Android Waifu 21

android21 humanHappy Waifu Wednesday! I just recently beat Dragon Ball FighterZ and figured that I would feature Android 21 for today’s waifu! Android 21 from the game… well… everything about her is a huge spoiler from the game, so here’s your last chance to stop reading before I spoil Dragonball Fighter Z’s story a little.

Android 21, apparently, used to be Dr. Gero’s wife, and the mother to the person that Android 16 was based off of.  Whether or not Android 21 and her backstory becomes canon in Super remains to be seen, but already she is heavily involved with established lore.

As an android, 21 does not really seem to remember much of her past, but she has feelings about things from it? Also, she apparently used the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back the worst enemies from Dragon Ball Z… so now… The Z fighters have to stop them? And there are evil mindless clones? *sigh* Just play all 3 story arcs of Dragon Ball FighterZ, okay? It wont make sense, but it is fun.

So… how about some pictures from it?

Dragon-Ball-FighterZAt this point it seems like I forgot to mention that she transforms into a super evil form that looks kind of like Majin Buu but less tentacle head and more attractive with a tail, huh? I would feel worse about dropping that major bombshell, except for the fact that it was already spoiled online with scans from a Japanese publication.

I do want to not that both of her forms were designed by Akira Toiyama himself, so there is a small chance that 21 might become canon, possibly after Dragon Ball Super’s hiatus. Still a very small chance though.

27459722_2004094849619733_1827414083112881185_nAwesome cosplayer Sosenka has succeeded in not just cosplaying as Android 21 really quickly after the game’s release, but doing so in her Buu form. Now, this is just a makeup test and not a finished cosplay… but even so, it looks fantastic. Luckily for her, she already cosplays a very impressive Kid Buu so I’m sure she was able to reuse the things such as the pants and belt.

For some more of her amazing cosplay, you can see some of the amazing work she did just right around 2017 on her facebook page. Her Youtube Channel only has 4 videos up, but the cosplay in them all looks amazing! Below is video of her Kid Buu in action!



10_sakuragallery02This Waifu Wednesday, I figured that we would talk about the latest Street Fighter V characters, Sakura… better known for being in the Street Fighter Alpha games. Also, Sakura has appeared in Street Fighter IV, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Capcom vs. SNK, Street Fighter EX, Rival Schools, and more.

Sakura is best known as being a high school girl who has a fan-girl crush on Ryu. By the time that Street Fighter V rolls around though, Sakura is no longer a high school student. Not to give too many spoilers about the game away, but who she is, and what she achieved is a major motivator for her in the latest game. What is Sakura going to do with… you know… the rest of her life? Will she follow Ryu, and will that ultimately get her anywhere? Will she have to go down a different path, as you know… she’s just some poor kid who just graduated and has a job but no car?

sakura x ryu

Yes… it’s ironic that I chose a barely legal waifu who has a husbando of her own to fan over… but that is this week’s pick.


Women + Fighting games

King-Of-Fighters-Maximum-Impact-Mai-Shiranui-AlternateThere was a time when I played fighting games every day while I was in college. We would all gather around my PS2 or Gamecube and play games such as Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Guilty Gear X2, DBZ Budokai 3, Smash Bros. Melee, or even some Soulcalibur 2. I noticed that a lot of the people gathering around were men, while only one of the regulars was one of my female classmates. She was at least decent at Guilty Gear and even better at Soulcalibur 2.

Things were friendly for the most part, although there was one guy who was a bit of a jerk. One day, however, one of the cosplayers from the duo known as The Firefly Sisters stopped by during a match of Soulcalibur 2. I really wish that I remembered which one it was. Anyways, she devastated all of the guys… I believe with Ivy, but remember that this was over a decade ago.

Sc2_us_gcn_fNow, the one guy who was a jerk would not accept defeat and kept wanting to play her over and over… but… you know… it’s college and when you have to go somewhere, you have to go! I still remember that guy loosing… it was emasculating for him. It’s crazy because it’s just a game!

Now, I rarely ever see women playing fighting games, and some who picked up the controller in college did not want to play me because it was no fun because… you know… they just didn’t know how to play fighting games. No knock at them, there is a pretty big learning curve, and it is not fun for either player when there is a mismatch.

morrigan_by_cluedogFlash forward to now, and I’m still seeing that there is not a lot of women playing fighting games. That statement might not actually be true, but it certainly feels true. I’ve had female fans who were big into Dead or Alive, but that’s a bit different from my 2D fighters. I eventually had to adapt to 3D fighters since 2D fighters went through a period where they were almost dead… but still to this day… I… well… actually I don’t see anyone playing fighters because I do not get many chances to play them anymore.

I never get to play my favorite genre, and that’s sad. I still read articles about things such as Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, etc. and I think it’s cool that I am seeing mention of some women playing the games. One of the  weird things that I have noticed though, is that it seems that there are quite a number of transexual women playing fighting games, and it sort of has me scratching my head.

kayosatohThere are trans women such as Ricki Ortiz and Kayo police who are into fighting games, and I’ve seen others who are not in the competitive scene as well, such as artist Cluedog and even a local friend of a friend.

I really wonder the stats on female fighting gamers. What % of the women who play fighters is trans, and what is cis? Are trans women more interested in playing fighting games than cis? Did they play fighters before they realized that they were trans? Also, do trans men excel in fighters, or are their stats more similar to what is expected of what they were assigned at birth? Or is there no connection whatever? I have no idea, but this type of research is interesting to me.

Ivy-Isabella-Valentine-Soul-Calibur-fPerhaps I am a masochist. I told myself in 10th or 11th grade that if I every met a woman who could just beat my ass in fighting games that I would marry her. True, this was from someone who had never dated anyone, and mainly only played Marvel vs. Capcom on his Dreamcast with friends… but ya know what? I would love to share my love of 2D fighting games with whomever I end up with…

Damn it. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so biast against 3D fighters back in the day and gone after that cosplayer. I’m sure that wouldn’t be the cringiest thing ever.

Hmm… maybe situations like that are exactly why there are female only Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.

Gargoyle Elisa Maza commission

elisa_gargoyle_by_cluedog-dbqrckhElisa Maza from Gargoyles was an amazing character. She was voiced by Salli Richardson who would later star in the show Eureka. Anyways, Elisa was a human detective on the show, and the liaison of the Gargoyles group to the 20th century as well as humans in general. Without her, humans are just monsters that manipulate you like David Xanatos, and it would be very easy to have them turn against humanity without her inclusion.

The character had such an impact on me, that one of my commissions from ClueDog, also known as Smooch among certain groups, was Gargoyle Elisa Maza, which can be seen to the left.

Elisa_GargoyleElisa Maza DID become a Gargoyle in one episode, thanks to the trickster Puck, in the season 2 episode ‘The Mirror.’ Massive spoiler there, but thought it was required for context.

The episode is important due to it cementing the idea that Goliath and Elisa are attracted to each other, but they also should not be, since they are such different creatures.

ClueDog did a great job, and I enjoy the piece. Maybe next time I will commission a piece featuring human Demona, which yeah… it is so weird that I find the human more attractive as a gargoyle, and the gargoyle more attractive as a human… but I do.

Ariel is a racist?

ariel_by_the_fountain_by_alisakiss-d5h4s94Cosplayer Alisa Norris, aka Alisa Kiss, was alongside her husband Jonathan Nortis, at the white nationalists protest at Charlottesville, VA. When this was discovered, she tried to make light of the incident until it was discovered that there was, in fact, video of her with her husband chanting “Jews will not replace us”. For more information, as well as the video, please check out this article from

jasmineThis is a woman who once cosplayed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura, and the gay Japanese character Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon.  Seriously… what the hell happened to her? Was this the way she has always felt, and these cosplays were just ‘ironic?’ Was it when Alisa Farrington met her husband Johnathan Nortis?

Who knows. I just… *sigh*

This sucks.