Ghostbusters comes out today.

Ghostbusters comes out, technically on Friday, which means Thursday at probably 7, people can choose to either watch or not watch this reboot of the 1984 movie. Will it be good, or will it suck? Celebrities have said that the movie is good, while reviewers on YouTube have painted another picture. Some reviewers were embargoed until opening day, while some who saw it were not. I tend to believe the YouTubeers on this one, but what really made me say “Hey, this movie probably sucks,” was webcomic creator Kittyhawk’s tweet:


Here are a couple of reviews that I saw online from YouTubers:

Kevin Smith seemed to like the movie.

Lauren Faust, the woman who adapted the latest version of My Little Pony, retweeted this postfrom @Roonaymara of girls dressed from movies with the stars from said movies.


One of my largest fears, is that the character Patty will be treated like similarly to Winston, as she is African American and a non-scientist.


A lot of the publicity shots and posters have her off to the side or in the background. What’s weird is that the Japanese poster, which has some bad lighting on her, is one of the few pics of her properly lined up with her caucasian co-stars.


If this movie fails, no one really wins. If this movie succeeds, maybe these little girls win? I can’t help but think that little girls deserve better the best. For their sake, I hope that this movie isn’t one step forward and two steps back.

I’m not going to watch this movie in theaters, what everyone else does is their own business.

Over The Garden Wall

My roommate and I just finished Over The Garden Wall thanks to 2 free months of Hulu thanks to my recently acquired Xbox One. So, what did I think of this late 2014 mini-series from Cartoon Network?

Over the Garden Wall is 10 episodes, each one 12 minutes long including the opening and credits. 100 or more minutes to tell a story might make you feel like OTGW is a movie that has been chopped up for television, and while it is true that it has the quality in visuals, music, and writing for a direct to TV movie, OTGW is far too disjointed feeling to be that.2492_over_the_garden_wall

The show is about two boys walking in the woods as they attempt to find their way home. Along the way, they meet interesting characters, some even joining them for an episode or more, all the while a mysterious beast lingers in the background.

Each episode is a chapter, and like say, Adventure Time, sometimes we are not given all of the information on how characters ended up exactly where they were, and while that was weird once or twice, it doesn’t ruin the story.

At the end of this ambitious mini-series, I was begging for more, despite the characters all obtaining some level of closure by the final credits.

Over The Garden Wall is hard to describe. The show feels like it was equal parts fan service and labor of love, while feeling like it existed because it wanted to exist and nothing more. It’s almost like they threw so much good in there, including a phenomenal voice cast that includes Elijah Wood, Melanie Lynskey, Tim Curry, John Cleece, Christopher Lloyd, etc. But ultimately it didn’t have enough meat to satisfy my hunger.


OTGW could have easily been a book series or an ongoing show, but it is not and will never be either of those things. It’s fine as it is, and hopefully given time, I will be okay with that.

Happy Birthday Kittyhawk

There’s two things that make me sad. Okay, there are probably a lot more than two, but one of them is when I discover something mermaid related on a Tuesday, and the other is when I learn that it is someone’s birthday the day after it happens. Well, I believe that I still have a few hours of Kittyhawk’s birthday… it’s hard to tell though, since she lives in the future continent called Australia right now, but damn it anyways…


sgvy-e1Kittyhawk is the creator of one of my favorite webcomics in the world, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, and apparently she did a webcomic before that called the Jar, which sadly the only thing I can find of it is the ability to buy it on a USB with SGVY over at her store.


I do not know Kittyhawk well, although from the small interactions I’ve had with her while she made this mermaid fanart for me, she has seemed to be a nice, intelligent, and funny lady. Also, she draws some really sexy boys that have been turned into girls.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Kittyhawk!

TG vs TS

I try to post things on Fridays that are about women in some sort of way, or rather… I have been failing to do that for the most part. I decided to post this video I discovered today that detailed the differences between the terms Transgender vs. Transexual. I think it is informative/interesting.

Autumn Asphodel – Difference Between Transgender & Transsexual

Gender, in general, is a hot button topic, and things are well… confusing. Below is a chart that I found off of pinterest, so sadly I do not know who originally created it, that shows… I’m going to go with almost all of the differences in umm… gender? I guess?


Like I said, life is confusing.


I’m just fucking done. Between cops killing people and people killing cops. Anger, hate, and violence only breeds more anger, hate, and violence.
I’m also tired of victim blaming. “If she or he did ________ they would still be alive, despite the fact that them doing ________ was completely legal.”
Dallas last night is the 1992 LA riots all over again. A peaceful protest was turned into terror as police officers were made victims by snipers. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be very proud.