I don’t get things…

Vic_MignognaSo, I get why #KickVic and #IStandWithVic started… I do. What I don’t understand is the idea of Vic Mignogna potentially suing people. So… the worst thing that people could be sued for is alleging that he tried to have sex with people, and failed despite trying multiple times? I mean… there is no way to prove if things were or weren’t consensual. How can anyone prove or disprove someone else’s thoughts and feelings?

Bulma hands up.pngNow Anime News Network, if they published unverified false things or edited photos misrepresenting who they were in, then that definitely makes sense, right?

Rooster Teeth, however? I guess if there was a breach of contract? The timing of their tweet?

Funimation? Once again, maybe breach of contract. Possibly defamation due to the timing of the tweets? Improperly conducting a biased investigation? I guess, but is that actually illegal? Maybe?  I just… don’t know?

Marzgurl, who created the hashtag? She can argue that she did not start the conversation, but she was just continuing someone else’s. She did tweet at Funimation attacking Vic’s character, saying there was years of sexual misconduct… but Vic apologized for kissing people who didn’t want to be greeted that way, as well as the actresses he invited to his room who claimed that Vic had performed sexual misconduct. Misconduct’s definition btw is: unacceptable or improper behavior, especially by an employee or professional person. Rubbing the thighs of a co-worker on a business together certainly seems to qualify as that…

Voice actresses who have come out with their stories, some of which were published by io9? The worst that he has been accused of by these women is being awkwardly embraced and kissed while they themselves admit to not always saying no at the time, as well as other ones that claim that he tried to have sex with them, failed to convince them even after running his hands on places of their body as they were saying “no.” Vic as backed up a lot of these women’s claims already, but argued that his advances that ended in not having sex with them were actually consensual encounters.

Broly vegita.jpgThe many people that Vic probably does not even remember all of, some he admits that they possibly did not want to be kissed, some of which might have even been under age? Yeah… good luck having a career in the anime industry after that. I’m sure conventions will be lining up to have you as a guest.

Is he going to sue the conventions who dropped him? The worst is Pensacon who threatened to arrest Vic supporters at their convention? They supposedly received a bomb threat that the FBI is investigating.

roshi creepyThe woman who said that in the 80’s, Vic took her home and tried to have sex with her when she was a teenager? Yeah. You can definitely be sued over that accusation. She might be able to get his roommate to talk about it, there might be an old diary to back some of that up… but do I see Vic really taking this one on when most people aren’t even talking about it? No clue.

Now, people can be sued for anything, and I’m sure a lawyer will come up with arguments that these type of things are worth suing… I’m just a little confused.


#Kickvic≤Anime Gate

ushicon4SeanPeople have been clamoring that there is an Anime Gate going on, and that taking down the popular voice actor, Vic… Mig…nawn… Vic. Taking down Vic was a huge part of this. My argument is Anime Gate is much older than #KickVic, and is much broader. Let’s start at the beginning.

Signs at conventions asking for hugs/kisses, people taking pictures with cosplayers with their hand on their boob/butt, hyped up youngsters running at people full speed for a glomp, etc… Anime Convention goers have always been debaucherous, and there has always been this awkward excited energy to anime conventions… and a lot of us finally grew up and it became more okay to say ‘This! This! I don’t like THIS!’

momokun 021519

2014’s Cosplay is Not Consent is where Anime Gate really started from. Then we have the whole Momokun situation where a cosplay guest was being all handsy and gropish with other attendees. People complained and conventions restricted her appearances but lately it’s as if people forgot about her.

In between, we’ve had the whole Anime Matsuri situation, where John Leigh of Anime Matsuri had lolita guests claiming that he had harassed them both online and in-person.

Vic Mignogna has had allegations whispered at conventions since I’ve been going to them in 2004 that I have personally heard of. Women claiming that Vic is creepy, that conventions were going to stop having him as a guest, etc.

Vic_MignognaThere is a spreadsheet going around of accused abusers from anime conventions. Right around this time, #KickVic started. Something like #KickVic was almost destined to come up in this post #Metoo world. The allegations against Vic Mignogna aren’t that bad even, for the most part. Too huggy and kissy on women/girls of questionable ages for way too long of a time. That sums up this whole Vic thing, in a nut shell.

‘This! This! I don’t like THIS!’

While convention behavior between guest and attendee, cosplayer and attendee, and even guest and convention volunteers once you factor in Vic’s alleged behavior towards staff when he doesn’t get his way, is only half of what could be considered an Anime Gate.

teen-titans-goYou then have Westerners trying to re-make anime in their own image, what with Crunchy Roll allegedly misappropriating funds to make High Guardian Spice, Steven Universes nods to video games and anime, Crunchy Roll ignoring the popular Goblin Slayer for it’s yearly awards because it’s content is problematic, Netflix’s She-Ra, and the countless ‘Ameria-manga’ cartoon and comic art styles that have come before all of this.

chibimoonThe real Anime Gate might just be the fact that a lot of the 2nd generation of Anime fans who were 90’s kids finally grew up and took off the rose tented glasses, and said enough was enough on social media… where they were finally heard.

But hey… that’s just a theory… an Anime Gate theory!

The Vic Mignogna situation…

Vic_MignognaThis whole… #kickvic and #IStandWithVic situation is… *sigh* upsetting to everyone, involved or not. Basically, for years, people alleged that voice actor Vic Mignogna was an inappropriate guest at anime conventions.

People have been hitting twitter, myself as an anime convention goer since 2004 included, and yeah… we have all been pretty bad to each other.

He admits to hugging and kissing people who may not have wanted it because he’s lazy. Some of those people were under age possibly, so couldn’t have consented. I get that kissing people on the cheek can be a greeting, but it’s unusual for a man Vic’s age with women who might be too young to consent… especially because they are… you know… strangers, and he represents the shows that he works for.

marzgurlFull disclosure, the woman who coined the #KickVic hashtag, but did not start the discussion over Vic Mignogna, Kaylyn Saucedo A.K.A. Marzgurl, was a friend of mine who I used to go to anime conventions with in Texas, lived next to for roughly 6 months, and I even traveled to Japan with her in 2010.

Vic Mignogna was a guest in 2012 at Louisianime, a convention one of my friends runs that I often volunteer for. I was given the opportunity to eat with the guests, but after learning that Vic would be there, I declined because Vic Mignogna has always weirded me out… only partially due to the allegations I had heard whispers of in person at conventions.

Vic was let go from Rooster Teeth and Funimation.

The worst allegations were that in the late 80’s he was a teacher that tried to have sex, but failed, with an underage high school girl he invited over to his place. At a convention , a woman who was underage, was in an elevator and Vic supposedly put his hand down her dress. Three voice actresses have backed up claims, including Bulma’s voice actress Monica Rial and Vegita and Goku’s voice actors have back up Monica.

vic letter0

Vic Mignogna, once again, has apologized for maybe hugging and kissing people without consent out of laziness. In another apology he says that he’s course correcting, recommitting to God, and seeking the help of a counselor. He then told everyone on both sides to not hatefully target people.

vic letter

Monica Rial has been talking to a lawyer, and supposedly Vic Mignogna has also sought one as well. A lawyer unrelated, but bias towards Vic is going to start a fund for him. In his youtube video, he says tactically Vic should go after Marzgurl, Rooster Teeth, Funimation, Monica Rial, etc… and as someone who knows Marzgurl, I find that worrying.

Edward Elric Fullmetal AlchemistI am not a lawyer, nor do I know a lot about law… but this whole thing is weird for me. From both sides making things up, such as Anime News Network blurring a photo in an article of someone to make things look worse, the girl in the photo saying it was out of context but then sharing a different picture that was taken either before or after to prove it (which is weird). #IStandWithVic allegedly fabricating screen shots of a Facebook Group plotting to make fake photoshop images, someone supposedly supporting #KickVic faking a swatting… Pensacon threatening to have attendees arrested if people go to Monica’s panels showing support for Vic… things are crazy.

All of that, and I haven’t even touched his fan club that literally worship him, and hunt down anyone that talks poorly about Vic who he told to do whatever they could to help him

vic fan club

Todd and Vic 2012 LouisianimeUltimately, we do not know everything, and never will. I thought that no one personally involved would want this to go to court, but that seems to not be the case anymore. Vic’s career is, at this moment, over… but what are my thoughts.

I was tired of hearing people talk badly about Vic for over a decade. The man is a wild card, and you can never tell with him how he’s going to act. He’s… eccentric, vain, and has always come off weird when I see him at conventions.

I just didn’t want him at conventions anymore, and I assumed that was what most people wanted. I suppose Marzgurl wanted him out of anime all together, but that’s conjecture? Is it wrong to stand up and say, “This bro’s just creepy… what with how he interacts with younger fans? Can we not have him at conventions anymore?”

Frozen II

I wish that Frozen 2 was about Arendelle going to war with Atlantica. Frozen vs. The Little Mermaid… wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

Maybe they are going to The Kingdom of Corona to see Rapunzel, but who knows? I personally think that there is going to be some sort of lore where there are 4 seasonal beings with Elsa being in charge of Winter, while they go off to see someone who is in charge of Fall… and they have some sort of altercation… but that’s just me.

Yes… Rapunzel would be in charge of Spring… that just goes without saying.

I make a pretty cute mermaid

netsenshi_evelyn SMALLOr web comic artist Kittyhawk does, I should say. I had her draw a version of myself that a few people argued looked like a ‘muse.’ This gender bent woman who wore a hoodie was known as Evelyn. She was decently popular, and even helped Kittyhawk get a few extra commissions from eager people wanting their own… Evelyn, or whatever.

When the time came to commission another version of Evelyn, I knew I was pretty sure that I possibly kind of wanted her to be a greek Muse.. maybe.. or a mermaid? One of the two… certainly.

Kittyhawk thought that Evelyn as a mermaid would be more fun to draw… so BAM! Mermaid Evelyn!

netsenshi_evelyn_mermaid small

I don’t mean to brag, but that’s one nice piece of tail there. Her tail is based on The Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse fish. I feel like Kittyhawk did a really great job!

XOXO has to Go

Vic Mignogna has been removed from productions from the two Texas companies Rooster Teeth and Funimation. As the saying goes: “as Texas goes so goes the nation.”

Me at my lowest in the first year of going to anime conventions.

Conventions have dropped him, and I’m just flabbergasted by everything that has gone down… and not just about Vic.

Conventions are full of creeps. People asking for photos of cute girls not even in costume, teenage girls running and tackling grown men in what is known as a ‘glomp’, people leading each other around on chains, boys kissing each other for money, musical ninja’s up-skirting girls with musical instruments, people with signs asking for free hugs, nervous dudes who perversely position their hands so the photos look like they had assaulted them, drunk guys grabbing men’s heads and kissing them unaware, dudes groping girls on the ass or boobs in photos, girls sneaking tiny bottles of wine into raves, people making out against walls, women wearing pasties and panties and body paint, female cosplay guests groping other women’s boobs… debaucherous shit goes down at anime conventions ALL of the time.

ClownfishTV makes sure to point out the debaucherous things they have seen at conventions. Vic Mignogna and his interactions with fans was an inevitability. Anime conventions were never a ‘safe space.’ We went to them as hyper weird teenagers and for the first time we met one another and just let our freak flags fly… and fly high they did.

Maybe I am a bit self deprecating, but I just feel like an overly touchy feely Vic Mignogna was an inevitability.