C is for Corona: A Horrible Time, but Hindsight is 2020

corona virusThis is going to be the name of my timeline, yearbook, scrapbook, poem, or whatever. I’ll keep people updated on it, but I just wanted to put this name out there.

Huh… I hadn’t heard this alarm from earlier on the 13th… crazy.

Harris County Releases Emergency Broadcast Alert Urging People To Stay Home As COVID-19 Continues To Spread

BreathoftheWildFinalCoverI haven’t posted in a while, and I just wanted to make sure that people knew that I was safe and still alive. I’ve been watching Hamilton, but it isn’t exactly the Tiger King craze we all went through in the early stages of this pandemic.

I’ve also been playing some of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild on The Switch. While it is fun, I’m not enjoying it as much because I’m trying to do other things besides the divine beasts, as I want to go up against the Ganon Boss rush first. I tried right after pulling The Master Sword, however, I forgot how to fight the second form of Fireblight Ganon.

JamesinflatablebreastsSummer is here, and it kind of sucks. I live in an area with heat advisories this week, while I work in a badly air conditioned area. That’s when I’m not outside. It could be worse, don’t get me wrong… there are people who work for an entire shift outside, and that’s terrifying, even without Covid-19.

This year sucks man, and the heat of Texas is just making it worse.

WTF Happened to May?

LastUnicornRedrawIt’s been hard to focus on anything dorky, especially online in this, The Age of Corona, especially post the death of George Floyd, the man who was murdered by a pro MAGA Police Officer who had his knee of Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, resulting in George Floyd’s death.

SMredrawThen the protesting. Then the looting. Then the rioting. Right before the world continued to go %^&*ing crazy, I did the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge… but it wasn’t that awesome. I then did a redraw just for fun from The Last Unicorn, and yeah… I don’t love it, but I drew it! That’s… uh… something!

marzgurl soup OLD PICA friend of mine, Marzgurl, did a video for GameXplain on the new Shantae game! And… is being attacked thanks to people who are upset that she caused Covid-19 as an extra layer between them and Vic Mangina’s… uh… Man-gina?

US Astronauts launched back into space for the first time from an American space craft, created by Americans, thanks to South African born richy rich smart guy Elon Musk & Space X! Suck it Space Force… that is also now a Netflix show starring Steve Carell!

There was MerMay, which I sadly did not participate in very much. I bought some art both physically in the recently re-opened mall, as well as from Kittyhawk of Flounder… but sadly not as a mermaid. Boo!

manspider-sixarmsuniverseCovid-19 has really effected me on an emotional level. How it’s been handled, how my job asked me not to mention having it, customers refusing to social distance, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped down from a supervisory role at my job, and hopefully the gray hair I’ve gained over more than half a year will regain it’s base form Goku luster. Probably not though.

Mangaka Hiroshi Aro did some new Futaba-kun Change art that someone commissioned him to do. I wish I knew how to  commission him.

Currently Police officers are beating/shooting/arresting journalists, senators, shoppers. Meanwhile, they have been joined by the National Guard, and they have shot white home owners standing in front of their own yard.

she-ra-reboot750x422Oh, and She-Ra kissed a girl and liked it, continuing the trend of homosexuality in the last episode/season of a major character because they knew that that that’s too late to get them in trouble.  Legend of Korra says hi. Sailor Moon wonders… what took you so long?

OH! On the same day, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy swapped spit on her show? But that’s to be expected?

wtf ranmaI just want to play Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics already. That game comes out this week. I also bought a capture card that’s coming in the mail soon-ish… so maybe I will make some video game videos or stream? I dunno. Expect some art this month too, as I continue to get used to drawing on a Surface Book.

Shakira – Try Everything

I still feel like Zootopia was one of those movies aimed at children that was attempting to persuade The United State of America against a Donald Trump Presidency. Zootopia was a great movie that I’ve sadly only seen once. This video has less human booty shaking than I’m used to when it comes to Shakira… and I’m fine with that… I guess? But I’m still disturbed by the buff Tiger daddies, especially in this post Tiger King world.

We need to get our sh*t together

spiderverseWe are facing unprecedented times right now. We’ve all been cooped up in the house for a few weeks thanks to The Corona Virus, or more correctly described: Covid-19. The Olympics were canceled. San Diego Comic Con was canceled. A-kon was canceled. But most importantly to everyone… no one can get a hair cut, and it is grown next to impossible for some to maintain proper lawn care! In-deed, the year 2020 seems largely “canceled.” and that’s just terrible.

Some have argued that The Corona Virus keeping us inside while our economy tanks is a political hoax. Well… I’d argue that it really isn’t?

roshi creepy

You see… I had a confirmed case of Covid-19. I had it at the tail end of March, and I had it up until mid April. I’m an essential employee who works at a grocery store who caught it, most likely, from either another employee or a customer who failed to social distance. My job was to try and keep people 6 feet apart while in the check out line, but many times… people in their late 50’s and up showed no concern about the threat of the virus. Awesome. You guys got me sick.

Now the point of this article is NOT to lay blame anyone, but to raise awareness. I caught the virus, but it would not have stopped with me, my grocery store, or even my roommates and cats if it were not for shutting things down.

I was supposed to go to two events in April. Both passed while I was sick. My fever never reached 100 degrees, and my breathing was only occasionally really bad. I would have most likely gone had things not been canceled, and I didn’t FORCE myself to be tested by answering the online evaluation a bit more extreme than what was currently accurate.picture183

Cypha-con in Louisiana, and a Houston based cosplay picnic. I would have put them all at risk… and you know what? People already get sick at these things. It’s something that’s been described as con plague, con sickness, and con flu. Many would not have realized that they have it, as they would already be sick during the incubation period. I MIGHT and I stress the word MIGHT have been better by the second event, but the people I brought with me might have contracted it from me already, so that point is kind of moot.

Iron Man and American Dream Anime Matsuri“Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry’s words have echoed in every American’s heart and soul since he said them on March 23, 1775. In-deed, many want to put themselves at risk in order to live “free” right now, and some people have described that behavior as selfish or bratty. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick wanted nothing more than for our economy to bounce back by putting the lives of our senior citizens at risk. Many have been demanding that we open things back up. TV’s Dr. Oz explained on Sean Hanity that he had read an article in The Lancet that only 2-3% of children and teachers may die if we reopen our schools… and for some, that’s a risk they are willing to take so kids can be taught safely and be fed via the school food program.

USA Today ProhibitionI dunno man. I value the lives of children, teachers, and our elderly. Shutting things down was not for nothing. I know first hand that it HAS prevented the spread of The Corona Virus. Things suck right now, but you know what? Things right now are only temporary. This too shall pass. We have to play things smart and safe. Please?

God I miss sitting down at a restaurant and eating a greasy burger with a seemingly endless supply of Coke Zero.

Joe Exotic – Here Kitty Kitty

Dude… seriously…. What. The. Fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kuh. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Tiger King on Netflix, and…. Oh my. I’m at the point where I think no one should permanently have these majestic beasts, and anyone who’s not caring for large cats to eventually release them back into the wild is probably a bad person. Umm… Here’s a music video about 2016 Presidential Candidate Joe Exotic singing about a song about one of his enemy/rival who might have killed her rich husband, and allegedly fed him to their exotic pets.