The Last Unicorn in June

the-last-unicornThe new ‘enhanced’ version of The Last Unicorn will be released on June 9th, and if you order from ShoutFactory.com, there will be a 18”x 24” sized poster, while supplies last. For more information, check out this awesome article: http://www.iconvsicon.com/2015/03/04/the-last-unicorn-the-enchanted-edition-to-receive-june-9th-release/


Women like to be comfortable while gaming?

Jenny The Squirrel, playing League of Legends, speaking Korean, sometimes singing pop music, definitely looking cute.

In 2007, Halo 3 came out, and me and a group of close friends used to play it for hours and hours together in close proximity… problem is, we live in Texas, and even at night it can get pretty muggy… so some of us would take our shirts of. What? Guys just being guys… playing some Xbox 360, pounding a few cold cans of Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel. Nothing sexual happened, okay?

It is now 2015, and people are bitching and complaining about women wearing tank tops and revealing shirts as they live stream games over Twitch. Wow. We finally got our wish, and women are playing the games that we are interested, and oh gosh… they even want us watching them playing the games that we like, and now we have the audacity to complain about it?!


bbypandaface playing… some game?

“But I want to make all of that money! She isn’t even that good at the game, and the camera is pointed right at her cleavage!” So? Twitch is a business, and businesses discovered long ago that sex can sell things. Get over it. The last time I checked, the #1 youtube let’s player is still PewDiePie.

Be witty, funny, and/or even sexy. The largest arguments for let’s plays is that people watch it for the commentators/personalities, right? Bbypandaface, for example, is a cosplayer who streams games that she plays via twitch. Surprise! Bewbs and games!

bbypandaface cosplay“Ladies! You have to take gaming seriously, because… reasons! Guys are dumb, and the fact that they watch you instead of me is because of that, and not because there are a billion of us guys, mostly bearded and filthy, playing games as we yell and swear at one another stupidly!”

Dudes, as one of your own, i’m about to be super serial, M’kay?

It sucks, and as a guy who used to live next door to an online personality, *Marzgurl, I know first hand how easy it is to get upset and jelly when you see an attractive girl getting tons of donations as well as other awesome things done/bought for them. That being said… Nut up, AND SHUT UP!

WatchMojo.com showcased their top 10 Let’s Play channels back in 2014, and there was not one woman amongst** them, unless she was featured on one of the larger channels, such as Rooster Teeth who does shows like Immersion and Red vs. Blue.

*I would like to mention that I in no way was suggesting that my friend uses her body in any way to dupe men for donations. She’s frigging awesome.

**did you know that the word ‘among’ and ‘amongst’ are both grammatically correct, despite ‘amongst’ being a bit old school and used less? Tell that to the spell checker!


Steven V. Pony, or Cartoon Civil war?

Steven-Universe-Premiere-postApparently, there is/was(?) a war brewing in the cartoon fandoms everyone, we are at threat level plad! Apparently the fans of Steven Universe hate the My Little Pony community, and they are out for blood… or… whatever Bronies bleed. Is it fruit punch and butterflies? That just… sounds right, for some reason.

A moderator from the popular website Equestria Daily had announced that they were going to make a similar site about Steven’s Universe, and apparently Steven’s fandom flip their collective shit because they want nothing to do with all of the Brony neck-beards that have made a little kids show about friendship and tolerance into some depraved and dirty thing. The moderator, not wanting to start some sort of war, canceled the idea, but of course there have been a lot of anger in both fandoms.

… … …

So apparently there is this trans feminist activist person named Joanna Blackhart who posted this on her tumblr:


Matt Burnett, a man, and one of the writers on Steven, has made sure to let everyone know that Steven Universe is for almost everyone to watch and enjoy.



So… anyways… adults, let’s not fight over who can watch shows for our children anymore, please? Bronies can watch Steven Universe, and Steven Universe fans can just… you know… not Google the disturbing fan art bronies might make about their fandom.

… … …

I’m just fucking done. Jumping from Deviant Art (where I first learned about the fiasco) to tumblr to twitter to … other sites. was exhausting for this article, which seems ridiculous.Just watch and enjoy the shows that you enjoy, please.


President Obama believe that voting should be mandatory

Master Chief votingAnd I agree. This Yahoo! article explains that it’s been done in Australia, and how Obama believes that it would be ‘transformative’ in regards to the political map, since less than 37% of registered voters vote. He’s not wrong, and I have a point to add to all of this.

If we can force school children to say a pledge that they are incapable of understanding, then force them to sign up for the draft, why wouldn’t we then force them to vote? Or, alternatively, maybe we should put the idea of mandatory voting on the ballot, so every bitter American who had to change their schedule to do so can force their lazy neighbors into the polls in a few years.


I’m done with buying anime on Vudu

vudu Tenchi MuyoThe great Sub vs. Dub war ended a long time ago, in the sense that it doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you are actually purchasing the anime*. It is a rare occasion when a DVD or Blu-Ray comes out for an anime, and you have to choose one or the other. Well… Vudu isn’t like that, at all.

So you have choices?! No… you get what you get. some series are dubbed, while some are subbed. I paid 19.47 (including tax) for Tenchi Muyo!: OVA Series in standard definition with the original English dub… and that’s it. Wow.

tenchiamazonA quick Amazon search shows this series for… well, a bit more, but in both SD and HD, with both languages as options. Dang.

But wait, what about something new that uh… hasn’t had the chance to be re-released with an awesome version?

dbz vuduDragon Ball Z: Battle of The Gods! Well… there’s the uncut version in English, The original Japanese version with subs, and the Cut version in English… each one will cost you 14.99WHAT THE HELL?! 

Wait. I have to catch my breath. So these versions have no special features, and only the one language option. Okay. It’s not like they could give you three versions of the film… somehow, right? Or bonus features such as: Behind the scenes videos of them recording, trailers, and other such goodies all for like… one bundled price, right? That would be silly…


Well dang. They could have. But not for $14.99… that would be silly… how much for it on DVD/Blu-Ray on Amazon? $34.98 $20.19 with free shipping if I order something else? That’s cheaper than $45, but how much would it be on Amazon’s streaming service? $28?


Wow… huh. But wait… let’s back track to Tenchi Muyo. At least I uh… didn’t pay too much for it?

Hulu has it subbed for free? Well… yay. With ad support, I can still watch Tenchi Muyo: OVA subtitled if I choose… as well as a bunch of other Tenchi shows. Like Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki… Tenchi Muyo GXP…. Tenchi,,,

Damn, there’s a crap ton of Tenchi. Yep… I am definitely finished buying anime on Vudu until things change.

*I guess it doesn’t actually matter if you buy the anime or not these days.


Protect me Knight 2: Part 2?

Here is a let’s play of the Japanese version of Protect Me Knight 2:


Protect Me Knight 2: The Princess’s Tokimeki Rhapsody


AKA: Minna de Mamotte Knight: Hime no Tokemeki Rhapsody


You know that one game, that even though you own it already, you buy again and again on every new console that you get a chance to do so on? Maybe it’s Super Mario, Dead Rising Resident Evil 4, Doom, or the original Halo. Well, sadly, one of my favorite games isn’t popular enough for that… until NOW! … well.. almost now?

Protect Me Knight was an Xbox Live indie game that I’ve loved since it came out, but sadly was never able to share with other people at anime conventions, due to the limitations of the platform. Commercially released games on console, for some weird reason, have to be rated by The ESRB (in North America) in order for people to play them, however, ‘online interactions are not rated by The ESRB,’ and The Indie Marketplace uses this loophole by making it mandatory to have your system online in order to play the games purchased from said marketplace. Nifty right? Until all of your games become utterly useless at say… an anime or gaming convention.

So are Xbox indie games becoming offline playable? HELL NO! But hey, Ancient Corp has made a sequel called Mamotte Knight 2: Hime no Tokemeki Rhapsody Protect Me Knight 2: The Princess’s Tokimeki Rhapsody, to the 3DS, and they are currently localizing it!

protectme1That’s awesome… right? Yes, and no. I, honestly, want to play it either on a console that is plugged into a TV, or on a PC via Steam. I’m nitpicking, but with everything going on at one time, it being on TV would be awesome! But sadly, games that I really want to play ::cough:: Kid Icarus ::cough:: end up on a screen that’s smaller than desired. Oh well… at least I can play it with friends at a convention… eventually.

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