Joe Exotic – Here Kitty Kitty

Dude… seriously…. What. The. Fuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kuh. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes of Tiger King on Netflix, and…. Oh my. I’m at the point where I think no one should permanently have these majestic beasts, and anyone who’s not caring for large cats to eventually release them back into the wild is probably a bad person. Umm… Here’s a music video about 2016 Presidential Candidate Joe Exotic singing about a song about one of his enemy/rival who might have killed her rich husband, and allegedly fed him to their exotic pets.

Queen – I Want to Break Free

I’ll be honest… I thought that this music video was just going to be about the band Queen in drag cleaning house… but it goes all introspective and weird with people in spandex and doing interpretive dance… and things are just odd at times… but it’s going to be… OKAY.

“I’m Black Y’all”

A friend of mine made it official 2 years ago. Still haven’t told my family, but I think after my birthday last night, they might have found out?

All joking aside, you know when you have your friends over, and your family is meeting them for the first time, and you are all “please don’t say anything that could embarrass me!” Well, I thought that I, now at 35, no longer had to worry. I was wrong.

My family might have failed me a little bit last night at my birthday. 9_9 awesome.

The Sound of Silence

I just don’t know if I can handle 4 more years of Donald J Trump. I’m in tears over Andrew Yang loosing New Hampshire and dropping out. He was the light at the end of the tunnel. He was the only candidate that I believed could unite our country and bring us forward in a post Trump world. Humanity first, am I right? We didn’t have to leave everyone behind inorder to get ahead. Our enemies were not our enemies, and that we would bring the haters into a new world filled with light and hope… Our country, if not our world, was going to finally make sense again.

My cousins words from Thanksgiving day 2016 still echo out in my mind, “we all voted for Trump, right?” *sigh*

We might truly be fucked. But hey! Here’s a beautiful song! Make sure to keep visiting the blog, as I soldier on!

Surviving Vig?

SURVIVING VIGI’ve made it no secret that I, as an anime convention attendee and sometimes volunteer since 2004, am on the side of the alleged victims of Vic Mignogna. I am also a friend of Marzgurl who started the #Kickvic hashtag. I have also been at conventions that Vic Mignogna has been at, as well as even volunteering at one that was run by a friend of mine that had Vic once, that was mispronounced/mentioned in Vic Mignogna’s deposition. I believe in ethics in um… uh… Anime Industry… News? Propoganda? Whatever.

surviving vig2My friend, Marzgurl, mentioned that watching the Lifetime show “Surviving R. Kelly” season 2 episode 1 reminded her of #KickVic, and how victims who speak up are often harassed.

Because of this, I have spoofed three images that were used to promote Surviving R. Kelly, with Vic Mignogna. I’ve mispelled his name as Vig in them, to help show that they are in parody, but also to make fun of a convention that misspelled his name in an advertisement.


When #KickVic started, a friend of mine noted that one of the pictures used in an article looked like it had been photo-shopped to make him look like one of the bad husbands/boyfriends from one of those cliche Lifetime movies. That also might have played into wanting to make these parodies, I suppose?

Anyways, I hope someone gets a kick out of these. Anyways, these were done in parody based on a tweet. That’s all.