Cosplay enhancing tutorials

Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! The two cosplay tutorials below could be considered NSFW considering the topic.

pompberry – Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial

SuperMaryFace – Cosplay Booty Tutorial!

Sorry for how late this post is, but early morning shift + seeing a screener for a movie made it difficult to beat posting before midnight! Catch everyone tomorrow on Waifu Wednesday


The not so Fine Brothers

I originally found out about Fine Brothers Entertainment expanding their React Channel as React World, which is similar to licensing a fast food franchise, not through their original video but through boogie2988‘s video reaction to the React World, which sadly seems kind of fitting.

So that was through a lens, so my first impression is too cloudy to really say my own thoughts other than ‘this is bad and/or will fail.’

This morning, I learned on Kotaku that  there has already been enough negative feedback and unsubscriptions that The Fine Brothers had to post a video explainging some misconceptions about what was going on with React World as well as them trying to trademark the word React.

All of this explaining was just so I could post the below video from Mega64 parading the entire thing.

Here’s hoping that in the end, youtubers and the fans end up winning in the end, however or whatever that means.


The Regular Sized Mermaid

Scarlett the mermaid

While Chloë Grace Moretz might be play Ariel in Universal’s The Little Mermaid live action movie sometime… this year(?), but Scarlett Johansson might be beating her to it in this weeks up coming 1920’s period piece, Hail, Caesar!, which comes on February, 5.

While just acting as an actress acting as a mermaid, it’s quite possible that Scarlett Johansson’s character is in a movie adaptation of The Little Mermaid, especially considering the fact that she has blonde, eww, hair.

I’ll get over the hair color, considering that this is the first major on-screen representation of a mermaid since Pirates of The Caribbean: on Stranger Tides.

This movie is, hopefully, going to be amazing!


Pointless Sunday?

Sundays are where I post about pointless things, but not today! I’ve finally (almost) figured things out!

Seriously man, this blog is around 6 years old, and I’m just now figuring out what to do with it? Fuhh…..

  • Pointless Sunday
  • MerMonday
  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • Waifu Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Female Friday
  • Saturday Morning Anime

So there. That’s what to expect on those days, and hopefully I will post about this kind of stuff on those days… unless I don’t… or I want to talk about other things, as I will also do additionally. BTW: Tutorial Tuesday? Eh… maybe I should have gone with Transformation Tuesday, which I originally wanted? Oh well. My shit. I got it together in a bag Morty. Are you finally proud of me, MORTY?!



Saturday Morning Anime

samurai pizza catsOn Saturdays, I’m going to post about whatever anime that I am currently watching or obsessing about, so umm… that means that I have to watch some more anime, huh?

On Crunchyroll, I recently watched the first episode of Samurai Pizza Cats for the first time ever, in English of course. It was… interesting, to say the least. Not sure if I’m a fan, but oh well.

battle girls

I’ve watched a few episodes of Battle Girls: Time Paradox this week, which due to them having the word maiden in most of the titles, I keep accidentally calling ‘Battle Maidens.’ Battle Girls is about a middle school girl, who is not too dissimilar to Usagi from Sailor Moon, who Inuyasha‘s her way into an alternate version of feudal era Japan. Did I mention that there are no men in this universe so all of the generals are scantily clad warrior women? I did? Cool. That’s sort of important to the um… plot?

I might finish Battle Girls, but I’m not too sure about Samurai Pizza Cats. Sorry Tatsunoko fans. Catch everyone here next Saturday?



Female Ghostbusters is already a missed opportunity.

femaleghostbusterThere is one thing that upset me about the all female Ghostbusters movie, and it’s something that no one seems to talk about. The casting? The outfits? Nerd please. What I’m upset about is even dorkier, and any true fan of the original films should already be upset about it.

Are you ready?


Did I surprise you with that complaint? Pff… fake geek guys. I guess I have to elaborate on it some more, huh? Maybe this clip from Ghostbusters 2 will explain it better than I ever could.

How amazing would it be if the alien’s prophecy was true, and the movie was released on Valentines day? Would people even figure out that that was an Easter Egg?

The man before her, his prophecy was thwarted that New Year’s Eve, so whatever happens in this, the third Ghostbusters movie, would be ‘the end of the world,’ at least for all of the butt hurt fans out there complaining about

BTW: Happy Female Friday everyone! This will be a new re-occurring blog topic that happens on most Fridays here at netsenshi.com!


Jinkies! These Hannah-Barbera comics look AMAZING!

Scooby Apocalypse? Future Quest? Wacky Race Land? The Flint… wait. The Flintstones? That one’s pretty normal, I suppose. What the heck is happening in May with these new Hanna-Barbera comics?! This is what I never knew that I wanted!

For more information about this line of comics that comes out in may, go here: http://www.dccomics.com/blog/2016/01/28/hanna-barbera-beyond-flintstones-scooby-and-more-are-getting-comic-book-reimaginings

While these fresh new takes on old familiar properties seems right out of left field, I would like to remind people of some familiar faces Hannah-Barbera mucked with, back in the day*

Partridge Family 2200 A.D. (1974)

Josie and the Pussycats In Outer Space

Things are just better in space?

I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie has a bumbling MALE side kick, red hair, and the main character is not Major Nelson? Now THAT is a reboot I could maybe get behind… except for everything that I just said besides the red hair. Oh well, at least they have Mark Hamill as that not Major Nelson guy, singing the song even!

I really hope the reboots are amazing! Shaggy looks like… I dunno, not a hipster… but weird?! Maybe Future Quest is somehow a prequel to Venture Bros.? Here’s hoping that things are awesome in May!

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