Let’s Play: Vanguard Princess

Happy Waifu Wednesday! To celebrate the fact that this month is Valentine’s day, I’m playing some games with female protagonists, especially some fighting games. This one is Vanguard Princess, and you can watch me talk about it for 20 minutes or so. Heads up, my audio is a little loud

I intend to do this a lot this month, so please look forward to that. Maybe I should reserve the Wednesday slot to all girl fighters? I dunno. Anyways, later!

Waifu so Strong!

02-18_-_susan_strong-mp4This Waifu Wednesday is all about Susan Strong from Adventure Time. A large part of Susan’s allure is that her true nature is shrouded in mystery. Is she human? If so, is she into Fin? How is she so freakishly strong?

We later learn *spoilers* about Susan’s true *spoilers* in the last two episodes of season 7 of  Adventure Time. Susan turns out to have a *spoilers* on her *spoilers*! Amazing right?

s3e14_susan_finn_you_stayI really like Susan, and I hope we so much more of her. She is strong but gentle at the same time. Simple, but not, ya know? You want to protect her, but it’s totally cool if she protects you instead… in other words, the perfect waifu for this Waifu Wednesday!

New Year, New Waifu.

New Year, New Waifu.

The below defintion comes from Urban Dictionary:

So, who is your Waifu this year? More importantly, to me at least, who is my Waifu? Where do I start? Should I go for Cortana, or did Halo 5 break me enough to divorce her and replace her with a nicer one who wont *Spoilers* The Master Chief for *Spoilers* and *Spoilers*?

anita-sarkeesian-screenshot-0Well, I’m going to go with me favorite YouTube celebrity ever, Sarkee-chan! Many would claim that Anita Sarkeesian is a fictional character in a fictional world, and while I don’t know how I feel about it… just look at her!

She is such a womyn with her pink flannel, make up, and hoop earrings! All of these stereotypical gender identifying symbols designates her as grade A waifu material! With her ability to use her fat non-taxed-non-profit money, I’m sure me and Sarkee-chan can find some island in the middle of the ocean where we can be happy… without… internet… trolls… wait. No internet? Okay. That is a deal breaker. Sorry Sarkee!

spider-girlSo if not this woman, than whom shall I obsess over this year? Spider-Girl, like Sailor Moon, has not aged a day since I was 13… so things are getting pretty creepy between May Day and I. Hmm… Think man, Think.

Spider-Gwen? Not sure age and I reffuse to share her with all of the other neck beards. Fluttershy? No. Too predictable! Think man… THINK!

squirrelgirlSquirrel Girl! She might be a cop out, and I have no idea how old she is. She’s been on The Great Lakes Avengers/Great Lakes X-Men, and she has babby sat Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ child while going to New York University.

She might end up being annoying like say, Arana or Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman when they were all obsessed with Spider-Man. Another turn off would be… maybe the prehensile squirrel tail? Possibly?

Anyways, that is this… umm… weeks waifu? Here’s looking forward to more Waifu-Wednesdays everyone!

The Actual MerMonday Post

On Sunday night, I accidentally posted a bunch of covers of Mississippi John Hurt’s song ‘Let The Mermaids Flirt with Me’ that was supposed to be for today. Because of this, I’m punishing myself by making this week Mermaid Week on my blog, so… enjoy? Below is a bunch of commercials I found for Chicken of The Sea Tuna.

Below, for bonus points, is an image I found from pinterest that has the mermaid’s evolution through the years. Pretty intersting stuff!


Waifu’s Waifu

chibiusa-and-hotaru-bakugan-and-sailor-moon-28818433-1017-780Sailor Saturn’s waifu is shit. There, I said it. Sailor Chibi Moon is terrible, just terrible. I’ve been watching the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, and my god… EVERYTHING we assumed in the 1990’s about those two has basically been confirmed. Tiny lesbianism. Hmm.. Oh well. Neither one is really the age they appear as, with Chibi-Usa being hundreds of years old, and Sailor Saturn’s age fluctuating, and multiple life times… but still.

Ah the feels. Sailor Moon Crystal also has some other… interesting… stuff in season 3.


Anyways, Happy Waifu Wednesday everyone!