My Soupy Sunday

Sunday is a great time to get some things done… as long as it’s not something that you know… closes early. Today my landlord and fixed part of the fence, before it was supposed to rain, and he, my roommate, and myself ended up going to Samurai Ramen.

Just look at this food! We went to Samurai Ramen partially because Ninja Ramen does not open until after dark, which might be fun to do on a Sunday if you also want to watch Naruto… but Samurai Ramen has a larger selection.

I then went over to Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore in order to work on my project. I really only found issue 12 and 13 of HERO, starring the distressingly bodacious and salacious Shocking Suzi!


No clue on when I will get that site up, as I am also trying to work on a new youtube channel as well that focuses on drawing. For a sneak peak at that, here is a drawing of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII from my memory:

I feel bad about not posting more last week. I will try and make more in the coming days.


Pi day

pieMath. Who cares. Stephen Hawking passed away the other day. Maybe I should just eat some pie. Mmm… pie. My favorite kind of pie is Pecan. I’m on a diet though, so I shouldn’t have it. Wish I could though.

I hope everyone is celebrating this day however they want to, without being forced to care unless they actually do. Pie. Mmm… Make the world your pie, take a slice.. enjoy. Or Pinkie_Pie_wide_grin_EGnot. I celebrated by watching The Big Lebowski before work… which I do not think has a single pie in it. Oh well.

God I hate math.

Best animated film… EVER.

Hilarious video from SNL!

I’m a Little Mermaid fan…. …. …. FIGHT ME. Below is a parody from Robot Chicken.


My current obsession over Jaiden Animations and TheOdd1sOut

jaiden animationsI’ve become somewhat obsessed with the youtube videos of Jaiden Animations, as well as her fellow youtuber  TheOdd1sOut.

It all started with her video on how to make life more interesting, but I had already seen TheOdd1sOut’s video on cardboard boat races.

My roommate and Jaiden both seem to like the same type of apples, and he maybe used the dorky term waifu, ironically. Now, she is 12 years younger than myself. Which I just had to reconfirm, as I am a sad 33 year old who wonders about those things.

Anyways, so I love her videos and TheOdd1sOut’s videos. I really wish that Youtube had been around when I was younger, as I would have totally got into it sooner, and maybe you know, taken some art classes in college and not been so depressed during my college years. *sigh*

This is ironic, because most of the time I wish that I had been older so I could have gotten into things sooner. *sigh* Here’s both of them redrawing each other’s childhood art.

Sadly, my friend who actually does animation doesn’t know these animators. Which makes no sense to me. Because everyone should know everyone. That’s just how life works.

Anyways, I kind of want to make a new youtube channel like theirs… but I am not an animator. Here are some drawings that I made… *le sigh* not finished.

I wanted to remake this video of mine:

This post tangented. *sigh* Oh well… that is the influence that these two have had on me in the last few days?


Happy Super Mar10 day!

Super_Mario_Bros_2Today is March 10th, which makes it Mar10 day! I hope everyone used this day as an excuse to play some more Super Mario games.

Not me though. I just beat the first 5 levels of Sonic Adventure 2, again.

I hate Mario 64.


Can the 3DS just die already?

luigis mansionSeriously, do we need Gamecube games on the 3DS? Luigi’s Mansion getting a 3DS port was just announced, and even as someone who has a 2DS… I just can not care about it. Everyone wants Gamecube games on Switch, not 3DS… but then, that means Nintendo would actually have to keep us informed about the reality of a Virtual Console on Switch, wouldn’t it?

ghostbusters schockedThe Nintendo 64 came out in 1996, the Wii in 2006. On The Wii’s Virtual console, they re-released the 10 year old games for a somewhat fair $10. Gamecube came out in 2001/2002. How much does Luigi’s Mansion cost? According to Gamestop, $39.99

I get that this is not a straight up port, as it has 3DS specific features… but come on! $40 for a launch title game that came out 16 years ago! That is not right, and anyone who thinks that it is, is hopeless.


Smash 2018

As soon as they said that they had one more video to show us in The Nintendo Direct, I immediately knew that it was going to be either Super Smash Bros. or Pokemon, and Pokemon was more of an E3 or it’s own video. The second that the Inkling’s orange ink was sprayed, and I assumed it wasn’t a 90’s Nickelodean game, that it was going to be a fake out for Smash Bros.

So, we have to assume right now that this is Super Smash Bros. 4’s definitive edition with the inclusion of inklings from Splatoon and since that looks like Breath of The Wild Link, I assume that means that the game will be breakable. Or have additional skins?

All Mario Kart 8 Definitive edition had was double items and better battle mode. I would not be surprised if this just has a better UI, all of the 3DS levels as well, the Inklings, additonal skins, all DLC characters, and possibly the 3DS’ Smash Run as well.

All that said, I will buy this game in a heart beat if it at least has an Adventure mode similar to Super Smash Bros. Melee. I doubt they will do that, but who knows!