Our shows lived on…

ghostbusters_ver10Lately, the trend has been bring back this or that show or movie that was popular, but do this or that to it. 1980’s Ghostbusters got an all female group, 1990’s Power Rangers had their casts become even more diverse and extreme, and the  2000’s Teen Titans became chibi’s and extremely dumbed down. Each one of those, probably should not have happened.

When the Ghostbusters reboot was not doing well, and they blamed men for trolling on the internet, and not on the fact that the movie was mediocre and missed recapturing how the original movies felt, Paul Feig went on record saying that he would never re-boot another classic property.

Ranger meme2When Jason David Frank of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers talked about how the new movie did not do well, he said that they should have made a movie with the original cast, because that was the only time people were really cheering in the audience.

But then there was Teen Titans Go, which has a movie out now, and despite not hitting the tone of the original show… has fans? I don’t get it, but Cartoon Network sure does show it enough… so I guess someone is watching?

In the next wave of reboot nostalgia bait, we have: Thundercats, She-Ra, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Each has set off their original fans, as they complain about it while others are arguing how stupid they are for it. ThunderCats? Don’t call it Cal-arts cause lots of other people use it who didn’t go! She-Ra? You man babies are mad cause she doesn’t have big breasts! Buffy??? Well… now that one is where a lot of people are actually just going ‘Umm… No? Please!?’

thundercats roar.jpg

buffyseason12The problem with Rebooting Buffy The Vampire Slayer… is the fact that that show was very progressive for a 90’s/00’s show… and well… it lived on through it’s comics to this very day. Black Slayer? Kindra, who was awesome. Lesbians? Two… but one fell into the bury our gays trope. Gay guy? Andrew was fabulous! Sexy men? Every darn season. wait… that doesn’t count as progressive? Huh.

Buffy has never left the public’s eye really since the cancellation of it’s sister show Angel in 2004. Sarah Michelle Gellar, visually, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_MovieCertain shows can be softly rebooted, such as Star Wars where they can include old cast members in the original’s world… where they just… well… keep dying every movie. Buffy is one of those given the mythos.

Heck, I’d even allow an entire ret-con of Buffy’s entire show, and have this new slayer be after the 1992’s original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie! That’s right… they are rebooting a reboot!

Just have her be a new slayer that just shows up because the last couple of slayers have passed away…

Thundercats_the_return_4bGetting back onto the major subject at hand is… ThunderCats continued on past the original show just like Buffy did. There were comics… a lot of them. Lion-O even fought Superman… but who hasn’t? Seriously… he’s sort of a bad person.

There was a soft re-boot of the show in 2011 which failed to get a second season due to poor toy sales.

Voltron similarly had a CGI continuation of the original show, than a bad reboot, but then AN AMAZING REBOOT on Netflix!

Gargoyles had a bad 3rd season thus was canceled, but came back as a short lived comic and now Jordan Peel wants to reboot it, which makes Disney uneasy.

reboot 1Reboot was… soft rebooted? It was just terrible though, and is more of a Code Lyoko reboot under the guise of being a reboot of the original 90’s show, as it threw just way too much of it out, and what was left in was just neutered and did not answer any of the questions that the cliff hanger at the end of the show asked.

deadpoolWhile not a reboot but an adaptation all the same, Deadpool did extremely well considering that it was not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked why that was, Kevin Feige said this:

We’ve always said if there’s any ‘secret’ it’s respect the source material, understand the source material and then, any adaptation you make from the source material should be done only to enhance whatever the original pure spirit of the source material was.

Power Rangers has an amazing comic book out right now, and it is not really a re-telling of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but an alternate universe of it. When Kyle Higgins and his fellow writers were interviewed recently at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 by IGN, Kyle said:

… my approach was to not write Power Rangers as it existed, or as I remember it existing, but to write it as I remember it making me feel.

power rangers comic

So what lessons can we learn from Paul Feig, Jason David Frank, Kevin Feige, and Kyle Higgins?

Adapting a classic property is hard to do, and may not be worth doing. People want what made them excited for the original property, as that magic is what will capture a new audience as well. No matter what, you have to respect what was, even if you are going to change it.



Losing the Battle

Ronnie “Oni” Edwards Lost his battle with depression and feel victim to suicide. He was an important and impactful editor in the early days of of Game Theory. Below, the theorist Matt Patt talks about the loss of his friend.

If you are in need of help, please reach out: US: 1-800-784-2433, 1-800-273-8255, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR Canada: +1 416-408-4357, +1 514-723-4000 UK: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90, +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92 International List: https://bit.ly/Ka8gdC

SoulCalibur has sexy ladies?

Ivy Soulcal6Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio interviewed the creators of SoulCalibur 6, and had the very important question: Why dem titties? Their response? We like titties. Titties sell. We HAVE to make money with this game. I mean… we didn’t mean to make them that hot?

Seriously though… in a world where we are getting stories like how Dead or Alive is toning down the sex appeal to make their games be known for being cool instead, I get where Cecilia D’Anastasio is coming from. Besides… these costumes are impractical for the world and genre that they reside in… as proven by Rooster Teeth in 2010.

When I watch a fighting game youtuber live react to SoulCalibur reveals, they have one thing on their mind… Will they nerf Ivy’s outfit? Will they tone down her body? The breast physics? Will they have Nightmare and Siegfried? Okay… there are other questions as well… but Ivy was the top one that I kept seeing.

Remember one of the largest fears that male gamers had during the whole #GamerGate kerfuffle? The supposed SJW’s are commin fer my sexy lady games! Well, some people behind the scenes argued that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 wouldn’t come out to North America do to views on how women are depicted in video games. When Wii U’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water came to the west, they replaced swimsuits with Samus’s Zero Suit from Metroid instead, and people cried censorship.

Keeping Ivy the same prevents those geeks from raging and boycotting the game. You don’t want those people feeling justified in their fears that liberal politically correct people took their anime video game boobies from them… unless you know, that is what you are trying to do.

Here’s what I have to say. I want my games to be as close to the original version as possible… unless you are legitimately adding in something instead of taking something out other than bugs. If the choices are: Leave the game the same, Don’t bring it to the west, or modify out whatever was obscene…. most of the time, I’m picking Leave the game the same.

UNLESS, of course, the game can not come out without changes. For example… and this is an extreme one in a different genre, the book IT has the kids beat IT by no longer being kids with a sex scene, or something. The movie, changed a bit, and lost that.

Ivy militarySo if SoulCalibur receives an AO rating, for example, because of Ivy’s outfit and breast physics? Change Ivy. It sucks, but at least we got the game. Mai Shiranui’s outfit being censored in the western SNES version of Fatal Fury where her boobs also do not bounce at all? Wow that was terrible. Please, do not do that to Ivy.

I feel like the answer for future SoulCalibur games is to just have more conservative costumes as well as introduce diverse characters who are dressed more… ready for a sword fight.

MarzGurl on FamiKamen Rider

Kaylyn speaks about deceased YouTuber JewWario, the terribleness associated with finding out the truth about him, and how Channel Awesome screwed up everything.

You can never truly know someone. I have an aunt who hired a hit man to kill his entire family for the insurance money. It’s in a book about the police officer who got him called The Cop Who Wouldn’t quit. I stand by the statement ‘You never truly know someone, not even the people you should know the most.”

And that sucks.

Radio host Art Bell has passed away

art bellArt Bell passed away at age 72 yesterday during Friday The 13th… so, I of course had to Snopes it… which is ironic, considering that his former show, Coast to Coast AM deals with the paranormal.

Vampires, Ghosts, Bigfoot you name it plus some. My high school friend introduced me to him, and that was when I first discovered information about my newer personal fear, the dreaded Shadow People.

I do want to note that there was a video game on Xbox 360 called Prey that included a fictional version of Art Bell’s show starring him. It was an interesting and realistic addition that informed the player what was going on planet side, as they traversed a space ship.

Prey became backwards compatible last February on X Box One,  but the second clip below has the audio logs of that fictional show.

Art Bell will be missed by kooks and normies alike.

The Fallout of Channel Awesome took a depressing turn

JewwarioWhen JewWario, Justin Carmical, passed away, many people were heartbroken. This former Channel Awesome producer’s legacy lived on through friends and fans alike, such my friend MarzGurl who helped make the movie Farewell Famikamen Rider as well as youtuber KeithShizuo who really got his youtube channel into gear after JewWario had passed.

One of my personal upsets was never really watching any of Channel Awesome’s stuff, as I thought that I would have really liked Jew Wario’s stuff, as he shared an interest that I had… loving import video games from Nintendo consoles.

For a short while I tried dedicating myself to spreading the idea that therapy was a good thing for people to get, and I made a video called ‘Shrinking with Sean.’ *sigh* and I stand by the fact that if you are depressed, you should get help. But here’s the messed up part. Jew Wario was NOT the person his fans and even his friends knew him to be.

Allegedly… JewWario was, apparently, a groomer. He was a trusted older person, and he groomed young women who were both legal and under age. This fucking sucks.

Dragon Ball Z SNES gamesI wanted to make videos like Justin Carmical about retro Japanese only games. I was also inspired by my former neighbor Marzgurl who made convention videos. I made some title cards back in the day, mostly unfinished, for a series of videos I wanted to do called The Gaijin Chronicles. I never got around to it, and I thought they would be compaired to Justin’s, who I’ve never really seen outside of some compilation stuff after he passed. This really sucks finding out that he was a pervert who did things to young people.

When I was a child, I was… I guess the term is… sexually molested? By a neighbor’s son. I told my parents, they talked to the kids parents and that should have been the end of it, but it happened again because my parents, I guess did not want it to come out.

The idea that this trusted person, this JewWario, sexually molested women in their sleep, groomed a young woman who was an adult but mentally more like a 16 year old and even worse things…

The more I dig the more sad I get, and the more I want to cry. I hope he did nothing to anyone under age, as someone who had something bad happened to them at a young age.

Was he a monster? *sigh* He was a man. Man is flawed. We never know what anyone is capable of, and let that be the message that is learned from all of this. Also, that if you see something, say something.

Now let’s all go cry.

Apparently today is the 8th anniversary of the blog

back to the future 3When I checked my blog today, WordPress let me know that it was the 8th anniversary of the blog… which is kind of awesome. This blog started out as a place to both put my movie reviews from my Geography class as well as celebrate my love of Sailor Moon. Also… I had hoped to sell out at some point in in the life of my blog. Maybe get hired at Kotaku, or something. That hasn’t happened, obviously.

supergirltrappedI really never know if anyone really reads this I shoulblog, and I hope that this was not all for not… I’ve met one really awesome person from creating this blog… and that was kind of cool… right?

Lately I have been getting back into drawing, and while I wont make this an art blog… because god forbid that the A.D.H.D. riddled brain of mine focus for a bit and stick to one thing… expect at least a little bit more art.

groundhogI often am depressed. I’m upset with my career, my [lack of a] love life, my lack of actually people that I hang out with on any regular basis, as well as the over all lack of anything interesting going on in my life. At all.

Maybe I’m just hangry from my diet, because I hate myself… Hah hah hah!

I should go to bed I guess. Sorry for this weird and crazy not-celebration. I hate feeling this way. I have some family stuff planned next week, and next month is Louisianime, and I will eventually go to A-Kon and then Japan… and… …


I just want to quit my job but I’m too much of a coward I guess? I don’t know. I’ll be fine. I love anyone and everyone who actually reads this blog… and I will do a real post later today.