We need to talk about Howard (The Duck)

Howard the duckHoward The Duck made a cameo at the end of Guardians of The Galaxy, and was voiced by Seth Green. People keep wondering if he is going to appear anywhere else, and Seth keeps saying that it was just kind of a joke but you never know. It would be amazing if he did, but is America, no… The WORLD ready for another Howard The Duck movie? No. Howard The Duck, a Netflix Original series, however, YES!

What would that be though? The last time we saw Howard, he was freed from The Collector’s umm… collection. So, what does he do now?

Like Captain America, Howard is displaced, not from time but from his own home dimension. What’s a duck gotta do to make ends meat in the Marvel 199999 Universe? Uber.

howardEventually landing on Earth, Howard ends up driving people around New York City as he tries to keep an apartment, make friends, and possibly even find love.

A lot of C and B list characters would make appearances, and possibly even some of the heavy hitters make cameos from time to time. Ant-Man’s screwball acquaintances who helped Scott Lang save the day? Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan? Flash Thompson from Spider-Man’s latest movie? All of those characters make an appearance! And so do a few S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who aren’t sure if the foul mouthed alien duck should be held for questioning, deported, or just ignored.,

Jennifer WaltersHoward is given an ankle bracelet and told not to leave the city, as his court appointed lawyer readies his defense for asylum in The United States. Who is his lawyer(s) Why Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson Jennifer Walters, naturally.

Ms. Walters, played of course by Aubrey Plaza, is better known as The She Hulk. By the time this series happens, Aubrey Plaza should have made at least one cameo as a human on Daredevil, and her transformation scene should be an after credits in a Marvel movie or in a scene on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Something along the lines of her cousin Bruce Banner giving her an emergency blood transfusion, thus by the time Aubrey appears on Howard The Duck, it wont be so shocking. This allows the She-Hulk character to test the waters for her character for a possible movie or TV show of her own, as well as a possible cameo in Jessica Jones.

howard and beverlyHoward would most likely be a Muppet played by Seth Green. Jennifer Walters would most likely NOT be the love interest at all, as that would of course be his eventual girlfriend Beverly Switzler, who he meets early on in the series, most likely as he wonders aimlessly around New York City.

So, that’s what should be done with Howard The Duck, or so I think at least. Opinions? Rants?


Playstation 4 price drop

ps4On October 9th, the Playstation 4 drops to $349 from $400 in the US. Canada’s prices also drop to $429.99 from it’s price of $449.99 … Candada needs a bigger price cut.

These price cuts are for, apparently, the 500 GB model.


Big Mac gets in touch with his feminine side, again

The latest episode of My Little Pony had the Stallion Big Mac cross dress as Applebloom’s ‘cousin’ Apple Orchard, but that wasn’t the first time he’s ever appeared as a filly… kind of. In twilight’s re-match against Trixie, she bamboozled Trixie into thinking that a painted up Big Mac was in fact his sister, Apple Jack.mareintoastalion

Also, there was his Sailor Moon inspired transformation sequence he used in order to turn into an Alicorn Princess in the fight against Tantabus from earlier this season…

So… is Big Mac just not afraid to explore his feminine side from time to time? Is he just envious of all of the awesome female characters from the show? If so, he also is willing to show his emotions from time to time, which is great to see in a cartoon… but less so than a horse in drag.


Yeah… whatever his reason is, I respect Big Mac’s alternate life choices, and celebrate the umm… diversity of this show. Eeyup.


Them’s Fightin Herds indigogo: 15 days left!

Thems-fighting-herdsJust a reminder, there are only 15 days left of the ‘Thems Fightin’ Herds’ indiegogo. Thus far, they have made $251,018 of the $436,000 goal, which is 58%! They also have stretch goals now, so hey… that’s cool.

Once again, character designs and story are by famous animator, Lauren Faust, best known for developing the latest incarnation of My Little Pony for television, as well as being an awesome person.

Here’s hoping that this crowd funded fighting game succeeds!


Nintendo, as a company, sort of sucks.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my Wii U as much as the next person, who keeps complaining because all of their favorite 3rd party games went to Sony. Any complaints about Wii U though are minor compared to how they have been treating their fans as of late.

People were having too much fun playing Nintendo’s video games, and some were even making a career off of them. Nintendo wanted a piece of that pie, as well as to regulate what is shown on youtube, so they made the Nintendo Affiliate program for it, where they get to review your videos for it before they go live, and then profit on the videos that they allow to be shown.

Nintendo recently gutted 1/2 of the videos from someone’s youtube channel. Their crime? Tool assisted speed runs, hacked levels of Super Mario World, etc. Awesome, right?

The Pokemon company recently sued someone for $4,000 for throwing a Pokemon themed party at PAX. Thank god he raised that money via a go fund me. The dude says he is done with them, and I do not blame him.

They also released a bunch of toys that were amazingly scarce and then after the collectors market really got a hold of it, they released more of them to… punish the people who waited in line for hours? They also made a Wii U bundle for Super Mario Maker with an exclusive amiibo, and then weeks later after the game had been out made a new bundle with two amiibo including the ultra rare unicorn status Gold Mario from last Easter. Yeah… they created something people wanted to profit off of, realized their mistake, and made things more difficult for them. Yep, that’s pretty much what happened.

I guess my biggest complaint with Nintendo is this:  Buying pretty much only Nintendo games on your Nintendo console is not enough. They want all of your moneys.

Wii U will be my last Nintendo console. Too invested to get rid of it, but eh… they just keep making me upset.


Top 10 Blue Characters

1. Squirtle
squirtle2. Bronx (Gargoyles)
bronx3. The Genie (Aladdin)

The-genie-in-Aladdin4. Buster Bunny (Tiny Toons)
buster5. Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)
maxresdefault6. Cookie Monster
cookie7. Mystique (X-Men)
Mystique118. Bloo (Foster’s home for Imaginary friends)
Bloo-in-sunglasses9. Papa Smurf (Smurfs)
papasmurf10. Aayla Secura (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)


Top 10 white characters

1.) Casper The Friendly Ghost
Casper2.) Minerva Mink (Animaniacs)Minerva3.) Rarity (My Little Pony)
rarity4.) Pearl (Steven Universe)
pearl5.) Mog (Final Fantasy VI)
Mog6.) Mewtwo (Pokemon)
mewtwo7.) Mr. Skull Head (Animaniacs)
mrskullhead8.) Rouge The Bat (Sonic Adventure 2)
Rouge9.) Gatomon
Gatomon10.) Chiaotzu
ChiaotzuHonorable mentions: The White Power Ranger, Storm Troopers, Michael Myers (Halloween). Sorry guys, dressing white just isn’t the same thing!

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