Hollywood’s veil is finally coming down… just too slowly.

The Weinstein sex scandal is terrible, and the worst part is that we have been warned about Hollywood for decades. Dave Chappelle warned that we really do not know what is going on in Hollywood. Below are some interesting clips that highlight Weinstein that foreshadowed all of this, as well as the industry over all.

Terry Crews and James Vanderbeek are two men who recently claimed that they too were touched in a sexual way at parties from rich people of power in Hollywood, and it adds a lot of credibility to the statements


Ariel is a racist?

ariel_by_the_fountain_by_alisakiss-d5h4s94Cosplayer Alisa Norris, aka Alisa Kiss, was alongside her husband Jonathan Nortis, at the white nationalists protest at Charlottesville, VA. When this was discovered, she tried to make light of the incident until it was discovered that there was, in fact, video of her with her husband chanting “Jews will not replace us”. For more information, as well as the video, please check out this article from Bleedingcool.com: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/08/18/supergirl-cosplayer-went-charlottesville-guess-whose-side/

jasmineThis is a woman who once cosplayed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura, and the gay Japanese character Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon.  Seriously… what the hell happened to her? Was this the way she has always felt, and these cosplays were just ‘ironic?’ Was it when Alisa Farrington met her husband Johnathan Nortis?

Who knows. I just… *sigh*

This sucks.


antinaziThere is an anti online bullying website I became aware of, where they thought that through an emoji they could respond to people and say “Hey, I see you, and that is not okay.” I personally do not believe that that is something that will work. However, I do believe that in this day where people fly flags that our father’s and grandfather’s fought against, it is our duty to stand up and say “Hey, I see you, and that is not okay.” Because of this, I changed my icon to a cool simple image that I came across.
What if everyone started doing that? This is not the 1940’s, nor is it the 1860’s. We must understand that these symbols of the past represent certain things to the modern man, and they are not good things.
If you want to preserve your supposed white Anglo European heritage, than perhaps it should be preserved in… you know, a museum?
Let me put it this way: Flying the Confederate flag is like if people who had descended from all of the Tories, Royalists, and King’s Men wanted to fly British flags and explained that it was about heritage and being proud of where they had come from… you would think that was pretty fucked up because AMERICA, am I right? Exact same situation.
And the Nazi flag? You are directly spitting into the eyes of both of my deceased grandfathers who fought for this country to prevent the spread of those ideals, as well as whomever was close to your family who either fought or worked hard to keep this country so great.

My fears were realized yesterday

USmapOn February 28th, I jokingly said that in Trump’s America that I had some fears, and joked that because of my very Irish name but Hispanic background I could be deported due to suspicion of being illegal.

On July 31st, The Houston Chronicle published an article called U.S. citizens forced to fight deportation. In it, The chronicle explains that ‘Hundreds targeted each year despite documents, claims, court data show.’ According to attorney Eric Puente in this article, “there’s no due process and no hearing to address whether they had a real claim to citizenship or not.” In the past six years, 1,714 Americans have been deported despite being either born in The United States, and/or having their legal documentation with them proving their citizenship.

So, this isn’t a Trump’s America problem, but an Obama’s America problem as well, as he was pretty thorough in his deportation practices.I just find it crazy that what seemed like a paranoid fear was already happening.


Who Bullies the Bullies?

anita-sarkeesian-screenshot-0Anita Sarkeesian was at this year’s VidCon, and… well… she didn’t like being challenged by someone questioning if she actually believed what she preaches in videos. She then went on to possibly violate VidCon’s harassment policies during a panel on harassment, calling someone who was attending her panel, Sargon Of Akkad, a ‘Garbage Person’ and a ‘Shit Head.’ I guess Anita bullies the bullies? Sargon did not even ask her a question, but was sitting near the front with his entourage. I first learned of this situation from Philip DeFranco’s video on VidCon, which you can find below:

I just learned that Boogie2988 was on this same panel on Harassment, and apparently Anita and Boogie butted heads near the end, and she yelled at him because, once again… Anita does not accept people who challenge her on a philosophical level. Boogie talks about this in this video below. Keep in mind, the two ended up talking to each other immediately afterwords, and they are on okay terms. Apparently though he isn’t a white cys male of privilege because he is bullied for obesity? Awesome… so do I no longer have to check my privileges anymore?

Before I watched that, I had watched Troy Leavitt‘s piece on what Ms Sarkeesian’s legacy will be, which can be found here, you guessed it, below. Also, please note that Troy Leavitte is on the game development side of things.

I feel at this point that this is just a game of tag, because now I go back to DeFranco talking about how Vid Con handled the situation of Sarkeesian v. Sargon:

So, apparently MundaneMatt was one of the people with Sargon at Vid Con.

I just… I can’t. Anita Sarkeesian does not allow people to comment on her videos, so people made videos instead. They had a chance to see and hear her in person, so they did. Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? She refuses to discuss or debate with anyone from a different philosophy.

So… yeah. Here’s the cyber bullying panel.