Happy Birthday Monica Rial! Now RAGE internet!

Today is Monica Rial’s birthday, and her’s and Funimation’s BFF TOEI wished her a happy birthday, and once again showed support of her being Bulma in Dragon Ball Super!

Some people were not okay with Toei Animation wishing a happy birthday to one of the women involved with Botox Chad, AKA  Vic Mignogna, loosing his shit and suing a bunch of people and Funimation of defamation because they didn’t want to have sex with him? Here’s a pic of someone who complained about a threat of violence against Toei.

monica rial bulma toei kickvic

VickyVic Mignogna>Toei? Seriously… fuck off internet. He has admitted cheating on his fiance of 12 years, hiring a prostitute, and the pictures show him being unexpectedly clingy towards young women in photos without asking if he could kiss them beforehand. He has a sick sense of humor towards young children. He tried to bang early 20’s twin sisters, no not his new super young fiance and her twin sister, and struck out despite how fit he is. He is a silver tongued devil, not some sort of victim or heroic saint.

Vic Mignogna is still fired, Happy Birthday Monica Rial!!!!!!

SNK in Smash?

Me KOFApparently there has been a Smash Bros. leak, and the next character DLC has copyright on it from SNK… so you know… the people who created Athena, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and King of Fighters.

Some people are predicting Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown, which would make sense considering that the latest entry in that series will be getting a port to Nintendo Switch in December of this year.

Note that in the trailer, they use the Japanese name Samurai Spirits instead of Shodown.

DSCN0057While Haohmaru makes sense, I would like to remind everyone that SNK’s first game on the switch was SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy. I could totally see them releasing their gender bent Terry Bogard alongside his typical male self as an alternate character model for the DLC.

Why am I so sure that it will be Terry Bogard with his Fatal Cutie form? That game came out in September of last year on the 7th, and it’s a weird coincidence that we are finding out about DLC from SNK right before that date.

Terry would not be the first character to have male and female forms in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and given how many alternate models they used for the hero from Dragon Quest, I argue that it is not outside of the realm of possibilities for Male/Female Terry inside of Smash. Also, if they do, they will have a trailer pitting him against Ryu from Street Fighter.

SNKCapMatchGroupNow, I am not saying that they, [SNK, Capcom, Nintendo]  are going to use this as an opportunity to drop a new Capcom vs. SNK announcement on the world. That would be crazy.

What I am saying is that they might use it, and I stress might, use it as an excuse to drop the trailer for SNK vs. Capcom: The Waifu Warriors! Have a bunch of female brawlers duking it out from both the Capcom and SNK side as a sequel to both the Vs. series as well as SNK Heroines.

Okay. That idea might be way way way too far out there… but it would be amazing if I’m right about my predictions. I guess we will find out soon if I’m right.

Or hey, maybe there will be some Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) DLC, and they used the SNK used the abbreviation to throw people off.

Mini’s & Me

NES-Classic-Edition-banner-696x447Like many people, I missed out of the NES Classic when it originally came out, which I was all right with… but then the SNES Classic came out and I quickly reserved it, despite being on vacation to see THE MOON Blought out THE SUN! Scalpers tried to do what scalpers always do… but they failed as Nintendo was ready this time… and the SNES was plentiful… and then Nintendo laughed at everyone who paid outrageous prices on Ebay for the NES classic… and re-released that… which I have that one as well.

Eh??? They are all right? I do not play them as often as I should though, sadly, so I let my nieces borrow them. They enjoyed them for a bit, but they misplaced at least one of the Nintendo branded USB chargers… awesome. Controllers use Wii Classic controller ports, are compatible with those, and outside of short NES cable cords… it’s all right?
People have been modding these two miniature consoles for a while now… but I just… never jumped onto that train? I had problems playing the SNES classic on a hotel’s tv because the timing was off, and it did not let me put it on the gaming channel for it. Awesome.

BAM! Then the Commodore 64 mini was announced and I didn’t care! Then Bam! Playstation Classic came out with the original original playstation controller that has no analog sticks! That sucks… but hey, I later bought it for $40 at Best buy 3 weeks ago or so? Mr. Driller, Rayman, and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo! Not interested in most of the other games, and a ton of them play bad because they are European which ran slightly slower than the NTSC counterpart! Abe’s Oddesy already played slow when jumping, and now… *sigh* But hey, I can mod this thing easily… sort of!

I broke down when The Commodre 64 mini went on for cheap! California Games! Chip’s Challenge! YEAH!!!! And hey… Jump Man 1 and 2, and… Impossible Mission? *PLAY VOICE CLIP* O_O wtf?! Okay…

C64miniSNESZELDAEMUAnd fittingly… it broke. Froze, stopped turning on, blah blah. C64 was always something that I… never played much of? My brother’s friend or my dad’s co-worker’s older son had one, and I saw Frogger on it, and Mario Bros and Donkey Kong? Being a kid in the late 80’s, early 90’s was weird… because you never knew what the hell kind of gaming systems you saw/played/were exposed to when you try and look back into your memories. Those games are.. not on this mini, of course… which I no longer own, because it was broken. The USB controller was kind of too stiff, and did not play well. Chip’s Challenge kind of looks terrible compaired to the Windows port… which apparently is different from the version on Steam. Bummer.

I loved that weird controller though, and I really shouldn’t have returned my broken console, as the price of the USB controller is comperable to what I bought the system for originally. It was fun to play Zelda on an emulator to test out this weird controller. *sigh*
Going back to the Playstation Classic… I’m going to say something that might be a little controversial. Playstation Games are bad versions of a lot of my favorite games. Loading is terrible, so why mod it and play say… Tomb Raider when you can play it on Steam which probably loads and looks better in 2019?!

Seriously… FFVII is great, but no Tactics? I can mod the system to play fighting games… but MVC 1 doesn’t allow switching out your characters, sprites were dropped for speed, Capcom vs. SNK 1, eh… Darkstalkers 3 has more characters than the arcade counter part… and this version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy only really exists on Playstation… but *BLEEP* I bought too good of a USB 2 drive and so I kept having it corrupt Auto Bleem or something? And *sigh* I kept having it pausing during a fighting game over and over and yeah… super lame! I guess I will buy a worse USB drive eventually.

So… there was not an N64 classic to compete with the Playstation classic. Sega and Atari have made some previous attempts to cash in on plug and play systems… but eh? I just pre-ordered the latest classic, The Sega Genesis Classic, because it has a great line up of games, the emulation looks better than what was done by At Games by leaps and bounds, and hey! Tetris! It comes with two 3 button controller, which is lame… but you can buy some Sega approved 6 button ones made by a 3rd party that also works on your pc via USB!

DSCN0058-cropI should mention that there is a Neo Geo miniature classic thing, that is just bad… even in the hands of Athena Asamiya

But where’s a Master System classic? Oh well I guess.
Overall miniature retro game systems can be great fun that you could share with the next generation or a romantic partner… but will probably just keep on a shelf most of the time because they look adorable? Oh, Darius on the Genesis classic is a BRAND NEW GAME! And hey… Tetris?!

The Moon Kiss

sailor-moon-animeToday is the first day of poetry month, and I of course thought I’d start things off with one of my first poems, The Moon Kiss. It’s um… about Sailor Moon? *sigh* I wrote it over 15 years ago in 10th grade so… *sigh* it’s terrible. Enjoy?

The Moon Kiss –

Coming from a palace on the moon,
she is waiting for her love to come soon.
He is her romance,
and makes her want to dance,
he is hopefully coming soon.

He leaves to greet his great love,
for she is as beautiful as a dove.
With lips red like cherries,
and as innocent as the fairies,
he is off to meet his love.

The prince beholds his beautiful princess,
she in a lovely white dress,
they meet in the garden,
and their love starts to harden,
their undying love they do confess.

I just want to play as Bulma

Dragon Ball Evolution BulmaDragon Ball Evolution was a bad movie that got actually a pretty descent Budokai-like fighting game on PSP that I’ve never been able to play. You could play as Bulma and Chi-chi, and I hear that Yamcha uses a drill? That is about all I know about the game… and I wish I could play it just so I can play as Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Since Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on PS2… I’ve wanted to play as Bulma. I know that she is not a fighter… but come on. We have Mr. Satan in Budokai, which to be fair… he does basic martial arts… but Videl is in those games, as well as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Maybe they could put her into an anime mech suit or something? She is a genius, after all! Heck.. they did it to a Power Ranger in the new comic/game.dragon armor trini power rangersApparently, in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Bulma is hidden in the files in some form or fashion? You can also mod Videl apparently to have her model instead.

Bulma mech suitIn Tenkaichi, you could literally play as a dude in a devil costume, Grandpa Gohan, etc. Lord, just give me Bulma in a mech suit. different colors could have her in the cockapit wearing different outfits… lord knows she has enough alternate outfits! PLEASE!

Also… Chi-Chi and Launch would be nice in a game, but Bulma deserves it more!