Jeff Bridges begged to be in The Last Unicorn for free

GQ recently did a video with Jeff Bridges over his most famous role, but SOMEHOW there was no mention of him being Prince Lir in The Last Unicorn?! WTF GQ! This may have not have been a huge role, but come on! The man loved the book enough that he offered to do it for free!


Frightfest @ Fiesta Texas 2018

I went to my 2nd Fright Fest ever this year at Fiesta Texas, and compared to their bar the last time I went a year or two ago, they truly outdid themselves! The pageantry was really good, and I sadly did not take a picture of everything because honestly… I wasn’t expecting to talk about it.

One of my only major complaints about it was the fact that I thought that the coasters would be lit up during it, but they were just the same as usual… but dark… which is actually more fun! The Iron Rattler this time was kind of like being in a tunnel the entire time, and that is AWESOME!

I should be going to a Six Flags Fright Fest again sometime soon-ish, so expect more next time!

Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso Coaster

20181013_155732I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas over the weekend, and much to my surprise, Wonder Woman has joined the stable of DC comic book inspired coasters. Batman, Superman, and at one time even The Joker had a coaster in this park…

While Wonder Woman is celebrated in the park, out went Scooby-Doo’s Ghost Blasters elsewhere in the park last January… as they make room for a new in-door ride based on Pirates… here’s hoping that they have part of it dedicated to the nautical threat of Mermaids?

Let’s take a look at this coaster, shall we? By that… I mean the decor mostly!




Wow! But what of the experience it self? Here is a video taken by the youtube channel CoasterForce that shows off this amazing ride!



Adam Driver is no Chris Farley

Adam Driver recently hosted Saturday Night Live, where there was a sketch that paid tribute to the classic Chris Farley coffee sketch… which… I just can’t find the entire clip of on Youtube anymore. Not saying that SNL pulled the clips to suppress the fact that their new version of this sketch just misses the mark…

The original Chris Farley sketch can be found here on NBC’s website:

Just a reminder, if SNL did crack down on this sketch then… NBC…