Happy MerMonday everyone! To celebrate this day right, I commissioned the wonderful web comic artist Kittyhawk from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki to make this beautiful picture below!

Wait, who is this? If it wasn’t blatantly obvious, it is a rule 63 of The Little Mermaid’s flounder! I showed Kitty a simple/rough photo manipulation I had done while conceptualizing Floun… er… Floundera? no wait… that sounds too much like Thundercat’s planet Thundera. Fem Flounder? In it I included Ursala’s shell necklace, but Ms. Hawk went a step further with the earrings that matched. Why did I choose Flounder, and why rule 63’ed?

I saw a list a while back on Disney princesses as princes, and saw a male Ariel with an adorable female Flounder. While Flounder was cute, it did make me sad about the lost opportunity there. What would a complete role reversal look like?

Google, surprisingly, failed to show that, and that was why I did a mock up proof of concept, and eventually had to commission this piece. Girl Flounder had to exist, and more importantly… she had to be shown to the world.

The above image was the end results, and I’m pretty happy about it. Do I expect others to like this image and want to do fan art based on this idea, now that it exists? Maybe? Will I end up having to commission more art of her, possibly with some sort of a sinister grim dark scenario of why she is a mermaid and what happened to Ariel? Maybe?

Anyways, what does everyone think of the concept as well as the artwork?

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men_-_ApocalypseCan Marvel please have the rights back to X-Men or can Fox just re-boot the re-boot? Seriously, salt the earth already. This movie was somehow better than X-Men 3, despite X-3 being a more X-Men like thing. This movie, however, is still better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine though.

Coming off of X-Men: Day’s of Future Past and the phenomenal Deadpool movie, X-Men Apocalypse does the typical X-Men thing. Let’s throw characters in for no reason and never expand on who they are other than showing them being all flashy!

Everything was kind of a mess, scenes went on for too long, some could have been skipped, the story told was terrible, the use of the horseman was terrible for every single one, and some characters were just kind of there.

Psylocke was really only Psylocke in body only… which you know, is funny because in the comics that isn’t even her body. Angel, who never was called Archangel in this movie, seemed nothing like his comic book or previous movie incarnations. These two are largely known as being romantic, but that wasn’t played with at all. They were wasted, and likely only used so they trailer would be awesome.

Storm constantly played second fiddle to Magneto. She threw lightning and flew, but that was about it. She is one of the most powerful characters in the universe when let loose, but there was nothing done with her hurricane winds, tidal waves, or blizzards. She literally can send us back to the ice age if her powers were fully unlocked, but where was that? Where is her claustrophobia?

The only one of the four horsemen that actually made sense and was fleshed out was Magneto, and I could have personally done without it. The script fell into old tropes that would make Anita Sarkeesian cringe when it came to his motivations.

I could go on about how Jubilee was barely in the movie, or how things were made too convenient for setting up future movies, or how everytime I saw something from the trailers I was constantly underwhelmed, but no. Let’s shut this down right now. Bryan Singer just doesn’t get X-Men anymore, or at the very least can’t make a large cataclysmic superhero movie like this.

Apocalypse_XMEThe 1990’s cartoon, Wolverine and The X-Men, and X-Men Evolution did everything this movie attempted much better and your money would be better spent buying episodes from one of those on VUDU.

X-Men: Apocalypse does not get a failing grade or even a D. It’s a solid C, and that’s the best I can give this franchise that might need to start over from scratch with a smaller budget.

Gen Z is more picture perfect than millennials

Gen Z is more picture perfect than millennials

97802-R1-12-13AIf there is one thing that Millennials had to suffer from that Generation Z will hopefully never have to have experienced, I’m glad disposable cameras is hopefully that.

Non-broadband internet is bad, don’t get me wrong, but look at this picture I took from 2006 on a Kodak disposable camera. The people in the shot are off centered despite how hard I tried to get things in the viewfinder, my friend’s eyes are closed, and my finger is slightly covering things! Gah! Even cropped, things aren’t much better.

Pictures always seemed to come out wider than what you had aimed at, and since the resolution isn’t the best, despite these images coming from an old CD, it’s hard to fix things in post. the above image’s light source, THE FRIGGING SUN, was terrible that day, and I know how to use the lighting better these days, but still… Contrast and Brightness controls can not save this picture. What could have? A SCREEN!

The real tragedy is the fact that these photos were taken in October 2006, 8 months before the first iPhone changed EVERYTHING.

I could argue that the archaic nature of the device used was fitting, but these were memories that were uncovered, blurry, and partially obscured. I am thankful that I had the foresight to back things up on a CD, as I did not trust physical media even then… which is odd, considering how phased out optical media is these days. Okay, some more from even further back…

Astro World from 2004ish? How was I supposed to know that it would close that next year in 2005?!?! And these are like, my only memories?! Scanned photos.. Even worse! Awesome.

Generation Z will also, for the most part, not know the JOY of having to convert VHS to DVD for family videos. Sheesh that sucked.

Are anime characters Asian?

Are anime characters Asian?
Russian character Auska Langley, from Neon Genesis Evangelion

White washing in Hollywood has become a huge problem, and Asian Americans have been quite vocal of it lately. I, and many others, have discussed how the Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in The Shell will feature the caucasian actress Scarlet Johanson as the character ‘The Major.’ Before her, it was going to be Margot Robbie, but she signed on for Suicide Squad.

Some have argued that white people are the ones who are the ones yelling about it, but I remember watching youtube videos post Dragon Ball Evolution about how Goku was Asian.

The word ‘adaptation’ is thrown around a bit, especially when Japanese material is brought to the big screen. I believe that Dragon Ball Evolution was more of an adaptation than Ghost in The Shell is going to be, as everything was changed in it, for some reason. Ghost in The Shell’s setting is still in Japan, and the characters seem to be retaining their names though.

Recently, it was announced that there was going to be a movie based on the hit manga and anime series, Full Metal Alchemist. The cast? Entirely Asian. Why? Because it’s a movie made in Japan for the Japanese audience. Why bring this up? Because let’s take a look at some of the characters from the show.

That is a lot of blonde hair for these characters to be Asian. Full Metal Alchemist’s world isn’t Asia, such as Avatar The Last Air Bender. Their world is more European inspired. Perhaps there wasn’t enough Caucasians to fill these roles, or maybe they did not want to look for them? No clue. Let’s take a look at the characters that they did get.

Image via My Game News Flash

I’ve talked about a video that was done by That Japanese Man Yuta where they were not even aware of the problem, they were fine with it due to the fact that they have a gaijin fetish. One argued for Scarlett Johanson in Ghost in The Shell, saying “But if she was Japanese, it wouldn’t look like an anime.”

Sailor MoonLA
Sailor Moon live action Japanese series.

There was almost a Hollywood adaptation of Sailor Moon in the 1990’s. In 1997, this article, which is now archived thanks to the wayback machine, was floating around. http://web.archive.org/web/20031210144519/http://pei.physics.sunysb.edu/~ming/dau/sos/news/daily.html#moon

It had been mentioned that they were going to take it out of Tokyo, and put it in California. They most likely would have had an all white cast, you can assume. What if instead, they had a multi-cultural cast, and kept it in Japan?

I always pegged Minako as being from London, for some reason. Ami seemed European to me as well. The only character that had to be Japanese, was Rei, as she was a Shinto Priestess.

This brings me up to my point. Are Anime and Manga characters Japanese? Do they have to all be played by Asians unless specifically mentioned to not be, such as Auska from Neon Genesis Evangelion being Russian? I’m not sure.

For some reason, I think people would complain if Sailor Moon’s blonde hair and blue eyed Usagi Tsukino was played by an American, Ami Mizuno was Indian, Makoto Kino was African, Rei Hinako was Japanese, and Minako Aino was Norwegian. Racial type casting? I’m not sure.

Weird tangent, but was there ever even one black person on Sailor Moon? Honestly. I’m trying to remember if I saw even one. I know I saw a few white people from France… but huh. I guess not?

Our world is weird.

My Thoughts on Street Fighter V, thus far.

Street Fighter V has been a debacle. From a botched beta to missing features such as Arcade and a real Story Mode, things haven’t been promising. Capcom recently appologized, said that they wer going to continue working on the future updates to the game, and said that this wont happen again. That’s awesome, but It made me wonder a few things, namely… how easy would it have been for Capcom to get this game right?sfv

The game retails for $60, correct? They could have digitally released with less than this and just had an arcade mode for $20-$30. Call it Street Fighter V Arcade mode. Explain that more is on the way in the Home Edition. Would people be upset that there was not more meat for that price point? Possibly, but remember, people paid $60 for the original 16 characters.


Early Access is a thing on Steam for a reason, and you can pay to play games that aren’t finished. Essentially, that is what Street Fighter V is. It’s an early access game that is, for some reason, on console and PC. Crazy world we live in, huh? Here is hoping that the next installment of SNK’s King of Fighters goes smoother.

I changed a few things

I changed my theme, the order of the widgets, and I painstakingly replaced my old terrible header for a new one. Let’s take a look of the process of that!


First, I took cosplay images from the last few years, shrunk them down to 5% of their original size, rotated them to the left a little bit, and then collaged the heck out of them!


Then, I of course added a filter, slapped on my name, and then repurposed a characture of myself that was a transparent .png, like so!


That would have been very easy, but then half of my guy was lost due to it not being the right size, and then a cropping issue… so I resized, and reworked…


I really loved this one, and it took me longer than the final solution. Despite being corrected and up to their size requirements, it still cropped weirdly despite looking good when I tested it. So I abandoned it, re-worked the earlier one, and that’s where we are today.

Yeah… a lof of it is still missing, but I knew how it was going to auto-crop, for the most part, so yeah… Maybe I will fix things later? Why is something so easy to make so difficult to fix?

Anyways, I hope that the few people who keep up with my blog like the new layout and header!

My opinions about Ghostbusters, again.

I feel like my post the other day about why I am not excited anymore for Ghostbusters needed some more fleshing out. I still like the videos that I shared from youtube, so still please check those out on my earlier post before reading this one.

Patty-Tolan-ghostbusters-2016-39358140-200-200I think that The New Ghostbusters movie, which I’m calling it because I do not want to refer to it as the All Female Ghostbusters movie, wont be pushing the envelope very far. Patty, like Winston, is not a scientist. It is 2016, and you chose the black character to not be smart, and is instead sassy? Strike one.

Strike two? Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. I admit to not seeing most of their works, but what I have seen… isn’t promising. Feig had McCarthy speak crassly and there were some jokes at the expense of her body in their, movie Spy. I had trouble finishing it because of that. In the other film that I saw of McCarthy’s, Identity Thief, she… get this, was crass… and there were jokes at her expense because she is fat and disgusting? That’s funny?

I actually liked Identity Thief, but it’s 2016, and jokes at the expense of over weight people make me sad. She also played Chris Farley’s Matt Foley on SNL’s 40th anniversary… so I’m going to go ahead and be as liberal about this as possible… TRIGGER!

So what is Strike three? Is it how we got this movie? No, I wont hold that against the people who actually made the movie. Is it the all female cast? Despite not being my pick, which would be the amazing Tina Fey and… well… anyone. She’s awesome, so let’s just say the cast from 30 Rock or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Close, but not quite. The fact that the trailer doesn’t look all that great? No.

The Third Strike is the fact that Sony manipulated their Youtube trailer comments page to get rid of most of the negative feedback about their trailer that was not sexist. They kept the sexist messages in order to get feminist bloggers to pick the story up, and help spin the narrative that everyone not seeing the movie are just a bunch of asshole women haters.

Screw you SONY. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my mom raised me through out High School. Before that, she literally saved my life when I was a child when I almost drowned. I will not allow anyone to spin that narrative about me. I love and respect women, and I am not seeing your movie because of that.

I will, however, watch the heck out of your movie for $1 maybe from Redbox? It could be good, it might get women into liking a franchise that I like, and this fan re-cut trailer looks a ton better than the actual one?