled panel, and that too was nifty.

P1160147The artist alley and the dealer’s room was… well… existed? I’m guessing that the difference is that one space was cheaper than the other, so the larger stands went into the dealer’s room? I don’t know. They had some cool stuff, and I even purchased some art… so yay?

DSC01607Now it’s time for some of the negative aspects of this convention. First off, it was it’s last. Second off… it was it’s last. Third? The cosplay show.

I have been spoiled by anime conventions that take cosplay very seriously, let me start off with that. The room was the same one that was used for the sing-a-long and karaoke… and it was not set up properly. There were chairs in front, which is true, but there was also a bunch of chairs with tables in the back… it wasn’t cleared… it was hard to see due to the elevation not being that high… Main events is really where cosplay should be at a convention. That said, eh…?

DSC01577.JPGThe MC did not do a great job separating the divisions, the cosplayers did not do what I expected of walking on stage, striking a few poses while pausing for photos, and then slowly walking off stage. It’s typically walk on, pose, pose pose, walk off… and the people running it did not have them do that… which is a nit pick, but some of the better cosplays really should have had us focus on them for longer to truly appreciate them. I did appreciate that they let anime, video game, and OC characters into the show though. That was pretty cool.

P1160150.JPGFourthly… The Game Room? It seemed to be a BYOG situation, and people did eventually bring more stuff to play, but there were only two video game consoles eventually set up… and I just think that this room could have been better utilized either in it’s execution of a game room, or as something radically different… after all, rooms are not cheap.

The convention was pretty emotional, and I loved most of it. Closing ceremonies had a lot of great stories being told, and tears were shed as people explained why this community has pretty much saved lives… one way, or another.

Then they played a joke on us, as they sent us on our way home thinking that there would be a convention next year, but ultimately we are still left with the same question we had when we arrived at the convention: Where do we go from here?

20171027_030439The MLP community has had a taste of convention life, and no one knows where they should go to wet their appetite. Furry, Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions? Maybe… but that wont feel like home, and how a space feels is important. From my gatherings, there might be a mass exodus from Texas to other states for MLP conventions, and that might help convention such as Brony Con which their attendance in 2017 is down from their record breaking 2015 year by 38%.

Texas gas station Buc-ee’s has an MLP display… maybe we can just hang out there until we have a place of our own? Who knows… things aren’t looking great for the fandom though.

For more convention photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/netsenshi/albums/72157665655388659

DC mermaids

Four months ago, reddit user artyartface shared two beautiful pictures of DC characters turned mermaids… and I love them so much. That being said… is Harley’s head piece part of her body, or is it like… latex? The face markings are beautiful.
harleyquinn mermaid

The second one is of Wonder Woman, and this one is important to me because she has not been a mermaid since she was Wonder Girl… which is weird seeing as Batman has been though.

Wonder woman mermaidJust stunning. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mer-Monday!

back to the futureThere are two things I think everyone should know about me… I love The Back to The Future trilogy, and I hate Holiday creep. One of the interesting things to me about the series, besides the fact that Doc Brown doesn’t try and create bio diesel to drive the DeLorean back to the future in part 3, is that Marty goes back in time for a week, Nov. 5, 1955 – Nov. 12, 1955 and there is absolutely nothing still up from Halloween and nothing for Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas

back to the future holidayIn 2017, holiday creep is a serious threat. I’m writing this around the same time of year that Marty went into, and my goodness… Thanksgiving just isn’t a thing to decorate for, meanwhile, I’ve seen some Christmas decorations in stores since late September, early October.

The 1950’s might have been a truly better time… you know… for respecting the boundary lines between holidays, if nothing else.