Not so happy Throwback Thursday

Wb2tfcartoonhat is peace and when was the last time The United States was at peace? I had this philosophical question pop into my mind while at work today. When was the last time we as a country were at peace and how long were we there?

The Gulf War ended in February of 1991 and then we helped during the Iraqi Kurdish Civil War in 96. So for like, 5 years or so, The U.S. was not actively in war or supporting someone in war. That’s kind of depressing.

I’ve been alive for 32 years, and counting the cold war which ended in 89, there have only been 5 years of peace for my country.

Bans and Deportation in Trump’s America.

So I fall somewhere on the ethnicity spectrum of being Hispanic enough for poor white college students to blame me for why they can’t afford college, and white enough that black bus drivers have to warn me to take a cab back to a hotel instead of walking a couple of miles. My name is very Irish. Maybe too Irish to be real.

In Trump’s America, could I be questioned, detained, etc? Deported because the reduced requirements to hire people of good judgement do not believe that a man with a tan has the same initials that protect your skin from the sun during summer?

More importantly, if I am having these thoughts, what are the thoughts of people who are in ‘worse shape’ than I? I love my country but I hate every single day of living in Trump’s America.

Terror Tuesday’s are a thing here now?

ANTIBAN.pngTerrorism has won. We are a country that is terrified. We may pass executive orders and eventually even laws, but never forget that we are doing that because we are terrified.
When being accosted at the airport wasn’t enough, we decided that maybe things would be safer if we allowed no one from a Muslim dominant country should be allowed in, even though those born on foreign soil attacked us almost 16 years ago.
In fact, NO ONE from the countries of the people who attacked us on 9-11-01 has been banned, cause there is oil there.
Also, remember that Boston and Orlando were done by Americans, never forget that.
Thank you Trump for Making America Great Again to 2001. Next week kids, he’s going to take us back to the 40’s with a World War against… hmm… let’s say China? Maybe we should throw Mexicans and Muslims into some sort of camp while we are at it? It has already been suggested!
Maybe Russia will be our allies in the war if it happens on Throwback Thursday?
Every day I wake up in Trump’s America I am terrified. Not of some foreign threat but of the decay of our countries morality.

Meme Shenanigans

Meme’s are a great way to express yourself, and recently… yeah, that’s what I did.

It all started with Lei, unfortunately, after Carrie Fisher died… may she rest in piece.
And then things went politicalantitrumpsailormoonToo political. This feminism one got me on a list on twitter and I honestly have no idea if RYB/Women/women-feminismRBY on twitter is a bad list… but I’m going to assume that BenSRachinger/trump-tweets-5 is a bad one to be on.
Yeah. Because I made this one with Chibi-Moon, it eventually lead to…
Yeah… God Bless America.

I thought meme making was supposed to make people feel better… but… yeah. I feel worse than ever, lol.